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October 01, 2020


Here at DEMI+CO we aim to create a range of products that is as varied and special as our customers. We lovingly create different designs to suit all of our customers, so it is guaranteed that you will find something to suit your tastes and that you’ll love.

We take inspiration for our products from suggestions, requests and feedback that we receive from our customers. Customer service is so important to us and everything we do, we do it for you, which is why we take extra time and care to communicate with our customers and use this to create something you’ll be proud to show off.

We base a lot of our product sourcing and selection on what our customers love. We choose to run polls or ask questions to our customers regarding our new or upcoming products, to get a general feel of what is popular, what you’re happy with and what we need to improve.

Using our careful and meticulous process of customer research, we can ensure that we can form collections of products that are just what our customers want. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to choose your favourite pieces and indeed your next treat for yourself. This is why we have devised this fun, little quiz to find out what earrings really suit you or the person you’re choosing a gift for. So get some pen and paper ready or whatever digital item you have to hand to note down the answers!

Prosecco Pop Hoops

If you’re looking for something simple and sophisticated to start your DEMI+CO jewellery collection, our Prosecco Pop Hoop earrings are sleek and classic, with a very light and shiny simple design. These hoop earrings are a basic staple for every girl to have in her jewellery collection. They compliment any outfit and can be worn for any occasion.

gold plated hoop earrings

Our customers say:

“Bought these for my daughter and she loves them.”

“They look exactly as the picture online. I really like them.”

“Love these hoops! They are light but good quality.”



Question 1: What describes your perfect Saturday night?

A. Watching a film in your PJs
B. A drink or two down the local
C. Night on the tiles!


Question 2: Where would be your ideal travel destination?

A. A relaxing spa somewhere near the beach
B. Exploring the sights of Egypt
C. A hedonistic weekend in Ibiza


Question 3: What is your idea of the perfect party?

A. A couple of friends over to watch some films
B. A dinner party with your closest friends and family
C. A huge house party – the bigger, the better!


Lola Large Gold Hoops

If you truly believe that bigger is better, then you’ll love our Lola large gold hoop earrings! With a very impressive 95mm inner diameter, these show-stopping gold hoops are sure to turn heads. These earrings provide the best of both worlds and can be worn from day to night. For a daytime look, pair these wide gold hoop earrings with ripped jeans and a funky blouse, which is sure to take you seamlessly into cocktails with the girls after work.

gold plated hoop earrings

Our customers say:

“Very happy with my purchase. These are like 3 hoops in one and they really do look good on.”

“Happy customer. Quick delivery, gift box nice and I like the earrings too.”


Question 4: Which of these hobbies interests you the most?

A. Reading – I love a good book
B. Baking and Cooking – I love trying new recipes
C. Salsa classes – I love dancing, singing, performing, ANYTHING!


Question 5: How would you describe your style?

A. I like monochrome outfits. Simple and classic white shirt with jeans or trousers.
B. I like sophisticated outfits and a clean silhouette. I love the hourglass shape of outfits from the 1940s and 1950s.
C. I like to be eccentric! Bright, bold, colourful, feathers and glitter – I can never have enough!


Riley Gold Twist Hoops

Our stylish and versatile Riley gold hoop earrings are perfect for whatever outfit you decide to wear. These add a touch of bling and fun to your look and will have people asking where you got them from. The interesting design and twisted gold finish on these chunky gold hoop earrings add an element of detail to your outfit.

chunky gold hoop earrings

Our customers say:

“Thanks for quick delivery - got them sooner than I thought. Really easy to wear as they are hollow and light.”

“Been on the lookout for hoop earrings like these. Really good quality.”


Question 6: Out of the following colours, which is your favourite?

A. Grey. I like its subtlety and think it’s very calming.
B. Purple. I think its luxurious and elegant.
C. Yellow. I like how bright and happy yellow makes me feel!


Question 7: What best describes your go-to make up look for a night out?

A. Barely-there. I like to wear a touch of mascara and blusher, I prefer a natural look.
B. I love classic red lipstick and sometimes I like to add an old Hollywood cat-eye eyeliner look.
C. I love bright coloured eye shadows and experimenting with bold looks.


Question 8: What’s your favourite season?

A. Autumn. I like to feel cosy and bundled up with a hot chocolate at home.
B. Winter. I like the festive season to spend time with family and practice all of our Christmas traditions.
C. Summer. Get me to the beach with a cocktail or to a festival and I’m happy!


Kirsten Gold Curl Hoops

Loud and proud our Kirsten gold hoops are an amazing accessory to add to your festival or beach look. Amp up your outfit with these dreamy, gold twist hoop earrings featuring a stunning gold chopstick design. Show off your fun and adventurous side with these quirky gold hoop earrings!

gold twist hoop earrings

Our customers say:

“Very shiny and pretty hoops. Not seen any like this before, very happy with my purchase. Will shop again soon.”

“Bought as a gift but will keep for myself! Really nice hoops and fast delivery. Thank you.”


Question 9: What is your go-to cocktail when hitting up the bar?

A. Something simple, like a Martini.
B. Something classic, like a Cosmopolitan.
C. Something wild, like a Long Island Iced Tea.


Question 10: What’s your pizza order?

A. Mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil.
B. Classic Pepperoni.
C. My own concoction of toppings and lots of chilli!


Morgan Textured Gold Hoops

These classic gold hoops have a 55mm inner diameter and boast of a beautifully intricate gold textured detail. The Morgan hoops have it all, perfect to pair with any attire. The delicate sparkle of these thick gold hoops makes them extra special, adding glamour to any finished look.

thick gold hoop earrings

Our customers say:

“These hoops are lovely quality. They look very expensive but bought at a reasonable price, so thank you!”

“Very bling! These are nice statement hoops, really like them.”





Mostly A's

Introverted, chilled and subtle.

If you scored mostly As, you are quite a relaxed person. You like subtle accessories that compliment your minimalist style. You don’t like fuss or complicated designs and like small, dainty jewellery pieces that compliment your introvert personality.

You should choose our Jade Thin Gold Hoops

Our Jade gold hoops are beautifully minimalistic, with a light, ‘barely-there’ design. They are guaranteed to keep your wardrobe on trend while offering a subtle touch to your outfit. These earrings are perfect for day or night and work well for small, well thought out wardrobes that follow the minimalist way of life. These earrings will go with everything.

Our customers say:

“I love these hoops so much! Thank you, will be buying more again.”

“Big hoops but very light to wear. Nice gift box too.”


Mostly B's

Traditional and Classic.

If you scored mostly B's you are definitely a traditionalist at heart. You prefer a more classic look, and like pieces inspired by a by-gone era. Sometimes you have a more traditional outlook on life and this often reflects in your personal style, through simple structures and classic patterns.

You should choose our Tina Large Gold Hoops

Our Tina hoops feature a gorgeous, traditional design. These are perfect for ladies who love a classic look and will go with all of your favourite evening dresses. The intricate details of these earrings add class and intrigue to any look. These earrings will never go out of style.

Our customers say:

“Seen similar ones on a few celebrities so had to get a pair. I really like them.”

“Really like these hoop earrings, big and bold. Quick delivery too.”


Mostly C's

Outgoing, confident and bold.

If you scored mostly Cs, you favour bold looks and love to show off your wild side with bright colours and vivid patterns. You are confident and outgoing and you choose to reflect this in your fun and quirky style.

You should choose our Serena Textured Earrings

Our bold and beautiful Serena earrings are perfect for confident Cs who are looking to turn heads. The super glam design of these earrings is certain to grab attention and add extra glitz and glamour to all your bright and brilliant outfits. If you’re thinking of toning down your outfit for a more conservative event, let these earrings do all the talking and wear them as a statement fashion piece!

Our customers say:


“Love these earrings, just what I’ve been looking for. So excited to wear them!”

“Amazing earrings, so trendy and so bling I really like them!”

“Stunning earrings, arrived quick and good quality.”


Earring storage advice

Sometimes it can be confusing how to store your jewellery to ensure it won’t be tangled or damaged. Now you’ve purchased your new favourite thin gold hoops or your wide gold hoop earrings, you’ll want to do everything you can to take care of them. Here is our advice on the best ways to store hoop earrings so that they can stay beautiful for years to come.

There are plenty of DIY ideas available online for ways you can store your earrings so you can keep them together and not worry about losing one of the pair again. We know the struggle of misplacing earrings, which is why we carefully design all our jewellery boxes to include handy compartments and stud plates so you can keep your earrings nice and organised.

  • Draw separators to make handy compartments for all your trinkets 
  • Using a cute little dish – maybe one you’ve picked up on your travels – to keep them all to hand and in one place
  • Or try these earring storage box - full of bespoke storage solutions 
  • Have bigger hoops to store then this jewellery case will keep them safe
  • Have too many stud earrings then this jewellery storage will be perfect


In conclusion...

This quiz was created as a little bit of fun and to help you find the perfect pair of earrings to match your style. We are dedicated to helping our customers find what suits them. We know our products best and love each unique design. We believe that we have a perfect product for each of our customers and customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

We have so many more styles of product available on our website, for traveller types who are carefree and adventurous, smart and professional types who like to maintain a slick style and everything in between! Whatever your style, here at DEMI+CO we offer high quality, gorgeous products to suit it.

If you require further guidance or have any questions, please get in touch via email or our social media channels.


We love receiving your feedback on our service and products. What we do is everything to us, but it means so much to us to hear that you love DEMI+CO too. We wanted to share a bit of positivity to brighten your day, by sharing some of our most recent Trustpilot testimonials with you. It means a lot that our customers take time out of their busy lives to review our carefully crafted and designed products. So, thank you!

William says:

“I was looking for a 7th anniversary present for my wife and discovered the demi + co web page. Good selection of jewellery and the bonus of gift wrap option and speedy delivery.”

Graeme says:

“Great item at a reasonable price, delivered quickly with good communication at every stage. Hard to criticise anything.”

Kerry says:

“There are lots out there but I liked this one the minute I saw it. It arrived quickly and I love it. It is so pretty and such good value for money. One happy customer.”


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