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October 23, 2023

Here at DEMI+CO our collection of chunky hoop earrings is full of so many unique styles, from sizes, textures, finishing, gem stones, mixed metals to designs and details. We pride ourselves on using the finest 9ct gold and 18ct gold for our gold hoop earrings and whether you are after a small chunky hoop to a statement large gold hoops we have a pair to suit you.

Chunky hoop earrings in recent months have become the ‘it’ earring, we have seen all over the catwalks and watch celebrities adorn their ears in wide and chunky hoops in silver, gold and rose gold. Our collection of chunky hoop earrings include long chunky hoops, silver chunky hoops, small chunky gold hoops, diamante chunky hoopsand medium rose gold chunky hoop earrings too. Whatever your preference of style we have a chunky hoop earring for you.

We do get a lot of questions from customers about chunky hoop earrings so we decided to a questions and answers on the most popular questions. We have also put together some useful information on why chunky hoop earrings have become so popular as well as detailing some of our bestselling chunky hoops for you to browse through.


Yellow Gold Half DC Half Plain 18.8mm Hoop Earrings

These chunky gold hoops are the ideal textured gold hoops you need in your jewellery collection. Made with 9ct gold and with a textured ridge pattern that makes these hoops shine in the light giving you that soft glam. The width of the gold earrings is 0.4cm and the diameter is 1.8cm giving you all the subtle glam without over doing it.

chunky hoop earrings

Yellow Gold & Rose Gold Oval Twist Earrings

As an extrovert, you might find that these gold oval hoop earrings are a perfect match for you. Your curiosity certainly draws you to this bold pair of twisted hoops, reflecting your sharp and adaptable personality. Whilst you are gentle and affectionate, large gold earrings like these let the world know that you are not afraid to chase your dreams, and you will have a good time whilst you do it!

 gold chunky hoop earrings

Rose Gold Moondust p/c Illusion 24.7mm Hoop Earrings

Gorgeous and charming these rose gold chunky hoop earrings are a must have for your collection. Featuring a chunky rose gold hoop and adorned with sparkly diamante these diamante hoop earrings are going to elevate your look and will look stunning whatever the occasion.

 rose gold chunky hoop earrings

Are large hoops classy?

Yes, large hoops can be classy, depending on your outfit or occasion large hoop earrings can add a sophisticated touch. In particular, thin large hoops or large silver hoop earrings can be subtle and add a bit of drama to your look without looking to over the top. As long as the hoops and the style of the hoops are subtle, they will look classic and timeless.

Why are hoop earrings so flattering?

Hoops are a circular earring and circular earrings emphasise symmetry in the face. Hoop earrings can enhance the symmetry of your face when worn therefore making them a flattering earring shape and they will emphasise the most attractive aspects of your face and features. Large hoops will also balance out your face and create the illusion of balance and width.

Do hoop earrings look good on everyone?

Yes, hoop earrings look good on most people, the symmetrical shape flatters most face shapes and creates the illusion of fullness and attractiveness. Hoop earrings also emphasise the most flattering aspects of your features therefore anyone can wear them and they will look good on most people.


Y/G Oval Ribbed Hoop Earrings

Statement and bold are two words to describe these stunning oval gold hoop earrings. The shape and the extra ribbed texture adds extra detailing and intrigue to these chic gold hoop earrings. Made with 9ct gold.

gold chunky hoops

Silver Diamond Cut Wedd Hoop Earrings

Looking for something to stand out from your look and bring your whole look together strikingly? These textured hoop earrings are the perfect way to explore our range of thick silver earrings; there is no limit and you are certain to find your soulmate in a pair of our sterling silver hoops. With a beautiful and unusual pattern on these hoops, you will make every head turn as you enter a room.

silver chunky hoop earrings

Silver Ribbed Round 2 Colour Hoop Earrings

Take a look at these gold and silver hoops and become mesmerised by their beauty. These are perfect to wear with an outfit for any season and with textured hoops like these, you will always have a unique look within your outfit.

 silver chunky hoops

White Gold & Yellow Gold 24mm Twisted Hoop Earrings

These unusual hoop earrings have been carefully designed to include white gold and yellow gold details in to one striking pair of chunky gold hoop earrings. Made with 9ct white gold with 9ct gold diagonal stripes these hoop earrings are sure to get the compliments.

 white gold hoop earrings

Why do girls wear big silver hoops on their ears?

Silver hoop earrings are a very flattering hoop earring which is why they are so popular. Silver hoops are also a timeless classic, they have been worn for decades and they never go out of style. Silver hoop earrings also compliment a variety of looks and outfits as silver metal goes well with other metals and accessories. Large silver hoops are also very flattering, they emphasise symmetry and beauty in the face and look great on anyone that wears them.

What outfits to wear hoops with?

Hoop earrings can look great with any outfit, hoop earrings are incredibly versatile and look great with casual outfits like jeans and a t shirt, summer dresses, jumpers and skirts as well as work wear like suits and shirts. Hoop earrings also look great with more glamourous attires like black dresses, elaborate outfits and evening attire.

Are chunky hoops in style?

We have definitely seen a popularity in chunky hoops more recently, celebrities on social media as well as influencers have been seen recently rocking more heavier and chunkier hoop styles which has in turn seen an increase in people purchasing more wider and chunkier hoops earrings.


Silver Ribbed Hoop Earrings

These textured silver hoop earrings would make a great addition to your silver jewellery collection. With this pair of chunky hoops, your sophisticated look will never go out of style. Feel confident in this pair of thick hoops and find yourself reaching for them as your favourite accessory. Perfect to treat yourself with, or to give as a gift to a loved one.

silver chubby hoops

Silver Cz Huggies Earrings

These silver huggie hoop earrings adorned with a line of CZs add sparkle to your glamorous outfits. With these thick hoops in your jewellery box, you’ll always have a pair of earrings to add elegance to your day-to-day life. Add sparkle to your look with these gorgeous silver chunky hoops.

diamante huggie hoops

Silver 3 Row Hoop Earrings

Textured silver hoop earrings add an extra dimension to chunky silver hoops. These textured earrings have three rows of hoops to add even more glamour to your look. Perfect for a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, adding these large silver hoop earrings to your collection will make you feel confident and sophisticated.

 sterling silver chunky hoop earrings


Chunky hoop earrings have become popular for several reasons:

  • Bold and Statement-Making: Chunky hoop earrings are larger and more substantial than traditional hoop earrings, making them a bold and attention-grabbing accessory. They can instantly elevate a simple outfit and serve as a statement piece.
  • Versatility: Chunky hoop earrings come in various sizes and designs, which means they can be versatile and suitable for different occasions. Smaller chunky hoops can be worn as everyday jewelry, while larger ones can be worn for more formal events.
  • Contemporary Fashion Trends: Chunky and oversized accessories have been a fashion trend in recent years. Many fashion influencers and celebrities have been spotted wearing chunky hoop earrings, which has further fueled their popularity.
  • Vintage and Retro Aesthetics: Chunky hoops also evoke a sense of nostalgia, as they were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Fashion often cycles through trends, and the resurgence of chunky hoops reflects a broader interest in vintage and retro styles.
  • Self-Expression: Chunky hoop earrings can be a form of self-expression. People choose jewelry that reflects their style and personality, and chunky hoops offer a way to showcase individuality and creativity.
  • Earrings as Art: Some chunky hoop earrings are designed as miniature works of art. Their unique shapes, materials, and intricate details can be captivating, making them more than just jewelry but wearable art.
  • Flattering to the Face: Hoop earrings, in general, are known to frame the face and draw attention to the eyes. Chunky hoop earrings can have a more pronounced effect due to their size and shape, enhancing the overall look of the wearer.
  • Gender-Neutral Appeal: Chunky hoop earrings are not limited to a specific gender. They are popular among both men and women, contributing to their widespread appeal.
  • Social Media and Influencer Influence: The rise of social media and influencer culture has played a significant role in popularizing fashion trends, including chunky hoop earrings. When influencers and celebrities showcase these accessories on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it can lead to increased interest and adoption by the general public.


In summary, the popularity of chunky hoop earrings can be attributed to their bold and statement-making nature, versatility, alignment with contemporary fashion trends, nostalgia, self-expression, artistic qualities, flattering aesthetics, gender-neutral appeal, and the influence of social media and influencers.

Silver Three Colour Round Hoop Earrings

We love silver and gold hoops, because there is so much versatility with the different colours which is why we think these three-colour round hoop earrings are a perfect pair of silver chunky hoops. Dazzle the room when you enter with a glamorous look in these elegant hoops.

silver chunky hoops

White Gold 18.7mm Ribbed Hoop Earrings

These extra wide chunky white gold hoops are definitely a bold statement hoop. Made with 9ct white gold and with ribbed pattern texture these chunky hoop earrings are unique and exquisite. Give your look a glamourous touch with these elegant and bold chunky hoop earrings.

 chunky white gold hoop earrings

Yellow Gold Moondust p/c Illusion 18.6mm Hoop Earrings

Turn heads with these chunky gold hoop earrings. With a gorgeous combination of gold and diamantes and with a width of 0.5cm these chunky hoops are a mix of on trend style and timeless classic details. These chunky hoops are elegant and bold and have extra attention to detail, these gold hoops are a must have.

 diamante chunky hoop earrings

White Gold Moondust p/c Illusion 18.6mm Hoop Earrings

Majestic and beautiful these white gold chunky hoop earrings are stunning in design and quality. Made with 9ct white gold and diamante these impressive hoop earrings are bold enough to make a statement and elegant enough to wear from day to night. Ensure you bag these versatile white gold hoops for your collection.

 white gold chunky hoops

We hope you found the information on chunky hoop earrings useful. We have seen an increase in popularity in the purchasing of chunky hoops and we have also seen in an increase in questions from customers about chunky hoop earrings also – which is why we put them together in one place for all our customers to see.

Here at DEMI+CO we work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that we produce and select the most exquisite pieces for our collections. We also ensure that our manufacturers use quality metals, and care in their craftsmanship too. We hope you enjoyed browsing through some of our best selling chunky hoop earrings as well.


If there are any questions you feel that we havent covered please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible with us, and we welcome any feedback or queries you may have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch via social media DMs or drop us a line over email, no matter what query or problem you have on your mind, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can. As a family business, we like to ensure that our beloved customers are treated with the utmost care.






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