Diamond earrings and diamond buying guide

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When it comes to buying diamonds whether its white gold diamond earrings, rose gold diamond earrings, yellow gold or silver diamond earrings there are a lot of things to think about and the main starting point is the four Cs (cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight) to the type of setting and metal you want. Below we have gone into detail about the four c’s and a little bit more extra information too so you can be well informed before making any diamond purchases.


9ct White Gold 0.04ct Diamond & 6.93ct Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

 diamond drop earrings


These stunning diamond drop earrings are sure to make a statement when worn, made with 9ct white gold, 0.04ct diamond. In addition, the stunning blue shade of the 6.93ct topaz contrasts beautifully with the sparkle of the diamonds. A truly spectacular pair of diamond earrings.


9ct Yellow Gold 0.25ct Dia Drop Earrings

Elegant design and gold detailing make these gold and diamond earrings the perfect accessory for an occasion. Set on 9ct gold and clustered with diamonds on the rectangular drop and clustered on the dia shape bottom these sumptuous earrings are just stunning on every level.

 gold and diamond earrings


The cut in a diamond refers to the number of facets on the diamond, this affects how sparkly the diamond appears. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when shopping for diamond earrings, but the cut is probably the most important.

The number of facets on the diamond affects how sparkly it appears, so if you want something that's going to really stand out, you'll want to make sure the cut is as good as it can be. Keep an eye out for symmetry and polish ratings when you are looking at diamonds; these will give you an idea of how well-cut a particular stone is.

Don't forget: the cut doesn't stop on the surface. It's not just about how many facets are in the diamond. It also has to do with how polished the facets are. If the cuts aren't polished enough, it will look like the diamond is dull and cloudy. If you're picking a diamond, it should look bright and clear, and the facets should be perfectly defined.

Another term you want to look out for is the degree of the cut, which affects how well light is reflected, the depth of the stone is another factor affecting how sparkly the diamond is. If you have a shallow stone, there won't be as much sparkle as there would be on a deeper stone. It's also important to make sure the stone isn't too deep (a very deep stone takes away from the impact of the other smaller stones on the ring). A diamond's cut is an important characteristic when choosing diamond earrings. It's also an important factor to consider when purchasing other types of diamond jewelry, like engagement rings and bracelets. The cut grade is based on the smoothness and symmetry of the diamond’s facets. The levels of cut grade range from Poor to Ideal.

The most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut.


9ct White Gold 0.12ct Diamond & Multi Colour Gems Flower/Cluster Earrings

Make like the rainbow with these stunning colourful flower diamond studs set on 9ct white gold with amethyst, topaz and an array of colourful gems. These stunning and exclusive earrings are one of kind, this eclectic mix of gems and diamonds make these diamond stud earrings truly spectacular.

 diamond stud earrings

18Ct White Gold Cluster 0.75ct Diamond Studs

These classic diamond stud earrings are set on exquisite 18ct white gold and the cluster of 0.75ct diamonds make these lavishly extravagant and decadent. These beauties will sparkle day and night as they are magnificently beautiful and extra.

 diamond studs


Diamond clarity is judged on a 6 point scale from:

  • Included 3
  • Included 2
  • Included (I1)
  • Slightly included (S1)
  • Very slightly included (VS)
  • Very very slighty included (VVS)
  • Flawless (FL)

When buying diamonds buying included stones isn’t a good idea even though they are gem quality they have inclusions obvious to the naked eye and they make affect the diamonds quality and durability.

The slightly included diamonds have marks that are noticeable at 10x magnification but not with the naked eye. These diamonds may still appear not as clear and cloudier.

Very slightly included have minor inclusions they don’t appear to affect the clarity of the diamond. Very very slightly included stones have minute inclusions which are hardly noticeable under 10x magnification.

Flawless diamonds are flawless inside and out and under 10x magnification they have no inclusion.

When it comes to buying diamond stud earrings for women specifically, clarity is an important consideration. When shopping for diamond earrings, be sure to ask about the clarity of the diamonds and compare different grades before making your purchase.


9ct Yellow Gold 0.42ct Diamond Earrings

These magnificent 9ct gold huggie hoops are adorned with a sprinkling of beautiful diamonds, these ornate and subtle diamond hoop earrings make the ideal everyday pair that can still add an element of elegance day or night.

 diamond huggie earrings

9ct Rose Gold 0.10ct Diamond Earrings

Set on gorgeous 9ct rose gold these rose gold diamond earrings are delightful, subtle and chic and embellished with opulent diamonds. These perfect diamond hoops would make a stunning gift of fabulous treat for oneself.

 rose gold diamond earrings


Diamonds when it comes to colour are judged on a 4 point scale from:

  • Colourless (D, E, F)
  • Near colourless (G, H, I, J)
  • Faint yellow (K, L, M) and very light yellow (N, O, P, Q, R)
  • Light yellow (S through Z)

The highest value diamonds have no colour, the more colour a diamond has the lower the grade of the stone. Nevertheless, if diamond colour make it past the z grade, then go up in price due to the uniqueness in colour such as pink, blue and green diamonds.

Once the diamonds have enough colour to claim these titles then they are considered exclusive and in demand. White diamonds are usually the most common seen, but even the highest grade diamonds have some yellow in them due to nitrogen impurities in the diamond. The most common colours for diamonds are white or colourless, however shades of yellow, brown, and even black can be found. The intensity of a diamond's colour is judged on a scale from faint to vivid.

Grades of K to Z are sometimes known as cape diamonds and seen as affordable options and Lemonade diamonds are what are known as W-Z grade diamonds as well. When buying a diamond below J grade, keep in mind that the brown or yellow colour will be fairly noticeable. Generally, buying diamonds below J isn’t advised. Fluorescent diamonds are also seen as affordable options fluorescent diamonds with higher colour grades cost 15% less than non-fluorescent diamonds.


18ct White Gold 1.25ct Diamond Drop Earrings

Extravagant, opulent and magnificent are just some of the words you would use to describe these stunning diamond drop earrings. Set on elaborate 18ct white gold these diamond earrings are to die for and would make you the centre of attention. Steal the show with these stunning diamond earrings.

 diamond earrings for women

9ct White Gold 0.26ct Diamond Drop Earrings

 square diamond earrings

Geometric squares of white gold and diamond make these unusual diamond earrings really pop. The angular dimensions and the gilding of the diamonds on the squares add extra glimmer and shine to these wonderfully quirky and bold diamond drop earrings.



Carat weight is how much the diamond weighs, Carat weight is measured as a proportion (1/5th) of the total weight of the diamond. The weight of a diamond is what determines its brilliance. The brighter, larger, and higher quality the diamond, the more expensive it will be. However, prices increase dramatically rather than gradually. Certain carat values, also known as “magic numbers,” mark the points where diamond prices jump. The best diamond deals are with carat sizes right below one of those ‘magic numbers’ for example diamonds below the 1.00 carat classification can be thought of as good deals as they appear the same as 1 carat but cost less. Diamond carats go from the most expensive 10ct, to 5ct, 4c, 3ct, 2ct, 1.75ct, 1.5ct, 1.25ct, 1ct, 0.75ct, 0.5ct, 0.25ct.


If you're looking for diamond earrings, one of the things you'll want to consider is carat weight. How much does the diamond weigh? 1 carat is equal to 200 mg. So, if you're looking at a pair of earrings that are 2 carats each, they would weigh 400 mg in total.


18ct Rose Gold 0.30ct Dia Drop Earrings

Set on charming 18ct rose gold these long drop diamond earrings are dainty and bold all at the same time. Their elegant dia or teardrop shape is a flattering design that elevates any outfit. The dusting of the diamonds is subtly scattered along the curves of the earrings adding emphasising their design and shape.

 rose gold diamond earrings

18ct White Gold 0.90ctw Round and Baguette Diamond Studs

The mix of diamonds on these breathtakingly gorgeous diamond stud earrings is what make these real diamond earrings so unique. The mix of longer baguette stones and round diamonds adds an extra element of detailing and intrigue and the different diamond stones will also give these extravagant and elegant diamond earrings a rare style of shimmer. 

 diamond stud earrings for women


Setting and metal

The last thing to consider and not part of the ‘C’ group but just as important is the type of setting and metal that you get for your diamond earring or ring, this choice can affect both the look and wear ability of the earrings. For example, if you're looking for something that's both stylish and durable, then a pair made with a gold setting would be a good option. On the other hand, if you're more concerned with style than durability, then Silver might be a better choice, or to give you that extra lux touch maybe even white gold.


There are also several different types of settings to choose from these are all outlined below.

The main types of setting are:

Prong setting - one of the most common earring settings, where the diamonds are held in place by four or six prongs which secure them in the ear. Setting designs can vary depending on the type of prongs used. Prong settings are very secure and are therefore ideal for use with larger diamonds.). Most of them do not affect the wear ability of the earrings.

Hinged setting - will make it easier to remove the earrings and add a little extra wear ability. That said, if you like the look of a hinged setting and want to maximize the wear ability, you might want to consider a solid 14k gold hinged setting instead of one made with a lower quality metal.

Halo setting – In a halo setting your diamonds are surrounded by a smaller diamond which creates extra sparkle, depth and makes the diamond in the centre look bigger.

Bezel setting –This is where the diamond is encased in a circle of metal to keep the diamonds securely in place and is the best protection for your sparklers. These types of setting is ideal for those who want to wear diamond earrings every day or for those who have a very active lifestyle.



Below are the best metals that compliment diamonds and can give the diamond a different look depending on the metal chosen.

Yellow gold – a strong metal but still quite malleable, yellow gold is durable and gives a warmer glow, it can also make the diamonds look a bit yellower in colour.

White gold – A little bit more on the pricier side but still a great choice to go alongside diamonds, this will give the durability of yellow gold but without the yellow colour as it looks silver and will give a cooler tone to the diamonds.

Rose gold – A great contrasting metal rose gold gives a more elegant and feminine touch this metal doesn’t reflect on the diamond as much and the metal goes well with all skin tones too.

Silver – A popular choice, silver is a little softer as a metal compared to yellow gold and rose gold but it makes diamonds appear whiter and more brilliant and is a slightly cheaper metal cost wise.

Platinum – One of the priciest of metals, platinum does have its advantages, as it is a silver toned metal it makes the diamonds look brighter and whiter. In addition, platinum is hypoallergenic and incredibly strong making it a very durable metal.


9ct Yellow Gold 0.29ct Diamond Drop Earrings

These spectacularly impressive teardrop shaped statement gold and diamond earrings are truly one of a kind. Set on 9ct yellow gold and dusted with diamonds, these cut out tear shaped diamond drop earrings are definitely a head turner.

 gold and diamond earrings

9ct White Gold Diamond & Amethyst Stud Earrings

Delectable delights are just one way of describing these gemalicious earrings, set on 9ct white gold these square and oval shaped studs combine a scattering of diamonds and huge amethyst stone. Truly lavish to look and even more to wear, how could you say no!

 white gold diamond earrings

We hope you found this guide useful and that you were able to take away some information and knowledge. we hope that it answered your questions, if not please do get in touch. We believe in educating ourselves and our customers so they feel happy and confident when purchasing from us. Whether it’s fashion jewellery or diamonds. Our collection of diamond earrings is vast and full of majestic pieces, we hope you agree and we hope that you have a good look through them too.




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