January 29, 2021

We think that accessories can really finish off a look and help you to feel put together. Here at DEMI+CO, we are passionate about making jewellery, from designing to sourcing high quality materials, every piece that we make has our customers in mind. We cater for a range of styles and tastes, so whether you are a smart gentleman, a relaxed and laidback lad or a work out nut – we have something to suit you and your lifestyle.

Magnetic therapy and the natural healing powers of magnets have been used for centuries. We believe in the health benefits of magnets and we have received feedback from many of our customers that say that wearing a magnetic bracelet has helped relieve their pain and other symptoms associated with arthritis and other joint problems. Our men’s magnetic bracelets really do combine the function of therapeutic energy and the form of our stylish designs.

“Product was lovely & does exactly what it is meant to do. Delivery was fast and the website was very easy to use and detailed. Product was exactly as described. I'm very happy with it and will definitely be back.”

Prime Copper Bracelet

This chunky and sturdy copper bracelet with magnets has interesting details and is a great accessory inspired by a suave watch strap. Our link bracelets are all supplied with a link adjustment tool to ensure the perfect, comfortable fit.

copper bracelet for arthritis

Our customers say:

“The nicest copper bracelet I own very pleased with the quality and delivery”

Marley Magnetic Bracelet

Our Marley bracelet combines style with an array of health benefits. The striking stainless steel and gold details makes this arthritis bracelet incredibly original with a touch of retro inspiration.

magnetic bracelet for arthritis

Our customers say:

“Very happy with the bracelet it is really good quality arrived quickly and packaged very nicely”


Lockdown has been tough on all of us, in all different ways and we wanted to bring a smile to your faces in these dark times. We have put together a fun quiz to help you decide which men’s magnetic bracelet suits your lockdown style. This quiz is all for a bit of fun and it is not to be taken too seriously. We hope this blog post brightens your day, while introducing you to some of our favourite copper bangle or magnetic therapy bracelets that we have to offer. You never know, you might just find your next favourite accessory! Read on to find out which bracelet we think suits your style, by answering our questions below.


1. When working from home during lockdown what is your go to style?

a. Smart trousers or jeans and a crisp white shirt. By being in work clothes it helps me set boundaries of when I am working from home and my down time.
b. Comfy joggers or loungewear. Nobody can see me, so I may as well be comfortable!
c. Shorts or activewear. I like to be ready to work out in between working from home, a quick run is great to break up the day.


2. What is your go to activity to break up your day during lockdown?

a. What break? It’s all work, work, work!
b. I like to go for a casual stroll through my local park and get some fresh air.
c. HIIT workout, weights and maybe a run.


Xtreme Copper Bracelet

This is our heaviest solid copper bracelet we offer, making this copper magnetic bracelet a robust statement piece that creates a strapping a sturdy look when worn by any stylish gentleman.

copper magnetic bracelet
Our customers say:

“Amazing looking bracelet will recommend you to others fast delivery too”

3. What is your go to for evenings or weekend entertainment?

a. I definitely enjoy games night with my family, rather than Zoom. It is nice to have a break from technology.
b. I like to arrange Zoom calls with family and friends and maybe even a virtual quiz night.
c. I meet up with a friend for a run by the local river.


4. What are your go to plans for food?

a. Takeout or maybe takeout again. There is always so much to do, that I don’t have much time to cook.
b. I like to cook from scratch and I have been using lockdown to try out lots of recipes I have bookmarked online. It has also been a great chance to practice my baking skills.
c. Smoothies, protein bars and lots of chicken, of course!


Valinor Magnetic Copper Bracelet

This stunning men’s magnetic bracelet boasts intricate details and oxidised copper to produce an interesting and masculine jewellery item that benefits circulation and pain relief through the dual healing powers of magnets and copper.

copper wristband
Our customers say:

“One of the best quality looking bracelets that I have come across, easy to buy and arrived fast.”

5. What is your lockdown tip for staying sane?

a. Just to get on with it. The show must go on.
b. It is tough but talking through your feelings and being there for others really helps.
c. Sweat it out you will feel loads better – the answer to everything.


6. What are you most excited for once lockdown has ended?

a. I am most looking forward to getting back to the office where there are little distractions and I can focus on my projects.
b. I can not wait to host a big Sunday lunch with my family and see my loved ones that I have not been able to for months.
c. I can not wait for the gyms to reopen! I love the social aspect of the gym and I am looking forward to catching up with my work out buddies.


Cross Copper Magnetic Bracelet

A bold statement copper bangle with arthritis etched with a series of timeless cross patterns, making a classic, subtle piece of wrist wear.

copper bracelet with magnets
Our customers say:

“Glad I found this bracelet have been looking for something like this for a while very good quality I am happy to recommend”


7. What has been your go to on your watch list during lockdown?

a. I have been watching a recent crime drama on TV, it has been a great way to spend the evenings and there has been lots to choose from.
b. I like a good classic comedy film, Netflix has been my saviour during lockdown and I have been binge watching my favourite feel good films.
c. There has been some really great work out videos being streamed online over lockdown and it has really kept my motivation up!

8. What do you like to listen to during your down time at the end of a stressful week?

a. I like to listen to a good motivational podcast. I have my favourites that I subscribe to and look forward to each weekly episode.
b. My personal good vibes playlist! I have added all of my favourite feel good songs and karaoke favourites to keep my spirits high.
c. I have a work out playlist that I go to for motivation and it helps me stay focused on my weekend work outs.


Targaryen Copper Magnetic Bracelet

An exclusively engraved magnetic men’s designer bracelet coated in a charcoal sheen with contrast copper details.

copper wristband

Our customers say:

“Really good customer service answered my questions and good quality bracelet”


9. What has lockdown taught you the most?

a. Lockdown has helped me improve my time management skills and has taught me resilience, proving that I can overcome anything that is thrown at me.
b. Lockdown has taught me not to take my loved ones for granted. It has been so hard being apart for such a long time and I can not wait to be able to hug my nearest and dearest when this is all over.
c. Lockdown has proven to me how much exercise boosts my mood and makes me feel great, it has been a great support throughout the pandemic.


10. What does your first night out after this is over look like?

a. I can’t wait to take my other half out for a nice romantic meal to our favourite restaurant. It will be nice to dress up and go out for a big, fancy meal followed by a relaxing drink at a bar.
b. I will be hosting a big family BBQ, with lots of games, beer and burgers, all of my close friends and family will be invited and we will have a good laugh – I can not wait!
c. As soon as we are allowed, I will be hitting up the nightclubs with the lads, I am looking forward to socialising and maybe one too many shots!


Xerxes Copper Bracelet

A majestic copper bracelet for arthritis, fitted with magnets and designed with a unique and suave curved design.

copper bracelet for him
Our customers say:

“Very impressed will make a great gift didnt realise it would come with a nice gift box cheers”

The results are in…

Mostly A’s – The man who is always smart and sharp, even at home.

You sound like a man who has really got his life together! You are passionate about your job and have spent much of this lockdown working from home. You always seem focused on the task at hand and you hardly ever have the trouble of feeling distracted from your end goal. We think your style is sharp, sophisticated and timeless. You like getting dressed up in a nice shirt and formal trousers and take a lot of pride in your appearance.

We think you will love our:

ALPHA Men’s exclusive Shield Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This exclusive laser engraved wristband, is timeless and handsome. This is the ideal copper magnetic bracelet to style up or down for the fashion forward gentleman. Fitted with magnets, this bracelet is a fantastic health conscious choice for a durable, classic piece of jewellery.

copper wristband

Mostly B’s – The man who prefers comfort over style.

You’re easy going and laidback and your style proves this.
You have been enjoying the informality and the comfortable sign of lockdown. You have really embraced the joggers and oversized tee look over the past year, but you are looking forward to when you can swap it for your favourite band t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You are really making the most of the current situation and haven’t put too much pressure on yourself. Self-care is good and you deserve to treat yourself to a new magnetic energy bracelet to show off at all the post-lockdown family BBQs you are already planning.

We think you will love our:

ALPHA Men’s exclusive Hawk Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

This bold and simple magnetic link bracelet is perfect for a relaxed style. This adds a stylish touch to any laidback outfit, whether that be joggers or jeans. This suave black titanium bracelet is organically blackened through a natural alloying and heating process, giving you a piece of jewellery that really stands out from the crowd.
magnetic bracelet

Mostly C’s – The man that is always on the go!

You are sporty and energetic and you need something minimal and fuss free that suits your busy lifestyle.
You have managed to stay on top of your fitness game throughout the pandemic and you are so proud of your personal achievements and new routine that you have managed to master. You love exercise and keeping busy has really helped your mental health stay on top form throughout everything. Your style is very much classic and minimalist. You choose accessories that can be styled with anything.

We think you will love our:

ALPHA Men’s exclusive Hamilton Silver Bangle

This easy to wear magnetic therapy bracelet has a modern, cool style that combines style and function. This is the perfect minimalist item to finish off your look, while allowing you to reap the benefits of the magnets’ natural healing powers. Wearing this versatile bracelet can help to relieve the pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems, which makes it a great piece of jewellery to wear if you’ve perhaps overdone it on your recent run.

 mens magnetic bracelet




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