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January 06, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO we try to inject a bit of fun when it comes to choosing gifts, we all know that whether we are gifting someone in our household or outside of it, it never really is an easy feat. With lockdown in full swing most of the time it is now easier than ever to go online and select a gift, but which one you ask? Well, that can be tricky question to answer or not? The best place to start especially when gift giving for a male is to ask what type of guy are you buying for? What are his likes or dislikes? From there you can start getting a little more information to help make you an informed choice. But don’t stop there delve deeper and take our quiz below to really put the pieces together so that you can really get to grips on the ideal present for them.

Our copper bracelet and health bracelets are an ideal choice for when it comes to gifts for him, we like to not only have the best quality but also the most stylish. We go to great lengths to make sure that our collections are the most stylish and the most unique. Plus our range is ever growing, we are are constantly adding new designs from classic copper bracelets for men to trend led copper wristbands and mens copper bracelets with magnets. So, if you are thinking about buying a magnetic bracelet or a copper bracelet as a gift for someone special or a fussy male– then fear not! Take our quiz below and based on your likes and interests we will suggest the perfect copper bracelet that he will love and that will suit him exactly. So, grab a pen, paper or something digital to write down the answers and enjoy! 


The History of Copper

Copper has been used for centuries for its healing powers and it is considered a great ancient metal. Copper has many bonuses, one of them being its purity. As it is malleable like silver and gold, copper has had many uses over the years and has become popular as jewellery. The micronutrients in the metal are said to have many health benefits, such as alleviating joint pain, improving poor circulation and easing inflammation amongst others.

Copper is a natural element that is said to have been first used by man over 10,000 years ago. Studies have shown that traces of copper can be absorbed into the body when wearing copper jewellery and the wearer can then benefit from its healing properties. Many sufferers from arthritis and other join conditions speak of the benefits of wearing copper jewellery and have had positive results from its powers.


Shield copper bracelet

At number 1 is our top selling mens copper bracelet this outstanding and unusual choice has also sold out and been restocked twice over. A great gift option and a popular choice for men and women. This exclusive laser engraved, Alpha branded is a durable and manly magnetic wristband. Plated with gloss black onto 100% copper this detailed mens bracelet with dual grooves and magnets is a health conscious and fashion forward choice.

 copper wristband

  1. When faced with a decision what is his instant reaction?

A. Will take a breather think things through and make a confident decision
B. Take a little more time researching and analysing before making the final decision
C. Make a very quick hasty decision


  1. If you had to describe him in three words?

A. Confident, dominant, efficient
B. Thoughtful, intelligent, analytical
C. Outgoing, fun loving, carefree


    Targaryen Copper Magnetic Bracelet

    Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo and coated in a charcoal sheen this wide copper mens magnetic bracelet has an elite vintage feel. The contrast of the inner copper colour and the grey outer sheen make this mens copper bracelet feel truly exceptional. Laser engraved to form part of our designer collection this mens copper bracelet combines health benefits with luxury. This copper bracelet with magnets is a chic and elegant and is exclusively only available on our site and not available to buy anywhere else.

     copper bracelet with magnets

    3. In his social group of friends is he…?

    A. The loud dominant one who is mostly in charge of organising the group?
    B. The quirky one that is quiet but also makes everyone laugh?
    C. The talkative one that has a lot to say


    1. At work his role is in what type of industry

    A. Legal, financial or an entrepreneur
    B. Analytical, engineering, health or creative role
    C. Creative, media or a teacher


    Hawk titanium magnetic bracelet

    Be bold and adventurous with this black titanium bracelet with magnets, made with the rarest forms of titanium this bracelet is strong, robust and very suave. Its black colour does not come from any coatings or any plating, it is organically blackened through a natural alloying and heating process. Stand out from the crowd in this slick, stylish magnetic bracelet with added health benefits.

     magnetic bracelet for arthritis

    1. His hobbies are?

    A. Sports, cars anything fast paced
    B. Watching films, going for walks
    C. Down the pub with friends or a night out


      Sentient Magnetic Copper Bracelet

      An Alpha engraved exclusive, this solid copper magnetic bracelet stays true to its name, strong, resilient and armour like. Make like a Marvel hero in this stylish, minimalist and rugged copper link bracelet. Wide copper links are joined together with a row of smaller copper oxidised links along both sides of this bracelet. This understated bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably, a strong fold over clasp ensures to keep this bracelet secure. This designer pure solid copper bracelet is only available on our site and not available to buy anywhere else.

       copper bracelet for arthritis

      1. His favourite holiday destination?

      A. Luxury yachts, 5* hotels, spa and far fetched getaways
      B. Long haul destinations, backpacking, exploring far flung cities and countries
      C. European getaways, lads’ weekends away, UK staycations and/or camping
      1. With his family he is like…?

      A. The generous gift giver and a little ostentatious
      B. Hands on and very likeable
      C. Centre of attention and always making people laugh


        Xerxes copper bracelet

        For her and him this magnificent and majestic thin copper bracelet with a curved design is unique, minimalist and suave. Made with the finest copper and high-grade magnets this simple and unique arthritis bracelet is a great all-rounder. Subtle enough to wear to work but intricate enough to make a bold statement.

         copper wristband

        1. His favourite form of exercise?

        A. Personal trainer who takes care of all his work out needs
        B. Walking, hiking, yoga, meditation
        C. Gym, weights football and any other team sport


          1. His favourite cuisine?

          A. French, Mediterranean and fine dining all the way
          B. Japanese, Thai, Moroccan, anything new and exotic
          C. Indian cuisine, pub grub a safe but eclectic mix


            Aidan Copper Magnetic bracelet

            Another Celtic inspired bracelet, the spiral design on this copper magnetic bracelet is adapted from the Celtic triple spiral also very similar to a wave design. This quirky and bold design adds a natural look to this masculine magnetic bracelet. The contrast of the copper and oxidised copper makes the bold design stand out, a very artistic copper bracelet for men

             arthritis bracelet

            1. If he buys you a gift it is….?

            A. Ornate jewellery
            B. Something bespoke, art, books, a gift with a meaning
            C. Flowers, vouchers or something you hinted at!


              Mostly A’s

              Alpha male, sigma male, or just the leader of the pack, he will love the finer things in life and will have expensive taste. He may be a high flyer or just very well connected, he knows what he wants and what he likes and there really is no middle ground. He may have a very serious side but there is also a fun side just waiting to explode. He may be a little lavish or reserved but either way he likes to be ahead and stay ahead. We recommend our Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet.

              Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet

              This exclusively laser engraved Alpha copper bracelet features a super sleek design of pure copper and stunning carbon fibre details. This link bracelet is the ultimate statement piece and is a fantastic men’s designer bracelet to gift that special someone. The copper links are all fitted with magnets, to ensure the wearer benefits from therapeutic healing as much as possible, while still being a stylish accessory. Carbon fibre runs through the centre of this bracelet, adding a masculine detail that goes well with any outfit. This bracelet is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. All of our link bracelets are supplied with a link adjustment tool to allow you to create the perfect fit.

               health bracelet


              Mostly B’s

              If your answers were mostly B then he is the most eclectic of the bunch. His perspective, mannerisms and lifestyle are definitely not conventional to say the least. He may have strong opinions and may possibly be a bit of a deep thinker. Either way this male could be a creative or just very out there with his ideas! We recommend our artistic Rowan Copper Bracelet.

              Rowan Copper Bracelet

              Our stunning Rowan copper bracelet is embellished with intricate patterns and grooves to create a really bold, unique design. The copper bracelet with magnets combines shiny copper and oxidised copper for a real interesting look. The Celtic inspired design adds a hint of mystery and this copper bracelet benefits from added magnets to combine the natural health properties of copper and magnets to create a really beautiful magnetic therapy bracelet.

               copper bracelet


              Mostly C’s

              If your answers were mostly C’s then your giftee is as conventional as it gets. He may have some quirky mannerisms but he is generally one of the lads, a family man and someone you can always rely on. He is committed to his career and family but also knows how to relax and blow off steam. We recommend our Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper bracelet.

              Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet

              The Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet is one of our bestsellers and you can see why. This minimalist bracelet is engraved with our Alpha logo to show that it is exclusive to our customers only. This must-have piece is masculine and bold while remaining elegant and sophisticated – the best of both worlds. This design is definitely understated and adds a subtle touch of luxe to your outfit making it the ideal choice for a modest looking therapeutic magnetic bracelet. The design of this bracelet features distinctive shading of light and oxidised copper, whilst remaining slimline in style with a single chain of links dotted inside with magnets for fantastic magnetic therapy benefits.

               mens copper bracelet

              “I am very pleased with these earrings. I love the design; the service was second to none so all in all I couldn’t be happier. Well done.”

              “Ordering nice and easy Am looking forward to receiving it.”

              “Very well priced, quality items. My order arrived quicker than expected, packaged well and the bracelet is gorgeous. Can’t wait to give it to my Dad for Christmas. Thank you.”

              “Easy straight forward to order.”

              “Explained well as to how bracelet benefit you.”


              We hope you’ve found this article helpful and useful; we like to ensure that our customers are just as knowledgeable and informed as we are about our copper bracelet range. Not just the benefits but the history, trends and styles we carry. We like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to information that we give out about our products; we don’t like to be overly sales focused as we like our customers to make their own mind up about copper wristbands.

              We also understand that when it comes to buying gifts and copper bracelets for men is not always easy that is why we like to come up with fun ways to help you get your creative juices flowing so that you can easily make the right decision. Even if you took this quiz for fun, we hope you found it helpful and enjoyable. Of course, if there is anything we can add or help with we are more than happy to do so please do get in touch!






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