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Here at DEMI+CO we have found that our large silver hoop earrings are one of our consistent steady best seller, large silver hoops are classic and a timeless addition to any jewellery collection, large silver hoops never seem to go out of style. Our silver hoop earring collection features a wide collection of silver hoops from silver sleeper hoops, wide silver hoop earrings to chunky silver hoops.

Statement hoops or also known as power hoops can range in sizes from 50mm to 80mm in some cases, again this depends on the individual and the thickness, and the weight of the hoop as well. Detailing on the hoops can also add to the statement nature from embellishment, diamantes, crystals, diamonds, texture to the use of mix metals and so much more. Silver hoop earrings are universally a flattering earring, silver is a versatile metal which goes well with other metals and hoops are flattering for all styles and face shapes. We have noticed with recent fashion weeks that chunky silver hoop earrings have increasingly become popular and we are here for that.


Below we have put together our top tips on 11 ways to style large silver hoops which we hope you’ll find useful. Also we have included some frequently asked questions and answers which we find help our customers and last but not least is our best selling selection of large silver hoop earrings for you to browse and add to cart.


Silver Hoop Earrings

Looking for something a bit more simplistic and sophisticated? Take a look at these elegant round hoop earrings, perfect for a day-to-day look or to dress up for a night out. Silver hoops are a girl’s best friend and it’s never a bad thing to go with something a little more simplistic. With a sophisticated feel to them, these sterling silver hoops are bound to become a perfect match for your outfit. Why not have something that makes your outfit stand out beautifully whilst adding a bit of textured beauty to your look? These are just one of the many gorgeous pairs of silver hoops we have in our range.


large silver hoop earrings



Silver Barley Leaf Hoop Earrings

These elegant leaf-designed textured hoops would be a gorgeous addition to your jewellery box. Effortless and simplistic, these thin silver hoop earrings will go with any outfit, fitting your day-to-day look perfectly, and carrying you through a night out with your friends. Unlike anything anybody else will be wearing, owning this pair of unique thin silver hoop earrings medium is bound to make you stand out from the crowd. A beautiful addition to your outfit, you will find yourself reaching for this elegant pair of silver feather earrings whenever you’re getting ready for a day out or a night on the town!


style large silver hoops


Silver Oval Shaped Double Hoop Earrings

Silver oval hoop earrings are a stunning addition to any jewellery box, especially when they are as unique as these! We love a double hoop and these sophisticated oval hoop earrings bring out the best in this style. Simple yet different, you can’t go wrong with these silver hoops; and they work perfectly as a gift for your loved ones! Sterling silver dangle earrings make you look elegant, especially with this intricate double oval hoop style to get you through everyday life and fun nights out! We know that once you buy these oval hoop earrings, you won’t find anything to compare.


silver double hoop earrings


11 ways to style large silver hoops

  1. Minimal accessories – if your large silver hoop earrings are your statement piece then ensure the rest of your accessories are minimal and not trying to compete with your statement earrings.
  2. Cool tones – As silver is a cooler colour it is best paired with a cool tone outfit, this goes for all the additional accessories like shoes, bag and belt too.
  3. Delicate pieces – if you are wearing other jewellery then keep them delicate so it doesn't overshadow your statement hoops. Thin delicate necklace chains, simple silver studs in second piercings, thin bracelets are ideal choices to keep the attention on your large silver hoops.
  4. Monochrome or contrast – keep your outfit one colour to keep the attention on your hoop earrings, if you do want to add contrast then go for touches of a complimentary cool undertone colours such as grey, white, navy, black, white or a cool beige.
  5. Make up – sticking with the cooler undertones keep make up with cooler tones, if possible, this will help to compliment your look and jewellery. You can wear any colours of eyeshadow, lipsticks and blushes - colours that have a cooler undertone will allow your earrings to pop.
  6. Hair up do – To ensure your large silver hoops get the most attention go with a simple updo such as a ponytail, however any simple style with keep the focus on your large silver hoop earrings.
  7. Sunglasses – if you can match your sunnies to your earrings then even better, black or silver rimmed shades will best suit your silver hoop earrings the best.
  8. Belt it up - Add a statement belt to your outfit to create a defined waistline and draw attention to your earrings, for that extra cohesion if the belt has silver details, then all the better. This works especially well with dresses or long tops.
  9. Mix and match – if you do want to add some contrast then you can try a silver and gold mixed jewellery item along side your large silver hoop earrings. For example, some silver and gold stud earrings or silver and gold rings will be enough to add contrast without clashing too heavily.
  10. Summer wear – Large silver hoop earrings look fabulous with summer clothes and should be included in your summer vacation wardrobe. From flowy maxi dresses, bikini’s to all white outfits, large silver earrings are the perfect addition to your look.
  11. Evening attire – Large silver hoop earrings are the classic choice for your evening look, no matter what the occasion from date night to girls night large silver hoops are the fail safe for any glam soiree.


Silver Infinity 34mm Hoop Earrings

These effortless silver infinity hoop earrings are a great reminder of how simplistic goes a long way; with a chic pair of textured silver hoop earrings like these, your look will never be boring. We love the intricacies of the infinity sign detailed into these ultra thin silver hoop earrings and we think they would work perfectly dressed down for day-to-day life or dressed up for a night out on the town. Have any friends that these medium silver hoop earrings remind you of? Why not buy them as a gift for that special someone? With a pair of silver statement earrings like these in your jewellery box, you have a permanent pretty look that will last you for life.


extra large silver hoops


Silver Hoop Earrings

Wanting something simplistic and elegant but not as thick as the usual hoop earrings you see? Take a look at these super thin silver hoop earrings. With a sense of elegance and sophistication about them, you are bound to find something you love. Simplistic earrings go a long way in styling your outfit and we know that these very thin silver hoop earrings will become your new best friend. Find a soulmate in a pair of earrings and invest in these sterling silver hoops for a lifetime of happiness. Treat yourself or buy them for someone special; they make a perfect gift!


thin silver hoop earrings

Silver Greek Key 35mm Hoop Hollow Earrings

Last but definitely not least, check out these wonderfully unusual silver earrings! Large silver hoops earrings like these are a go to, especially when they have such a beautiful design that is to die for! Cultivating and effortless, find your soulmate in this gorgeous pair of textured silver hoop earrings. You will find yourself subconsciously reaching for them in your jewellery box when you’re getting ready for day-to-day life and you will be able to match them perfectly with your glamorous outfit for special occasions. We are firm believers that these silver dangle earrings are a must have for anyone and everyone!


medium silver hoops

Do hoop earrings make you look younger?

Hoop earrings are symmetrical in design and are helpful in adding symmetry to your face when you wear them. Facial symmetry has been found to increase ratings of attractiveness in human faces. Hoop earrings can also draw attention to your face which could be why people find that hoop earrings can add a certain vibrancy and playfulness to your look.


What do silver hoop earrings mean?

Silver hoop earrings have a variety of strong cultural references, historically they are associated with religion, gods, deities, strength, unity and identity. The historic reference to silver hoops also have very personal and familial references and ties in with heirlooms and being passed down from generations as well. Silver hoop earrings are seen as meaningful and symbolic to many.


Silver D-Shape Wedds Hoop Earrings

These minimal wide silver hoops are an ideal statement hoops, if you want a pair of silver hoops that are bold enough to make a statement and elegant enough for casual attire then these are the ideal hoops. One of our bestselling pair these simple silver hoops make the ideal gift or why not treat yourself.


wide silver hoops

Silver 3 Row Hoop Earrings

Textured silver hoop earrings add an extra dimension to chunky silver hoops. These textured earrings have three rows of hoops to add even more glamour to your look. Perfect for a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, adding these large silver hoop earrings to your collection will make you feel confident and sophisticated.

sterling silver hoop earrings

Silver Twisted Large Hoop Earrings

Extra large thin silver hoop earrings are always a fun addition to anyone’s jewellery box, and we know that you will love these. A pair of silver twist hoop earrings like these are bound to become your go-to pair when you realise that you can match them with just about anything. You know that we love a good pair of silver statement earrings and these are the definition of just that. You will turn heads when you walk into a room and everyone will be wondering where they can find a gorgeous pair of sophisticated thin silver hoop earrings like yours.


large silver twist hoop earrings

What size hoop earrings are classy?

Medium hoop earrings are the most classic and can look the most timeless regardless of fashion and trends. Medium hoop earrings are usually between 20mm and 40mm. However classy is a term that can be interpreted in many ways and it also depends on the individual, some pay prefer to small hoops for more formal occasions and some may prefer large hoop sizes.


Do hoops go in the first or second hole?

Hoop earrings essentially can go in any hole but it depends on the size of the hoops. Typically, the largest hoop can be on the bottom hole usually on the lower lobe, small hoops and studs can go in other piercings like upper lobe, cartilage, rook, tragus and daith. The idea is to create a curated mixed look of large hoops, small hoops, sleepers, huggies and studs for a unique and artistic look that is individual as you are.


Lucia silver effect hoop earrings

Classic silver effect hoops with a little extra something! Slightly thicker than your average hoops these silver effect hoop earrings have a wider and flatter edge all the way round, which gives these hoop earrings the wow factor. Very light in weight these hoops will command all the attention whether they are dressed up or down.

big silver hoops

Silver Large Hoop Crystal Earrings

These large silver sparkly hoops are definitely the definition of power hoops, 4cm in length and 3.8cm in width these large silver hoops are the ultimate statement piece. Wear them with casual or a glam outfit these versatile hoops are perfect.

silver diamante hoops

Silver D Shaped Hoop Earrings

If you are looking for a pair of silver hoop earrings that never go out of style then look no further. These wide silver hoops are a classic design that will still look stylish for years to come. Made with sterling silver and with a clean, slick finish these hoop earrings are a must have.

chunky silver hoops

Hoop 3/4 Two-Row Cz Earrings

Go preppy and polished with these minimal wide silver hoops with cubic zirconia. With only two rows of diamante these silver hoops ooze sophistication with a more subtle amount of bling. These classic silver hoops with butterfly clasps are a must have.


hoop earrings silver

We hope you found this article useful, as a family run business we like to share as much as we can with our customers particularly information that is useful and helpful. We work closely with our fine jewellery manufacturers to ensure we collate stylish and classic sterling silver, 9ct gold, rose gold and white gold jewellery. We are always adding to our collections to make sure we have the most modern and contemporary pieces alongside our classic and timeless additions too.

Our frequently asked questions and answers are one of the most effective parts of our blog posts and we hope that they helped answer any queries you have. If you do have any further questions that we havent covered then please feel free to contact us through the website or email us and as always we will do our very best to answer and help as best as we can.






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