October 06, 2022

Titanium is a strong and resilient metal which has many uses, but it is also popular in jewellery making. The name of the element is derived from the Titans who were, according to Greek Mythology, the twelve children of the Earth goddess, Gaia. All of the titanium used in our DEMI+CO titanium magnetic bracelets is grade 2 titanium, which is the most popular grade used in jewellery making. Grade 2 titanium shares the same qualities as grade 1, however it is stronger, durable, malleable and corrosion resistant making it perfect for crafting our titanium bracelets from.

The other uses for titanium include being part of the construction of aircraft and spacecraft, due to its low density and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Titanium is the ideal metal for jewellery particularly titanium bracelets and earrings as it is so lightweight and easy to wear, plus it is hypoallergenic which is perfect for sensitive skin. In addition due to the structure of the metal titanium is robust which means any jewellery you have that is made from titanium will be durable and non corrosive and will last you a long time. Read on to find out more about our titanium men’s magnetic bracelets to see why we choose titanium and what benefits this has for the human body.


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What does a titanium bracelet do?

A titanium magnetic bracelet has strong ionizing effects, as the metal promotes a balanced electrical current throughout the body better than any other metal. This can help to counteract the negative electromagnetic waves in our environment so it is thought that as a result of this, somebody wearing a titanium magnetic bracelet for men will notice a reduction in muscles stiffness or muscle pain associated with many different health conditions. It is also thought to even improve metabolism, making it an ideal metal to wear and try if you are looking for a natural healing element.


Caleb Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Our Caleb titanium bracelet is a timeless take on a men’s arthritis bracelet. Although this titanium bracelet with magnets is incredibly strong and very resilient, it is also surprisingly lightweight, so much so that you won’t even notice that you are wearing it! The classic design of the titanium magnetic bracelet, features a subtle finish and detailing, which finishes off a practical arthritis bracelet with all of its natural health benefits with a touch of understated elegance. Our arthritis bracelets can easily be shortened to fit any size wrist comfortably so you can achieve the perfect fit.

 titanium bracelet

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What are the benefits of wearing titanium jewelry?

Due to titanium’s strength, it definitely helps create the most effective magnetic bracelets which will have longevity due to their durability. Titanium is as strong as steel but much less dense, making it lightweight to wear. The metal can withstand all forms of rough handling, which when used in things like joint replacements in the body, is so important. Titanium is also resistant to scratches and corrosions, even if you wear it on a daily basis. This is noticeable different in comparison to softer metals such as gold.

Often marketed as being ideal for those with sensitive skin, titanium is known to have little reactions or irritations and is anti-allergy. A  titanium magnetic bracelet is lightweight, robust and strong option for people who are looking for a piece of striking jewellery which is not only lightweight to wear, but has a high corrosive resistance along with natural healing benefits too.


Zane Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

The Zane titanium bangle has a simple, minimal design but still contains all of the benefits of an arthritis bangle under the guise of a sleek, modern magnetic bangle. This super-light energy bracelet has a cool, matt black finish allowing the wearer to reap all of the natural healing benefits while sporting a suave piece of jewellery.

 titanium bangle

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Can you wear titanium in the shower?

Titanium is an inert metal, which means that it will not react to water or to your body’s natural chemistry. This differs depending on which metal your jewellery is made of, so choosing titanium gender neutral magnetic bracelets means you will not have to worry if you are wearing it in the shower. Water will not break down any aspect of the metal, which is another reason why titanium’s durability is hard to beat when it comes to creating stunning jewellery.


Hadrian Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Our Hadrian bio magnetic bracelet is a super original design with its artistic and textured, feathered detailed magnetic links, which are placed alongside simple, shiny plain titanium links. This visually striking health bracelet is a stylish answer to magnetic therapy while still being a luxe link bracelet. The strong fold over clasp keeps it secure and safe, giving you peace of mind when wearing your striking, men’s magnetic bracelet.

 titanium bracelet for men

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Which arm should you wear a magnetic bracelet on?

If you are wearing a magnetic bracelet as a fashion accessory, rather than for its health benefits, it doesn’t matter which wrist you wear it as bracelets with magnets can be worn on either arm and look fabulous. However, if you are experiencing pain in a particular hand or arm, to reap maximum benefits of the healing effects of magnets, it would be recommended to wear the magnetic wristband on the arm that is painful. Many of our customers wear two magnetic bracelets at the same time, one on each wrist, so it really is personal preference as to what is comfortable for you and what you feel works best.


Hawk Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

This Hawk magnetic bracelet is bold, adventurous and sleek. These special healing bracelets are made with the rarest forms of titanium making it strong and robust. Its black colouring does not come from any coatings or any plating, but is instead organically blackened through a heating process which produces natural alloying. This slick magnetic bracelet for arthritis will ensure you stand out from the crowd with its suave look and added health benefits.

 titanium bracelet for men

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Can you wear titanium all the time?

Due to titanium being the most biocompatible element, which means it is hypoallergenic, it will not irritate the skin, even if you have very sensitive skin. This means that you can wear a titanium bracelet all of the time and not experience any negative side effects.


Theo Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Masculine and tough, our Theo magnetic bracelet for men is a handsome titanium bracelet for men which features large square links of lightweight titanium which are strung together with smaller rectangular links. This creates extra width and attention to detail, which gives these magnetic bracelets not only elegance, but performance and health benefits all in one.

 titanium bracelet with magnets

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Can I wear gold with titanium?

A misconception some people often have about titanium jewellery, is that it will wear down any other metal, such as gold, that it is worn with. Titanium may be harder than other metals but as it is not abrasive you don’t need to worry that titanium will wear down your other jewellery as this is not true. For example, if you have a titanium magnetic ring and wear this next to a gold men’s magnetic ring, it will be perfectly fine and not damage your gold ring.


Finley Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Finley is one of our most dramatic looking magnetic bracelets for men that DEMI+CO has ever had. With its super techy titanium look, ultra-modern design and slick fit and style, these magnetic bracelets for arthritis are a fabulous answer to magnetic friendship bracelets. The lightweight matt black titanium links are gilded with silver touches at the edges of each link to create a futuristic looking magnetic therapy bracelet – the perfect treat for yourself or a gift for someone else.

 titanium bracelet for pain relief

“Great bracelet for my partner and I cant wait to give this to him looks so smart”


Do magnetic bracelets affect blood pressure?

Research has shown that magnetic bracelets can have positive healing affects on different types of ailments, including high blood pressure. Researchers saw a long-lasting drop in blood pressure following exposure to high magnetic fields, which can have a similar effect when wearing a bracelet with magnets.

We use high strength Neodymium High Grade Magnets in all of our magnetic jewellery, which are custom made for their strength and have 12500 Gauss. This ensures all of our customers have the very best strength whenever wearing our magnetic bracelets which provides the best natural magnetic healing power. People who use magnets in therapeutic energy have found that magnets have a number of healing benefits, including helping with rheumatism and joint pains. Experiences and benefits are different person to person, but our customers have always given us feedback on how our magnetic bracelets have helped make their health conditions more manageable.


Tyler Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Our Tyler magnetic bracelets UK are slimline and lightweight, creating a subtle and unique magnetic stainless steel bracelet. The matt light grey links have a shading of darker grey which adds extra detail and finesse to this truly one of a kind magnetic titanium bracelet. With the included link adjustment tool, this bracelet is easily shorted to fit any wrist, which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to magnetic bracelets for small wrists with its slimline style too.

 titanium magnetic bracelet for men

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What are the benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet?

When it comes to our frequently asked questions, ‘what are the benefits?’ is up there with ‘do magnetic bracelets work?’ When it comes to magnetic bracelets, different people have different experiences. At DEMI+CO we are advocates of magnetic therapy and we believe that they do work, we are joined by our many happy customers too who have had really positive experiences with our magnetic jewellery.

One of the ways magnets are thought to work with the body, is that they help to improve blood flow which in turn helps reduce inflammation, lactic acid and calcium deposits, as well as other dangerous toxins in the body. Eliminating or reducing toxins can really help to ease the symptoms of underlying health conditions. Magnetic bracelets can also be used to help heal damaged nervous tissue and bones, due to the magnets’ ability to accelerate the migration of calcium ions. There are other ways magnetic jewellery is believed to work, but our customers’ positive experiences is enough of a reason for us to give it a try.


Stroyer Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

This subtle matt silver magnetic wristband is super easy to wear and very versatile when it comes to accessorising different looks for different occasions. The minimalist finish of this magnetic cuff makes it ideal for a more modest and understated look, with the brushed effect on the men’s magnetic wristband adding to the masculine feel of this slick everyday men’s titanium bracelet.

 magnetic bangle

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What is so special about titanium?

Titanium metal is a very durable metal for engineering applications because it is corrosion-resistant and also incredibly strong and very lightweight. It is 40% lighter than steel, due it to being much less dense, but as strong as high-strength steel. Titanium finds applications in things like aerospace because of its durability and versatility.


Leo Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Leo’s simplicity and elegance makes it a great everyday men’s magnetic bracelet, which is full of health benefits. This super stylish and modern therapeutic energy bracelet has a striking detail which makes it simple, but an intriguing piece of jewellery to wear with your casual looks or dress it up for a special occasion.

 titanium bracelet for arthritis

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Does titanium turn your finger or wrist green?

Jewellery made from titanium does not tarnish, which means our titanium rings or titanium bracelets with magnets will not turn your skin green. Usually when jewellery does create “green fingers” or “green wrists” it is due to them being made of inexpensive metals, but you don’t need to worry about this happening with titanium jewellery.


Along with our handsome range of men’s magnetic bracelets, we also offer a gorgeous collection for women. You will be able to find a pretty ladies’ titanium bracelet, cute magnetic bracelet for women or a modern, chic women’s arthritis bracelet for the special lady in your life, whether that be a friend, partner or family member. Our article details the benefits and properties of titanium, which also applies to the titanium women’s magnetic bracelet too. However, if you are looking for further style advice specifically for our ladies’ bracelets, you can find plenty more articles on our Style Guide.


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