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January 05, 2023

At DEMI+CO, we have a wide range of earrings: from diamond drop earrings to sterling silver studs, gold hoop earrings, and diamond huggie earrings. But a specific style of earrings that is one of our favourites is pearl earrings! Whether that’s silver pearl drop earrings, gold and pearl earrings, or teardrop pearl earrings, we’ve got the perfect pair for you!


We wanted to make this blog post to talk you through everything we think you need to know about pearl drop earrings! We like to make sure our customers have all the information they need before they invest in a product of ours, and that’s why we like to make these blog posts for you. Here you can find all the information to answer any possible question you might have about real pearl earrings, whilst taking a look at some of our best products.


Water Pearls Drop Earrings

Natural and elegant, these real pearl earrings are sublimely delicate and stunning. Graceful drop earrings that are suitable for everyday and stunning for special occasions too. Made with real water pearls derived from non-saltwater oysters, these drop earrings are unique in shape and style. These pearl earrings are a must have as part of your jewellery collection.

 pearl drop earrings

“I am very pleased with these earrings. I love the design, the service was second to none so all in all I couldn’t be happier.”


Pearls have been used in jewellery for around 6,000 years, and record of their commercial harvesting dates back to at least 2,500 years; they’re one of the most ancient gems! Pearls are known to come from oysters, but they can also be produced from clams, abalone, and mussels. Natural pearls are extremely rare nowadays because only one in several million mollusks yields a pearl. Therefore, farm-grown and cultured pearls are more common.


Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings

Simplicity at its best with these beautiful one-of-a-kind Swarovski pearl drop earrings. These long pearl earrings are definitely the perfect everyday pair of earrings that are timeless classic jewellery pieces to treasure.

 long pearl earrings

“Love my earrings from Demi & Co, they are super stylish and really comfortable - not too heavy on the ear. Perfect for going out.”


So what are cultured pearls? Peals form by an irritant getting deep enough inside a mollusk shell that it can’t expel it. The shell’s producing system then coats the irritant with nacre, and this creates a pearl’s distinctive surface luster. Cultured pearls are formed under the same conditions, and are chemically and physically the same; created in both salt and freshwater farms. In underwater pearl farms, a piece of mantle tissue and mother-of-pearl seeds or shell beads are inserted into the interiors of bivale mollusks such as oysters, and nacre is secreted to coat it, just like in nature! The oysters then convalesce for four to six weeks, before being transferred to cages between seven and ten feet underwater, where they continue to grow for one to six years.


Silver W/Pearl Drop Earrings

These beautiful and elegant long drop pearl earrings are sight to behold. Sterling silver chain drop is met with a dangling pink hued pearl at the bottom. These earrings are delicate enough for daytime and bold enough to make an evening statement too. If you are after sterling silver pearl earrings then these are the one to bag.

 silver pearl earrings

“Although these earrings were not my first choice as the ones I would have liked were sold out, I’m certainly not disappointed with them. They are just the right size and so comfortable to wear. Suitable to wear anytime.”


One thing you might be wondering is what pearls symbolise… well pearl is the most commonly-used gemstone for weddings, in particular, brides, and of course they’re also known as the June birthstone! For thousands of years, pearls have been associated with weddings, love and fertility.


9ct Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl Drop Studs

These cute gold and pearl earrings add a subtle touch of glamour to your looks. These are the perfect pair of large pearl earrings to start your collection off and really dip your toes into the world of pearls. You will love how well these earrings compliment any style and will be reaching for them every time you head out the house to finish off your looks!

 gold pearl earrings

“I have bought 4 beautiful bracelets and earrings they are absolutely stunning and fabulous quality, and the price is very reasonable, I recommend Demi & Co excellent company.”


Pearls are measured in millimetres, mommes, and grains. A momme is used for the quantity of pearls; one momme is 75 jewellers grains (a jewellers grain is equal to 0.25 carats, so that’s 18.75 carats. Round pearls usually range from 2 to 9 millimetres, and baroque pearls may reach 50 mm; they are measured by their shortest diameter, and other shaped pearls are measured along the longest and second longest dimensions. Larger pearls are less common, so they are more expensive as they demand a higher price per weight.


9ct White Gold 0.05ct Diamond & 5.49ct Citrine, Amethyst & Pearl Drop Earrings

If you are after a quirky pair of pearl earrings then look no further than these pearl drop earrings, combining delightful gems like diamond, citrine, amethyst and of course beautiful pearls too. The purple tones of amethyst and the bright yellow tones of citrine give a very striking look to these decadent pearl earrings a real showstopping pair!

 white gold drop earrings

“Delighted with bracelet and earrings. Good quality and quick despatch. Well packed.”


Baroque pearls are defined as irregularly shaped pearls, and they can have many different trade names. Pearls generally develop in symmetrical round and pear shapes. The drop shape that we’re discussing in this blog post is the name given to elongated pear-shaped pearls. Pearls are generally named after their shape and you may also come across squat pear or egg shape, seed or rice pearls, button pearls, stick pearls, etc.


Swarovski Glass Pearl with Crystals Earrings

These stunning Swarovski pearl earrings are a really special addition to any jewellery box. We can picture these gorgeous silver pearl drop earrings being worn with a classic little black cocktail dress, which would ensure you steal the limelight of any fancy event. These beautiful silver pearl earrings would also make the perfect heartfelt gift for a loved one and would suit a classic lady who adores traditional fashions.

 pearl dangle earrings

“The earrings are beautiful and the service was excellent.”


A really important aspect about owning pearl jewellery is to make sure you are taking good care of it! Pearls are delicate, so you should exercise caution with them. Here’s our top tips:


  1. Never submerge your pearl jewellery in soapy water. If you want to clean it, wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soapy water (not detergent).
  2. Put any pearl jewellery on after you've put on products such as perfumes and hairspray. These products can often contain acids and alcohols that ruin pearls.
  3. Pearl rings and bracelets should have protective settings. If they don't, wear them only occasionally rather than daily.
  4. Wipe your pearls with a damp cloth after wear.
  5. Store pearl jewellery in a cloth bag or in a box away from other gems to stop them getting scratched.
  6. Pearls are very heat sensitive so never use mechanical systems like ultrasonic or steam to clean them.


Silver Circle of Life, Pearl & Cz Drop Earrings

These stunning diamond drop earrings are something really special. The regal design makes these a thoughtful gift idea for someone special. Sterling silver pearl drop earrings will never go out of fashion and these intricate and elaborate studs will be sure to steal the limelight for many occasions to come.

 pearl and cubic zirconia earrings

“Very helpful and offering a beautiful range of products. I got in touch via email to ask a question and they responded very quickly and also offered me discount for my idea which I am very grateful for!”


Real pearl earrings are worn by people of all social classes and are seen as both fashionable and classic. They have remained a staple in many women's jewellery collections. Pearls have always been associated with elegance and beauty, making them a popular choice for special occasions like weddings or proms. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more dramatic, pearl drop earrings are a great choice!


Yellow Gold Simulated Pearl Drop Studs

Traditional and elegant, these pearl dangle earrings are a sophisticated jewellery choice that would look graceful paired with a classic little black dress. With the added detail of 9ct gold these gold drop earrings definitely ooze style. Simulated pearls are pearl effect stones that give you a pearl look without the pricy cost. These vintage style pearl drop studs will give your look an old-Hollywood feel.

pearl stud earrings


“I have bought 3 beautiful gorgeous bracelets from this company, and I have just ordered another one and earrings, I also bought one for my husband and he hates wearing jewellery but he hasn’t taken his gorgeous magnetic copper bracelet off, thank you Demi-Co.”


Hopefully this blog post has taught you everything you wanted to know about pearl earrings; where they come from, how they form, the different types, and what they symbolize. We know that our customers take keen interest in our products just as much as we do at DEMI+CO, and have lots of questions they would like to be answered, so that’s why we do these type of blog posts! Hopefully you also managed to take a look at some of our best pearl drop earrings, whilst gaining an insight into our customers’ reviews! There’s no better way to gain trust for a company after all!


If you still have a query you would like to be resolved, whether it’s about pearls, any type of gemstone or piece of jewellery, caring for your jewellery, or an order of yours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via social media DMs, or send us a message over email, and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can! Our customers are our top priority and especially as a small, family-run business, we want to give you the best customer service experience! We’re happy to help you in any way we can!







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