April 27, 2023

When it comes to choosing a copper bracelet from DEMI+CO, people often ask if they should choose a magnetic bracelet for pain or choose a non-magnetic bracelet. You may be wondering what the differences are, the benefits and any negatives of wearing one of our popular copper magnetic bracelets, or simply do magnetic bracelets work?

This is why we have put together this handy guide to give you all of the details you could possibly need to choose whether to go copper bracelet no magnets or magnets with our copper bracelets. We have also included some of our most popular styles throughout this post to give you a taste of what we offer.


Liberty Copper Magnetic Bracelet 

Shiny and bold, these magnetic bracelets for small wrists are designed using quality copper, and high grade magnets. The beautiful laser engraved swirly vine pattern combined with the ultra shiny copper make this bio magnetic bracelet something truly spectacular.

womens copper bracelet

“This is one of the nicest copper bangles I have seen and I love their care for cutomer service”


If you are here looking for some gift ideas, you have come to the right place! Read on to discover all there is to know about copper magnetic bracelets for arthritis, or a simple non-magnetic copper bracelet. We have included a mini-guide towards the end of this article to give you some inspiration for couple bracelets magnetic and how these can be the perfect gift to celebrate your Copper Wedding Anniversary. There really is something for everyone!


Laura Non Magnetic Copper Bracelet

This minimalist and sleek copper bangle uses all of the natural benefits of copper without any magnets. This smooth, matt copper bracelet no magnets is an ideal addition to your everyday look with its simple, subtle design and timeless charm.

copper non magnetic bracelet

“Just what I was looking for didnt want a bracelet with magnets but wanted a plain copper bangle and this is exactly that.”


Why do some copper bracelets have magnets?

It really depends on the style of bracelet as to whether or not it will be a copper magnetic bracelet for small pain. Copper is extremely versatile, which allows us to include magnets for some of our styles and leave them off for others. This is great for giving our customers a choice of what they want. We try to carry two collections of bracelets, our magnetic range and non-magnetic range. Some of our customers reap the benefits from copper bracelets and copper bangles alone, whereas others prefer to have the dual healing benefits of both copper and magnetic therapy. It is really a personal preference, but another reason we like to offer our copper bracelets without magnets, is that we have customers who have aversions to magnets due to health reasons, and can only wear jewellery without them. 



Prime Copper Bracelet

This Alpha exclusive copper bracelet for men mimics a suave watch strap and with its sturdy, handsome style, you won’t want to take this designer pure solid copper bracelet off! Using the combined natural healing properties of magnetic therapy and copper, choosing this good-looking copper bracelet for pain is ideal for those wanting to experiment with natural remedies for arthritic and joint pain.

mens copper bracelet

“Really happy with my bracelet thank you it looks beautiful noticing some benefits”


How can you tell if a copper bracelet is real?

Even though we may use copper to create a magnetic bracelet for arthritis, it may surprise you to learn that copper is actually not very magnetic itself. Therefore an easy, simple way to test whether your copper bracelet is real, is by placing a magnet on the surface of the jewellery. If the magnet sticks to your bracelet then it is not real copper, but if it doesn’t, then it is very likely to be the real deal - but rest-assured, as our copper bracelets are high-quality real copper.


Cross Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Our stunning Cross Copper wristband boasts of high grade Neodymium magnets to allow the wearer to reap the benefits of magnetic therapy and the natural healing powers of copper. This Alpha exclusive men’s copper bracelet makes a bold statement when it comes to wristwear, and its intricate design gives it a classic finish.

copper bracelet with magnets

“Glad I found this bracelet have been looking for something like this for a while very good quality I am happy to recommend”


Can I wear a copper bracelet every day?

Of course you can! Copper is a harmless metal, much like silver and gold, so is very unlikely to cause any issues or toxicity. Due to this, many of our customers choose to wear their copper bracelets every day, as it becomes part of their ‘uniform’ or go-to accessories. Whenever you choose to wear your copper bracelet is up to you, but if you wish to wear it every day, then by all means go ahead.


Loki Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Exclusively engraved with our Alpha logo, and adorned with a strong, bold Celtic pattern, this copper bracelet for arthritis is creative looking and artistic, perfect for the gent who likes to express himself. The triskele style pattern creates the illusion of being triple spiral etched all the way around the front of this men’s magnetic wristband.

copper wristband

“Couldnt be more happier this is a very nice and smart looking bracelet thank you”


Does wearing a copper bracelet help your health?

Unfortunately, there are no conclusive studies to prove that copper directly benefits your health - yet. However, we do receive confirmation from our customers who wear our copper magnetic wristbands, that it has helped make their ailments more manageable, such as anxiety, joint problems, circulation issues and aches and pains. Copper has been used for centuries for its presumed health benefits, including by the Ancient Egyptians, and although we can’t confirm that every single person will have the same experience and the same results from wearing a copper bracelet, we can stress that we have had positive feedback from happy customers who say that it does help your health.


Magneto Copper Bracelet 

Choose this sleek, black plated, solid copper men’s magnetic bracelet to sport a striking look. These men’s magnetic bracelets, as is the case with all of our link bracelets, can be easily shortened to get a comfortable fit on your wrist. They even come with a handy link adjustment tool making it even easier to find the perfect fit with these magnetic bracelets for men.

arthritis bracelet

“The order process and delivery were easy and excellent. Am delighted with my bracelet. Would recommend you are 1st. Class.”


Do copper bracelets help anxiety?

Again, no conclusive studies have been conducted to confirm that copper magnetic friendship bracelets help anxiety, but many people choose to wear them for this reason. Many of our customers have reported feeling calmer and peaceful after wearing a copper magnetic bangle. The bracelets are also reported by wearers to help you sleep better, which in turn can improve feelings of anxiety. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all though, so what may work for someone might not work for you, and we can only recommend giving it a go yourself.


Odin Copper Magnetic Bracelet

 Our Odin magnetic wristband features an Alpha exclusive detailed rope style pattern, which is both artistic and original. This magnetic therapy bracelet is quite wide in size, and includes magnets on the inside of the front of the cuff, adding it to the list of one of our most effective magnetic bracelets we have to offer.

copper bangle for men

“This is my third purchase with this company.

I am more than happy with their products and service.

Thank you.”


Does real copper turn green?

If there is no protective coating on a copper bracelet, green or brown film may form naturally on the surface due to a series of chemical reactions. Scientifically speaking, this film is called patina which forms when exposed to oxygen and weathering over time. Copper jewellery from DEMI+CO does not usually give off this green hue, however in some cases, due to severe wear and tear this can happen. Thankfully this green or brown residue is completely harmless and can be easily washed away with warm soapy water. It is important that your copper jewellery is not excessively exposed to water because this can be a factor of what makes the patina, however with care your jewellery should stay looking perfect.


Martin Non Magnetic Copper Bracelet 

This sturdy non magnetic copper bracelet is our heaviest yet with its solid copper and classic watch-strap design. The wearer can still receive all of the natural health benefits of a copper link bracelet, without the additional magnetic therapy, which makes this chunky men’s bracelet ideal for those with an aversion to magnets.

copper bracelet no magnets

“Strong and comfortable bracelet liking it so far”


What are the side effects of wearing copper?

One of the fantastic things about copper is that there are no side effects of wearing it whatsoever. Even if you choose to wear copper jewellery just for its look or aesthetic, and you don’t have any health ailments, it will not do you any harm. Copper is a pure metal just like silver and gold, and is robust and versatile.


Abby Diamante Copper Bangle 

This elegant copper bracelet for women has a chic, unique style, featuring a gorgeous copper swirl pattern and added diamante details for extra bling. This magnetic bangle is studded with our high grade magnets to ensure the wearer reaps the rewards of magnets and copper to improve their overall health.

 copper bangle for women

Are copper bracelets safe?

As mentioned before, copper bracelets are completely safe and our customers choose to wear them for health ailments, or if they don’t have any health issues, they wear them because they look stunning.


Jade Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This trendy magnetic cuff is a real style statement, perfect for night’s out, but also versatile enough to dress down. This ladies copper bracelet is ultra-modern, really has the ‘wow-factor’, and is super lightweight and comfortable to wear. We know you will love these magnetic bracelets UK as much as we do!

 magnetic bracelet for women

Which is better: copper or magnetic bracelets?

Neither copper nor magnetic bracelets have been subject to a huge amount of research, so it is hard to say which is better. However, based on feedback from our customers and their experiences, copper magnetic bracelets are the most effective as this combines the natural healing benefits of copper along with the power of magnetic therapy. It must be noted though, that our copper bracelets that do not feature magnets are beneficial for those with aversions to magnets. 


We have a brilliant range of other magnetic bracelets too, so that if you don’t like the look of copper, you can go for a magnetic titanium bracelet, silver or gold, or if you want something special, check out our range to find one suitable as a couple magnetic bracelet.


Rita Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Classy and sophisticated, this magnetic bracelet for women oozes timeless elegance and makes the perfect gift for a special someone. You can expect gracefulness, style, and health benefits all rolled into one with this wonderful magnetic bracelet.

copper magnetic bracelet

“I bought this bracelet as a gift for my aunt it arrived quickly looks great and packaged nicely”


What are the disadvantages of wearing copper bracelet?

You will be pleased to hear that there really aren’t many disadvantages of wearing a copper bracelet. In short, they are safe to wear whether you have a health ailment or not, they adjust to your wrist size, whether you are looking for a small copper bracelet or magnetic bracelets for large wrists, and they are very comfortable to wear. 


Phoenix Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This gold magnetic bracelet is actually made from stainless steel, making it an affordable alternative to the real deal, which is just as shiny and sparkly for a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a magnetic stainless steel bracelet our Phoenix style is hard to beat. It’s striking carved detail and high quality magnets make this ladies’ magnetic bracelet a real gem.

stainless steel bracelet

“Bracelet looks lovely, speed of delivery amazing. Look forward to feeling benefits in due course”


A sweet idea that we love is to choose magnetic couple bracelets to celebrate a variety of different marriage milestones. Our favourite is the 7th year of marriage, which is traditionally symbolised by wool, but also the magical metal that is copper. We have a beautiful range of gender neutral magnetic bracelets if you are wanting to buy the same one as your significant other, but if magnetic bracelets matching isn’t your style, why not choose something more personal? We have a fantastic range of jewellery whether it be a copper magnetic bracelet for men, copper magnetic ladies’ bracelet or a magnetic bracelet for couples. Show them you care and celebrate your Copper Wedding Anniversary in style with our special magnet bracelets couple.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about copper magnetic bracelets and non-magnetic bracelets, and hopefully you have learned something about this stunning metal and how magnetic therapy can benefit people with underlying health conditions. 


If there is something you are still unsure about, or want some advice as to which option to go for, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or drop us a message on social media, where we would love to hear from you and are always more than happy to help.





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