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Sage copper magnetic bracelet

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Delicately shaped leaf designs on this lustrous copper bracelet inspired the name for this piece. Leaf shaped copper links with intricate natural details give this copper bracelet intrigue and interest. If you are after an elegant and original copper bracelet then look no further this copper bracelet combines graceful beauty and health benefits all in one.

Health benefits of magnetic bracelets

Copper is an ancient metal that has been around for centuries, it has many healing properties and it is very similar to other pure metals like silver and gold. Copper has so many health benefits from aiding circulation to helping the absorption of vitamins into the body and helping with joint pains. Copper can leave a greenish residue on the skin, which is harmless, this is the metal reacting with your skin and can be easily washed off with soapy water.

Magnetic therapy is the process where magnets help with healing in the body by wearing in jewellery. Magnets can help with a number of ailments and although there affects can differ from each person, magnets are harmless and can benefit. Magnetism works with the body so that the fields surrounding the magnetic bracelets stimulate the field where the pain occurs. This is thought to trigger the release of the body's own painkillers,

At DEMI+CO we oversee our manufacturing process to make sure that high quality copper is used, and that care is taken during the production of our bracelets and jewellery. We also ensure that quality Neodymium High Grade Magnets are used which are custom made for strength.

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