Why you should wear pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are a classic statement piece for every female and a timeless edition to a jewellery collection. Pearls have been around for centuries and have always been used for adorning ears, necks and wrists. Pearl studs and pearl drop earrings can come in many different shapes and sizes and we have put together a detailed page on how to spot real pearl earrings UK and also all the different types of pearls you can get from natural, freshwater, cultured and shell pearls. Plus we have given a brief history of pearls to give you an idea of how pearls were discovered.


Our best selling pearls are our pearl earrings, from long drop pearl earrings to pearl studs, small pearl earrings, silver pearl earrings, gold pearl earrings, diamond pearl earrings and everything in between. Our range does also include pearl necklaces, pearl pendants and pearl bracelets too so do have a good look through and enjoy.


Silver W/Pearl Drop Earrings

These beautiful and elegant long drop pearl earrings are sight to behold. Sterling silver chain drop is met with a dangling pink hued pearl at the bottom. These earrings are delicate enough for daytime and bold enough to make an evening statement too. If you are after sterling silver pearl earrings then these are the one to bag.

 silver pearl drop earrings

History and background

Pierced ears became fashionable among men and women in Renaissance Europe. During this time, pearl earrings became very popular as a way to show social status. Many people in Renaissance Europe sported pierced ears as a way to show off their status. Women weren't the only ones with pierced earrings either; men wore them, too! In the 17th century, King Louis XIV of France declared that only members of the nobility could wear pearls. This led to a decline in popularity for pearl earrings until the 19th century when they made a comeback.


Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings

These stunning Swarovski pearl earrings are a really special addition to any jewellery box. We can picture these gorgeous silver pearl drop earrings being worn with a classic little black cocktail dress, which would ensure you steal the limelight of any fancy event. These beautiful silver pearl earrings would also make the perfect heartfelt gift for a loved one and would suit a classic lady who adores traditional fashions.

 pearl drop earrings

The 19th century saw a comeback for pearl earrings.

In the nineteenth century, pearl earrings made a comeback as a popular fashion accessory. Although they had been worn throughout history, their popularity waned in the eighteenth century. The return of pearls to fashion was due in part to Empress Eugénie de Montijo of France, who often wore them. During this time, natural pearls were still being harvested from the Persian Gulf and Red Sea; however, cultured freshwater pearls were also becoming more common. These man-made gems were less expensive than natural ones and could be produced in greater numbers.


Pearl earring drop

It was during this period that the teardrop shape was popularized. The tear drop has been used as a symbol of life, love, beauty, and purity, and was thus favoured by women of the nineteenth century. Other popular pharyngeal ornaments of the time included pendants, earrings, and necklaces. These ornaments are often seen as part of classic Victorian jewellery. French fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth is credited with bringing the modern "pearl drop earring" into popular culture. In the mid-1800s, he invented a way to produce perfectly matched pearl earrings that were identical to each other.


From the late 19th century through the early 20th century, pearl earrings were a popular fashion accessory for tourists and women about town. They were often worn with other jewellery, including pearls at the neck and throat. Innovation took place in France in the mid-19th century. Claire and Mathilde Tricot, a pair of Siamese twins, were the first to mass-produce cultured pearls using a technique similar to the one invented by their half-brother Auguste Périer.


9ct White Gold 0.18ct Diamond & Pearl Stud Earrings

These lavish pearl stud earrings are adorned with glittering diamonds and are the ultimate little treat. Classic swirl circular pattern and the scattering of diamonds gives these stunning pearl stud earrings an extra touch of luxury. Go on and treat yourself to these divinely beautiful and timeless stud earrings.

 gold and pearl earrings

Queen Victoria

This trend began to change in the Victorian era when Queen Victoria herself declared that she did not approve of piercings. After that, it became more fashionable for women to keep their ears unpierced. However, Queen Victoria herself was known for her love of pearls, and she often wore them in her signature Tiara hairstyle. Today, pearl earrings are still seen as a symbol of luxury and are often worn by celebrities on the red carpet.


9ct Gold Simulated Pearl Stud

These cute gold and pearl earrings add a subtle touch of glamour to your looks. These are the perfect pair of large pearl earrings to start your collection off and really dip your toes into the world of pearls. You will love how well these earrings compliment any style and will be reaching for them every time you head out the house to finish off your looks.  

 pearl studs

20th Century

The twentieth century brought a decline in earrings as a fashion accessory. Feminism, which began as early as the eighteenth century, took on a new shape in the twentieth century. The new movement rejected beauty of all kinds, preferring a natural look and refusing to wear makeup or jewellery. Pearls, however, were sometimes seen. In many countries, pearl earrings became a symbol of womanhood.

In the early 20th century, Coco Chanel re-popularized pearl earrings with her timeless designs. Chanel's designs proved that pearls could be worn by anyone and were no longer just for royalty.


9ct White Gold 0.05ct Diamond & 5.49ct Citrine, Amethyst & Pearl Drop Earrings

If you are after a quirky pair of pearl earrings then look no further than these pearl drop earrings, combining delightful gems like diamond, citrine, amethyst and of course beautiful pearls too. The purple tones of amethyst and the bright yellow tones of citrine give a very striking look to these decadent pearl earrings a real showstopping pair!

 white gold pearl earrings


Today, pearl earrings are worn by people of all social classes and are seen as both fashionable and classic. pearl earrings have remained a staple in many women's jewellery collections. Today, pearl earrings are worn by people of all social classes and are seen as both fashionable and classic. Pearls have always been associated with elegance and beauty, making them a popular choice for special occasions like weddings or proms., Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more dramatic, pearl earrings are a great option.


Yellow Gold Simulated Pearl Drop Studs

Traditional and elegant, these pearl dangle earrings are a sophisticated jewellery choice that would look graceful paired with a classic little black dress. With the added detail of 9ct gold these gold drop earrings definitely ooze style. Simulated pearls are pearl effect stones that give you a pearl look without the pricy cost. These vintage style pearl drop studs will give your look an old-Hollywood feel.

 pearl dangle earrings


Natural pearls

A natural pearl is developed when an organism or a grain of sand permeates and lodges in the mantle tissue of a mollusk. In response, the “invaded” tissue secretes a protective substance called nacre, a combination of crystalline and organic substances that builds and eventually after a few years develops into a pearl. Natural pearls are rare and require serious persistence to find.    


Yellow Gold 6mm Cultured Pearl Studs

Simplicity at its best with these beautiful one of a kind pearl stud earrings. Cultured pearls are produced by an oyster or mollusk in saltwater like the sea and given a helping man made hand they are genuine pearls. These small stud earrings are definitely the perfect everyday pair of studs that are timeless classic jewellery pieces to treasure.


 real pearl earrings

Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are derived from oysters that mature in non-saltwater, so not the sea but in lakes and ponds. Freshwater pearls usually are not as circular as saltwater pearls and therefore less expensive. During the 1990s the pearl farming industry changed the type of mussels they used and lowered the number of grafts inserted in the mussel, and thereby the number of pearls produced. Freshwater pearls are all slightly unique in size and shape but over the past two decades their quality and value has increased. Freshwater pearls today are in demand with jewellery designers because of their lower cost and improved quality and availability.  


9ct Gold Simulated Pearl Knot Stud

These pretty pearl knot studs give a classic design a modern twist. It is often timeless pieces like these precious pearl earrings that stay desirable through any fashions and trends. Choosing a classic pair of knot pearl studs will ensure you always have a go to pair of stunning pearls to carry you throughout the years.

 pearl knot stud

Cultured pearls

A cultured pearl is created similarly like the natural process but not by accident but man made a pearl farmer induces pearl formation by inserting an irritant into the mollusk and then “cultivating” the pearl. Cultured pearls are real pearls most pearls sold today are cultured. Edible oysters do not produce nacre and therefore they do not produce pearls, so there’s no need to check them before eating.


Micro Pave' Fancy Stud Fresh water Pearl

Natural and elegant these real pearl earrings are sublimely delicate and stunning. Graceful studs that are suitable for everyday and stunning for special occasions too. Made with real freshwater pearls derived from non-saltwater oysters these pearls are unique in shape and style. These pearl earrings are a must have as part of your jewellery collection.

 pearl and cubic zirconia earrings

Shell pearls

Shell pearls are made from the lining of an oyster or mollusk shell, this is also referred to as Mother of Pearl. The substance found in the lining of the oyster shell is ground into a powder, then it is shaped, dyed and coated with a pearl nacre and a protective coating to give it a gloss coating. Shell pearls are still very beautiful and a less expensive alternative to saltwater pearls. Shell pearls go through a much more stringent process and quality control within the industry and that process ensures that shell pearls keep their colour and shine and aren’t affected by sweat or perfume making them incredibly durable and long lasting.



Simulated pearls

Simulated pearls are made in many different ways to resemble pearls but without the costly price tag. In recent years the intricate production methods and have ensured simulated pearls are strong and high quality plus they look very similar to real salt water pearls and are more durable. Simulated pearls, when created with quality materials, can mirror real pearls at an affordable price. Here are four ways in which simulated pearls are made, the materials and the processes involved.

Cotton pearls

Cotton pearls are produced with cotton that is dipped in pearl coating. As cotton is a lighter material, they feel a bit lighter but they are commonly used within other intricate designs and outfits.

Glass pearls

Self-explanatory glass pearls are made out of hollow glass, these glass hollow beads are filled with white wax and then coated in a pearlescent material.


Copper pearls

Copper pearls are pearls made with copper alloy and then coated several times in a pearl like film coating to create pearl replica shine and glow of natural pearls.


Fish scale pearls

The technique in creating these types of simulated pearls were stumbled upon by a Parisian jeweller when they came across fish scales in water. They noticed that the glisten of fish scales was very similar to that of a pearlescent glisten and that is how they got their name. Fish scale pearls are produced by putting wax into a glass bead and coating it with fish scale iridescent and varnish to give it a life like pearl replica look.


Silver Circle of Life, Pearl & Cz Drop Earrings

These stunning diamond drop earrings are something really special. The regal design makes these a thoughtful gift idea for someone special. Sterling silver pearl drop earrings will never go out of fashion and these intricate and elaborate studs will be sure to steal the limelight for many occasions to come.

 pearl drop earrings


Pearls have a very colourful and long history and as a natural element adorned many people over many centuries. Pearls have a long standing cultural history with nobles, women and icons and is an element that will continue to flourish in the jewellery industry. We hope you enjoyed this deep delve into the different types of pearls, how they are captured, created, made, sold and simulated. We also hope you found our bestselling pearl pieces enjoyable to look through and read about.

As a family run brand, we pride ourselves on having the best quality jewellery and a wide range of beautiful pieces to suit all. We are especially proud of our pearl range and source the best suppliers to bring you beautiful pieces and collections.







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