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Laura Non Magnetic Copper Bracelet

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This copper bangle combines all the benefits of copper without magnets, suitable for those with aversions to magnets and magnetic therapy. This matt and smooth copper bracelet for women is subtle and timeless, the ideal everyday bracelet or the perfect gift. 

Diameter: which can be adjusted: 7cm
Circumference: which can be adjusted: 18cm to 21cm


Health benefits of magnetic bracelets

At DEMI+CO we oversee the manufacturing process to ensure that all our copper bracelet and magnetic bracelet range are made with care and quality. We select a variety of classic and traditional bracelets, elegant and feminine copper bracelets, robust and masculine magnetic bracelets, and bold and quirky copper bracelets to ensure we have a style for everyone.

All our copper bracelet and magnetic bracelet ranges have a number of health benefits for the wearer, copper is an ancient pure metal like silver and gold and has been around for centuries. Copper encompasses micronutrients that are said to help with health ailments like joint pain and poor circulation. Magnetic therapy effects the metals like iron, zinc and magnesium that are essentially elements already found in the human body. Magnetism is able to affect to create beneficial change at the cellular level as well as helping the body produce natural painkillers to combat against any aches or pains.

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