January 21, 2021

We are passionate about our products at DEMI+CO and love sharing our insight behind each design. One of our best selling products is our extremely popular magnetic bracelets, so we wanted to put together a blog post sharing all about the benefits, our favourite designs and the history behind using magnetic therapy. We find it a real shame that there is not enough research being completed on the effectiveness of magnetic bracelets for arthritis, but we are determined to share the studies that are out there.

When it comes to magnetic therapy, we believe that history speaks for itself, with many ancient civilisations using copper and magnetic jewellery over the years for its health benefits. In this blog post we dive a little deeper into its origins and the first recorded uses of magnetic health therapy.

Like our customers, we believe that magnetic bracelets work and we are so happy to hear from our customers who constantly let us know the positive benefits they have experienced from wearing our jewellery. We are always grateful for any feedback and we have included some testimonials from our customers further on in this blog post to let them speak for themselves when it comes to the fantastic benefits of copper bangles and magnetic bracelets for arthritis.

Please read on for more information about the natural healing powers of magnets, the background and history of this ancient form of therapy and to have a look at some of the best magnetic bracelets for arthritis.

Beatrix Magnetic Bracelet

The beautiful Beatrix Magnetic Bracelet has a slick design, with half of it silver and the other half gold. This bold therapeutic energy bracelet is made of 100 percent copper, meaning that the wearer will not only benefit from magnetic therapy but also the natural healing powers of copper. This is a great option for someone’s first copper bracelet with magnets and has a simple, stylish design that will compliment with everyday outfits.

ladies magnetic bracelet


Prime Copper Bracelet – ALPHA Mens

Our Prime Copper Bracelet is one of our Alpha Mens exclusives and benefits from the natural healing powers of magnetic therapy. This chunky, sturdy copper magnetic bracelet is a great answer for any gentleman looking to try magnetic health therapy to alleviate any symptoms caused by arthritis and other joint problems. The design of this bracelet has been made to mimic that of a suave watch strap, and all link bracelets are provided with a link adjustment tool to ensure you can find the perfect, comfortable fit.

copper bracelet for men

What our customers say about our Prime Copper Bracelet – ALPHA Mens:

“The nicest copper bracelet I own very pleased with the quality and delivery”

“Really nice bracelet have had some great comments and have recommended very quick delivery”


History of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is an ancient form of therapy dating back centuries. Ancient civilisations in China, Greece, India and Egypt are known to have used the natural healing powers of magnetic therapy, as are many are countries. The earliest recorded use of magnetic therapy dates back to around 600 BC and can be found in the Hindu Vedas. These scriptures mention a lodestone, which is a mineral possessing magnetic qualities, being used to treat various ailments and diseases, showing ancient civilisations reaping the benefits from this form of alternative health therapy.

Ancient Chinese civilisations were also using lodestones long before that, dating back to around 1200 BC. Healers would use the magnetic material to balance the flow of chi, which has long been believed that blockages in this life-force energy can lead to various physical problems. It was thought that magnetic therapy helped to restore this, showing that people have long depended on the natural health benefits of magnetic therapy.

Liberty Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This pretty Liberty Copper Magnetic bracelet benefits from the double therapy of copper and magnets. This bracelet is super shiny with an intricately engraved swirly vine style pattern. Remain stylish, while benefiting from the healing powers of this gorgeous copper bangle for arthritis.

ladies copper bracelet

Here’s what our customers say about our Liberty Copper Magnetic Bracelet:

“Lots of people asking me where this bracelet is from thank you I really like it”

“This is one of the nicest copper bangles I have seen and I love their care for cutomer service”

Xtreme Copper Bracelet – ALPHA Mens

Our Xtreme Copper Bracelet is our heaviest solid copper link bracelet. This bracelet is very masculine and features magnets along the inside to allow the wearer to benefit from magnetic therapy. This Alpha Mens designer bracelet is exclusive to DEMI+CO and not available to buy anywhere else.

mens copper bracelet

We at DEMI+CO also asked our customers to see if our magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets had any benefits for them and if they helped them with their arthritis or ailments. We always love to see our products helping our customers cope with any health complaints and here are just a few of their comments we have received.

“Yes, the pain was a lot less, I feel like there is a lot less tension in my arm.”

“I can’t be sure if it is the bracelet that helps but when I wear the copper magnetic bracelet the pain in my joints feels more manageable.”

“I wasn’t sure if you could buy bracelets for arthritic hands and I definitely didn’t think that the copper magnetic bracelet would help but they have. They haven't cured it but they do make the pain bearable.”


Amara Silver Magnetic Bracelet

Our gorgeous Amara Silver Magnetic Bracelet is made up of a distinctive silver and gold circular pattern bejewelled with pink sapphire style stones. This magnificent magnetic therapy bracelet makes a perfect gift for any lady with a classic taste and style

ladies magnetic bracelet

Sentient Magnetic Copper Bracelet – ALPHA Mens

This Sentient Magnetic Copper Bracelet from our exclusive ALPHA Mens range is a stylish, rugged copper magnetic bracelet. This bracelet features the double therapy of copper and magnets while looking extremely stylish with wide copper links and smaller oxidised copper links.

copper bracelet with magnets

Here’s what our customers said about our Sentient Magnetic Copper Bracelet – ALPHA Mens:

“Very nicely packaged bought as a gift cant wait to give it”

“Sturdy bracelet looks well made, arrived quick thanks”

Best Magnetic Bracelets for Pain

Many of our magnetic therapy bracelets are bought to help with our customers’ arthritis, providing pain relief and alleviating other symptoms. In the past copper and magnets have been used to help with pain and we use this ancient form of alternative health therapy to provide beautifully designed jewellery with high quality magnets and copper. Unfortunately, there is not enough research into this form of health therapy, but wearers often report reaping health benefits from wearing magnetic jewellery, copper jewellery or both combined.

A study in the BMJ in 2004 trialled the effectiveness of magnetic bracelets in reducing pain of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. The test was carried out with a placebo group and three parallel groups to see if the magnetic bracelets are effective in pain control. 194 men and women aged 45 to 80 years took part across five general practices. Researchers concluded that pain from osteoarthritis did decrease.

Here at DEMI+CO we think that there should definitely be more research into magnetic therapy and its benefits so that we can all understand this type of alternative health therapy more in depth. We are lucky in that we have our wonderful customers to tell us their experiences of magnetic therapy bracelets and when they find magnetic bracelets that do help with pain relief. The results differ from each individual and further research into the field would allow us to understand why.

Adriana Magnetic Bracelet

This showstopping Adriana Magnetic Bracelet is a must have statement piece for any jewellery addict. This bracelet looks beautiful on, while giving the wearer numerous benefits from its magnetic therapy. This magnetic bracelet will certainly steal the limelight.

ladies arthritis bracelet

Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet – ALPHA Mens

Our Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet is a solid copper Alpha exclusive. This minimalist mens designer bracelet is elegant and masculine and fitted with our high quality magnets to ensure the wearer reaps the most benefits from this understated magnetic therapy bracelet.

copper bracelets with magnets

Our customers who purchased our Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet – ALPHA Mens said:

“Smart bracelet looks expensive good price and arrived quick”

“Nice bracelet, very good price very happy”

Best Magnetic Bracelets for Health

Although magnetic bracelets have been link to the easing of joint problems and pain caused by arthritis, they have also been linked to other health benefits. People across the globe use magnetic therapy for different ailments and other health benefits. Some claim that wearing a magnetic bracelet or magnetic wristband can help decrease your appetite and curb overeating. Some wearers also claim that magnetic therapy bracelets ensure a better night’s sleep and helps the wearer enter a deeper, undisturbed sleep.

It is also known that magnetic therapy bracelets and bangles can help sufferers of headaches and migraines, alleviating the pain associated with these ailments. Although there is not enough research into magnetic therapy and its bracelets, we always have customers coming to us to tell us that wearing one of our magnetic bracelets, magnetic bangles or magnetic wristbands has helped them to cope with various ailments. We should also state that this differs for each individual and often someone may experience greater benefits from magnetic therapy than somebody else.

Clint Copper Magnetic Bracelet – ALPHA Mens

Our handsome Clint Copper Magnetic Bracelet is the perfect copper cuff band for any gentleman interested in the benefits of magnetic therapy. This specific bracelet benefits from the double power of magnetic therapy and copper therapy, which have both been said to help alleviate the pain caused by arthritis and other joint problems.

magnetic bracelet for arthritis

Here’s what our customers said about our Clint Copper Magnetic Bracelet – ALPHA Mens:

“Impressed with the speedy delivery and the quality of this bracelet”

“Quality looking bracelet bought as a gift arrived quick with nice packaging too”

Amara Rose Magnetic Bracelet

Our Amara Rose Magnetic Bracelet is a unique and beautiful stainless steel bracelet. The elegant circular pattern is bejewelled with pretty pink sapphire stones and white diamante stones. This bracelet has all the benefits of magnetic therapy, while being a timeless edition to any sophisticated ladies’ jewellery collection.

 copper bracelet for women

The Best Magnetic Bracelets and the Best Customer Service

Here at DEMI+CO we are always on hand to answer any of our customers’ pressing questions about our products. We strive ourselves on providing the best customer service possible, which is why we take the time to respond to each query personally.

In terms of magnetic bracelets, we are often asked lots of questions by our customers about which bracelet will suit them or the person they are buying a gift for. We find that there is frequently confusion about whether it is best to wear a magnetic bangle, a magnetic wristband or a magnetic link bracelet. This is a tricky question for us to answer, as it comes down to personal preference. We advise that customers answer a series of questions, such as their wrist size, what accessory they tend to choose in the past and which of our designs they most prefer. This then can help the customer come to their own conclusion with which type of magnetic bracelet they most prefer – we even have customers buy a bangle, wristband and a link bracelet so that they have plenty of choice!

If you do want some advice, guidance or have some questions you’d love to ask, we always go out of our way to help and make our customers feel reassured and that any queries have been answered. You can reach out to us on our social media accounts or drop us an email with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We have included some of the lovely feedback we have received in response to our customer service below. We hope this reassures you as to why you should choose DEMI+CO.

“Great service. Really nice to purchase from someone who cares. Very helpful considerate business. Great to buy from, very please with product and service. All excellent.”

“Very happy with the service and the product has been spot on this is the 3rd order and if like first 2 its gonna be better in reality than in pictures.”

“Very efficient service and good quality product.”

“Easy straight forward to order. Explained well as to how bracelet benefit you.”

“Bracelets were bought as Christmas presents. Excellent service from DEMI&CO would definitely recommend.”

“Really pleased with the link bracelet I bought for my husband & he is thrilled with it too !”

“Very good quality, fabulous weight & very ‘handsome ‘ piece of jewellery for a male ! Very impressed with the customer service & rapid response to an email enquiry before I bought the bracelet.... would definitely recommend Demi + Co & use them again 😁😁😁.”





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