June 20, 2022

Here at DEMI+CO, we have a wonderful selection of the most effective magnetic bracelets for pain that you might be suffering from. If you’re looking for a magnetic bracelet for arthritis, then you have come to the right place! We recognise that a lot of people might only have a small amount of pain and you might be wondering do magnetic bracelets work? Good news: we have plenty of magnetic bracelets for small pain! You may be looking into our gender neutral magnetic bracelets and wondering: “do magnetic bracelets work?” Well, that’s what we’re here for!


We love to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for, which is why we write these blog posts; to ensure that you are provided with all the information you need before making a purchase from our shop! We wanted to make this FAQ blog post to answer all your questions about magnetic therapy, whilst showcasing some of our best products. And of course, there’s nothing better than a good testimonial to prove just how reliable we are. As a family run business, it’s important to us that you feel confident in purchasing our products and getting the best use out of them!


Do magnets help with pain?

Although the research is limited, it does show that wearing magnetic jewellery can help with inflammation and reduce pain over time. A lot of our customers have given feedback to say that most have noticed an improvement with pain after wearing a mens magnetic ring, or a magnetic bracelet for women.


Champion Silver Magnetic Bangle | ALPHA™ mens

This slimline silver magnetic bracelet for men is versatile enough to wear with any outfit, day or night, or even whilst playing sports! This understated, trendy men’s magnetic bracelet will help you feel cool and casual. It can help improve blood circulation and general well-being as it is a natural pain relief. It can also help with sport injury, arthritic joints, and RSI.

magnetic bracelet for small pain


“Great bracelet .. was bit dubious if this magnetic piece of jewellery would help the tingling in my finger tips but really does help !! So glad I bought this now!”


Highlander Copper Magnetic Bracelet

 This copper bracelet with magnets takes a Scottish inspiration, with a thistle pattern making this incredibly unique and exclusive mens magnetic bracelet stylish and masculine. This robust and noble copper magnetic bracelet has a lot of representation hidden within it: the Scottish thistle represents bravery and courage, whilst the vibrant purple represents royalty!

 magnetic bracelet for pain

Can wearing magnets be harmful?

The strength of a magnet is measured by several factors such as the actual physical size, the density of lines of magnetic force coming from it (GAUSS rating), the device, and the number of magnets in the device. The physical size of a magnet is important in terms of the power and strength of magnetism it produces. The bigger the magnet, the more energy it can store. For example, a magnet with a very high GAUSS rating will actually have less overall strength than a much bigger magnet with a lower GAUSS rating. Generally speaking, magnets below 3000 Gauss are harmless to the human body


Everly magnetic bracelet

Be unique and original with this one of a king stylish health bracelet. Consisting of a narrow copper band with a silver finish and gold line running through the centre of the band, this ladies magnetic bracelet is slick and chic, whilst also being incredibly feminine and detailed. A great all-rounder, the gold band also has extra detailing with a diamond groove pattern running through it.

 ladies copper bracelet

“Back again! Having previously bought a bracelet, and being truly stunned by it’s effectiveness, I am back to buy four more for family. Surely the best recommendation!”


Alyssa magnetic bracelet

Combining elegance and health benefits, this therapeutic energy bracelet is feminine and stunning. Consisting of a narrow copper bangle with a silver finish, and decorated with a gorgeous gold flower design that goes all the way around the bangle, this ladies magnetic bracelet is definitely a showstopper! The contrast between the gold and silver detailed design makes this magnetic bracelet for pain a head turner!

 copper bangle for women

What are the benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet?

Due to electronics, high rise buildings and other gadgets that are blocking natural exposure, it is believed that we are benefiting less and less from the Earth’s natural magnetism which helps us stay positive and healthy. A good example of the benefits of the Earth’s natural magnetic therapy is that when we are in nature, surrounded by greenery, or the ocean, beach, waterfalls, or fields, we feel a sense of calm, peace and fulfilment. This is magnetic therapy in action, explaining how magnetism can be beneficial, both mentally and physically. This is why magnetic deficiency can be worrying, and why we think it is a good idea to invest in magnetic jewellery in order to still reap these magnetic benefits. Magnetic bracelets reduce inflammation and promote relaxation by reducing pain and discomfort.


Ryder Copper Magnetic Bangle | ALPHA™ mens

Men’s copper magnetic bracelets are a natural pain relief as they improve blood circulation and general well-being. This mens copper magnetic bangle can help with RSI, arthritic joints and sport injuries. Consisting of a smooth copper finish with a single line grooved, running all the way down the centre of the band, this understated bio magnetic bracelet is all about minimalist cool, combining the best of style with added copper and magnetic health benefits.

 copper bangle

“I purchased a bracelet which was delivered gift wrapped and came fast. I needed to change the product so I got in touch with customer service via email and they told me exactly what I had to do to exchange the product. They were very helpful with great communication and the process was quick and simple. The product again arrived very quickly. The bracelet is high quality and looks great, comes with tools to remove links if needed. Very happy with the product and overall service from Demi + co and will definitely recommend and use again”


Targaryen Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This wide copper magnetic mens bracelet has an elite vintage feel, coated in a charcoal sheen. The contrast of the grey outer sheen and inner copper colour makes this mens copper bracelet feel truly exceptional, combining health benefits with luxury.

arthritis bracelet


Do magnets help knee pain?

Although there isn’t sufficient evidence to prove how helpful magnetic therapy can be, our customers have said that our arthritis bracelets have helped with pain relief. It has been suggested that magnets can be helpful for pain in the lower back and knees, as well as arthritic joints.


Carla magnetic bracelet

This ladies copper bangle combine three colours of gold, copper and silver to give it a unique and stunning look. This original twisted style copper bracelet combines a glossy finish, elegant design and health benefits. This therapeutic energy bracelet includes full strength magnets to combine elegance and magnetic therapy.

 ladies arthritis bracelet

“It has taken me a couple of years to find such a Dainty Bracelet that fits my wrist along with the health benefits. Magnets on every link. I am so pleased that I have found this web site which has a great variety to choose from. My bracelet arrived within a couple of days, gift boxed which was a lovely touch.”


Lavinia magnetic bracelet

Combine style, uniqueness and health benefits with this bold womens magnetic bracelet. Consisting of a copper band with stripes of alternate gold and silver all the way around, this minimalist chic silver and gold magnetic bracelet for women is a striking choice. The gold and silver details add an extra element of glam to this eye-catching health bracelet.

 copper bracelet with magnets

How long does it take for a magnetic bracelet to work?

One of the theories about how magnetism works with the body is that the fields surrounding the magnetic bracelets stimulate the field where the pain occurs. This is thought to trigger the release of the body's own painkillers, thereby providing natural relief for the person instead of having to take medications over long periods that may have bad side-effects. Magnetic bracelets might start to work a few days after wearing it, but most will take a few weeks before you really notice any results.


Tori titanium magnetic bracelet

This striking detailed bracelet sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure, and is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. This stunning ladies magnetic titanium bracelet combines a criss cross weave pattern with narrow links and a smooth finish. Embrace this classic and timeless style with the added adornment of sparkly rhinestones to make this magnetic bracelet for arthritis a truly elegant choice.

 titanium magnetic bracelet

“So glad l chose the lovely bracelet. I have problems with my joints and not had cramp in my hand or pain for a couple of days now. So pleased l chose this company to buy from. Shocked when there was no delivery charge and the products are so perfect and great quality and l will definately recommend them. Fast delivery and as it comes in a box there was no damage to it.”


Lucas pewter magnetic bracelet

This robust and comfortable arthritis bracelet is nickel lead and cadmium compliant. A practical choice, this health bracelet has a timeless design and allows adjustment to fit a variety of wrist sizes. This is definitely an effortless and classic mens magnetic bracelet made with pewter, and combines the added health benefits of magnets with a chic look.

 magnetic wristband

“I ordered my magnetic bracelet 2days ago, so much to choose from but I decided to go plain to wear with my Mum’s special bracelet to compliment it. Hopefully it will help with my carpal tunnel!! What a surprise to have it arrive today so quickly and beautifully presented in a stunning black box. The bracelet is perfect and looks so expensive, what good quality at such a reasonable price. I received a voucher code for discount on further orders and I will definitely be placing another order soon. What a fabulous company and their attention to detail is brilliant.”


We hope that this blog post was informative and allowed you to explore our gorgeous range of magnetic therapy bracelets! The great thing about our collection is that a lot of our bracelets match, so if you’re looking for a magnetic couple bracelet, we have a wide variety for you to explore! We can vouch for the fact that magnetic therapy really does work, from the range of feedback we’ve had from our customers. As you’ll have seen within this blog post, our customers have all given positive testimonials to the quality and effectiveness of our magnetic bracelets. Whether it’s a titanium bracelet with magnets, stainless steel magnetic bracelet, or a copper magnetic bracelet you are looking for, be rest assured that we have it!


Hopefully you found a magnetic bangle within our range that you think is worth buying. If there wasn’t anything that took your fancy within this blog post, take a look at our store; we have plenty of products for you to browse, whether it’s a silver magnetic bracelet, magnetic ring, or stainless steel magnetic bracelet gold, we can guarantee that you’ll find it on our website! We have many magnetic bracelets for small pain so don’t hesitate to take a look.


Customer service is a main priority for us, especially as a family run business, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via our social media DMs or emails, and we will make sure to get back to you! Whether it’s about our products, your order, or a general query, we’re here to help!


“I received my bracelet on Friday and have been wearing for three days now and already feeling some benefit from the Therapeutic effects.


I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful product, not only the fantastic quality but also the health benefits.


Will definitely be recommending to all my friends and family.”






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