November 09, 2022

Cubic Zirconia earrings are a popular choice when it comes to real silver earrings. Not only is it a much more affordable option than real diamond earrings, but CZ earrings are stunning and versatile alternatives. At DEMI+CO we offer a beautiful range of CZ stud earrings to suit all tastes, styles and occasions. Our diamante earrings are fabulous gift ideas and choosing small silver earrings gives the wearer an unlimited choice of how to style them and what to accessorise their sparkly studs with.


If you would like some further information about cubic zirconia stud earrings, read this article which answers some of the most common questions and provides some insight into Cubic Zirconia, why it is such a popular choice and why it should be the next piece of jewellery you do to your collection.


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Is Cubic Zirconia good for earrings?

Cubic zirconia is an ideal gemstone choice for diamante stud earrings and is usually used as an affordable alternative to classic diamond earrings. Cubic zirconia gems are set in valuable metals, such as gold, sterling silver and platinum. The crystalline material, or CZ, is synthetic, which means it is created in a laboratory. This also means that arguably cubic zirconia is a much more sustainable alternative to mined diamonds, and are more ethical. As people grow in awareness of climate destruction, more and more are moving toward options with a much smaller environmental impact. The production of CZ actually began in the 1970s, due to increase in demand and has only grown in popularity since.


Silver Planet Cz Studs

These unusual silver earrings are out of this world! These super cute sterling silver cubic zirconia stud earrings are perfect for any space fanatics out there and will add a touch of galactic glamour to any outfit, whether that is your favourite casual looks or adding sparkle to your favourite going out outfits.

 silver studs

How do you clean gold earrings with cubic zirconia?

Gold CZ drop earrings and studs are really simple to clean and look after. All you need is warm soapy water made with a mild dish soap to gently clean your earrings to make them sparkle and shine again. The perfect solution we find is, two parts warm water, but make sure it isn’t hot, and one part dish soap. You can also pick up some professional jewellery cleaning liquid which is specifically formulated for the kind of jewellery that needs to be cleaned. Gold diamante huggie hoops and CZ drop earrings are very straightforward to look after, they just need some gentle maintenance to keep them looking their best.


Silver Arrow Cz Studs

Arrows are often associated with adventurers as it is a symbol of moving forward, chasing dreams and being willing to take on grand adventures. This is also one of the zodiac symbols for Sagittarius, who share these traits of being adventurous and lovers of freedom. These sterling silver earrings make perfect birthday gifts for your favourite Sagittarian or just a quirky addition to your own jewellery collection.

 cubic zirconia earrings

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Can you shower with cubic zirconia?

Although cubic zirconia stud earrings look like real diamonds, they are not diamonds. This means that they lack the toughness and resistance that diamonds have, so it is strongly recommended that you remove any cubic zirconia studs or other jewellery before you step in the shower, bath, swimming pool or any other activities that will get your jewellery wet. Taking care of your cubic zirconia earring will mean they stay looking their best for longer.


White Gold 6mm Rubover Set Cz Studs

These pretty white gold cubic zirconia studsare a superb staple to keep in your jewellery collection. The simplicity and sophistication ensure these elegant white gold studs go with anything and fit with special occasion looks or something more casual.

 cubic zirconia stud earrings

Are lab grown diamonds cubic zirconia?

No, they are not. Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are both made entirely from carbon and although they are also synthetically created, the crystal structure and chemical composition is completely different from cubic zirconia. In fact, CZ contains zero carbon and is a different material entirely. Cubic zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2). This is used in a number of different ways, including dental crowns and as an additive in paint.


White Gold CZ 7.3mm Cluster Stud

Our gorgeous white gold CZ studs feature a graceful cluster design which dives these cubic zirconia earrings a classic and traditional feel. This design never goes out of style and will give your look a timeless edge. These are perfect for those who choose a feminine, classy style, but we think they would look stunning with modern, edgy looks by adding a touch of classic intrigue.

 white gold earrings

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Does CZ scratch easily?

The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness is a qualitative scale from 1 to 10, which characterises the scratch resistance of various minerals and materials, 10 being the best and most durable, and then going down to 1 which is the least. The scale was introduced in 1812 my Friedrich Mohs, who was a German geologist and mineralogist.

On this scale, Cubic Zirconia is ranked at 8.5 for hardness, which means only objects that have the same or higher number can scratch it or cause it damage. This makes CZ pretty durable and resistant to many scratches, however, we recommend keeping your jewellery stored safely in a jewellery box when not wearing, to keep it from coming into contact with other jewellery which may cause damage.


9ct Yellow Gold 4mm Claw Set Cz Studs

A classic must-have for any jewellery lover is a pair of 9ct yellow gold cubic zirconia studs. These are a great basic to have to accessorise your looks with and something so versatile that it could be the pair of beautiful earrings that you find yourself reaching for every day.

 gold cubic zirconia studs

How can you tell a cubic zirconia?

If you are trying to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond, you can check to see the way it shines when the stone enters the light. Diamonds will show a strong white light, otherwise known as “brilliance”, whereas a cubic zirconia gives off colourful lights, which is known as the “rainbow effect”. This difference is caused by cubic zirconia having a lower refractive index and higher dispersion rate than diamonds.


9ct Yellow Gold 6mm Claw Set Princess Cut Cz Studs

Our gorgeous 9ct yellow gold princess cut CZ studs are similar to our 9ct yellow gold cubic zirconia studs, however these square cubic zirconia earrings are a different shape, but no less stunning. If cubic zirconia square stud earrings appeal to you more than rounded studs, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these exquisite studs.

 9ct gold stud earrings

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What is better moissanite or cubic zirconia?

Going back to the refractive index, moissanite is higher at 2.69, than cubic zirconia at 2.15. This makes moissanite approximately 25% greater than CZ. The way this works is that the higher the refractive index, the more brilliance the jewel emits. Both moissanite and cubic zirconia are much more affordable than diamonds, and both are extremely rare in their natural state which is why all of the moissanite and CZ available on the market is lab created. It is down to personal preference what you think is better when it comes to these gems.


Halo Style CZ Stud Earrings

These halo style sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings are heavenly! The delicate silver cubic zirconia earrings are a timeless design with a vintage appeal. All sterling silver less than 7.78g is not stamped, but will have a 925 mark. Anything over 7.78g will be stamped.

cubic zirconia stud earrings 

How do you clean cubic zirconia studs?

As is true for any other gemstone, cubic zirconia needs to be cleaned in order to preserve its radiance and shine. Using a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth to gently wipe your cubic zirconia jewellery will help to maintain or restore its shines. You can also use warm soapy water with mild dish soap for cubic zirconia gold jewellery as outlined previously in this article.


Micro Pave Cz Crown Stud Silver Earrings

Feel like a Queen in these small silver earrings. We think these silver earrings for women are not only fantastic for grown-ups, but they are a lovely gift for little princesses too. These cute micro pave CZ crown studs add some fun to any outfit!

 sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings

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What's the difference between zircon and zirconia?

Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4) is a chemical compound which occurs in nature as Zircon, a silicate mineral. It is usually colourless but impurities can induce various colourations. Cubic Zirconia is made of Zirconium Dioxide. Both gemstones can be difficult to differentiate from each other and are often confused as being the same, however, the differences are that zircon is a natural mineral, whereas cubiczirconia, even though it has been found in nature previously, is made in a lab. Cubic zirconia is higher on the Mohs scale at 8-8.5, whereas Zircon sits at 7.5.


Tear Drop Blue CZ Climber Stud Earrings

These teardrop blue climber earrings are complete showstoppers! You are sure to steal the limelight in these gorgeous blue cubic zirconia earrings, which will no doubt cause envy amongst your friends. This pair of tear drop cubic zirconia earrings truly are special and will add a touch of glamour to any of your looks.

 diamante stud earrings

How do you make a CZ sparkle again?

If you find that your cubic zirconia is looking a little dull, it is super easy to restore it back to looking crisp and clean. Simply use warm, not hot, water mixed with some liquid soap and either using your fingers or a soft cloth, lather your jewellery and then rinse! It is important that you make sure you rinse your cubic zirconia jewelry thoroughly to remove any and all traces of detergent as this may create a filmy residue that will dull the sparkle of your gem, which is the opposite of what you want when cleaning your jewellery!


Yellow Gold Cz Initial Stud Earrings

Our adorable initial CZ studs are an ideal piece of subtle, personalised jewellery. These dainty earrings allow you to express yourself, without being too much of a statement piece. These would make ideal gifts for someone special or simply a treat for yourself. Initial or monogrammed jewellery never goes out of style.

 cubic zirconia initial earrings

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Hopefully you have learnt some more about CZ stud earrings, diamante hoops and how mixed materials such as pearl and cubic zirconia earrings should be cared for. If you have any further queries about cubic zirconia, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a wide range of jewellery and we like to share our knowledge of different metals and materials through my Style Guide, so if there is anything else you are curious about, please have a look at our other articles to find out more about our ranges.


If you are here looking for special occasion cubic zirconia earrings, we also have a fabulous range of diamante hoop earrings and diamante drop earrings. Browse our website to discover more of our elegant range of diamante huggie hoop earrings, long silver earrings and so much more.


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