February 01, 2023

Here at DEMI+CO, we are firm believers in magnetic therapy for treatment of ailments. That’s why you can find all kind of magnetic jewellery on our store! Whether it’s a magnetic bracelet, a magnetic ring, magnetic necklaces, or magnetic earrings, we’ve got you covered! This blog post will answer all your questions about magnetic therapy, and give you an insight into some of our best stainless steel magnetic earrings (and maybe even some necklaces too!).


A magnetic field is combined of negative ions which are known for their positive effects on our mind and body. The atmosphere is full of both negative and positive ions which we absorb throughout the day. The idea behind negative ion therapy is basic: positive ions in the air make us feel bad, and negative ions make us feel good. Scientists believe that ionization, in the form of lightning, was probably instrumental in the formation of amino acids which were the essential components for the beginnings of life.


There is an abundance of negative ions in nature, for example when you go for a walk in the park or forest or if you are on a beach or near a waterfall. All these places are mood boosting because of the negative ions that surround you. These ions improve your moods, alertness, anxiety, and depression.


There have been a few studies, one for example where researchers treated patients who had seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with different concentrations of negative ions to see whether any of them worked better than bright-light therapy. Just like bright-light therapy, a high concentration of negative ions were able to reduce some of the patient's depressive effects. In another study, those in a high-ion environment showed faster reaction times and reported being more energetic.


Are magnetic earrings safe?

Yes, magnetic earrings are definitely safe to wear! They’re no different to magnetic bracelets; the magnetic gauss used in magnetic jewellery in not dangerous!


Betty Stainless steel magnetic Earrings

stainless steel earrings

Get retro art deco vibes with these long drop earrings with health benefits. These stunning stainless steel earrings with magnetic therapy are elegant and bold. Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal and is suitable for sensitive skin.


“Last May, my darling husband, in his 90th year, was very fed up with the disabling arthritic pain in his right hand. He wondered if a magnetic bracelet would help, and I found Demi & Co on-line. We chose a smart copper bracelet, and were helped to adjust it by the kind people on Demi & Co's phone. In a very short time, my husband was free of most of his pain, and so grateful to these good people! We both highly recommend them, for their choice of beautiful jewellery that really helps, and their kind attention to their customers. We are now buying a pretty one for me, to help my painful arm.”


Why do people wear magnetic earrings?

Magnetic therapy has a great deal of benefits, from helping with pain, anxiety and other discomforts. Magnetic earrings can help with pain in the surrounding areas close to the ears such as neck and head and can also help with general well being as well. Our magnetic earrings are made with stainless steel so our customers benefit from stainless steel such as hypoallergenic properties and more.


Brook Stainless steel and rose gold magnetic earrings

 magnetic earrings

These stunning stainless steel stud earrings with health benefits have a rose gold finish and diamante detailing and are uniquely one of a kind. Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal and is great for sensitive skin, these magnetic earrings are great for daily wear, delicate and elegant.


“The product was exactly as described and the customer service was first class. I ordered and purchase over the festive season, and there was no delay; the rapid response to email questions was great. When I received the product (on time as promised), it was safely packaged and secure, can’t ask for more than that. The bracelet is amazing, and looks stunning.”


Do magnetic earrings fall off easily?

Our range of stainless steel magnetic earringsare all secured with a post and safety ear back which securely keep the earrings in place. Our magnetic earrings have magnets within the stud part of the earring which gives health benefits when worn.


Paige Stainless steel magnetic earrings

stainless steel magnetic earrings

Simple, stunning and practical these stainless steel stud earrings make the perfect everyday earring. Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal and is great for sensitive skin, the added adornment of the diamante and magnetic therapy gives these stylish earrings extra health benefits.


“Beautiful bracelet. Originally ordered a stainless steel bracelet but I seemed to be allergic to it. Bracelet changed without question to a titanium one. No problems at all with this one. Much lighter too. Very pleased with the bracelet and the customer service. Excellent.”


Does wearing magnets affect your body?

The magnets we use are safe to wear, they have enough power to give health benefits but are safe enough to wear daily and at night depending on the jewellery item. Our customers’ feedback is always positive especially with the affects and benefits of wearing magnetic jewellery and the magnetic healing power.


Dotty Stainless steel rose gold magnetic Earrings

 stainless steel drop earrings

After some long drop earrings with health benefits? Then look no further! These stunning stainless steel earrings with health benefits are definitely one of a kind, with a rose gold finish and black diamante detailing. Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal and is great for sensitive skin, these magnetic earrings combine style and health benefits all in one.


“The titanium bracelet was purchased for my husband for Xmas. He has only worn it for a few days, but has noticed how better he is sleeping!! He managed to take 2 links off with the tool provided, with no problems. I was impressed with the prompt delivery. So far, so good!”


How long should you wear magnetic earrings?

We do recommend that wearing magnetic earrings daily is fine, however we strongly suggest that you take them off at night for safety and comfort. If you do notice any irritations or discomfort do not wear them and contact our team.


Emily Stainless steel magnetic necklace

magnetic necklace

Make a statement whilst reaping magnetic therapy with this sleek and stylish stainless steel and magnetic necklace and pendant. Get hypoallergenic benefits from stainless steel, style benefits with the sparkly diamante and magnetic benefits from the magnetic pendant.


“I like the descriptions and reviews from other users of copper jewellery. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my thumbs and as such I am trialing the copper to see if it will ease my pain. The site is easy to navigate and I've previously spoken to friendly staff.”


Do magnets damage ears?

There are no studies suggesting that the magnets and the relatively small magnetic fields affect your brain, ears, and/or body.


Piper Stainless steel gold magnetic necklace

magnetic pendant

Reap all the health benefits with this stylish necklace and magnetic pendant. Get hypoallergenic benefits from stainless steel, style benefits with this gold sheen and magnetic benefits from the magnetic pendant.


“My rainbow bracelet arrived in good time to open on my 80th birthday - and is a delight to wear. So delicate and pretty, and I think it is helping to ease the pain in my arm. Looking forward to our matching rings!”


Can you wear magnetic earrings in water?

No, ideally we do not recommend people to wear jewellery in water, our magnetic earrings are made with stainless steel so can withstand water but to be on the safe side, we recommend taking them off before having a shower/bath or being exposed to water.


The benefits of magnetic earrings…

  • Magnetic fields found in magnetic jewellery stimulate the field where pain occurs.
  • This triggers the release of the body's own painkillers, providing natural pain relief.
  • Researchers at the University of Virginia tested to see if magnet therapy reduced the intensity of pain from fibromyalgia.
  • Researchers concluded that the intensity of pain did reduce for the patients, enough to be clinically meaningful.
  • Magnetic fields also combine negative ions which are known for their positive effects on our mind and body.
  • Positive ions in the air make us feel bad, and negative ions in the air make us feel good.
  • Studies on negative ions that have helped with SAD disorder concluded that magnetic healing omit negative ions which help with SAD disorder and anxiety.


How do magnets heal pain?

Basic research shows that when a magnet is placed on the skin, capillary walls relax, allowing for increased blood flow and oxygenation and removal of accumulated pain-producing prostaglandins. Theoretically, these actions relieve muscle spasms and, subsequently, pain.


So, does magnetic jewellery work? Well, hopefully from our FAQs you can see that there’s plenty of scientific research to show that it does! And we’ve had a lot of feedback from our customers to say that they’ve had a positive outcome from buying our magnetic jewelry! However, everyone is different so don’t expect it to work for you straight away; it can take time and patience but you will eventually get that relief you’ve been wanting!


Hopefully this blog post has answered all your questions, and you’ve had an insight into some of our wonderful jewellery and what our customers think of us. If you have any questions at all, whether that be about an order you’ve made, a piece of our jewellery, or even just more questions about magnetic therapy, feel free to drop us a line over email or DM us on our social media and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can! As a family-run business, high quality customer service is important to us so we want all of our customers to be treated with the utmost care, and feel like part of the family!





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