September 23, 2020

There are so many benefits when it comes to copper and magnetic bracelets, not just the health benefits and the stylish choices but the freedom of adjustment. Our magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets are available in two different formats bangle format and a link format. The great aspect of both of these styles of health bracelets is the fact that they are adjustable. Whether you want a loose fit or a tight fit or if your wrist size changes both bracelets will be adjustable allowing you to know that you can still wear your therapeutic bracelet.

Below we have put together a step by step process of how each of the magnetic bracelet links and copper bangles can be adjusted. We at DEMI+CO have also put together our favourite magnetic bangles and copper bracelets below too. We are extremely proud of our range of mens copper bracelets and copper bracelets for women. We have ensured that we have a style for everyone from minimalist, elegant, statement to bold and fashion led. Some of our favourites are also our best sellers and we have had some amazing feedback from customers, the testimonials and comments can be seen on our website.

So we hope you enjoy reading, browsing and shopping of course - our commitment to our customers to delivery quality is always priority. If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help.


Our Copper bangles - Manual adjustment

Our copper bangles can be adjusted manually by:

  • Slowing moving the bangle closer together for a tight fit or wider apart for a looser fit.
  • If you do prefer a firmer fit, then close the bangle so that the gap narrows. If you want to remove the bracelet then pull it apart.

All our copper bangles stay put when worn and have a natural gap between the two ends, this helps to slide the bracelet on to the wrist. All our copper bracelets are made from copper, which is a malleable material, therefore, it doesn’t matter how many times you adjust the bracelet the quality and durability will not be affected.


Magnetic bracelet with links - Link adjustment

Before adjusting your link bracelet, it is recommended that you have a measurement for your wrist size before adding or removing any links. See below for a guide on how to accurately measure your wrist.

How to measure your wrist

Wrap a tape measure around your wrist and add 1cm to 2cm to that length or more if you prefer a looser fit.  If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a simple piece of string or a sheet of paper and then use a ruler to measure its length.

  • Lay your hand out with the palm of your hand facing up
  • snuggly wrap a measuring tape around your wrist and read the size


How to use the link adjustment tool to adjust the magnetic bracelet links.

How to adjust a magnetic bracelet

how to adjust copper bracelet

Twist the spare push pin into the pin removal tool Pic 1.

To remove a link, identify which side of the pin you should apply pressure to DO NOTpush this side Pic2. PUSHthis side Pic3

Gently align the tool’s push pin to your bracelet’s pin and start turning. It will be stiff at first so please be patient. Hold the bracelet whilst pushing the pin out ensuring the push pin is correctly located and not bending Pic4.

Once some of the pin is out, pull the rest of the pin out with your fingers. Repeat this process to remove any further pins.

To put links back together, join the two ends of the links together and push the pin in by hand so it holds the two links together. Ensure the thinner edge of the pin (non-split side) goes in first Pic5.

Now use the adjustment tool to push the pins back in completely Pic6.


Our best-selling Women copper bracelets, magnetic bracelets and copper bangles

Liberty copper magnetic bracelet

This beautiful copper bracelet has a stunning rose gold hue, a delicate pattern and a mega watt shine that makes this copper bracelet for women a statement accessory. This womens copper bracelet is elegant and feminine which explains why it is one of our bestsellers,

copper bracelet for women


Briony Magnetic bracelet

This unique magnetic bracelet is made with stainless steel and has so much attention to detail, from the gold touches to the laser effect floral pattern this magnetic bracelet looks almost too stylish to be a health bracelet.

 ladies magnetic bracelet

Flora copper magnetic bracelet

This beautiful and unique bracelet has a traditional and feminine feel, intricate floral details are etched all the way around the bracelet and there is hints of oxidised and non-oxidised copper giving this bracelet intrigue and elegance.

 ladies copper bracelet

Celeste Matt copper bracelet

This bracelet is one of our fastest selling bracelets, this bracelet has a distinctive matt copper and rose gold finish. The braided details add a feminine touch and the slimline look makes this bracelet chic, classic and graceful.

 copper bracelet with magnets

Eve heart silver and gold magnetic bracelet

This is our second-best selling ladies magnetic bracelet, incredibly distinctive in design this magnetic bracelet consists of gold heart links and stainless steel cut out hearts. This ladies bracelet is one of a kind and looks stunning when worn.

 magnetic therapy bracelet

Our best-selling copper bracelets for men, mens magnetic bracelets and copper bangles


Highlander copper magnetic bracelet

This aptly name copper bracelet for men is one of a kind, the thistle pattern nods to the Scottish theme of this bracelet. Intricately carved, this copper bracelet is made with care, detail and quality craftsmanship.

 magnetic wristband

Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet

A very unique copper bracelet for men with alternate links of this bracelet filled with carbon fibre giving this magnetic bracelet a show stopping look.

mens copper bracelet


Shield copper magnetic bracelet

One of our best sellers in our mens copper bracelet range, this arthritis bracelet is made with quality copper with a unique shiny black coating to give this bracelet for men a mysterious edge! Be a dark horse and get the best of health benefits and style all in one.

 magnetic wristband

Prime Copper Bracelet

Our second bestselling copper bracelet in our mens range, this classic and traditional copper bracelet with links has all the charm and classic appeal. The links on the copper bracelet are elegant and classic.

 therapeutic energy bracelet

Sentient Magnetic Copper Bracelet

This mens copper bracelet is one of our favourites here at DEMI+CO, this copper bracelet has all the classic features of a traditional copper bracelet with the added oxidised finish. The links on this elegant and manly copper bracelet are narrow and fine which makes this classy mens copper bracelet the ideal choice.

 copper bracelet



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