June 10, 2022

Real pearl earrings have been a timeless, investment piece of jewellery for decades, with many famous fashion designers, such as Coco Chanel, being a fan of the elegant pearl studs. The popularity of pearl stud earrings has remained, with the royal family being regular wearers of the pretty pearl. The classic appeal of pearls makes them the ideal accessory to finish off any look and helps to smarten up an outfit with a timeless, versatile piece of stunning jewellery.

Here at DEMI+CO, we are also big fans of the under rated pearl earring. We love exploring into the history of our jewellery items and with a history as rich as that of pearl earrings, it would be hard not to include the classy appeal into our pearl earrings design. We often get asked questions about our range of pearl drop earrings, small pearl earrings and even our pearl and diamond earrings, so we have put together this blog post to answer your most frequently asked questions about the stunning pearl earring.

Who can wear pearl earrings?

Pearl earrings can be worn by everyone, but what you choose to go for depends on personal preference. There are so many different pearl earring designs to choose from, whether you prefer to go for statement big pearl earrings to make an impact or feminine pearl stud earrings for a subtle yet classic look, there really is something for everyone.

One of the great things about a pair of white pearl earrings is that it compliments all skin tones beautifully, so you don’t have to worry about them not suiting you. The versatility of a classic pair of pearl earrings means that they are able to polish both a business suit outfit for a formal office look or a simple casual jeans and striped t-shirt outfit for a really eternal outfit.

Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings

These stunning Swarovski pearl earrings are a really special addition to any jewellery box. We can picture these gorgeous silver pearl drop earrings being worn with a classic little black cocktail dress, which would ensure you steal the limelight of any fancy event. These beautiful silver pearl earrings would also make the perfect heartfelt gift for a loved one and would suit a classic lady who adores traditional fashions.

 pearl drop earrings

Can you wear pearl earrings everyday?

Casual or formal, night or day, pearls are fabulous to wear any time and however you choose to. Pearls have actually been worn as jewellery for millennia, so as you can imagine, they have been worn for pretty much all occasions and indeed, some people have chosen to wear them every day as part of their signature look. Contrary to what Julius Caesar thought about who should and shouldn’t be wearing pearls, a pair of beautiful gold and pearl earrings are no longer reserved for the ruling classes. So, if your precious pearls spend most of their time tucked away at the back of a drawer, we would suggest that you dig them out, dust them off and start wearing them – there are countless ways you can rock a pair of pearls!


Silver Knot with Pearl Stud

If you are looking for something a little more retro inspired, these sterling silver pearl earrings are the ideal addition to your jewellery collection. You can create a modern look with a vintage twist by combining these with a sleek pencil skirt and blouse for the office or go full old-fashioned with a vintage dress and a pair of these stunning pearl earrings. They are sure to transport you back to times gone by.

pearl studs

Can you wear pearl earrings casually?

Of course! We could wax lyrical about the versatility of pearl earrings gold all day long, but it is honestly best to experiment with your looks and see for yourself. One of the fantastic things about simple pearl studs or pearl diamond earrings is that they can be as easily dressed down and worn with a casual t-shirt and jeans as they can be dressed up with a glamourous cocktail dress. We think everybody needs a pair of pearl earrings in their jewellery box, which really are just as adaptable as a pair of classic diamond studs – both are a must.


9ct Gold Simulated Pearl Stud

These cute gold and pearl earrings add a subtle touch of glamour to your looks. These are the perfect pair of large pearl earrings to start your collection off and really dip your toes into the world of pearls. You will love how well these earrings compliment any style and will be reaching for them every time you head out the house to finish off your looks.  

pearl earrings gold

What do pearls say about a woman?

Like with most things, it really depends on how you choose to style them. If you are happy to mix things up when it comes to wearing long pearl earrings or choose large statement pearl earrings then it shows you are playful and non-conformist. Such women have a real sense of fun, which is reflected in their style and they like to be seen as a little more original.

Other women may opt for a classy, feminine look by choosing subtle pearl and diamond earrings, this just shows you have a taste of finery and traditional fashions. There are no right or wrong ways to wear pearl earrings and although there are some stereotypes with women who wear pearls, it is really easy to give them a modern twist and in recent times, pearls really are for anyone and any occasion.

Swarovski Glass Pearl with Crystal Earrings

Now these teardrop pearl earrings really are fun! These pearl and cubic zirconia earrings bring a fresh and modern twist to the classic pearl, while bringing the silver diamond drop earrings look bang up to date with the addition of gorgeous pearls and a funky design. These earrings really make a statement and would suit someone who is experimenting with fashion. These are truly show stopping.

pearl and cubic zirconia earrings

Can I shower with pearl earrings?

A pearl’s lustrous surface can be delicate and easily affected by things such as chemicals, oils, soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. We suggest following a strict guideline to never shower with your pearls on to keep them looking their best for many years to come. You should also avoid bathing and swimming with your pearl earrings on due to the same reasons.

Silver Pearl & Cz Stud Earrings

This beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings for women with a gorgeous pearl detail, make for an ideal choice for pearl wedding earrings. Being classy and timeless, they are the perfect heirloom to treasure for years after the big day. With their classic design these pearl and diamond stud earrings would be a romantic, feminine addition to your bridal outfit.

silver pearl earrings

What culture wears pearls?

Many different cultures around the world wear pearls, they are, after all, officially the world’s oldest gem and with their timeless appeal, it is not hard to see why so many people love to wear pearls. Ancient Chinese civilizations believed that wearing pearls protected a person from fire and dragons and were presented as gifts to royalty as early as 2300B BC. Pearls have been popular with our own royal family, with Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge all choosing to showcase their pearls over the Jubilee weekend to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

In other cultures, pearls have been associated with chastity and modesty, but also a status symbol. Long before the discovery of oil, the pearl trade was a source of wealth. Pearls have been an important trade commodity since Roman times and over time the demand for beautiful, intricate pearl jewellery grew and has remained a favourite ever since.


Yellow Gold Simulated Pearl Drop Studs

Traditional and elegant, these pearl dangle earrings are a sophisticated jewellery choice that would look graceful paired with a classic little black dress. These vintage style pearl drop studs will give your look an old-Hollywood feel.

 pearl dangle earrings

Why did pearls become popular?

The popularity of pearls in Western Europe was due to the escalating demand from ladies of nobility and royalty as a sign of their status and class. By the 19th Century, women of wealth wore elaborate pearl earrings, necklaces, pearl bracelets and brooches. Until the 20th Century, divers would risk their lives to harvest pearls as the only way to collect them was by diving to depths of up to 100ft. Freshwater pearls were easier to collect, but due to the rarity and difficulty in obtaining them, pearls were often reserved for royalty. Pearls became increasingly fashionable again around the 1980s and more modern designs have been found in jewellery ever since.


9ct Gold Simulated Pearl Knot Stud

These pretty pearl knot studs give a classic design a modern twist. It is often timeless pieces like these precious pearl earrings that stay desirable through any fashions and trends. Choosing a classic pair of knot pearl studs will ensure you always have a go to pair of stunning pearls to carry you throughout the years.


gold and pearl earrings

When were pearls first used?

It is difficult to pinpoint who ‘discovered’ pearls as they have been used for centuries by many different civilizations. Pearls are often referred to as the oldest gem worn by people. It is possible that they were first found by ancient peoples who were searching the shores for food and came across them in oysters. Pearls have been prized by Romans and Egyptians who used them in decorative items dating as far back as the 5th Century BC, however, Chinese records mention them even earlier!

9ct Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl Drop Stud

Our Freshwater drop studs are a real show stopper. These elegant pearls will give your look a graceful edge and are perfect for chic dresses at brunch to sleek cocktail dresses in the evening. These are so versatile and will give your look the wow-factor.

 real pearl earrings

When were pearls the most popular?

In the 1920s, fashion saw a big overhaul with fashion designers such as Coco Chanel changing the way women dressed forever. Her iconic choice of jewellery and design became popular and still influences people today. When Japanese cultured pearls were introduced to the market around 1928, pearl jewellery became more accessible for people. Beaded and pearl necklaces became synonymous with the 1920s flapper girls, which inspires the way people dress even today.

Silver Circle of Life, Pearl & Cz Drop Earrings

These stunning diamond drop earrings are something really special. The regal design makes these a thoughtful gift idea for someone special. Sterling silver pearl drop earrings will never go out of fashion and these intricate and elaborate studs will be sure to steal the limelight for many occasions to come.

pearl wedding earrings

Why did Coco Chanel wear pearls?

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”Coco Chanel

Author, Emma Baxter-Wright, described how Coco Chanel found pearls to be flattering. She wrote about Chanel saying, “The luminosity of pearls capture the light, she felt, and gave a flattering glow to the skin and eyes.” Coco Chanel famously said many quotes about her love of pearls, including “Lace is one of the most wonderful imitations of nature. But pearls are perfect for every occasion.”


9ct White Gold 0.17ct Diamond & Pearl Stud Earrings

Traditionally in the UK, the 30th wedding anniversary gift is pearls. We think these extra special and unique white gold pearl earrings are the ideal gift to mark such a special occasion. These pearl and diamond earrings for women just exude everlasting grace and elegance.

pearl and diamond earrings

We hope this blog post has given you more of an insight into the history and popularity of pearl studs, pearl and diamond huggie earrings, pearl cluster earrings and double pearl earrings. If there are any other questions you might have about our range of pearls, please do not hesitate toe contact us on social media or drop us an email, where we will be only happy to help.






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