May 04, 2022

Here at DEMI+CO, we love to help our customers find all the information they need before they make a decision about what they buy from our store. We think it’s best to make an informed decision, rather than jumping into a product too fast. That is why we ensure that we do lots of research and create these blog posts for you to read through and hopefully have all your questions answered!


This blog post provides you with information about huggie hoops, answering some of the most frequently asked questions, whilst also showing off some of our best white gold huggie earrings and yellow gold huggies for you to browse and hopefully find the perfect item you are looking for. We have a fantastic collection of gold huggie hoops and we hope that you find exactly what you are looking for within this blog post!


White Gold 16mm Huggies

Looking for a classic gold hoop earring that has a minimal design and a super glossy shine? Look no further than these small white gold hoops. Fuelled by simplicity and sophistication, you are sure to find that anything goes beautifully with these chic white gold huggie earrings! Also perfect for your child’s first pair of huggie hoops, these effortless huggies are just the right amount of simple to not be too overbearing and they will soon enough become a go-to pair. As a minimalist pair of huggie earrings, you are bound to match these with any outfit that comes to mind!

 white gold huggie earrings

What is a huggie hoop earring?

Huggie earrings sit close to your earlobe as they are a style of hoop earrings that are small in size and, as it says in the name, hug the ear!


What is the difference between hoop and Huggie earrings?

Huggie earrings have a lever back which simply clicks into place, and they tend to be thicker than the standard hoop.


Silver Cz Huggies

Want something with a bit more bling and style? We think you will love these silver CZ huggies! Not only will these bring glamour and sophistication to your life, but the CZs create a wonderful diamond huggie earrings effect, making you feel special and worth £1,000,000! Bring out your boldness and confidence when you wear these silver huggie earrings and you’ll never want to take them off. What’s not to love about a beautiful diamond huggie hoop earring? Perfect for a night out on the town, these silver huggie hoop earrings will add a glamorous touch to your special outfit!

 silver huggie hoop earrings

Are huggie hoops in style?

Yes! No matter how many ear piercings you have, huggie earrings are the latest jewellery trend, with everyone from celebrities to influencers showing off these tiny little hoops!


Are huggie hoops comfortable?

Huggie earrings are very comfortable for all-day wear or to even sleep in due to their extremely thin and hollow qualities. They are especially ideal if you don’t want to take them out very often as they are designed to never fall out.


Yellow Gold 13.3mm Huggies Earrings

Looking for a minimal yellow gold huggie hoop with a simplistic design and lovely shine? These small gold hoop earrings will go with everything and anything, making your life that little bit simpler! You can accessorize any outfit when you pick these gold huggies out of your jewellery box as gold is a great metal to fit all face shapes and sizes, bringing your look together effortlessly! We also think that these would be another great pair of tiny gold hoops to get your child started on as they are simplistic and cute, perfect for a minimalistic but elegant style.

 9ct gold hoop earrings

Why are they called huggie earrings?

Huggie earrings are given the name for the exact reason you would think: they hug the earlobe! They are a small hoop that sits close to your earlobe and tend to be thicker than the standard hoop.


Are huggie earrings comfortable to sleep in?

Huggies are under a half inch in diameter to hug closely to your earlobe, meaning that they are suitable to wear all day and night as you won’t experience any snagging or tugging!


Silver Princess & Round Cz 20mm Huggies

Wow! Take a look at these diamond huggie earrings! Bring sparkle and bling to your life when you wear these silver cz huggies and feel like a princess when you do so! These would be perfect for a special occasion coming up, or even for that night out you’ve got planned with your friends! These would definitely bring something special to your outfit and adding a little bit of glamour to your life is always a good thing! Add these huggie hoops to your jewellery box and bring out your confidence when you feel like royalty in these silver huggie earrings.

 tiny silver hoop earrings

How do I choose huggie earrings?

Usually, people choose the same size as their measurement to ensure that their huggies are snug, but if you want a little bit of space, add 1-2mm to your measurement. When in doubt, choose a larger size for your first earring.


Silver Cz Huggies

Feel like a million bucks when you wear these extra-special diamond huggie earrings! We love silver cz huggies and we know for sure that you will too! These silver huggies are bound to make you feel special and confident when you bring bling and glamour to every room you enter. Add them to your jewellery box and find yourself reaching for them every time you plan to go out! Small diamond hoops are bound to bring light and happiness to your life, so why not take a look at these and find the perfect pair of huggies for you today?

 silver huggie earrings

Jewellery trends come and go, but there is a certain one that has taken centre stage for the past few years: curated ears! This is when someone has multiple ear piercings styled with different types of earrings. We love this trend because it can be completely unique to each person, so we wanted to talk through some of our ideas and give you a little bit of advice on how you can add huggie hoops into the mix!


Yellow Gold 16mm D/C Huggies

Want something that is gold, simple and yet has a little bit of texture and pattern to it? Why not take a look at these yellow gold huggie hoops? We think that small gold hoop earrings are a wonderful way to dress up your look in style and bring a great sense of fashion and uniqueness to your everyday look. Accessorizing your outfit with these chic gold huggie hoops will allow you to feel confident, bold and trendy. Emit elegance and sophistication with these tiny gold hoops snuggly clipped to your ear, turning every head when you enter a room!

 gold huggie earrings

Whilst ear curation is a wonderful way to express yourself, it has been recommended that you don’t go too mad and only have three piercings at most done at one time, in order for your body to recover and your piercings to heal effectively.


Silver Baby Huggies Earrings

Small diamond hoops are a great way to express yourself with boldness and confidence, and we think that these tiny silver hoop earrings are the best way to do that! You will find bling and sparkle to be part of your life when you add these glamorous diamond huggie earrings to your jewellery box. They are perfect as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone else, and these small silver earrings exude sophistication and will add an elegant essence to your outfit. Feel yourself twinkle with these beautiful huggie hoops that add a gorgeous glint to any look.

 huggie earrings

If you find it hard to get more piercings to complete your look, or you’re worried about pain, it might be best to stick to piercing your lobes and using ear cuffs or crawlers instead. These are studs that travel up the ear to take up more space. However, experts say that if you find the right piercer to do the job, pain should be minimal and it’s always worth it to see the gorgeous results of a curated ear!


Silver Cz Huggies

Accessorize your look and life with these sparkly diamond huggie earrings, and never be lost for the perfect pair of small silver earrings to match your look again! These will dress up any outfit you find to pair them with and will surely make a great addition to your jewellery box. Sparkle every room you walk into with these silver huggie earrings, and fill your night out with bling, confidence and a chic style as you exude sophistication. Your friends will all be wondering where you got these extra special huggies, which is what also makes them such a perfect gift!

 silver huggie earrings

When curating your ears, experts advise that for the best result, you should aim to create a balance with enough space, as well as mirroring piercings on each ear. Perhaps try a triple lobe piercing, and double helix on top of the ear. It’s best to arrange the hoops so that the largest or longest earrings are in the standard lobe piercings, and smaller hoops and studs travel up the ear.


Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Huggies Earrings

Gold diamond cut huggies are great for a unique look. These would be perfect to accessorize your day-to-day outfits, or to dress up with your look for a night out. We love small gold hoops with a bit of texture and pattern, and we think these are a go-to pair for a simplistic, yet chic look. With something a little more than a minimal gold hoop, these textured gold huggies will see you through days of glamour and professionalism as they can be worn for any occasion! They are also a wonderful gift for a loved one in your life as they aren’t so overbearing that they would be out of someone’s comfort zone, but still beautifully unique that they would be a stylish fit for everyone and anyone!


gold huggie hoops

Experts advise that your first piercing should be intentionally placed so it doesn’t feel random, like your first lobe piercing. It should also be one that isn’t too tricky to heal if you haven’t put earrings in for a while. Lobes will heal quicker as they are soft tissue piercings, followed by protected cartilage piercings like the faux rook, conch and flat as they are less likely to get caught on things. If you already have your first lobe piercing done, a second or third piercing on the lobe is great. A helix or tragus piercing is also perfect for your first cartilage piercing.


White Gold Cz Huggies

Bling is always the way to go when you want to go full-out with a pair of diamond huggie earrings. What’s better than dazzling a room as your beautiful small silver earrings sparkle and shine, snuggly hugging your earlobes to accessorize your favourite outfit? White gold huggie earrings make for a lovely addition to anyone’s jewellery box and with CZs added into the mix, they will certainly become your new best friend! We know that you will love these diamond huggie earrings and won’t be able to go a day without them!

 white gold huggie earrings

Curating your ears is a personal way to express yourself, so there’s really no one way about it. You can try whatever you like, such as wearing every coloured huggies all up your ears, from gold huggie hoops, to silver huggie earrings, and rose gold huggies. You can even stick simple studs in all the holes, or mix and match, playing about with different lengths and sizes of earrings in every piercing, or even simply wearing ear cuffs to add an edgy essence. The choice is completely up to you!


We hope that you enjoyed this blog post and managed to learn a little something about huggie earrings, along with how to curate your ear! We love to give you advice, and we hope that you found a product within this blog post worth investing in! Customer service is a huge priority of ours so if you have any questions at all, feel free to email us or get in touch through our social media DMs.





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