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April 26, 2023

Here at DEMI+CO our range of copper rings and magnetic rings have forever been expanding. We have seen a steady increase in interest our health rings and we have acted on the suggestions of our customers and expanded the range. The magnetic rings in our collection all feature a different and unique design style with one thing that makes them all the same the two magnets featured on each ring.

Copper rings have been a symbol of love and commitment for centuries. Their warm, rosy hue and durability make them a popular choice for even engagement and wedding bands. But beyond their romantic associations, copper rings also have a rich history in various cultures around the world. From ancient Egyptians to Native Americans, copper has been prized for its healing properties and spiritual significance.

If you are looking to try magnetic healing or magnetic jewellery then magnetic rings are a good place to start. As the healing of two magnets is at the lower end and as it is a small piece of jewellery it is good to try out. Also, if you have an aversion to bracelets or don’t like jewellery on your wrists then again, a ring is a good place to start especially if you are looking for magnetic jewellery for small pain. Also, many of our customers don’t have aches and pains and like to wear our jewellery as fashion accessories and again our rings are all adjustable making it much easier to choose to purchase for themselves or as gifts. Do have a further read in to our article and see the common questions people ask, the history and of our course our collection of stunning magnetic rings.



Charlie 3 Colour Copper Ring with Magnets

This tri colour copper ring is a striking mix of gold, silver and copper colours on top of a pure copper ring. This bold ring combines elegance and health benefits all in one. Fully adjustable to any ring size and features two high-grade magnets.

 copper ring

Blair magnetic ring

Made with copper with a silver finish this magnetic ring has a stunning flower pattern on it. Fully adjustable with two magnets this beautiful arthritis ring is sure to help with magnetic healing whilst adding to your stylish jewellery collection. This ring also matches with our Briony ladies copper bracelet.

copper ring for women 


Copper has been a popular material, used for centuries and used for everything from currency to jewellery. The copper ring for example is a simple yet striking accessory that has had a place in fashion for generations. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but copper also has many health benefits when worn close to the skin. It has been said to relieve joint pain and stiffness, improve circulation, and even boost the immune system. Copper also known to have antimicrobial properties, and wearing copper jewellery could possibly help alleviate joint pain and stiffness.

In addition to soothing joint pain, copper has been known to aid in the absorption of important minerals like iron and zinc. Copper has been known to have a positive impact on the body's circulation, helping to keep blood flowing smoothly throughout the body. Furthermore, copper is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce swelling and inflammation in the body.

Copper jewellery has been known to improving cardiovascular health. Wearing copper bracelets or rings have been shown to help combat free radicals that damage cells, reduce inflammation, and even minimize the risk of developing heart disease. Moreover, copper jewellery is known to have a soothing effect on the mind and can help alleviate stress and anxiety.


How many magnetic rings can you wear?

There is no specific number to how many rings or how many bracelets or how many pieces of magnetic jewellery you can wear. You can safely wear as many pieces of magnetic jewellery as you desire.


 Ashley copper ring with magnets

This feminine copper ring has a beautiful flower pattern and is also contrasted with  shiny and oxidised copper making this copper ring uniquely original. This arthritis ring also matches with our Flora womens copper bracelet. 

ladies copper ring

What are the benefits of therapeutic magnetic ring?

There are many benefits here are just some which include helping with arthritis pain, insomnia, small pain, stiffness of joints, headaches, anxiety, fibromyalgia and so much more. Many of our customers have sent us feedback letting us know of all the ailments our copper and magnetic jewellery has helped with.


Quinn Copper Ring with Magnets

This health ring is made from pure copper and has a small twist pattern engraved along the ring for added detail and texture. The elegance of the design and the smooth finish of the copper ring would make this a perfect unisex choice for men or women as a treat or as a gift. This copper ring is flexible and can be adjusted to any ring size, it has a small gap which can be closed and the ring will stay firmly in place.

 mens copper ring

Jordan Magnetic Copper Ring

This leaf inspired silver magnetic ring is stylish and elegant.  The petal shaped detailing of the leaf design gives this ring added texture and intrigue. This ring is one of our slimmest and thinnest design – ideal if you are looking for a delicate ring. This copper ring has a silver finish, and magnets ensuring you reap all the health benefits. This silver ring also matches our sage silver and gold magnetic bracelet.

 health ring

Magnetic rings and copper rings are uniquely designed to fit snugly around the finger, providing not only a stylish addition but also the potential to alleviate joint pain and stiffness. The copper in the ring has been known to offer antimicrobial properties, which may also aid in boosting the immune system. This combination of aesthetic appeal and potential health benefits makes the copper health ring an appealing choice for anyone looking to add a unique and beneficial accessory to your collection.


Copper Ring with Magnets

This minimalist men’s copper ring is a classic and timeless staple for any jewellery collection. The smooth, simple finish of this copper rings allows it to be a versatile piece of jewellery to compliment any outfit and style, while giving the wearer the natural dual healing properties of copper and magnetic therapy. A men’s magnetic ring makes a fabulous gift and this option can be adjusted to any size for a comfortable fit.

 copper ring with magnets



Reese Copper Ring with Magnets

This elegant and detailed copper ring combines shiny copper and an oxidised engraved pattern to give this ring a visually striking look. The unisex style of this ring is what makes it ideal for gifting or even a treat for yourself! This ring also matches with our Baratheon mens copper bracelet.

 copper ring for pain

Do magnetic rings really work?

Yes, for our customers they do work, but it depends on the individual sometimes it works straight away sometimes it takes longer. Due to the lack of research, we can’t guarantee it but we do recommend trying it first. Please also see a medical practitioner for any health or pain ailments.

What happens when you wear a magnetic ring?

The magnets in magnetic jewellery can help alleviate pain and aches, the properties in magnets help improve circulation and decrease inflammation to ease pain through the magnetic field, this means they help relieve the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and joint pain.


Raye Copper Ring with Magnets

This striking and unique spiral wrap ring is made from copper with a vibrant silver finish and two small heart shape designs on the ends. This gorgeous and bold ring is very much a statement ring and will definitely catch people’s eye – this ring definitely combines style and health benefits in one.

 ladies magnetic ring

Lennox Copper Ring with Magnets

This minimal copper ring has a brushed effect which gives it a smooth matt appearance. This copper ring is perfect for someone who doesn’t like too much fuss or detail – ideal for men or women due. A simple and elegant arthritis ring that can be worn daily. This ring also matches our Muse copper bracelet, Storm copper bracelet and Tristan copper bracelet.

 magnetic ring for pain

What is magnetic therapy ring?

Magnetic therapy ring is either a copper ring with magnets or a metal ring of some sort with magnets on it, magnets use their magnetic field to help target pain and copper is also known to help with inflammation and circulation.


How long does it take for a magnetic ring to work?

You may be wondering how long you'll need to wear a magnetic bracelet before seeing results, and the answer is, it depends. The rule of thumb has always been around two weeks. However, we have had many customers report that they started to see results in under 24 hours!



River Copper Ring with Magnets

This shiny and sparkly copper ring is the perfect everyday health ring. This arthritis ring consists of a smooth shiny copper finish and two dual grooves which adds extra depth and detail. The finish of this copper ring has a slightly rose gold appearance which makes this health ring extra unique.

 copper ring for pain

Who should not use magnetic therapy?

Anyone that has a heart condition, anyone who is pregnant and young children should not wear a magnetic bracelet. People who has a medical device or implants with a magnetic field, such as a pacemaker, should not use magnet therapy or magnetic jewellery because it could interfere with the function of the implant.


Are magnetic rings good for arthritis?

Although there is no conclusive study that confirms this, our customers have stated that wearing copper rings and magnetic bracelets has helped them with their arthritis pain and aches. We do recommend that you see a professional medical practitioner for pain and ailments but we do welcome those that want to try magnetic jewellery as well.


Jules Copper Ring with Magnets

Delicate and elegant this leaf inspired copper ring is light and comfortable to wear. This ring has petal inspired detailing, a smooth copper finish and is again one of our slimmest and most delicate rings in our collection. This ring matches our sage magnetic bracelet. This health ring ensures you reap the health benefits of copper and magnets.

 copper bracelet for pain

Kirby Copper Ring with Magnets

This artistic copper ring has a unique pattern engraved all over the ring and has shiny copper and darker oxidised copper detailing. This magnetic ring is bold and makes a statement, it has a masculine style but it is essentially a unisex ring. This ring also matches with our Drax mens copper bracelet.


 health ring


We hope you enjoyed this blog post; we hope you found the information helpful and that the questions and answers answered any of your queries you had.  If you are looking for a health- alternative for any small ailments then a copper health ring might be worth giving a try. These health rings are specifically designed to harness the healing properties of copper, which has been shown to alleviate joint pain, improve circulation, and even offer antibacterial benefits. Many of our customers have spoken highly of the affects that they have had but we do have to point out that with each person/product they may or may not work – as much as wed like to we cant guarantee.


There have been a few studies that have taken place but none that conclusively allows us to make claims. A few of our customers also like to wear our copper and magnetic jewellery for just its style and aesthetics. Copper rings are a great way to add elegance to your curated outfit and style. The beauty our health rings in particular copper magnetic rings is that you will gain copper health benefits as copper is claimed to have beneficial antimicrobial properties which can help guard against harmful germs and bacteria. As well as benefiting from magnetic healing from the magnets too.

If you're looking to add a unique piece to your collection while also potentially improving your health, a copper health ring may be worth considering. Here at DEMI+CO we go to great lengths to ensure that we create collections and source jewellery that is made with quality and care. We pride ourselves in having an extensive and eclectic collection of the finest magnetic, copper, stainless steel, titanium, silver, gold, rose gold, pearl, diamonds and gems. As ever if you have any more questions, please do feel free to contact us or scroll up to see some of our beautiful copper magnetic rings.




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