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October 15, 2020

We at DEMI+CO like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to magnetic bracelets, copper bracelets and any healing or health bracelets. We have seen enough therapeutic energy bracelets in our time to say the least. We also like to be incredibly knowledgeable about magnets, magnetic therapy and the benefits.


Our copper bracelet collection for example is very vast, copper is a metal that has been around for centuries and it is a malleable metal like gold and silver. When worn copper imparts a greenish residue on the skin which is harmless and can be washed off with soapy water. It is this reaction with the skin that is beneficial to our bodies. In a remarkably similar way magnets from the magnetic bracelets react with the bodies magnetic field and can help bring change on a cellular level by reacting with the bodies magnetic field and encouraging the body to release natural pain relief.


However, when it comes to health bracelets, we like to not only have the best quality but also the most stylish. We go to great lengths to make sure that our collections are the most stylish and the most unique. We are proud to say that we have a style to suit every customer! We even get the loveliest feedback from customers who have told us how much they love our magnetic bracelets and how they felt the quality and choice was above the rest. These kinds of comments as a family run business really do make our day! So, if you are thinking about buying a magnetic bracelet or a copper bracelet and you really aren’t too sure which one is for you – then fear not! Take our quiz below and based on your likes and interests we will suggest the perfect magnetic wristband for you. So, grab a pen, paper or something digital to write down the answers and enjoy! 



Hawk titanium magnetic bracelet

Be bold and adventurous with this black titanium bracelet with magnets, made with the rarest forms of titanium this bracelet is strong, robust and very suave. Its black colour does not come from any coatings or any plating, it is organically blackened through a natural alloying and heating process. Stand out from the crowd in this slick, stylish magnetic bracelet with added health benefits.

 titanium bracelet

Question 1 What describes your perfect Friday night activity

A. Drinks in the local

B. Wine tasting evening

C. Poker night


Question 2 My clothing style would be best described as

A. Cultured and easy going

B. Classical and natural

C. Fun and shocking


Xerxes copper bracelet

For her and him this magnificent and majestic thin copper bracelet with a curved design is unique, minimalist and suave. Made with the finest copper and high-grade magnets this simple and unique arthritis bracelet is a great all-rounder. Subtle enough to wear to work but intricate enough to make a bold statement.

 mens copper bracelet

Question 3 Which of the following best describes you

A. I am happiest in jeans or chinos

B. I prefer quality to quantity and smart is my vibe

C. I am predictably unpredictable


Question 4 What is your favourite weekend activity

A. Gardening or a visit to the garden centre

B. Playing a spot of golf

C. Shopping or dining or planning a holiday


Bear Solid Copper Magnetic bracelet

This robust and manly solid copper bracelet for men is subtle yet bold, it consists of tall rectangular links compactly joined. There is some oxidisation and lots of little details that make this solid copper bracelet with magnets technical and masculine. This hardy copper bracelet would make the ideal gift or a treat for yourself.

 copper bracelet for men

Question 5 How would you describe your style?

A. Classic comfort and traditional brands

B. Expensive fabrics, fine suits and good tailoring

C. Creative, I like bright and vivid colours


Question 6 Out of the following colours which is your favourite?

A. Brown or beige – makes things easier to match

C. Black and white – A monochrome look is always stylish

D. Bright blues and reds – anything bright really!


Aidan Copper Magnetic bracelet

Another Celtic inspired bracelet, the spiral design on this copper magnetic bracelet is adapted from the Celtic triple spiral also very similar to a wave design. This quirky and bold design adds a natural look to this masculine magnetic bracelet. The contrast of the copper and oxidised copper makes the bold design stand out, a very artistic copper bracelet for men.

 copper bracelet with magnets

Question 7 People would say the following about me

A. I am a little predictable, but I am also very reliable

B. I am focused on culture, art and the finer things

C. I am not shy about making an entrance



Champion Silver Magnetic Bangle

This trendy and understated men’s magnetic bracelet is versatile enough to wear with any outfit, day or night and also whilst playing sports. The magnets in this bangles are a natural pain relief, they will help improve blood circulation and general well-being.

 magnetic bracelet

Question 8 The aftershave that I like is described as

A. Woody, spicy or none at all

B. Vanilla, almond, pepper

C. Oriental and bold


Xtreme Copper Bracelet

This is our heaviest SOLID Copper bracelet at 91 grams, 57 magnets (at full length) and 20mm wide (¾ inch wide). This bracelet is robust and a bit of a statement piece. Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo this very masculine men’s pure solid copper magnetic bracelet is sure to add some edgy swagger to your look. Wide copper magnetic links are joined together with narrow links to create a strapping and sturdy look. This statement bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably and has a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure. This designer pure solid copper bracelet is only available on our site and not available to buy anywhere else.

 copper bracelet for arthritis

Question 9 What is your favourite season?

A. Spring – the best time to be in the garden, planting, weeding and watching all the flowers and birds

B. Autumn – Not too hot or too cold, perfect weather to look stylish

C. Summer – When I can be loud and proud and wear my brightest shirts and be at the BBQ grilling


Sentient Magnetic Copper Bracelet

An Alpha engraved exclusive, this solid copper magnetic bracelet stays true to its name, strong, resilient and armour like. Make like a Marvel hero in this stylish, minimalist and rugged copper link bracelet. Wide copper links are joined together with a row of smaller copper oxidised links along both sides of this bracelet. This understated bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably, a strong fold over clasp ensures to keep this bracelet secure. This designer pure solid copper bracelet is only available on our site and not available to buy anywhere else.

 copper wristband


Question 10 What is your go to tipple?

A. A good beer or larger and it has to be draught

B. A quality wine or champagne

C. Any thing goes, brandy, whisky or a gin and tonic


Baratheon Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This stylish rope detailed copper bracelet for men is a classic and traditional copper bangle and is set to be one of our most popular magnetic wristbands. Elegant and sophisticated this copper bracelet for men combines intricate detailing, style and health benefits.


 copper bangle

Mostly A’s

If you answered mostly A’s then you a true traditionalist, you love anything that’s vintage or classic and that shows good taste. You have a penchant for anything that’s antique or old fashioned and there is nothing wrong with that.


We recommend our Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet

This classic and traditional copper bracelet with magnets is one of our best sellers, expertly made and with classic shape copper links and high strength magnets this health bracelet is definitely timeless in style and quality. Understated and sophisticated this magnetic bracelet has a slimline style with a single chain of links that have distinctive shading of light and oxidised copper. This magnetic bracelet is the ideal choice if you are after a more modest looking therapeutic bracelet

do copper bracelets work

Our customers say

“Smart bracelet looks expensive good price and arrived quick”



Mostly B’s

If you answered mostly B’s then you love the finer things in life, quality and luxury are a must and its all about the little details. You do like to have the best even if the best is sometimes the most expensive, but only the best will do.


We recommend our Hawk titanium magnetic bracelet

This sleek and polished looking magnetic bracelet oozes luxury and style. Made with expensive and robust black titanium this mens magnetic bracelet is the one for you. Stand out from the crowd in this slick, stylish magnetic bracelet with added health benefits.

 titanium bracelet

Our customers say

“This bracelet looks better than the picture very nice fits well”



Mostly C’s

If you answered mostly C’s then you are a fun loving young at heart and very high spirited! Your zest for life is infectious and you don’t define yourself by your age or a number you just do you which is great. You will say yes to most things,  people love to hear about your adventures and the new things that you try!


We recommend our Anakin Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

This technical looking health bracelet is fun and quirky in style and very practical too. Made with stainless steel for extra robustness and strength whilst also giving off a polished gleam. The stainless steel links combined with the black graphic links and the stainless steel cable details makes this mens magnetic bracelet incredibly detailed and intricate This therapeutic energy bracelet definitely combines style and health benefits all in one.

magnetic bracelet for arthritis

Our customers say

“Ive shopped other places and this is the best magnetic bracelet so far”



In conclusion

We hope you enjoyed taking this quiz and we hope that it gave you some idea of what type of magnetic bracelet for men would be your ideal type. We are immensely proud of our range of mens copper bracelets and also our mens magnetic wristbands too. We understand that health bracelets are not always that elegant, that is why we wanted to break the norm showcase a range of suave, slick and on trend bracelets for men that also have the added health benefits of magnetic therapy.

Our therapeutic energy bracelets are our most popular range, and we get some amazing feedback from our customers all the time. We like to ensure that our range includes a health bracelet for every type of customer, for example we have classic and traditional health bracelets, modern and contemporary copper bracelets, we also have minimal and chic magnetic bracelets for women and so much more! Whatever your style, here at DEMI+CO we offer high quality, gorgeous products to suit it.


If you require further guidance or have any questions, please get in touch via email or our social media channels.


We love receiving your feedback on our service and products. What we do is everything to us, but it means so much to us to hear that you love DEMI+CO too. We do feel an immense amount of pride when we get fab reviews from our customers it validates the hard work we put in and makes us do a little happy dance each time. So thank you!


“I was looking for a 7th anniversary present for my wife and discovered the demi + co web page. Good selection of jewellery and the bonus of gift wrap option and speedy delivery.”

“Absolutely love this magnetic bracelet I purchased few weeks ago, since wearing it I noticed I had more energy and it's curved my appetite big smile 5 stars.”

“Great item at a reasonable price, delivered quickly with good communication at every stage. Hard to criticise anything.”



Targaryen Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This wide copper magnetic mens bracelet has an elite vintage feel. The contrast of the inner copper colour and the grey outer sheen make this mens copper bracelet feel truly exceptional. Robust in appearance with the contrast of elegant laser patterns makes this mens magnetic bracelet truly exquisite in style and substance.

 magnetic bracelet for men

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