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December 17, 2020

We recently held a few polls on social media about gold jewellery and gold hoop earrings and we were really interested to find some very insightful information. We feel that during the lockdown and with so many social aspects of people’s lives being closed people are still passionate about dressing up, adorning themselves and buying jewellery. Here at DEMI+CO we even spoke to each other about their reasons for buying jewellery and accessories and we all had remarkably similar standpoints which stemmed from the feel-good factor and the ‘buying high’.

The insights from our social media research were interesting so much so that we wanted to delve a little deeper into the world of psychology of buying and the psychology particularly in to buying jewellery. We won’t go too deep into our findings as this probably is a task for another blog post in the future! What we have found from our social media findings was that many of you consider buying jewellery for yourselves as a top priority, especially earrings and gold hoops, buying jewellery for relatives was a second and buying jewellery for friends as a third. It is so good to see that we are putting the needs of ourselves first and foremost especially in turbulent times like these, it makes sense that little treats are seen as a necessity to help us feel better.

 “Great earrings. Look even better than the photos! Quick delivery and nicely wrapped.”


The information on the psychology of jewellery and buying jewellery was also incredibly fascinating and pretty much backed up our stats from our social media research. We’ve put together a blog post all about the pros and cons of wearing gold hoop earrings and we want to share some of the psychology behind buying jewellery that we’ve learnt. After all, every day is a school day! Read through our incredibly honest post all about gold hoop earrings, to learn more about why we love jewellery so much. We hope you find this post informative and helpful when making you decision on what jewellery to choose this Christmas.


Jade Thin Gold Hoops

Our large, barely-there Jade thin gold hoops are the perfect gift for your favourite minimalist this year. These hoops are beautiful and classy and go well with any outfit, dressed up or down. This style suits oval face shapes, long and narrow face shapes and square face shapes.
 thin gold hoops

“I love these hoops so much thank you will be buying more again”


The Psychology of Buying Jewellery

We found it very interesting when looking into the psychology of buying jewellery, that often we choose our purchases as a gift for someone special. In romantic relationships, jewellery is a gesture of unconditional love and affection. Jewellery can create a inner feeling of deep connection with another person, it can also be a show of commitment through engagement rings, wedding rings or promise rings. Jewellery is often linked to romance, but it can also be linked to forgiveness. It is said that jewellery can show how sorry a person is, as it has a lasting impact when someone has done something wrong. This is due to jewellery lasting forever, which is one of the reasons it’s used in many different situations.
Behind the psychology of giving jewellery as a gift is quite fascinating. It is said that people often give jewellery to show that they have good taste or that they put more thought and spend more money on gifts. Often, we buy jewellery for others to make a good impression and we want to show people how much we care by buying them jewellery rather than something cheap that they won’t use.

Carrie 10mm Gold Huggie Hoops

Our Carrie huggie hoops are perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for something a little more formal and professional, these huggie hoops will make you look sophisticated and put-together. Perfect with your favourite blouse and trousers combo. This style suits oval face shapes.
huggie hoops

“My favourite pair of hoop earrings very happy with these”

Jewellery still reflects some people’s social status today, as it did in ancient times. Think of royalty, for example, with their crowns, tiaras and expensive gemstones. Jewellery is believed to reinforce self-esteem or the wearer’s ego.
Buying jewellery can also make us feel happy. By treating ourselves to gifts, we can get a rush of joy for buying ourselves something nice. We also feel happiness when we buy gifts for others and see the smile on their faces too! There’s lots of reasons we buy jewellery and these are just some of them. The psychology behind buying jewellery is quite complex but very interesting, we hope you enjoyed learning a little bit of what’s behind it.

Maria Gold Hoop Earrings

These Maria Gold Hoop Earrings make a wonderful gift, with their classic style. The gold of these medium gold hoop earrings adds shimmer and shine to any outfit, making them so timeless. These are very light in weight and comfortable to wear. This style suits oval face shapes, long and narrow face shapes and square face shapes.

simple gold hoop earrings

“Lovely gold hoop earrings really good quality nice and thick and pretty gift box” 


Here at DEMI+CO, we love our collection of gold hoop earrings and take great time and care into designing them to create styles to suit everyone and that our customers will love. We get asked questions about our hoop earrings like, what earrings will suit my face shape? We’ve put together a little pros and cons list of wearing gold hoop earrings to give you a few tips and tricks on how you can style them.

Lola Large Gold Hoops

Our Lola large gold hoop earrings are a gorgeous addition to any jewellery collection. These are slim enough to wear during the day but also with their texture, add something special to eveningwear. This style suits oval face shapes, long and narrow face shapes and square face shapes.
textured gold hoop earrings

“Very happy with my purchase these are like 3 hoops in one and they really do look good on”

Did you know that in 1500 B.C.E., Ancient Egyptian’s loved to adorn themselves with gorgeous gold hoop earrings? Hoop earrings were worn by both men and women during this time, and it was believed to enhance the person’s beauty. Royal Egyptians wore large, heavy gold hoops as symbols of their status, wealth and power.

Pros of Gold Hoop Earrings

The biggest pro of gold hoop earrings is that they are so versatile! Large hoop earrings compliment the natural feminine features of women and can really add something extra to any outfit. They also make the wearer feel confident and can put a smile on your face simply by wearing a pair of fabulous earrings.

Kirsten Gold Curl Hoops

One of our bestsellers, these Kirsten hoops are to die for! The chopstick curl is a gorgeous compliment to any outfit and these earrings are shiny and gold, meaning they catch the light and look stunning! This style suits oval face shapes, long and narrow face shapes and square face shapes.

twisted gold hoops

“Very shiny and pretty hoops not seen any like this before very happy with my purchase will shop again soon”

Some people believe that wearing earrings make you look more beautiful, especially big hoop earrings. The reason behind this may because of the added confidence boost, as there’s nothing more beautiful than a big smile. Another brilliant thing about simple gold hoop earrings is that there are so many styles, ensuring that there’s something to suit everybody. We’re often asked which earrings will suit someone depending on their face shape. We’ve put together a quick, handy guide to help you decide what would best suit you.

Whitney Gold Brushed Hoops

As dramatic as the diva herself! Our Whitney hoops are a must-have for any jewellery lover and are sure to make your outfit pop with their gold brushed details. This style suits oval face shapes, long and narrow face shapes and square face shapes.

thick gold hoops

“Good size hoops not too thick but noticable nice pattern very happy with them”


Inverted Triangle Face Shape or Heart Shaped Face

If the lower half of your face is narrower, hoops with a wider bottom would compliment your face shape well. Look for styles that are “bottom-heavy”, or are shaped like a teardrop rather than a perfect hoop.

Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, we’re envious! You can wear any style that you choose and it’ll compliment your face perfectly.

Riri Gold Bubble Hoops

Our Riri Gold Bubble Hoop earrings are the perfect statement piece. This unusual design adds a glamourous retro look to any outfit and are sure to turn heads. With the interesting shape of these bold chunky gold hoop earrings, this style suits any face shape perfectly and will look fab styled with anything!

chunky gold hoops

“Finally found a pair of earrings I wanted really happy with these thank you”

Round Face Shape

If you have a rounder face shape, oval hoops will compliment your face, making your face appear slimmer and complimenting your features.

Long and Narrow Face

If you have a long, thin face then you should emphasize the width of your face with a gorgeous pair of medium to large gold hoop earrings. These will make your face appear fuller.

Square Face

If you have a square face shape, hoop earrings are perfect for you! The circular style softens your features and look beautiful.

Cons of Gold Hoop Earrings

A con of gold hoop earrings is that they can be very heavy on the ear, making them uncomfortable to wear. Luckily all of our gold plated hoop earrings are lightweight, regardless of their size, meaning they are lovely to wear and can be worn all day comfortably.
Some people also believe that hoop earrings appear unprofessional and this is a question we’re asked frequently. The truth is, this depends on your job. A small pair of gold huggies can be worn any time, are comfortable, classy and are indeed, professional looking, whereas a large, intricate and ornate pair may be best saved for your next night out. Always use you judgement as to whether you think the style you love is suitable for the workplace, or whether you should go for a more subtle, but still pretty style.

Raven Assorted Gold Hoops

If you’re not sure what size to go for, our Raven assorted gold hoops give you a size for every occasion. These gold hoop earrings set are so glam, transforming any outfit into a look. Be the envy of all your friends with this bestseller! This style suits oval face shapes, long and narrow face shapes and square face shapes.

gold hoop earrings set

“Very happy with my hoop earrings arrived quick and lovely quality”

Whatever your reasons for choosing gold hoop earrings or whoever you're choosing to buy for, we hope that you have found this article useful and that it’s answered some of your questions about jewellery and gold hoop earrings in particular. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via email or social media, where we’ll be happy to help. Happy shopping!

"Excellent service and quick delivery but unfortunately I have had to return the Bangle as it's absolutely massive on my mother. Didn't realise she has the tiniest wrists. But would defo buy fr you guys again."

"Lovely items. Arrived well. Will purchase here again in the future. Size fit but would perhaps size up next time. Thanks!" 

"I have always been able to find what I needed for jewellery and also been happy with the service provided by Demi and Co."




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