August 09, 2023

Here at DEMI+CO we do get a lot of questions about magnetic bracelets for pain relief, many of our customers do wear magnetic bracelets to help with joint issues and have found magnetic therapy to be beneficial. Magnetic bracelets are a type of alternative therapy that some people believe can help with joint pain and other health issues. The idea behind magnetic bracelets for health is that wearing them can provide therapeutic benefits by applying magnetic fields to the body.

However, the scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of magnetic bracelets for relieving joint pain is limited and inconclusive. There are some studies that do show some success with magnetic therapy reducing pain and showing that it has some affect with pain relief. However, we do have to point out that If you are considering using a magnetic bracelet or any other alternative therapy for joint pain, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional first. They can provide guidance and ensure that the treatment aligns with your overall health needs.

If you do want to try out magnetic therapy for mild pain or smaller health issues then do have a read through the rest of the article which pin points various questions we get asked, detailed studies and some of our bestselling magnetic bracelets too.


Alex Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Suave and sophisticated this black stainless steel magnetic bracelet is the James Bond of magnetic bracelets. Electric blue detailing that runs alongside the top and the bottom of the health bracelet gives this health bracelet an extra touch of cool. This statement piece combines the strength and durability of stainless steel and the health benefits of magnets.

 stainless steel bracelet

Carla magnetic bracelet

This stunning twisted style copper bracelet combines three colours of gold, copper and silver to give it a unique and original look. This ladies copper bangle combines glossy finish, elegant design and health benefits with the addition of full strength magnets that are used in this therapeutic energy bracelet.

 copper bracelet for women

Benefits of magnetic therapy

Pain Relief: Some users report experiencing reduced joint pain when wearing magnetic bracelets. The idea is that the magnetic fields may help increase blood flow to the affected area, which could promote healing and alleviate discomfort.


Improved Circulation: Magnetic bracelets are thought to improve blood circulation, which might aid in delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to the joints and surrounding tissues. Improved circulation could also help flush out toxins and waste products from the affected area.


Champion Silver Magnetic Bangle | ALPHA™ mens

This slimline silver magnetic bracelet for men is versatile enough to wear with any outfit, day or night, or even whilst playing sports! This understated, trendy men’s magnetic bracelet will help you feel cool and casual. It can help improve blood circulation and general well-being as it is a natural pain relief. It can also help with sport injury, arthritic joints, and RSI.

 copper bangle for pain

Prime Copper Bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

This sturdy and chunky mens solid copper link bracelet is made with the highest quality copper. This mens magnetic bracelet has woven links of copper and magnets on the inner part of the bracelets to give you all the health benefits you require. With charm and style present in this magnetic bracelet matching the one owned by your other half, you can be assured that you will find everything you need in this health bracelet.

 copper bracelet for pain relief

More benefits of magnetic therapy

Reduced Inflammation: Magnetic fields are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and proponents suggest that wearing magnetic bracelets could help decrease inflammation in the joints, thus reducing pain and stiffness.


Non-Invasive: Magnetic bracelets are non-invasive, which means they don't involve surgery or drugs. For individuals seeking alternative therapies without potential side effects, magnetic bracelets may be an appealing option.


Natural Approach: Magnetic bracelets are considered a natural approach to managing joint pain, and some people prefer them over pharmaceutical treatments.


Everly magnetic bracelet

Be unique and original with this one of a king stylish health bracelet. Consisting of a narrow copper band with a silver finish and gold line running through the centre of the band, this ladies magnetic bracelet is slick and chic, whilst also being incredibly feminine and detailed. A great all-rounder, the gold band also has extra detailing with a diamond groove pattern running through it.

ladies copper bangle

Rita copper magnetic bracelet

This copper bracelet is a great all-rounder, with sturdy square links and smaller rectangular links for added detail. This magnetic bracelet for women is a timeless and classic choice. With gracefulness, elegance and health benefits available to you all in one, this ladies copper bracelet is elegant in style and fit.

 copper bracelet for joint pain

Do the magnetic bracelets really work?

Studies and research has been inconclusive; however, our customers have given us positive feedback on magnetic bracelets and the magnetic therapy they have received. Many of our customers prefer to use our bracelets as a natural approach to their healing.


Do magnetic bracelets work for joint pain?

There have been some studies on rheumatoid arthritis where magnetic bracelet reduced the pain but further studies were not done thereafter. Some of our customers do use our magnetic bracelets for joint pain, it really depends on the individual but we welcome people to try them to see if it works for them.  


What do magnetic bracelets do for the body?

The magnets in the bracelet help to increase the blood flow this can help with circulation and the nutrient delivery to the body's tissues. This improved circulation can have several benefits, including faster healing times, improved immune function, and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.


Caleb Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Our Caleb titanium bracelet is a timeless take on a men’s arthritis bracelet. Although this titanium bracelet with magnets is incredibly strong and very resilient, it is also surprisingly lightweight, so much so that you won’t even notice that you are wearing it! The classic design of the titanium magnetic bracelet, features a subtle finish and detailing, which finishes off a practical arthritis bracelet with all of its natural health benefits with a touch of understated elegance. Our arthritis bracelets can easily be shortened to fit any size wrist comfortably so you can achieve the perfect fit.

 titanium bracelet

Zane Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

The Zane titanium bangle has a simple, minimal design but still contains all of the benefits of an arthritis bangle under the guise of a sleek, modern magnetic bangle. This super-light energy bracelet has a cool, matt black finish allowing the wearer to reap all of the natural healing benefits while sporting a suave piece of jewellery.

 titanium bangle

Studies on magnetic therapy

Studies on magnetic therapy have produced mixed results, some studies have reported modest improvements in pain relief with magnetic therapy, while others have found no significant difference compared to a placebo.


Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes joint inflammation. Research on magnetic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis is limited, but a small study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2013 showed that wearing a magnetic bracelet reduced pain and disease activity in some participants with rheumatoid arthritis, although the study had a small sample size and lacked a control group.

Similarly, the study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2013, which examined the effects of magnetic bracelets on rheumatoid arthritis, showed pain reduction in some participants but had limitations due to its small sample size and lack of a control group.


Delia gold and silver magnetic bracelet

If you’re looking for a magnetic bracelet with wow-factor, then this chic magnetic bracelet for women is for you! Combining the best of both health benefits and style, this unique design is a bold choice with textured detailing to add glamour to your jewellery box! With a twist-like pattern with one strand of gold twisted with one strand of textured silver, this gold titanium bracelet for women is an elegant choice.

 ladies magnetic bracelet

Are there any side effects to wearing a magnetic bracelet?

No, there are no if very little side effects to wearing a magnetic bracelet, most people can wear them weather you have an ailment or not. We do not recommend anyone who is pregnant, has a pacemaker, insulin pump, or another internal or wearable medical device to wear a magnetic bracelet.


How often should you wear a magnetic bracelet?

As much as you want, our magnetic bracelets are safe to wear all the time day and night as long as it is comfortable and the bracelet is not too tight then you are good to go. Seeing results depends on the individual but this can be within a few days or a few weeks.


Do magnetic bracelets have to be tight on wrist?

No magnetic bracelets don’t have to be tight to work, as long as there is some sort of contact between the bracelet and the skin then the magnets should work, the magnetic field doesn’t require bracelet to skin contact constantly.


Venus magnetic bracelet titanium

Take a look at this elegant ladies magnetic bracelet! Graceful, with a timeless style and quality, this titanium bracelet consists of an intricate narrow rope pattern with our full-strength magnets dotted to give you optimum health benefits and a feminine, stylish look.

 titanium magnetic bracelet

 What are negative ions in magnetic therapy?

Negative ions, including those from magnets, have been the subject of interest and research for their potential health benefits.

Negative ions are molecules that have gained an extra electron and are prevalent in nature, especially in places with flowing water, such as waterfalls, rivers, and oceans. Proponents of negative ion therapy suggest that exposure to negative ions can have various positive effects on health and well-being, such as:

  1. Improved Mood: Some people believe that negative ions can enhance serotonin levels in the brain, which may lead to mood improvement and a reduction in stress and anxiety.
  2. Increased Energy and Vitality: Negative ions are thought to increase energy levels and combat feelings of fatigue and lethargy.
  3. Respiratory Benefits: Negative ions may have potential respiratory benefits by purifying the air and reducing allergens, pollutants, and airborne particles that can irritate the respiratory system.
  4. Antioxidant Effects: Some studies have suggested that negative ions might have antioxidant properties, which can help neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in the body.



Liberty Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This gorgeous, intricately engraved magnetic bracelet for women gives a feminine touch to any outfit. The pretty copper is extra shiny and the detail on this ladies’ magnetic bracelet features a beautiful swirly vine pattern. This piece is extra special, while allowing the wearer to benefit from the dual natural healing properties of copper and magnets.

 copper bangle with magnets

What arm should I wear my magnetic bracelet?

There is no specific wrist you should wear your magnetic bracelet. You could try either wrist and see which one works better for you. We do recommend that the magnetic bracelet is not worn on the same wrist as a watch or other jewellery to avoid excessive wear and tear.


Can I shower with my magnetic bracelet?

With copper bracelets we do recommend that you take off the bracelet before showering, however if it is does get wet then it won’t damage the bracelet as such as long as it is dried properly. With our titanium and stainless steel bracelets you can wear them when you shower. We just don’t recommend hot tubs, oceans and swimming pools due to salt and chemicals.


Do magnets help with anxiety?

This depends on the individual we have had customers who have worn magnetic bracelets for anxiety and it has helped them however we do recommend that you see a medical professional or a therapist for further guidance and help as well.

We hope you found this article useful, our copper, stainless steel and titanium collection is vast and our magnetic bracelets range is very popular. We work with reputable manufacturers that use quality materials like copper, steel and titanium we also work closely with the craftspeople to ensure that our jewellery is made with care. We regularly get requests for new products or new styles so if you find we don’t have a certain style do get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help and source products based on requests.


We hope you also found the questions and answers an interesting read, as a family run business we believe in keeping contact with our customers and trying to provide them with as much information as they need to make choice. The questions in this article are all based on similar questions we get asked often, some are exact questions too. As ever if you find that you have a question or two that we havent covered then do get in touch with us as we would be more than happy to help.










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