13 health benefits of magnetic bracelets

One of our most frequently asked questions is what are the health benefits of magnetic bracelets? We have covered a great deal of topics surrounding magnetic bracelets, including magnetic therapy, negative ions, do magnetic bracelets work and many more. Nonetheless, we thought we would condense all the information that we have accumulated in to the thirteen most important benefits to help our customers get straight to the point. In fact, one of our customers suggested that we put together the benefits to include in our literature that we send out in our orders which we have now done. However, we decided to use similar information to put in this article so that prospective customers can have a read before deciding.

Our magnetic bracelet collection features a wide variety of sub collections such as copper magnetic bracelets, magnetic bracelets for ladies, stainless steel bracelets, titanium magnetic bracelets, ceramic magnetic bracelets as well as magnetic rings, necklaces and earrings too.

We have also included some other frequently asked questions and their answers in this article as well – mainly because many of our customers have told us how useful they are! Also, last but not least is our range of best selling magnetic bracelets for men and womens magnetic bracelets too.


Prime Copper Bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

This sturdy and chunky mens solid copper link bracelet is made with the highest quality copper. This mens magnetic bracelet has woven links of copper and magnets on the inner part of the bracelets to give you all the health benefits you require. With charm and style present in this magnetic bracelet matching the one owned by your other half, you can be assured that you will find everything you need in this health bracelet.

health benefits of magnetic bracelets

Hayley magnetic bracelet

This high shine silver magnetic bracelet is minimal and elegant in style. Simple silver links with magnets make this magnetic bracelet a great all-rounder. This arthritis bracelet is constructed with large and small rectangular stainless-steel links combining an aesthetically pleasing design with all the added health benefits. This stainless steel magnetic bracelet for women can be adjusted with its links and has a strong fold over clasp to keep this magnetic bracelet secure.


stainless steel bracelet for women


13 health benefits of magnetic bracelets

  1. One of the theories about how magnetism works with the body is that the fields surrounding the magnetic bracelets stimulate the field where the pain occurs. This is thought to trigger the release of the body's own painkillers.
  2. magnets have a significant effect on the blood mechanisms within the tissues. circulation is improved under the influence of magnets, there may be improvement in certain aspects of the bloods quality and function.
  3. Magnetism has been known to improve the quality of blood circulation, this improves the flow of nutrients and can speed up the healing of any ailments.
  4. A study in the BMJ in 2004 trialled the effectiveness of magnetic bracelets in reducing pain of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. Researchers concluded that pain from osteoarthritis did decrease for the group that used the magnetic bracelets.
  5. Researchers at the University of Virginia, in the US tested to see if magnet therapy reduced the intensity of pain from fibromyalgia a rheumatoid disorder. They concluded that the intensity of pain did reduce for the patients, enough to be "clinically meaningful".
  6. Magnetic therapy can also help with ailments like joint pain, headaches, rheumatism and there have been many studies conducted which have proved that magnetic therapy can help with pain relief.
  7. Magnetic therapy can also help with small pain reliefsuch as wrist pain, finger stiffness and pain as well as carpel tunnel.
  8. Magnetic therapy can potentially help with mental health such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. Many of our customers have found wearing magnetic bracelets has made them feel more relaxed, happier and calmer.
  9. When you wear a copper magnetic braceletyou also reap copper benefits. Copper has antimicrobial properties that can prevent bacteria and viruses away from your body.
  10. Copper also has antioxidant properties which stop free radicals from increasing toxicity in the body. Copper is essential for the function of a number of antioxidant enzymes
  11. Magnetic fields also combine negative ions which are known for their positive effects on our mind and body.
  12. Positive ions in the air make us feel bad, and negative ions in the air make us feel good.
  13. Studies on negative ions that have helped with SAD disorder concluded that magnetic healing omit negative ions which help with SAD disorder and anxiety.


Fern magnetic bracelet in stainless steel

This magnetic bracelet is truly majestic and beautiful, a rare bracelet that is unique to us. Made with stainless steel this magnetic bracelet for women consists of a feminine braided design and a gold strand that intertwines with the other silver strands. This arthritis bracelet truly combines exquisite beauty and health benefits.


stainless steel magnetic bracelet


Stroyer titanium magnetic bracelet

This matt silver mens magnetic titanium bangle is very subtle and very easy to wear. This arthritis bracelet has a minimalist finish and is ideal for those that like a more modest and understated look. The brushed effect on this magnetic bangle adds to the masculine feel and vibe, a great everyday magnetic bracelet.


titanium bracelet with magnets

How long should you wear a magnetic bracelet?

It really depends on what suits you best. If you want to wear it only for a couple of hours a day, then you can. But if you want to wear it as often as possible, that's a good choice too. We do recommend that you wear it as often as possible to experience the maximum benefits of magnetic therapy.,


What does wearing magnets do for the body?

Magnets create a magnetic field which attracts other magnets to it. Therefore, it is believed the fields surrounding a magnetic bracelet stimulate the field where pain occurs. Natural relief is then provided as this stimulation triggers the release of the body’s own painkillers Research shows that magnets positively help the entire body function properly and accelerate metabolism due to them increasing the production of amino acids. Due to electronics, high rise buildings and other gadgets that are blocking natural exposure, it is believed that we are benefiting less and less from the Earth’s natural magnetism.

Magnetic bracelets can provide magnetic healing and help with aches, pains, headaches and ailments. This does depend on the individual as we cannot guarantee the effectiveness, however our customers have reported with feedback on how our magnetic bracelets has helped them with a variety of ailments.


Can you wear magnetic bracelets all the time?

Yes you can wear magnetic bracelets all the time, the longer you wear them the more chance you get of reaping magnetic therapy benefits. As long as the bracelet feels comfortable to wear then we also recommend you wear the magnetic bracelets overnight to ensure maximum benefits of magnetic therapy.


Adriana magnetic bracelet

This statement womens magnetic bracelet looks beautiful on and really does steal the limelight, so much so that you wouldn’t even notice that this health bracelet has numerous benefits. A gorgeous piece of jewellery that is in the shape of a magnetic bracelet.


magnetic bracelet with stones

Max titanium magnetic bracelet

This magnetic bracelet combines all the features of the silver version but in a matt black titanium making all the detail stand out even more. This textured magnetic bracelet for arthritis is super suave, elegant and stylish. If you like an understated look with a bit of uniqueness, then this one’s for you. This striking detailed bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. It also sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.


magnetic bracelet for small pain

Bronn Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet

Masculine and robust our magnetic link bracelet is an ideal chunky statement piece. This classic and timeless magnetic bracelet combines health benefits with statement style. The links in this arthritis bracelet are all different sizes and are placed horizontally and vertically which adds an extra element of originality to this magnetic bracelet.


mens magnetic bracelet

How long does it take for a magnetic bracelet to work?

Usually between a week or two weeks, in some instances magnetic bracelets might start to work a few days after wearing, however it depends on how long you wear the bracelet for. Another factor will depend on each individual as we all have different sensitivities and responses to magnetic bracelets and magnetic therapy will be different.

Where is the best place to wear a magnetic bracelet?

The best place to wear a magnetic bracelet is the wrist, if you have a particular side to your ailment or pain then we suggest you wear the bracelet on the corresponding side. Some customers do wear two magnetic bracelets or wear them on their ankle, we do recommend that magnetic bracelets are best suited to be worn on wrists.

Do magnetic bracelets have to be tight on the wrist?

The magnetic bracelets have to have a close fit to the wrist but don’t have to be tight, the magnets on the bracelet should be within the inner side of the bracelet with direct access to your skin and pressure points. This does depend on the individual’s preference but we do suggest at least 0.5cm gap if possible. The bracelet must be a snug fit but not too tight so that it is uncomfortable.


Amara rose magnetic bracelet

This stunningly crafted arthritis bracelet is bejewelled with pink sapphire and white diamante stones, and has a beautiful circular pattern. This unique stainless steel bracelet for ladies has a timeless appeal, with the sturdiness of stainless steel and all the benefits of magnetic therapy rolled into one.

magnetic bracelet for small wrist

Magneto Copper Bracelet

this sleek black plated solid copper magnetic bracelet is dark and mysterious like the villain that it is named after. This black coated solid copper bracelet is truly striking, and the shiny coat gives the bracelet a luxurious finish. This handsome bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably.

do magnetic bracelets work

Xtreme Copper Bracelet

This bracelet is robust and a bit of a statement piece. Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo this very masculine mens pure solid copper magnetic bracelet is sure to add some edgy swagger to your look. Wide copper magnetic links are joined together with narrow links to create a strapping and sturdy look.


wide magnetic bracelet

We hope you found this article useful, as ever we go to great lengths to work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that we use the best quality metals and materials. The manufacturers we work with also work with skilled craftspeople that make our products with care. We also try and ensure that the products that we add to our collection include a variety of styles that are suitable for a range of customers from classic and elegant, minimal and sporty to ornate and glamourous.

We hope that answers to the questions were a useful read, we try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the information we share with our customers. We also try and keep up to date with the latest information and research so that we can pass on that information to our customers. As ever if you do have any questions or queries that we havent already covered then please do contact us through our website or email us and we will try our best to respond with the relevant information.







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