January 13, 2023

Here at DEMI+CO, we avidly acknowledge the effects of magnetic therapy in magnetic bangles. We understand that it can be a difficult topic to get your head around, so we wanted to make a blog post to give you a little bit of information about the wonderful effects of the most effective magnetic bracelets you can buy.


Magnetic therapy helps with a numerous amount of things, such as pain relief, easing aches, reducing inflammation, but you might be wondering one specific thing: can magnetic therapy help with anxiety relief? We all experience stress throughout our lives; more often than not, stress is an important part of life, but it can be frustrating when it gets overwhelming. So we’re here to answer that very question for you, whilst showing you some of our best magnetic wristbands!


Kirsty magnetic bracelet

Wear the rainbow in this colourful, vivid and stylish healing bracelet. Made with quality copper and with bands of copper, gold and silver finish you will combine elegance and health benefits all in one. The therapeutic energy bracelet is truly a one-off and we haven’t found a similar one like this before, so behold the rare gem of a tri-colour ladies magnetic bracelet.

 copper bracelet for women

“I like the descriptions and reviews from other users of copper jewellery. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my thumbs and as such I am trialing the copper to see if it will ease my pain. The site is easy to navigate and I've previously spoken to friendly staff.”


Do magnetic bracelets help with depression?

Magnetic therapy bracelets can definitely help with some aspects of depression. Although it can differ from each person, many people have found that magnetic bracelets help to ease anxiety and mood swings.


Iris Magnetic Bangle

This gold magnetic bangle combines elegance and bold style all in one. Slick and glamourous, this high shine gold bangle is adorned with round silver circular details giving this copper bangle a very expensive look and feel. Not forgetting to mention the health benefits that are included with the full-strength magnets that are used in this therapeutic energy bracelet.

 copper bangle

“Very helpful and offering a beautiful range of products. I got in touch via email to ask a question and they responded very quickly and also offered me discount for my idea which I am very grateful for!”


How long does it take to feel the benefits of a magnetic bracelet?

It mostly depends on the person; but it can take between two days and two weeks. Some people can feel the effects of magnetic therapy almost immediately, but others only start to feel the effect from two weeks to a bit longer, or a bit quicker!


Fiona copper magnetic bracelet

If you are after a timeless and classic copper bracelet then this is the one. Made with sturdy square copper links with smaller rectangular links for added detail, this copper bracelet is a great all-rounder. Elegant in style and fit, this copper bracelet gives you gracefulness and health benefits all in one.

 ladies copper bracelet

“Always pleased with everything I have bought from Demi they are reliable and quick my order arrives exactly as shown in picture, I have bought a few items from this company and would recommend this site to everyone. I also like the fact if you don’t want to express your need to leave a small amount of money you don’t receive bad service.”


Should you wear a magnetic bracelet all the time?

Depending on your health, most people can wear magnetic bracelets constantly without any side effects, and they really help with pain and anxiety. Our only concern is that if you suffer from a serious heart condition, then you should have a pacemaker, and if you’re pregnant then we don’t recommend you wearing anything magnetic. However, if magnets won’t affect you negatively, we recommend wearing a magnetic bracelet for as long as you can during the day to really reap all those health benefits!


Shield copper magnetic bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

Break free from the herd with this durable and manly magnetic bracelet. Plated with gloss black onto 100% copper, this detailed men’s bracelet with dual grooves and magnets is a health-conscious and fashion-forward choice.

 mens copper bangle

“I bought two bracelets, one for myself and another for my husband. I found the website very easy to use and the information within the packaging very useful secularist. The bracelets arrived sooner than expected - just two days after I’d ordered them, and thus was on the free standard Royal Mail delivery. Delighted with the quality, exactly as the description and very easy to alter the size with the tool provided.”


How many hours a day should you wear a magnetic bracelet?

It really depends what suits you best. If you want to wear it only for a couple of hours a day, then you can. But if you want to wear it as often as possible, that’s a good choice too! However, we recommend that you wear it as often as possible to experience the maximum benefits of magnetic therapy.


Storm copper magnetic bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

This minimalist and chic solid copper bracelet has a classic and clean matt-looking feel. Simplistically a plain, smooth, matt-like copper finish with magnets on the inner side of the bracelet.

 copper wristband

“Lovely jewellery delivered super quickly. Really easy site to use, the quality of my copper bracelet is great. Have ordered my wife a bracelet for Xmas - thank you very much”


What does wearing a magnet do to your body?

A magnetic bracelet is great for easing aches and pains, and helping with anxiety and depression. There are many benefits to wearing a magnetic bracelet, and it works by increasing blood flow which helps with healing. Magnets help to restore cellular magnetic balance, and a migration of calcium ions is accelerated to help heal bones and nerve tissues. Biomagnets have a positive effect on the pH balance of cells and circulation is enhanced since biomagnets are attracted to the iron in blood and this increases blood flow.


Xtreme Copper Bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

This bracelet is robust and a bit of a statement piece. This very masculine men’s pure solid copper magnetic bracelet is sure to add some edgy swagger to your look. Wide copper magnetic links are joined together with narrow links to create a strapping and sturdy look.

 copper bracelet for men

“I was so impressed with both the service and the quality of the bracelet that I ordered another.”


Do magnets reduce inflammation?

The reduction of inflammation is a critical factor in the healing process, and researchers have found that a mild magnetic field from a magnetic bracelet can cause the smallest blood vessels in the body to dilate or constrict, which increases blood flow and suppresses inflammation.


Petal copper bracelet with magnets

Like delicate petals of a flower this floral copper bracelet for women is stunning and chic. Each copper link is in the shape of a floral petal, all intertwined to create a beautiful and feminine bracelet. There is a lot of attention to detail with this ladies magnetic bracelet, making it the perfect choice for a sophisticated and stylish copper bracelet.

 magnetic bracelet for small wrists

“Great selection of elegant, beautiful designs. I've just bought my second bracelet for my mum for her other hand, as the first one has really helped her with arthritic pain and circulation problems.”


Should you wear a magnetic bracelet at night?

There is no harm in wearing your magnetic bracelet overnight, in fact some people have reported that they experience better sleep when wearing a magnetic bracelet overnight! If you find it comfortable enough to sleep in, then why not? The only recommendation we’d give is to not wear it too tight against your wrist if you are going to be wearing it consistently.


Anna Stainless Steel magnetic bracelet

This visually striking bracelet combines gold and silver stainless steel with a rope style pattern within a chic and slimline design. This ladies stainless steel braceletcombines all the style and all the health benefits of a magnetic bracelet into one.

 ladies stainless steel bracelet

“Perfect to deal with, swift delivery. The bracelet is excellent quality and strong, not flimsy. Will buy from them again.”


Can wearing a magnet be harmful?

Magnetic bracelets are harmless for most people to wear consistently, unless you are pregnant or have a pacemaker. Magnets below the magnetic field unit of 3000 Gauss are harmless, and magnetic bracelets should never have a Gauss rating above this threshold.


Loki copper magnetic bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

This Celtic inspired patterned copper bracelet is a creative and artistic looking bracelet. This copper bracelet features a triskele style pattern which has a triple spiral etched all the way round the front of this bracelet. A classic patterned  mens copper bracelet which has a traditional timeless style.


copper bracelet with magnets

“Ordering was easy, delivery was swift. The product fits well and is as expected. 10/10 service.”


How many hours a day should you wear a magnetic bracelet?

It’s completely up to you, it can be for as long as feels comfortable for you! If you wear a magnetic bracelet for a long period of time, then you are expected to experience better results, so wearing a magnetic bracelet for a long period of time isn’t a bad thing!


Max titanium magnetic bracelet

This magnetic bracelet combines all the features of magnetic therapy, in matt black titanium, making all the detail stand out even more. This textured magnetic bracelet for arthritis is super suave, elegant and stylish if you like an understated look with a bit of uniqueness then this one’s for you.

 titanium magnetic bracelet

“Second magnetic bracelet arrived safely and quickly, good value and certainly helping with pain in hands.”

 “A great company to do business with from communication to the actual purchasing of the bracelet. My husband had a question about the strength of the magnets so he emailed Demi+Co with this query. The company got back to him with the full information about the query straight away and as it was what he wanted to hear he then ordered the copper bracelet. He is very pleased with his shopping purchase with Demi+Co and on this experience and with the quality of the product he purchased both of us can definitely recommend them to others.”


A study in the BMJ in 2004 trialled the effectiveness of magnetic bracelets in reducing pain of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. The test was carried out with a placebo group and three parallel groups to see if the magnetic bracelets are effective in pain control. 194 men and women aged 45 to 80 years took part across five general practices. Researchers concluded that pain from osteoarthritis did decrease for the group that used the magnetic bracelets.

Many of our customers benefit from magnetic therapy, however the magnetic therapy has not received as much funding into further research so there is not any consistent research or claims that can be made as yet. Magnetic Therapy is part of complementary medicine and not all areas of complementary medicine are effective and not all people receive benefits.

To put it simply: magnetic therapy works just as well for mental health as it does for physical health. Electromagnets painlessly deliver a magnetic pulse that stimulates nerve cells in the region of your brain involved in mood control and depression. In simpler terms: magnetic therapy increases the positivity based in the region of your brain which controls mental health.

Hopefully this blog post gave you the answer you were looking for, and you also got to have a look at some of our beautiful magnetic bracelets! Customer service is a huge priority of our, so if you have any query at all don’t hesitate to reach out to us via social media DMs or drop us a line over email and we’ll make sure to respond to you as quickly as possible!

 At DEMI+CO we go to great lengths to ensure that our magnetic bracelets are of the highest quality and made with skill and craftsmanship. We do not make any medical claims and medical conditions and symptoms can differ from each person, we can’t guarantee any cures and we do not offer a money back guarantee if a medical condition is not cured or improved in anyway. If you do suffer from any medical conditions please consult your doctor, GP or health professional first.






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