Magnetic Bracelet Buyers Guide

Magnetic bracelet buyers guide

Looking to buy a magnetic bracelet? Wondering what style to get or which metal to choose from? If you’re unsure about if magnetic bracelets work then look no further. We have put together a comprehensive guide that includes how magnetic therapy works, what the magnets used in the bracelets are, the different metals and their benefits and some examples to browse through as well. Not forgetting our most frequently asked questions so you can have a read and become an expert in all things magnetic.


Magnets and magnetic therapy

All our magnetic bracelets use the same neodymium magnets which are one of the smallest but still powerful magnets around. The strength of all magnets are measured by gauss, this is the unit of measurement of a magnetic field. One gauss is one maxwell per square centimetre of magnetic induction (magnetic field). All our bracelets have between 4 to 22 magnets depending on weather they are bangles or link bracelets (link bracelets have a bit more than the bangles). Our magnetic rings have 2 magnets per ring and each magnet has 2,400 gauss strength which gives enough magnetic therapy whilst being safe.

Magnetic therapy has been around for many decades it is an ancient form of healing and now considered an alternative health treatment. Magnetic therapy bracelets uses magnets and their magnetic field to help heal a number of physical ailments. Magnetism is considered a science however very little research has gone into magnetic therapy and how it affects humans positively.  Nevertheless, the amount of people that use magnetic bracelets is ever increasing.

 copper bracelet for men

How magnetic therapy works

Magnetic fields combine negative ions which are known for their positive affects on our mind and body. Across the globe the atmosphere is full of both negative and positive ions which we absorb throughout the day. The idea behind negative ion therapy is pretty basic: positive ions in the air make us feel bad, and negative ions in the air make us feel good. scientists believe that ionization, in the form of lightning, was probably instrumental in the formation of amino acids which were the essential components for the beginnings of life.


What are negative ions?

  • Negative ions are molecules or atoms that have gained one or more extra electrons, giving them a negative charge.
  • They are abundant in nature, especially in places like waterfalls, oceans, and after a thunderstorm. Negative ions are also generated by various sources like sunlight, radiation, and electrical discharges.
  • Some studies suggest that exposure to negative ions may elevate mood, increase alertness, and improve overall well-being.
  • Negative ions are thought to work by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, which can in turn affect serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter linked to mood regulation.


Copper magnetic link bracelets

Link bracelets are very easy to make smaller or bigger, we provide a link tool that can be used to manually take out and add links just to make sure it is the perfect fit!

There are more magnets in a copper link bracelet, usually one per link, which means you get the best of that magnetic therapy!

All our copper magnetic link bracelets have a watch clasp making the bracelet very secure, the buckle style clasp ensures that the bracelet only comes off when you want to take it off.

Copper link bracelets can be adjusted very easily to make it extremely small or very large and adjusted back again at any time.

Petal copper bracelet with magnets

Like delicate petals of a flower this floral copper bracelet for women is stunning and chic. Each copper link is in the shape of a floral petal, all intertwined to create a beautiful and feminine bracelet. There is a lot of attention to detail with this ladies magnetic bracelet, making it the perfect choice for a sophisticated and stylish copper bracelet.

copper bracelet for women

Xtreme Copper Bracelet

This bracelet is robust and a bit of a statement piece. Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo this very masculine mens pure solid copper magnetic bracelet is sure to add some edgy swagger to your look. Wide copper magnetic links are joined together with narrow links to create a strapping and sturdy look.

mens copper bracelet

Serenity copper bracelet

A simple, sophisticated, and subtle choice in our range for women, this copper bracelet with magnets is both elegant and strong. With oxidised copper links and slimline style this is the ideal bracelet if you are after a more of a classic magnetic bracelet.

ladies copper bracelet


Rainbow copper bracelet

This copper magnetic bracelet rules with sparkle and intrigue. If you’re searching for a gorgeous and colourful copper magnetic bracelet that’s dainty then this is the one for you. Featuring copper cut out square links filled with a mother of pearl style design dotted amongst copper and diamante links, this is a beautiful, subtle health bracelet.

copper bracelet with magnets

Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet

This elegant and masculine magnetic solid copper bracelet is a must have item. Understated and sophisticated this mens magnetic bracelet has a slimline style with a single chain of links that have distinctive shading of light and oxidised copper.

copper bracelet for men

Copper bangles

Our copper bangles are some of our most popular items, especially when people are looking for an arthritis bracelet for themselves or a loved one. Luckily, we have a wonderful collection of copper bands to suit any style so that there will always be something for everyone.

Beatrix Magnetic Bracelet

Our lovely Beatrix bangle bracelet is an elegant way to accessorise, whilst benefiting from the natural healing powers of copper. With its dual metal and combinations of colour, this bracelet for women looks very modern and sleek, combining gold and silver to create an incredibly stylish copper bangle.

womens magnetic bangle

Storm Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This handsome and slick copper bangle for arthritis makes the perfect gift for him. With its minimal style and sleek design, this is the ideal copper bracelet for men who like a modern, simple style. This bangle is engraved with our exclusive ALPHA logo.

copper wristband

Targaryen Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Our Targaryen copper bracelet for large wrists features a striking intricate design with a stunning copper colour on the inside and a bold grey outer sheen which gives this exceptional copper magnetic bracelet a truly unique look, perfect for making a statement while reaping the benefits of copper’s natural healing energy combined with magnetic therapy.

mens copper wristband

Liberty Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This pretty magnetic bracelet for women has an interesting engraved swirly vine pattern and an extra shiny texture for a luxurious touch of glamour. If you are looking for classy magnetic bracelets for small wrists, this women’s copper bracelet has been described as “one of the nicest copper bangles” one of our happy customers has ever seen! What more could you ask for?

copper bracelet for small pain

Champion copper bracelet

If you are after a simple and elegant copper bangle with a silver coating then this magnetic bangle is the ideal choice. This trendy and understated men’s magnetic bracelet is versatile enough to wear with any outfit, day or night and also whilst playing sports. 


magnetic bangle for men


Copper no magnets

Our range of no magnet copper range is ideal for those that want the benefits of copper without the magnets or are not able to wear magnets. Based on feedback from our customers and their experiences, copper magnetic bracelets are the most effective as this combines the natural healing benefits of copper along with the power of magnetic therapy. It must be noted though, that our copper bracelets that do not feature magnets are beneficial for those with aversions to magnets. 

Laura Non Magnetic Copper Bracelet

This minimalist and sleek copper bangle uses all of the natural benefits of copper without any magnets. This smooth, matt copper bracelet no magnets is an ideal addition to your everyday look with its simple, subtle design and timeless charm.

 copper bracelet no magnets


Stainless steel link bracelets

Here at DEMI+CO we have been adding to our stainless steel jewellery collection over the past few years. We started with a few stainless steel magnetic bracelets to stainless steel earrings and stainless steel necklaces too. Stainless steel is a very versatile metal not only is it easy to clean, easy to wear and lasts a long time, it goes well with other materials too.

Oren silver and gold magnetic bracelet

Made from robust solid stainless steel this hard wearing magnetic bracelet for arthritis is easy to wear and long lasting. This magnetic bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. Sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

stainless steel bracelet

Ramon Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This robust silver bracelet for men has a sturdy design, with 5 rows of narrow components, three of which are stainless steel and two rows of gold coloured links. This statement piece combines strength, style and health benefits. These stainless steel bracelets with magnets makes superb gifts and will be sought after by any style savvy gentleman.

mens stainless steel bracelet

Fern magnetic bracelet in stainless steel

This magnetic bracelet is truly majestic and beautiful, a rare bracelet that is unique to us. Made with stainless steel this magnetic bracelet for women consists of a feminine braided design and a gold strand that intertwines with the other silver strands. This arthritis bracelet truly combines exquisite beauty and health benefits.

stainless steel bracelet for women

Hayley Magnetic bracelet

This glossy silver magnetic bracelet is minimal and sophisticated in style. Simple silver links with magnets make this magnetic bracelet a great all-rounder, perfect for both everyday wear and for dressing up. This arthritis bracelet is constructed with large and small rectangular stainless-steel links combining an aesthetically pleasing design with all the added health benefits.

 stainless steel bracelet with magnets


Titanium link bracelets

Our titanium collection consists of titanium bracelets for men, titanium bangles and ladies titanium bracelets too. We have tried to accommodate all tastes and styles from sleek and minimal titanium bracelets, black titanium bracelets, as well as diamante titanium bracelets.

  1. It’s Twice as Strong as Aluminium – in engineering and science titanium is used for its light weight and its strength. Titanium is just as strong as stainless steel but weighs about 45% less than steel.
  2. The name titanium comes from the name ‘Titans’ in Greek mythology, it was named by a German chemist, Martin Klaproth who rediscovered the metal in 1975.
  3. Titanium is resistant to corrosion – it doesn’t oxidise fully; it forms a thin layer of oxide and this prevents the metal from corrosion.


Venus magnetic bracelet titanium

This titanium bracelet consists of an intricate narrow rope pattern all along the bracelet and it is dotted with our full-strength magnets. It is a very feminine and elegant bracelet that is one of our bestselling titanium bracelets for women.

 titanium bracelets for women

Tyler titanium magnetic bracelet

An elegant and timeless choice this titanium bracelet is slimline, minimalist and subtle ideal for someone who likes their accessories a little more understated. Matt light grey links with a shading of darker grey adds extra attention to detail which makes this mens arthritis bracelet truly one of a kind.

titanium bracelet

Hadrian titanium magnetic bracelet

Incredibly detailed and artistic this titanium bracelet for men is lightweight, robust and comes with a link adjustment tool to allow the wearer to adjust this bracelet to their correct wrist size. This titanium bracelet for men combines health benefits and style all in one.

titanium magnetic bracelet

Kate magnetic bracelet

This black titanium bracelet is made with the rarest forms of titanium, making for a very striking and dramatic bracelet. This black colour on this titanium bracelet does not come from any coatings or any plating, it is organically blackened through a natural alloying and heating process.

 titanium bracelet with magnets


Titanium bangles

Stroyer titanium magnetic bracelet

Cool and suave this matt silver mens magnetic titanium bangle is very subtle and very easy to wear. This arthritis bracelet has a minimalist finish and is ideal for those that like a more modest and understated look. The brushed matt effect on this magnetic bangle adds to the masculine feel and vibe, a great everyday magnetic bracelet.

titanium bangle

Zane titanium magnetic bracelet

This simple and minimal titanium bangle contains all the benefits of a health bracelet under the guise of a cool titanium wristband. This suave and black titanium bangle has a matt finish and is super light, wearing this health bracelet would be like wearing nothing at all.

titanium bangle with magnets


Pewter is an alloy primarily composed of tin, with small amounts of other metals like copper, antimony, and bismuth added for strength and durability. It has a slightly dull, silvery-grey appearance and can be polished to a shiny or matte finish. This metal is sturdy, inexpensive and great for helping with magnetic healing. Our pewter range is growing slowly and it is still a bestselling range. 

Axle Pewter Torque magnetic bangle

Classically designed this pewter magnetic bangle has a matt finish and dual grooves to add a bit of texture and attention to detail. This torque designed magnetic bracelet not only has a number of health benefits but the design ensures that is versatile enough to wear day or night and even whilst playing sports.

pewter bangle

Lucas pewter magnetic bracelet

Similar to our Baratheon copper magnetic bracelet this mens magnetic bracelet  is made with pewter, making it effortless and classic with added health benefits. This magnetic bracelet has a classic Celtic design making truly timeless.

pewter magnetic bracelet

Bronn Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet

This classic and timeless magnetic bracelet combines health benefits with statement style. The links in this arthritis bracelet are all different sizes and are placed horizontally and vertically which adds an extra element of originality to this magnetic bracelet.

 mens magnetic bracelet



we recently launched a new ceramic bracelets and stainless steel magnetic bracelets. if you want the benefits of stainless steel without the weight then ceramic and stainless steel bracelets are ideal. Another great benefit of ceramic bracelets are the choices in colours- which are endless from white, black, pink, red you name it and it can be done.

Jessie Ceramic and Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Be subtle and fresh with this white and rose gold magnetic bracelet. Made with stainless steel and ceramic this stylish and unique magnetic bracelet has stunning rose gold detailing too. This magnetic bracelet has all the benefits of magnetic therapy and the sturdiness of stainless steel rolled in to one.

 ceramic bracelet

Frankie Ceramic and Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Make a glamourous statement with this black and rose gold magnetic bracelet. Made with stainless steel and ceramic this stylish and unique ladies magnetic bracelet has stunning rose gold detailing too. 

ceramic magnetic bracelet

Ollie Ceramic and Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Slimline and subtle, slightly narrower in style this ceramic and magnetic bracelet is perfect for those that want an understated health bracelet. Made with stainless steel and ceramic this minimal and chic magnetic bracelet is a timeless choice. 

magnetic bracelet for women



Magnetic bracelets with stones

Our range of magnetic bracelet with stones is one of our most popular ladies’ magnetic bracelets, the stones add an extra element of elegance to our health bracelets. Many of our customers feedback us with comments that describe our health bracelets being almost fashionable jewellery accessories – which we love to hear as that is always our goal.

Adriana magnetic bracelet

Stealing the limelight, this statement ladies magnetic bracelet looks beautiful on, and keeps its numerous helpful health benefits discreet. This health bracelet is a gorgeous piece of jewellery that would be perfect as a treat for yourself, or a gift for someone else.

magnetic bracelet with stones

Amara silver magnetic bracelet

Are you searching and longing for a classic magnetic bracelet for ladies that has a timeless appeal? Look no further than this distinctive silver and gold bracelet. With a beautiful circular pattern and bejewelled with pink sapphire style stones and white diamante stones, this stunningly crafted health bracelet creates the perfect look whilst including the sturdiness of stainless steel and all the benefits of magnetic therapy rolled into one.

ladies magnetic bracelet

Natalie ladies copper magnetic bracelet

This lightweight women’s pure copper magnetic bracelet consists of small copper links, small but strong magnets behind the links and circular copper circles with diamantes all strung together. This stylish health bracelet is unique, delicate, charming and combines an array of health benefits and elegance all in one.

 copper bracelet with diamantes


Copper magnetic rings

Many of our new customers especially those who are new to magnetic and copper healing like to start with our magnetic therapy rings. As the rings are smaller and easier to wear, they make the ideal stepping stone in to trying magnetic therapy. Our copper and magnetic rings also make the ideal gift as they are completely adjustable therefore making them ideal for any ring size. 

Jordan Magnetic Copper Ring

This leaf inspired silver magnetic ring is stylish and elegant.  The petal shaped detailing of the leaf design gives this ring added texture and intrigue. This ring is one of our slimmest and thinnest design – ideal if you are looking for a delicate ring. This copper ring has a silver finish, and magnets ensuring you reap all the health benefits. This silver ring also matches our sage silver and gold magnetic bracelet.

copper bracelet for health

Copper Ring with Magnets

This minimalist men’s copper ring is a classic and timeless staple for any jewellery collection. The smooth, simple finish of this copper rings allows it to be a versatile piece of jewellery to compliment any outfit and style, while giving the wearer the natural dual healing properties of copper and magnetic therapy. A men’s magnetic ring makes a fabulous gift and this option can be adjusted to any size for a comfortable fit.

copper ring with magnets

Raye Copper Ring with Magnets

This striking and unique spiral wrap ring is made from copper with a vibrant silver finish and two small heart shape designs on the ends. This gorgeous and bold ring is very much a statement ring and will definitely catch people’s eye – this ring definitely combines style and health benefits in one.

ladies magnetic ring

Charlie 3 Colour Copper Ring with Magnets

This tri colour copper ring is a striking mix of gold, silver and copper colours on top of a pure copper ring. This bold ring combines elegance and health benefits all in one. Fully adjustable to any ring size and features two high-grade magnets.

 magnetic ring


Magnetic jewellery

We are firm believers in magnetic therapy for treatment of ailments. That’s why you can find all kind of magnetic jewellery on our website. Whether it’s a magnetic bracelet, a magnetic ring, magnetic necklaces, or magnetic earrings, we’ve got you covered! 


Paige Stainless steel magnetic earrings

Simple, stunning and practical these stainless steel stud earrings make the perfect everyday earring. Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal and is great for sensitive skin, the added adornment of the diamante and magnetic therapy gives these stylish earrings extra health benefits.

 stainless steel earrings

Dotty Stainless steel rose gold magnetic Earrings

After some long drop earrings with health benefits? Then look no further! These stunning stainless steel earrings with health benefits are definitely one of a kind, with a rose gold finish and black diamante detailing. Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal and is great for sensitive skin, these magnetic earrings combine style and health benefits all in one.

 magnetic earrings

Emily Stainless steel magnetic necklace

Make a statement whilst reaping magnetic therapy with this sleek and stylish stainless steel and magnetic necklace and pendant. Get hypoallergenic benefits from stainless steel, style benefits with the sparkly diamante and magnetic benefits from the magnetic pendant.

stainless steel necklace

Piper Stainless steel gold magnetic necklace

Reap all the health benefits with this stylish necklace and magnetic pendant. Get hypoallergenic benefits from stainless steel, style benefits with this gold sheen and magnetic benefits from the magnetic pendant.

 magnetic necklace



Do the magnetic bracelets really work?

Although there is very little research to back up any statements, medical professionals do use magnets in a number of ways from medical machinery to medical implements. Magnets are not a myth and the therapy and pain relief you can gain from magnetic therapy is not a myth either. There is just not enough science to back up claims. Our customers and their hundreds of testimonials prove that magnetic bracelets do have some results.

How do I choose a magnetic bracelet?

First measure your wrist, once you have an idea of your cm size then you can research all the different metals such as copper, titanium, pewter, stainless steel and ceramic. Then look at whether a bangle or wristband will suit you or a link bracelet, you may also want to look at the measurement of the magnet in the bracelets (gauss). Usually link bracelets have more magnets than bangles or wristbands. It all depends on the level of strength and therapy you are looking for and also the fit and comfort.

Who should not wear a magnetic bracelet?

Magnetic bracelets are harmless and can be worn by most even if you don’t have a medical ailment. We do recommend that those who have a medical wearable device, insulin pump and those who are pregnant should not wear a magnetic bracelet.

How many hours a day should you wear magnetic bracelets?

Ideally you should wear your magnetic bracelets for as long as possible, 12 hours at a minimum but ideally if you can wear a magnetic bracelet at night then that would be ideal as well. Wearing your magnetic bracelet all day and all night will give you the best possible chance of magnetic therapy.

Is it better to wear a magnetic bracelet on the left or right wrist?

This depends on which hand or which side of your body requires the benefit from the magnetic therapy if it’s your left side or left hand then wear it on that side if it’s your right side or right hand then wear it on your right side. Again, in depends on the individual comfort and which hand is your dominant hand, our advice is to test and try it out before deciding.

Do magnetic bracelets have to be tight on wrist?

Magnetic bracelets don’t have to be tight on your wrist, they have to have some contact with your skin and we do suggest a small finger space between the bracelet and your wrist is absolutely fine.

What is the strongest magnetic bracelet?

This depends on the magnets used in the bracelet, the quantity of the magnets and the gauss of the magnets. All our magnetic bracelets have 2,400 gauss power and our bangles and wristbands have around 2-6 magnets and our link bracelets have up to 22 magnets (1 to 2 magnets per link) depending on the size the bracelet. For the strongest magnetic bracelet in our range

What happens when you wear a magnetic bracelet?

The magnetic field from the magnets improves the blood flow and circulation this can help with a number of things from pain relief, reduction of stress and anxiety, deeper sleep, feeling of relaxation and happiness. Again, this does depend on the individual and how long you wear the bracelet for.










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