Negative Ions and Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic fields from magnets have been known to help with a number of ailments for centuries. Although there is minimal scientific research in magnetic therapy there is no doubt over the benefits of magnetic therapy from magnetic bracelets. Here at DEMI+CO we have put together our thoughts and opinions on the benefits of negative ions and magnetic therapy.

Magnetic fields combine negative ions which are known for their positive affects on our mind and body. Across the globe the atmosphere is full of both negative and positive ions which we absorb throughout the day. The idea behind negative ion therapy is pretty basic: positive ions in the air make us feel bad, and negative ions in the air make us feel good. scientists believe that ionization, in the form of lightning, was probably instrumental in the formation of amino acids which were the essential components for the beginnings of life.

There is an abundance of negative ions in nature, for example when you go for a walk in the park or forest or if you are on a beach or near a waterfall. All these places are mood boosting because of the negative ions that surround you. These ions improve your moods, alertness, anxiety, and depression.

There have been a few studies, one for example where researchers treated patients who had seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with different concentrations of negative ions to see whether any of them worked better than bright-light therapy. Just like bright-light therapy, a high concentration of negative ions were able to reduce some of the patient's depressive effects. In another study, those in a high-ion environment showed faster reaction times and reported being more energetic.


Other benefits of negative ions include:

  • Feeling happier
  • Less stressed
  • Better sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • More assertive
  • Better concentration

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Please note that we are only suggesting magnetic therapy as a benefit, not a cure for any illnesses, disorders, or diagnosis. For any serious matters please consult a medical professional or your GP.