July 12, 2021

Our men’s stainless steel bracelets and silver bangle for women are some of our most popular products we here at DEMI+CO have available. It isn’t hard to see why. If you are looking for a piece of stylish and versatile jewellery, you can’t go wrong with a sleek silver bracelet, which makes our magnetic bracelets the perfect gift if you are stuck on what to buy for someone.


We have put together this blog post, to help you decide which stainless steel magnetic braceletis perfect for you. We are focusing on outlining the pros and cons of wearing a stainless steel bracelet with magnets, so that you can go forward knowing what to expect and make an informed decision on what would suit you best. So, pour ourselves a cup of tea or coffee, relax and read on to find out all about the pros and cons of stainless steel magnetic bracelets.


Amara Silver Magnetic Bracelet

Our beautiful Amara ladies’ stainless steel bracelet is a perfect, heartfelt gift. The silver and gold circular pattern of this stainless steel magnetic bracelet, is complimented by romantic pink sapphire style stones and white diamantes, giving this classy silver bracelet for women a glamourous feel. This magnetic therapy bracelet would look gorgeous with any outfit, whether you are looking to add a touch of bling to your every day look, or want something extra special for when you dress up.

 stainless steel magnetic bracelet

The Pros of Stainless Steel Bracelets

Stainless steel is durable. This means that stainless steel jewellery can stand the wear and tear of everyday life, so is a great investment option for jewellery you would like to stand the test of time. Stainless steel can resist scratches, so that it continues to look its best for years to come. Stainless steel is also corrosion free, which is another bonus when looking for hardwearing, long-lasting jewellery.

Georgia Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

These ladies’ silver bracelets have a classic and timeless appeal. The delicate diamond pattern combines silver stainless steel and gold accents to create a truly magnificent magnetic wristband. This bracelet has the dual benefits of being a gorgeous health bracelet, while reaping the natural healing powers of magnetic therapy. A classic designed health bracelet, that would look fabulous in any jewellery collection.

ladies stainless steel magnetic bracelet

Our customers say:

“This looks even better in person fits nicely and I got lots of compliments”

Stainless steel jewellery is easy to clean. You don’t need special chemicals to keep it looking fabulous, a bit of soapy, warm water will keep your jewellery looking as good as new! You can soak your jewellery in a dish of warm, soapy water for a few minutes, before cleaning it up with a soft-bristled cleaning brush or a soft cloth. Once you have had a piece of stainless steel jewellery for several years, you can always take it to a jewellery cleaner to restore it right back to its original condition.

Infinity Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This elegant magnetic therapy bracelet consists of cut out gold leaf shapes and silver rectangular links, to create a geometric look. This unique magnetic bracelet for women steals the limelight and is the perfect statement piece to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

ladies stainless steel bracelet

Our customers say:

“Unusual and pretty bracelet not seen one like this before I really like it”

Stainless steel is very affordable because it isn’t considered a precious metal. This is another bonus if you are looking for a lovely, inexpensive gift. Although stainless steel is affordable, it doesn’t mean that stainless steel jewellery lacks quality and style, it is quite the opposite in fact! When designing stainless steel bracelets it is completely possible to make eye-catching, unique designs, which we think our collection shows just how versatile stainless steel can be when designing stunning jewellery.

Kylie Magnetic Bracelet

This ladies’ magnetic bracelet is truly majestic, with its absolutely stunning deep purple mother of pearl effect on every link. This bracelet is extra special so makes the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone as equally as special in your life. The strong clasp on this bracelet ensures that it is secure when wearing, so you don’t have to worry about it coming undone while you are living your life.

stainless steel bracelet with magnets

Our customers say:

“Great company and service got back to my questions quickly easy to use website and got a discount lovely bracelet highly recommend”

Stainless steel jewellery is comfortable, because it is lightweight. This makes it perfect for daily wear, as it won’t feel heavy and you probably won’t even notice you are wearing it. Comfort is definitely key when it comes to jewellery, and stainless steel is the perfect answer if you are looking for something lightweight, stylish and easy to wear.

Penny Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

This slim, delicate stainless steel magnetic bracelet for arthritis has a sleek, minimalist look. This bracelet features subtle details, which gives it a graceful, understated look. The simplicity of this bracelet makes it a perfect option if you are looking for plain and slick gender neutral magnetic bracelets.

magnetic stainless steel bracelet

Our customers say:

“Great service and nice product looks very delicate but still strong and good quality happy customer”

All of our magnetic link bracelets come with a handy tool to adjust the length of your bracelet to ensure a comfortable fit. This helps to make sure that you reap all of the natural healing powers from magnetic therapy, while making your magnetic link bracelet secure. Our bracelet adjustment tool is really easy to use, so you can be assured that you can create the perfect fit with your energy link bracelet.


Fern Magnetic Bracelet in Stainless Steel

This beautiful ladies’ magnetic bracelet is a DEMI+CO exclusive. The gorgeous traditional design consists of a feminine braided design with a gold strand that intertwines with silver strands. This magnetic bracelets combines classic beauty and natural healing powers to create a stunning must-have piece of jewellery to add to your collection.

Our customers say:

“I have bought this as a gift looks very nice and packaged very nicely too”

 magnetic bracelet for arthritis

The Cons of Stainless Steel Bracelets

For us, the biggest con of stainless steel bracelets is that you can’t wear them all at the same time! We are huge fans of stainless steel jewellery and love the shine of silver bangle bracelets. However, we thought we would mention a couple of cons to think about when purchasing stainless steel silver bracelets for men or silver bangles for women. We think that one of the best things about stainless steel jewellery is there aren’t really many cons at all, but in the spirit of balance here are the ones you should look out for.


Stainless steel can sometimes dent. Although stainless steel is durable, it can sometimes dent depending on what damage is inflicted. We suggest that when wearing stainless steel jewellery to be careful not to knock it or bang it on hard surfaces, as this can lead to dents, which can also be said for silver jewellery so it is not a unique issue to stainless steel. When wearing any jewellery it is important to take care to avoid damage.


Ramon Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This robust silver bracelet for men has a sturdy design, with 5 rows of narrow components, three of which are stainless steel and two rows of gold coloured links. This statement piece combines strength, style and health benefits. These men’s magnetic bracelets makes superb gifts and will be sought after by any style savvy gentleman.

mens stainless steel bracelet

Our customers say:

“Lots to choose from this bracelet is very nice and great quality have recommened to all my friends and family”

Stainless steel can sometimes contain nickel, which may be an issue if you have a nickel allergy. The affects will vary person to person, so it is important that if you have a nickel allergy, to remain cautious when purchasing stainless steel jewellery and wear at your own risk. The effects may differ depending on the severity of your allergy, so you may find that you don’t experience as issue when wearing stainless steel jewellery, but you should always be vary of the effects it may cause if you suffer from a nickel allergy.

Phoenix Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This striking gold coloured magnetic bracelet is a graceful head-turner. This bio magnetic bracelet makes a great statement piece and adds a touch of shimmer and shine to any outfit. These ultra feminine magnetic bracelets for arthritis are a fabulous style statement, with intricate details and elegant flair.

magnetic bracelet for arthritis

Our customers say:

“Bright and shiny bracelet looks really nice on even better than the pictures thank you”


Does Magnetic Therapy work?

We are sometimes asked ‘do magnetic bracelets work?’ Here at DEMI+CO, we are firm believers in the health benefits of magnetic therapy and we aren’t the only ones. There are plenty of celebrities who swear by the natural healing powers of magnetic bracelet for men, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, among many others. There are also many of our customers who tell us of the ways magnetic therapy has helped them to relieve their symptoms associated with arthritis and other health ailments.


Marley Magnetic Bracelet

This gender neutral silver bracelethas a striking design making it perfect for everybody. This bracelet consists of large rounded square links with narrow gold rectangle detailing on the inner and outer sides of the bracelet. This style statement is a must-have addition to any wardrobe, and the unisex style combines elegance and magnetic health benefits.

do magnetic bracelets work
Magnetism is thought to work by stimulating the natural field where the pain occurs, which is turn, is thought to trigger the body’s natural painkillers to provide natural pain relief, without the need for medication. The amount of people using magnetic therapy is ever increasing, due to it being a simple, straightforward way to alleviate pain and other health ailments. The results of magnetic therapy, however, vary from person to person. We hear of many positive stories, and our customers are proof that wearing magnetic jewellery can help make conditions more manageable. The results are varied, so something that may work for one person, may not work for you, but we have heard amazing stories from our customers who have tried magnetic therapy and it has helped their conditions in wonderful ways. We are firm believers of the power of magnetic therapy and we have plenty of customers who also share our experiences.


Anakin Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

This men’s magnetic bracelet features a masculine and rugged industrial style. The unique and unusual design makes this magnetic bracelet for men original in every way. Make a bold style statement in this chunky solid stainless steel wristband, that boasts of stylish black graphic links.

 magnetic bracelets uk
We hope that you have found value in this blog post and that you have learnt all about our range of stainless steel bracelets. If you have any questions about our magnetic bracelets UK, please feel free to send us an email or contact us via our social media and we will be more than happy to help you.
Here at DEMI+CO we are passionate about delivering the best customer service possible, so it is always so amazing when our lovely customers get in touch or leave a review to tell us how we are doing and that they love our products. We have received a few new reviews lately and we wanted to share them with you, in case you were looking for another reason to treat yourself to a DEMI+CO stainless steel bracelet.

“Thank you, Lovely bracelet delivered very promptly and with a nice gift box. Will buy from Demi+CO again”

“Easy to browse and order. Such beautiful jewellery to choose from and awesomely quick to be delivered. Thank you.”

“I was so pleased with the quality of my first order, I didn't hesitate in ordering a second, different style bracelet..excellent customer service”

“I bought bracelet. This is beautiful, Good quality and price is satysfing. I would recommend Demi+ co to others”

“Just ordered 2 magnetic bracelets .. very easy site to use . Looking forward to the delivery. Thanks 😊”



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