January 10, 2023

 Small gold hoop earrings and 9 carat gold earrings are the most popular type when it comes to choosing jewellery for yourself or for a loved one. There are so many different reasons that people choose to invest in gold hoop earrings, and we will be answering a few of our customers’ questions in this article as part of our Style Journal.

No matter what your taste or style preference, there is a gold hoop out there to suit everyone. So, whether you are looking for a pair of dainty small gold hoops or want to make a statement with some ultra glam large 9ct gold hoop earrings, we have you covered here at DEMI+CO, with a gorgeous range of 9ct gold hoops to choose from. We really do have something for everyone.


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What do gold hoop earrings symbolise?

Once an essential accessory of Kings and Queens, who chose to complete their ensembles with 9 carat gold hoop earrings to signify their social status, gold hoops have evolved throughout history. In modern times, 9ct gold hoop earrings are a statement of confidence, strength, and diversity. The circle - which is the shape of the traditional hoop - is a sign of unity, infinity, and wholeness. Gold hoops play a prominent part in many cultures, who choose to wear them for different reasons that they symbolise to them.


Yellow Gold Octagon Hoop Earrings

Our stunning 9ct gold chunky hoop earrings consist of an intriguing octagonal shape, which makes them really unique and interesting. These medium gold hoop earrings are the perfect size to wear everyday with a casual outfit or to add a shiny touch to your favourite look for cocktail hour.

 medium gold hoop earrings

What are Creole hoops?

When it comes to earrings, Creole is a style of hoop that consists of a hoop that has an inconsistent thickness, and is usually broader at the bottom and narrower at the top. Sometimes Creole gold hoop earrings are made of a chunky hoop, but they are most commonly seen in the shape of gold oval hoops. The shape, however, of a Creole hoop earring can differ, and you may come across some really unique designs consisting of a triangle shape, or even something more unusual!


It’s often thought that the Creole earrings style originated in New Orleans, only to then be distributed and crafted all around the world. These gold twist hoop earrings are usually decorated with beautiful, intricate patterns and designs. Creole earrings are not only a popular fashion accessory, but are integrated in many cultures around the world that gives this accessory much more prominence and meaning. Women in New Orleans, the Caribbean, and West Africa commonly wear these special oval hoop earrings to symbolise strength, resilience, and identity.


Yellow Gold 17mm Hoop Earrings

These big gold hoop earrings are a classic, simplistic take on the traditional Creole hoop earrings. These stunning chunky hoops are a great addition to any everyday look, and the sophisticated design makes these an ideal statement piece for the minimalist at heart. These hoops don’t have any intricate swirls or patterns, but they are super shiny and add a touch of sparkle to any minimalist’s uniform.

 small gold hoop earrings

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Are gold hoops in fashion?

Of course! Gold hoop earrings UK are a modern-day jewellery classic, a staple for any jewellery collection, and a must-have for every fashionista out there! Gold hoops come in all shapes and sizes, from chunky gold hoops to small gold huggies, and depending on whether you decide to dress them up or dress them down, they are the perfect jewellery piece for day-to-night dressing and an essential investment piece for any jewellery lover.


Yellow Gold D/C Hoop Earrings

These stunning gold textured earrings really make a statement. Wearing these demands attention and the shine of the gorgeous gold will have you owning the dance floor. There is nothing quite like a bold pair of large gold hoop earringsto steal the limelight.

 small gold hoops

Are hoops in Style 2023?

Simple gold hoops are a jewellery collection staple, but they are always continuing to evolve. Fresh takes on the classic piece are expected to emerge in 2023, with Vogue predicting “youthful” and “unserious” offerings for the new year. Where chic gold huggie hoops will remain as everyday, unfussy essentials large gold hoops, chunky gold hoop earrings, and gold oval hoop earrings will keep on evolving with the trends to stay modern and quirky.

A textured and chunky gold hoop earrings set will have you covered for all of the predicted trends in 2023, while giving you a whole selection to choose from depending on your mood, the occasion, and the day. Unexpected combinations are expected when it comes to jewellery trends, so don’t be afraid to mix up your metals, sizes, and textures. Silver and gold hoops look fabulous with brightly coloured gem studs and give the playful exuberance predicted this year.

In 2023, designers are also experimenting with different gemstones, such as the traditional diamond by mixing it up with unusual stones, shapes, and sizes. At DEMI+CO we have a beautiful range of diamante huggie hoop earrings which would look fabulous accessorised with some edgy shapes and sizes when it comes to other earrings. Why not try mixing a pair of diamante huggie hoops with a chunky, large gold hoop earring for a quirky, contemporary look?


Yellow Gold Knot 18mm Hoop Earring

These elegant medium hoop earrings gold really add the wow-factor to any look. These earrings feature an unusual knot design and are a perfect earring to mix and match with other styles for a modern, luxe finish.

 9ct gold hoop earrings

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Why are sleeper earrings called that?

Sleeper earrings are small in size, which makes them unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. As they are usually plain and simple, 9ct gold sleeper earrings are intended to be worn at night to keep a pierced ear from closing, while still being comfortable for the wearer. This is a similar design to a huggie earring, as these are designed to ‘hug’ very close to the earlobe - hence the name, and are usually small hoop earrings. Both styles of earring are very popular and are great to be worn every day.


Yellow Gold Faceted 15.6mm Hoop Earrings

These sleek 9ct gold twist hoop earrings are so glamorous. If you are looking for a sign to treat yourself as we head into 2023 - this is it! These medium hoop earrings gold are sure to be popular, and we can definitely see why. Get them while you can!

 9ct gold chunky hoop earrings

What is the difference between huggies and hoops?

As mentioned earlier, huggie earrings are a type of small hoop which hugs closely to your earlobe for a comfortable, snug fit. Hoop earrings come in a variety of different sizes, but huggie hoops measure closer to the ear than any other style. Huggies are not only popular with those with new piercings, but people looking for a pair of simple gold hoop earrings that will become a staple in their jewellery collection, and will stand the test of time long after trends have come and gone.


Yellow Gold 13.5mm Round Crystal Hoop

Choose a bit of bling with these sparkly gold hoops. This pair of graceful hoop earrings are a luxurious choice, and would look seriously splendid with a glam cocktail dress and killer heels for those special events.

 diamante huggie hoops

What is the perfect size hoop earring?

The size of the hoop you choose to wear, and are comfortable wearing, is all down to personal preference. However, our recommendations when it comes to size is that 20mm to 30mm hoops are a great size for everyday wear, but smaller and larger hoops are also popular - so just go with whatever feels right for you. Smaller, huggie style hoops are around 10mm to 14mm and are a practical yet chic choice, which makes them a great investment to your jewellery collection. Larger hoops can be worn to make a bold statement and express yourself, but if you feel more comfy rocking a pair of small chunky gold hoop earrings, you know you best and you should go with whatever feels right and whatever look you love.


Yellow Gold 18.4mm Ribbed Hoop Earrings

These funky ribbed hoops have a certain retro vibe about them. The classic design of these earrings mixed with an interesting ribbed pattern creates a pair of groovy gold hoop earrings, perfect for when you are dancing the night away!

 chunky gold hoop earrings

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Why do hoop earrings make you look prettier?

Hoop earrings draw attention to and frame your face, which draws the eye to your beautiful features. It could also be argued that if you feel confident and beautiful in your jewellery, you will look prettier - as confidence is the most attractive thing you can wear! I also believe that there is something greater about the design and geometry of a lovely pair of gold hoops that really work wonders. By creating a pleasant symmetry, which is proven to be appealing to the eye, this in turn causes your face to appear symmetrical. However, going back to my previous point, if you feel great, it will show on the outside and this will make you look great too.


Yellow Gold Oval Crystal Kiss Hoop

These truly luxurious gold oval hoops have a stunning glamour to them. The intricate and delicate diamantes add something extra special, that will catch the light and make you shine. These hoop earrings are ideal for those special occasions such as birthdays, dinners, or black tie events.

 gold oval hoop earrings

Are hoops better than studs?

It depends on the piercing and the person as to whether hoops or stud earrings are better. For example, if you have freshly pierced ears in the earlobe or outer ear cartilage area, such as a helix piercing, we recommend choosing a stud earring, rather than a hoop or any dangling styles. However, once your piercing has fully healed you can wear any style of earrings, from gold sleepers, huggie hoops, studs, long drop earrings and even large, chunky hoops. What you choose jewellery wise once your piercings are healed is all down to personal preference and what you like the look and feel of more, however it is very important that you don’t rush the healing process and only change your new piercings when it has fully healed.


Yellow Gold & White Gold Double Oval Hoop Earrings

These elegant hoops are really pulling out all the stops! You are sure to steal the spotlight in these dazzling oval hoop earrings with their unique and interesting design. We also think that these would make the most thoughtful gift that is sure to wow the person unwrapping them.

 gold and white gold hoop earrings

Who started wearing hoop earrings first?

Hoop earrings actually originated in Africa. According to Yekaterina Barbash, Associate Curator of Egyptian art at the Brooklyn Museum, hoops date back to Nubia, which was a civilization that existed in the 4th Century, in what is now present day Sudan. In Ancient Egypt, both men and women wore hoop earrings as an expression of beauty. It is not surprising then that Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Tutankhamen all famously chose to adorn themselves with gold hoop earrings. Barbash also said that the Ancient Egyptians wore hoops as a symbol of sexuality.


Yellow Gold Moondust Oval Hoop Earrings

The sparkle of these diamante 9ct gold hoop earrings is second to none. The oval hoops really do capture the essence of being filled with moondust or stardust from lightyears away. These gorgeous hoops are really out of this world, and are sure to spark envy with anybody enjoying your company.

 gold oval hoops

Gold and Silver hoop earrings have evolved over time and different communities wear them to signify different things. The gold hoop is one of the most popular pieces of jewellery which has been around for a long, long time. So whether you choose to wear gold hoops as a symbol of something special to your community, or just as a way to express yourself and your style, there are plenty of choices out there for you to experiment with.

If there are any additional questions you would like to ask about our gold hoop earrings, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or reach out on social media, where we will be more than happy to help. If you are looking for some more tips or style inspiration, check our Style Journal, which we update regularly with trends, FAQs and our new products.





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