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February 25, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO, we think that jewellery adds the finishing touch to any outfit, no matter what your style is. It is important to feel good about yourself and confident, which is why we design our jewellery with this in mind and cover many different styles to help you find something that will suit you. We are complete jewellery addicts at DEMI+CO and we love to have a piece of jewellery for any occasion, especially a pair of statement gold hoop earrings, which we think add a touch of luxe to even the simplest of outfits. Continue reading to find out more about our large and small gold hoop earrings.

Our gold hoops earrings collection is very popular, with many sought after styles to add to your collection. Whilst gold hoops are very versatile, they are also extremely fashionable with hoop earrings being a must needed item in everyone’s jewellery box in 2021. We have everyday styles of gold hoop earrings but also some stunning statement pieces to bring your look up to date.


Mariah Gold Ribbed Hoops

Our Mariah Gold Ribbed textured hoop earrings are definitely a head turner. These sassy and feminine hoops consist of multiple hoops in one consisting of plain gold hoops and textured gold hoop earrings attached together. This layered look is bang on trend for 2021 and a must have for your jewellery box.

 large gold hoop earrings
“Pretty earrings wiah there was a necklace to match but they go with everyhing love them”

Vogue predicts that one of the biggest jewellery trends for Spring and Summer of this year is the singular statement earring. This bold, contemporary style is easily achievable with a pair of our large gold hoop earrings, by just wearing a singular earring! As our earrings all come in pairs, it gives you the complete freedom to experiment with singular earrings or maybe even mismatched earrings with another pair. Show stopping and completely on trend.

“This is my third purchase with this company. I am more than happy with their products and service. Thank you.”

In the era of Zoom calls, singular earrings aren’t the only jewellery trend in the spotlight. Extra large, textured gold hoop earrings are also a must-have and are perfect for Zoom dates and catch ups. They are sure to catch the attention of others, even if it is virtual. At DEMI+CO, we have a weakness for large hoop earrings – we just love them! We think the bigger the better when it comes to gold hoop earrings and the style gods agree with us. Update your look with a pair of statement, thick gold hoop earrings and be the envy of all your friends.

“I absolutely love the jewellery from this company, it is of a high quality and the designs are stunning, and the prices are very reasonable, highly recommend”

Tina Large Gold Hoops

Our Tina large gold hoop earrings are the perfect answer to the extra large, statement trends of this season. These chunky gold hoop earrings add a finishing A list look to any of your favourite outfits.
 wide gold hoop earrings
Our customers say:

“Seen similar ones on a few celebrities so had to get a pair really like them”
We have a fabulous range of styles of gold hoop earrings for women and we wanted to put together this blog post to showcase some of our favourites, while having a bit of fun with it. Take our quiz below to find out whether small, large or even medium gold hoop earrings would suit your lockdown style.
“Very pleased with my item. 💕 Would recommend to my friends. Thank you.”  


1. How have you mostly been spending your time during lockdown?

a. I have spent this time upping my fitness game. I have been jogging more, eating healthier and having fun with 30 day fitness challenges.

b. I have been working full time from home while balancing teaching my children while they haven’t been able to go to school in between. Not to mention staying on top of the house work, eating right and getting my daily walks in where I can.

c. I have been spending more time with the people I live with and really appreciating their company.


2. What has been your go to outfit to put on during lockdown?

a. Leggings, yoga pants or joggers with a hoodie or my favourite fitness top so that I am comfortable but also ready to fit in a work out when I want to.

b. I have been dressed in a smart top and trousers so that I can run all my errands but still look smart and presentable at a moment’s notice in case of work Zoom meetings.

c. I have been wearing my new favourite loungewear set. I have appreciated the change of pace and the new loungewear available at the moment is gorgeous.


Aria XL Gold Hoops

Our Aria XL gold hoop earrings are fabulously oversized, super shiny and super light with a beautiful bevelled texture. These thin gold hoop earrings are perfect for giving your look a 2021 update.

thin gold hoops
“Quick delivery nice box bigger than I expected but feel light to wear and look nice”

3. What do you do for entertainment in the evenings or at weekends?

a. I like to meet up with my workout buddy and go for a run through the park while having a bit of a catch up.

b. I like to catch up on all the television or Netflix binging I miss during my busy weeks.

c. I like to put on a face mask and some relaxing music and just chill out for a while.


4. What are your go to plans for food?

a. I usually stick to healthy eating and I am quite partial to my superfood smoothies. At the weekends I treat myself to avocado on toast.

b. It is the quicker the better in our house. I often have meals prepped in the freezer for a quick evening meal or sometimes we just order takeaway.

c. I have been experimenting more with new recipes and I have tried quite a few different banana bread recipes too.


Kirsten Gold Curl Hoops

Our Kirsten Gold Curl Hoops amp up your look with their dreamy, chunky design. These twisted gold hoop earrings feature a stunning gold chopstick curl that catch the light and shine bright. We are obsessed with their statement look.

twisted gold hoop earrings

“Very shiny and pretty hoops not seen any like this before very happy with my purchase will shop again soon”

5. What are you most looking forward to once lockdown has ended?

a. It will be brilliant when the gyms can reopen again. I have missed my usual workout routine and having a relaxing swim at the weekends.

b. I am looking forward to meeting up with family and celebrating all of the birthdays that we have missed throughout lockdown.

c. I am very excited about visiting my favourite restaurants for a three course meal again and finishing with cocktails in a fancy bar.


6. What has been on your watch list during lockdown?

a. There have been so many fitness influencers doing work out videos and these have been great motivation for me. I have been watching a lot of these.

b. I have been catching up on all the dramas on TV and on Netflix. I am guilty of being addicted to Bridgerton.

c. I have enjoyed spending my weekends watching some of my favourite films, I like the old classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Sound of Music.


Serena Textured Earrings

Our super glam Serena textured gold hoop earrings give your outfit an edgy look. These statement earrings are on trend and complete head turners. Change it up a little a wear one earring to tick all the boxes of this year’s hottest jewellery trend.

textured gold hoop earrings

“Love these earrings just what Ive been looking for so excited to wear them!”

7. Who are you most looking forward to seeing once lockdown ends?

a. All my girls at the gym. It will be great to work out with them again and maybe go for some cheeky cocktails at the weekend.

b. Definitely my family. I am missing the family gatherings and I can’t wait for the summer BBQs – hopefully!

c. I am looking forward to seeing my close friends and meeting up to enjoy a nice dinner party.


8. What have you been using Zoom for other than work meetings?

a. I have had a few coffee dates with my friends to catch up and let the kids see each other too.

b. I have hosted a few Zoom quizzes with my family, but it hasn’t been quite the same seeing each other virtually.

c. I don’t really use Zoom unless I really have to. I am more of an old fashioned pick up the phone type of person, or write a letter to family that live far away.


Demi Gold Rope Hoops

Our Demi Gold Rope Hoop earrings are one of our many favourites. These large gold hoops feature rope and plaited effect which make these hoops look super and unique and shiny. Add a touch of glam to your everyday look.

textured gold hoop earrings

“The earrings look nicer than the picture really happy arrived quicker than I though too”

9. What is your lockdown evening routine?

a. I go for a jog and then have a nice hot shower and settle in for the night.

b. Put the kids to bed, catch up on work and then have a couple of hours watching TV before bed.

c. I get cosy and watch my favourite films with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate.


10. What does your first trip look like when travel is allowed again?

a. A girl’s city break, either somewhere in Europe or somewhere in the UK.

b. I plan on having a weekend holiday somewhere near the beach with something for all the family.

c. I would really love a romantic trip away to somewhere classically romantic like Paris.


Tara Large Gold Hoops

Our envy inducing Tara chunky gold hoop earrings are a complete show stopper. Grab attention with these large gold hoops, perfect to show off on your upcoming Zoom date or just to rock during your weekly food shop!

chunky gold hoop earrings

“Love the design on these hoops they really stand out very happy”

The results are in…

Mostly A’s – Fitness Chic

Your style is laidback and chic. You like to combine your love of fitness into your looks and some would say it is very fitness luxe. You love a pair of sporty trousers with high heels for your weekend looks and love the versatility of leggings. Whether that’s for your yoga sessions or just chilling in front of the telly.

We think you will love our:

Whitney Gold Brushed Hoops

These dramatic hoops are the perfect statement piece to accentuate your outfits. With a combination of brushed and shiny gold, these hoops give your outfit an added pop and look absolutely gorgeous dressed up or down with a more relaxed outfit.

medium gold hoop earrings
Here’s what some of our customers said about our Whitney Gold Brushed Hoops:

“Good size hoops not too thick but noticable nice pattern very happy with them”
“Got a lot of compliments on these hoops fast delivery thank you”
“These hoops look more expensive then they are they go with everything”

Mostly B’s – Multi-tasking Pro

You are always busy whether you are working on a new project, looking after your loving family or taking care of your home and yourself. You love a relaxed look and are often seen wearing jeans, a blouse and a pair of flats or the hottest trainers. You are all about functional fashion and like to choose your clothes and accessories that are versatile so you can mix and match your wardrobe.

We think you will love our:

Meghan Assorted Gold Hoops

Our Meghan Assorted gold hoops set are a fantastic option for someone who wants lots of choice. You can never have too many gold hoops and this set provides the bling in three stunning sizes. Wear the smaller of these chunky gold hoops everyday and reserve the larger ones for get togethers, or go all out and wear the biggest and boldest when running your errands. You get to choose!

gold hoop earrings set
Here's what some of our customers said about our: Meghan Assorted Gold Hoops:

“Very happy customer really nice hoops for a good price will shop again soon”
“These hoops are such good value for money good quality good customer service too”
“Great selection of hoops I have so far worn all of them at different places good choise”

Mostly C’s – Simple and Sophisticated

Your style is simple and sophisticated. You often choose the timeless and classic styles, whether that be a Little Black Dress for date night or a blouse and pencil skirt for a fancy meal, you always look your best.

We think you will love our:

Maria Gold Hoop Earrings

These beautiful classy gold hoops shimmer and shine and add a touch of glamour to any outfit. These versatile hoops are timeless and will still be a much loved addition to your jewellery box, no matter what the trends are.

wide gold hoop earrings
Here’s what some of our customers said about our Maria Gold Hoop Earrings:

“Stunning gold hoops the shine is lovely got lots of compliments on them”
“Lovely gold hoop earrings really good quality nice and thick and pretty gift box”
“So nice I bought two pairs one for me and then one for my sister she loves them too”







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