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February 08, 2022

Here at DEMI+CO, we have a huge love and admiration for medium silver hoop earrings and we want to share with you our 10 most successful products from our sterling silver hoop range. We also love sharing our knowledge of the sterling silver world and want to give you an insight into why we love silver hoop earrings so much! Our collection of sterling silver includes silver hoop earrings, chunky silver hoops and small silver hoops, circle drop earrings, round hoops, oval hoop earrings, twist hoop earrings, and all kinds of textured hoops.


Hopefully, you’ll get to explore a wide variety of our sterling silver hoop collection whilst learning a bit about the material itself. We created this blog post to give you an insight into the silver world, and help you find the perfect product that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a gift or for yourself, you are sure to find something to your taste in here so sit back, relax and enjoy expanding your knowledge of silver!


Within the UK, and across the world, silver is one of the most popular precious metals; remarkably similar to gold as it is associated with wealth and success, it is also used for a variety of houseware and jewellery items, just like gold is! Malleable and pliable like gold, silver can be moulded, melted, engraved and set with gems and diamonds. As one of the most versatile metals, we love adding to our silver collection! However, sterling silver is harder than pure silver; it is a mix of metals, and the end result is a tough and strong metal. Sterling silver is the most popular when it comes to the manufacture of jewellery and silverware.


Silver Small Round Twist Hoop Earrings

Want a pair of unusual, twisted hoops earrings? Well these thick silver hoops will suit you gorgeously. A thick style of hoop is a great way to expand your look and delve further into the world of fashionable silver hoops. Chunky earrings are entering more into the fashion world, and it’s a style we just love, even better when they have a unique pattern or texture like these.

 silver hoops medium

“This site was advertised in Candis magazine and I've been looking for a bracelet as a birthday present. The choice of designs is varied and they all look fabulous. The reviews about the company are all positive, which gave me confidence when placing an order. The website is very easy to navigate ...even for a tech dinosaur like me.”


Let’s learn a bit about the history… mining of silver began in 3000 BC within ancient mine workings in Turkey and Greece. It was refined by a cupellation process where the metal was heated in a shallow cup where a strong draft of air blew over, oxidising lead and copper and leaving silver unaffected. Also mined by the ancient civilizations of Central and South America due to rich deposits in Peru, Bolivia and Mexico, the exploitation of silver mines made the rise of the Athens possible. These mines operated from 600 BC through to the Roman era.


Silver Round Twist Hoop Earrings

These are a great pair of silver twisted hoop earrings, to carry you through your special occasions, nights out, days out, or even for when you are chilling on your couch! With these in your life, you will always feel gorgeous even if you’re just in a pair of joggers and a hoodie.

twist hoop earrings


“Amazing quality, delivered beautifully and protected. Delivery was super quick and efficient. The item itself fits like a glove, and lovely.”


Now, you may be thinking is sterling silver better than pure silver? Well, it depends on what you want out of the metals, if you are after silver jewellery, for example, then sterling silver may be a better option as it is hard wearing and robust. Silver jewellery for intricate pieces can work but this will require a lot of care and earrings and jewellery made from pure silver are prone to bending and going out of shape due to the softer nature of the metal.


Silver Oval Tube Hoop Earrings

These elegant, simple hoops are a great place to start with exploring the world of sophisticated hoop earrings. Sterling silver oval hoop earrings are great for wearing in your day-to-day life or on nights out. They are just an elegant touch to fit into your outfit, and we know that you will fall in love when you buy these!

 sterling silver oval hoop earrings

“Extremely pleased with my purchase presentation was lovely, will definitely use these guys again. Prompt delivery.”


A major factor when choosing jewellery is often the question of will my jewellery rust? Well, sterling silver doesn’t rust, but can tarnish due to there not being any iron present within the metal which is what causes rusting. Sterling silver is alloyed with copper too, and can easily be cleaned to remove any tarnishing that happens over time as the silver underneath will still be in good condition.


Silver 15mm Hoop, Checkerboard Design

Check out these beautiful 15mm hoops with a checkerboard design that reflects the lights dazzlingly! Textured silver hoop earrings are the way to go this season, and these are sure to make you look elegant and dazzling! Investing in unusual silver earrings makes you stand out from the crowd which these sterling silver hoops are sure to do.

 silver textured hoop earrings

“I placed my order not really expecting to receive it before Christmas but it arrived within 2 days so very impressed! Well packaged, lovely presentation box so hopefully the recipient likes it & it fits. The bracelet looks great quality so I am very happy with my purchase & the service! Will definitely use again & happy to recommend.”


If you are wanting to clean your silver jewellery but are not sure how to do it, the best and least nonabrasive way to do it is to use soap and water. You can make your jewellery look sparkling again by using phosphate free dishwashing soap. Soak your jewellery in the soapy water and make sure to rinse in warm water, then dry with a soft, clean, dry cloth. Although there are other methods of cleaning your jewellery such as with baking soda and water, baking soda and vinegar and baking soda with boiling water, we do plead you to exercise caution when using these methods. If you have vintage or precious silver jewellery, we advise you use water and soap or go to a professional jewellery cleaner.


However, we find that prevention is always better and by sticking to these top tips, your silver jewellery will maintain their beauty:

  • Wear your silver jewellery
  • Keep your silver jewellery away from cleaning products and chemical solutions
  • Keep your silver jewellery away from chlorinated water and rubber
  • Avoid substances getting close to your silver jewellery that contain sulphur
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Keep silver jewellery away from hairspray
  • Perfumes should be sprayed on before putting on silver jewellery
  • Lotions and creams should also be put on first and absorbed into the skin before putting on silver jewellery


Silver Double Hoop Earrings

We love these unique double hoops! They are the perfect pair of sterling silver hoops for that special occasion coming up. They also work perfectly as a beautiful gift for that special someone. You can’t go wrong with a bit of bling and that’s exactly what you have with these. Why not just go for it and treat yourself to these exceptional, unusual silver earrings?

 silver chunky hoops

“I am very pleased with these earrings. I love the design, the service was second to none so all in all I couldn’t be happier. Well done.”


You can wear sterling silver in water as most precious metals like silver, gold, titanium and stainless steel won’t corrode. However, we don’t advise you to wear your sterling silver jewellery continuously in water or for long periods of time just to be on the safe side. Please also note that sterling silver can potentially tarnish if exposed to seawater or the ocean especially if it is exposed to it for prolonged amounts of time.


Silver Bead 25mm Hoop Earrings

Looking for an unusual, glamorous pair of hoops? These beaded silver hoops are a match made in heaven for you! With a unique style, you will have everyone’s attention on your night out and your friends will want to buy a matching pair. Why not go for something a little different? They will become your go-to pair of hoops in no time!

 silver beaded hoop earrings

“Love my earrings from Demi&Co, they are super stylish and really comfortable - not too heavy on the ear. Perfect for going out. Website is really easy to use along with the purchasing journey. Earrings arrived quickly - happy customer.”


You can wear sterling silver every day, as long as you keep it dry and keep it clean and stored carefully when you are not wearing it, your sterling silver jewellery should stay perfect.


Silver Wavey Oval Tube Hoop Earrings

These unusual silver earrings create a perfect look for your night out. With an elegant twist in them, you’ll have all eyes on you. You can have more than one style of hoops and these twisted hoops are the ideal pair of earrings to introduce you into the whole world of textured silver hoops.

 sterling silver hoop

“Speedy, professional, helpful, I cannot rave about Demi+Co Jewellery enough. I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat and would recommend anyone else does, too.”


You can wear sterling silver to sleep as long as the piece you are wearing is not fragile, delicate or too tight in your ears, around your neck, fingers or wrist. As long as you keep the sterling silver dry and clean then you will be fine. We do recommend that you take off your jewellery at night and keep it stored safely to ensure it stays perfect.


Silver Barley Leaf Hoop Earrings

These elegant leaf-designed textured hoops would be a gorgeous addition to your jewellery box. Effortless and simplistic, these large silver hoop earrings will go with any outfit, fitting your day-to-day look perfectly, and carrying you through a night out with your friends.

 large silver hoop earrings

“Ordered item for Christmas. Arrived in plenty of time. Excellent customer service. Needed more links and the team were more than happy to assist, sent this out free of charge.”


If you do not take care of your sterling silver earrings or jewellery, they can tarnish as it oxidises with the air, sweat, sea water, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, moisture and humidity. The best thing is to avoid all of these when wearing sterling silver and put the jewellery safely away when you are not wearing it. Small amounts of tarnish can be removed with a silver polishing cloth.


Silver Diamond Cut Wedd Hoop Earrings

Looking for something to stand out from your look and bring your whole look together strikingly? These textured hoop earrings are the perfect way to explore our range of thick silver earrings; there is no limit and you are certain to find your soulmate in a pair of our sterling silver hoops. With a beautiful and unusual pattern on these hoops, you will make every head turn as you enter a room.

 chunky silver hoops

“I ordered my magnetic bracelet 2 days ago, so much to choose from but I decided to go plain to wear with my Mum’s special bracelet to compliment it. Hopefully it will help with my carpal tunnel!! What a surprise to have it arrive today so quickly and beautifully presented in a stunning black box. The bracelet is perfect and looks so expensive, what good quality at such a reasonable price. I received a voucher code for discount on further orders and I will definitely be placing another order soon. What a fabulous company and their attention to detail is brilliant. Thank you.”


Sterling silver has the potential to last a lifetime if well maintained, worn occasionally and stored carefully. On average sterling silver can last up to 30 years.


Silver Oval Shaped Double Hoop Earrings

Silver oval hoop earrings are a stunning addition to any jewellery box, especially when they are as unique as these! We love a double hoop and these sophisticated oval hoop earrings bring out the best in this style. Simple yet different, you can’t go wrong with these silver hoops; and they work perfectly as a gift for your loved ones!

 oval hoop earrings

We hope that you got to learn a thing or two within this blog post about the world of silver hoop earrings. There are many interesting facts surrounding silver, which is why it is one of our favourite metals! Hopefully, you managed to find a gorgeous piece from our beautiful collection showcased within this blog post.


As a family run business, our customers’ feedback is the most important thing to us as we pride ourselves on good customer service. We take great care with our products and customers and want to be able to help you no matter the issue! If you have any queries at all, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or DM us on social media!





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