April 13, 2023

One of our bestselling ranges here at DEMI+CO is our copper link bracelets, our womens copper link bracelets in particular are very popular. The collection boasts a range of solid copper bracelets, copper oxidise, copper with diamante and copper with coloured stones too. Special occasions such as, Mother’s Day or Christmas is when we see these styles particularly fly off the shelves.

We do get a lot of enquiries from customers when it comes to our magnetic bracelets, one of the main concerns are when customers are looking for ladies copper bracelets for giftees or themselves who have a very small or a little bit larger than the average wrist size. We always recommend link bracelets for these types of requests as the copper link bracelets can be adjusted very easily. With most of the link arthritis bracelets we sell we provide a link tool that can add and remove links. We also provide instructions on how to use the tool as well. The benefit of links in a bracelet allows our customers to make their bracelet as small or as big as they need it.

The other concern we also get from customers is when they are after a heavier magnetic healing, our copper bangles have between two and six magnets. Our copper link have on average 22 magnets (1 per link and on some we have two/three per link) depending on how large or small the bracelet is. This is usually a perk for customers looking for lots of magnets and magnetic healing. Why not check out our recommendations on some of our best selling ladies copper magnetic bracelets below.


Benefits of copper link bracelets

Link bracelets are very easy to make smaller or bigger, we provide a link tool that can be used to manually take out and add links just to make sure it is the perfect fit!

There are more magnets in a copper link bracelet, usually one per link, which means you get the best of that magnetic therapy!

All our copper magnetic link bracelets have a watch clasp making the bracelet very secure, the buckle style clasp ensures that the bracelet only comes off when you want to take it off.

Copper link bracelets can be adjusted very easily to make it extremely small or very large and adjusted back again at any time.

Copper is long lasting and durable. If you look after your copper bracelet well, then it will last many, many years. Copper is life proof and stain proof; most dirt can be easily wiped off and stains can be washed out. Copper bracelets hardly wear down over the years so they are ideal as your everyday accessory.

Wearing magnetic jewellery can help to manage ailments and reduce pain, at very little cost and with little to no side effects.


Fiona copper magnetic bracelet

If you are after a timeless and classic copper bracelet then this is the one. Made with sturdy square copper links with smaller rectangular links for added detail, this copper bracelet is a great all-rounder. Elegant in style and fit, this copper bracelet gives you gracefulness and health benefits all in one.

 copper bracelet for women



Petal copper bracelet with magnets

Like delicate petals of a flower this floral copper bracelet for women is stunning and chic. Each copper link is in the shape of a floral petal, all intertwined to create a beautiful and feminine bracelet. There is a lot of attention to detail with this ladies magnetic bracelet, making it the perfect choice for a sophisticated and stylish copper bracelet.

 copper bracelet for small pain

Studies on magnetic therapy

A few studies have been done on the effectiveness of magnets and magnetic therapy. A study in the BMJ in 2004 tested how effective magnetic bracelets were in reducing pain of osteoarthritis in the hip and knee. The test was carried out with a placebo group and three parallel groups to see if the magnetic bracelets were effective in pain reduction. 194 men and women aged 45 to 80 years old took part across five general practices. It was concluded that the pain caused by osteoarthritis did decrease.


“Order came quick and in good condition.
Ordered one at x mas my husband loved it but asked were other one was ( typical, ha ha) . So ordered another for his birthday. Would love one myself but I’m not allowed to were it at work ! Need to fully retire!”


Harmony copper bracelet with diamante

Looking for something bold and bling that will help you make a statement? This eye-catching copper bracelet for women combines smooth copper links and diamante details to bring you the perfect ladies health bracelet. Deep copper links and a sprinkle of diamante sparkles are combined to give this arthritis bracelet a stunning look.

 womens arthritis bracelet

Serenity copper bracelet

A simple, sophisticated, and subtle choice in our range for women, this copper bracelet with magnets is both elegant and strong. With oxidised copper links and slimline style this is the ideal bracelet if you are after a more of a classic magnetic bracelet.

 copper bracelet with magnets

How do you adjust a copper link bracelet?

Our informative guide with pictures and arrows are sent with all our copper link bracelet purchases, the tool and the guide help our customers to understand how to use the tool. The tool can be used a number of times to add or take away links. We also offer a free link adjusting service here at DEMI+CO customers can email us at hello@demiandco.com and they will be given full instructions on where to send their bracelets. We also keep our customers informed along the way when their bracelet has been adjusted and when it is being sent back to them.


What kind of bracelet clasp does a copper bracelet have?

All of our copper link bracelets have a watch clasp which is an easy to open and it is a very secure clasp that keeps the bracelet enclosed. To open the clasp you pull the edge of the clasp with a strong firm pull and then clasp should open up- very much like a buckle. To close the clasp, you put the open circle end through the end of the other side of the bracelet and close it up on itself.

“The Aragorn Magnetic Copper Bracelet is excellent quality and nice and lightweight. I purchased it for my husbands birthday and he is really pleased. Copper bracelets he has had in the past have been uncomfortable but not this one. There was a little human error hick up with the priority shipping, however this was resolved easily with DEMI+Co so customer service was prompt and efficient.”


Summer copper bracelet with magnets

Another simple and stylish criss-cross patterned copper bracelet that is slimline elegant and truly an original. Comfortable to wear, practical with all the benefits of copper and magnetic therapy. 

 copper bracelet for large pain

Natalie ladies copper magnetic bracelet

This lightweight women’s pure copper magnetic bracelet consists of small copper links, small but strong magnets behind the links and circular copper circles with diamantes all strung together. This stylish health bracelet is unique, delicate, charming and combines an array of health benefits and elegance all in one.

 magnetic bracelet for arthritis

What is the difference between coloured magnets or plain magnets?

With our copper link bracelets, we get a variety of magnet colours on the back of the bracelets, some are red, some are white, silver and black. The colour of the magnets do not mean anything, it just depends on the coating colours but the magnetic strength is the same for all our magnets.


Rainbow copper bracelet

This copper magnetic bracelet rules with sparkle and intrigue. If you’re searching for a gorgeous and colourful copper magnetic bracelet that’s dainty then this is the one for you. Featuring copper cut out square links filled with a mother of pearl style design dotted amongst copper and diamante links, this is a beautiful, subtle health bracelet.

arthritis bracelet for women

“My rainbow bracelet arrived in good time to open on my 80th birthday - and is a delight to wear. So delicate and pretty, and I think it is helping to ease the pain in my arm. Looking forward to our matching rings!”



Autumn copper magnetic bracelet

This minimalist and stylish copper bracelet with magnets has a smooth and subtle style. Slim and petite copper links are strung together to create a stylish and practical copper bracelet with all the added health benefits of copper and magnetic therapy.

 copper bracelet for small wrists

“Demi+Co. done an excellent job on the Bracelet itself, plus were very prompt on getting it packaged and out the door. Delivery was a little slow, but that is out of their control. Satisfied Customer.”


How do you clean a copper link bracelet?

The best way to clean a copper link bracelet is to wash the bracelet in warm and mild soapy water, you can use a cloth to gently remove any dirt or marks. We then recommend that the bracelet is thoroughly dried using a soft cloth to ensure that there is no water left on the bracelet. We do recommend that you leave the bracelet out in the air to dry for a while just to ensure there no water in between the links.


“Fantastic magnate bangle. Company great follow up with advice.
Would definitely recommend them.”


Rita copper magnetic bracelet

This copper bracelet is a great all-rounder, with sturdy square links and smaller rectangular links for added detail. This magnetic bracelet for women is a timeless and classic choice. With gracefulness, elegance and health benefits available to you all in one, this ladies copper bracelet is elegant in style and fit.

bio magnetic bracelet

Sage copper magnetic bracelet

Delicately shaped leaf designs on this lustrous copper bracelet with magnets inspired the name for this piece. Leaf shaped copper links with intricate natural details give this copper bracelet intrigue and interest. If you are after an elegant and original copper bracelet then look no further this copper bracelet combines graceful beauty and health benefits all in one.

 copper bracelet

“I am delighted with this bracelet. It is every bit as beautiful as it looks in the photo. The size is such that I think it would fit most ladies/ people. We took 1 link out and it is perfect, as in loose, but not toooo big. I will defo recommend it to like minded people, and shall ensure I follow instructions and remove it when having a shower or swimming. ❤️ Gets a heart from me.xxx”


A lot of our customers have also given us feedback about the effectiveness of our magnetic wristbands and copper bracelets. They stated that the bracelets have helped ease their pain and symptoms of arthritis, headaches, anxiety and more. However, it is also possible that each person will have a different outcome and result from arthritis bracelets as it varies from person to person. Also the length of time magnetic therapy works is also very much dependent on the individual. You can always try and see if it does work, but we cannot always guarantee results.


We hope you found this article useful, we do go to great lengths to source the best products, materials and styles. We also try our hardest to make sure that we are not only sourcing new and trendier styles but that all our collections have beautiful products that have amazing quality too.

At DEMI+CO, our customers are very important to us. We like to make sure that any query you have is answered and that you are never left in the dark about one of our products, your order, or a question you may have. That is why we make sure to get back to you as soon as we can. We do get a lot of questions and concerns from customers on a daily basis, which we think is great as we feel we can help and advise where we can when it comes to gift queries, magnetic queries, sizing and adjusting queries and so much more. So, don’t hesitate to send us an email or drop us a line on social media and we will be sure to contact you as rapidly as we can!



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