Spiritual benefits of wearing a Copper Bracelet

When you think of copper most of you will think of copper jewellery however copper has been around for centuries and has been used in many ways not just jewellery. Copper is used in construction and plumbing due to its many practical benefits. Copper is also used in kitchen utensils, coins and ornaments too. Over the years coppers value has decreased and increased again depending on the era but most importantly there has always been a use for copper regardless. In modern times we are seeing copper used more and more in jewellery alongside other metals and mixed with other metals too.

Here at DEMI+CO we have a very extensive collection of copper jewellery and copper bracelets all unique and available in various styles and sizes. Our classic copper bracelets feature simple and minimal details such as matt copper, shiny plain copper bands, black coated copper bands and bracelets. Our modern and contemporary copper bracelet feature intricate detailing, gemstones and diamantes as well as silver coating and gold detailing too. Also not forgetting our new copper ring collection which features a variety of copper rings with magnets with silver coating, engraved patterns, matt finishes and shiny copper detailing too. Do have a read below about the spiritual benefits of copper bracelet with magnets and copper rings and also have a look through some copper history and our bestselling copper bracelets too.


Copper history

  1. Ancient Beginnings:

    • Copper is one of the oldest known metals used by humans, dating back to around 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic period.
    • Some of the earliest copper jewelry pieces were found in archaeological sites in present-day Iraq, dating to around 8700 BC.
    • Early copper jewelry was often simple, consisting of basic shapes like beads and pendants.
  2. Copper in Ancient Civilizations:

    • Copper jewelry became increasingly sophisticated in ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Indus Valley cultures.
    • The Egyptians, in particular, were known for their intricate copper jewelry designs. They used copper to create amulets, rings, and bracelets, often adorned with colourful gemstones and enamel.


Odin copper magnetic bracelet

This manly and elegant detailed patterned copper magnetic bracelet is artistic and original. This mens copper magnetic bangle is wide in size and has a rope style etching on the front with magnets on the inner side of the bracelet.

copper bangle

Storm copper magnetic bracelet

This minimalist and chic solid copper bracelet which has a classic and clean matt looking feel. One of our best sellers it simplistically a plain smooth matt like copper finish with magnets.

 copper wristband

  1. Copper in Ancient America:

    • Pre-Columbian cultures in the Americas also made extensive use of copper for jewelry.
    • The Native Americans, especially those in the Great Lakes region, created beautiful copper ornaments, including bracelets, pendants, and earrings.
  2. Copper Alloys:

    • While pure copper was commonly used, many ancient civilizations began to alloy copper with other metals to improve its properties. Bronze (copper and tin alloy) and brass (copper and zinc alloy) were created, leading to the development of more durable and aesthetically pleasing jewelry.


Beatrix Magnetic Bracelet

This pretty copper bracelet for women features a half silver and half gold design, made from robust copper. This copper magnetic bracelet is the perfect minimalist answer to magnetic therapy, by being stylish and classic at the same time.

 ladies copper bangle

Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet

An incredibly unique copper bracelet for men with alternate links of this bracelet filled with carbon fibre making this magnetic bracelet a showstopper. Exclusively laser engraved, Alpha branded and super suave this sleek pure solid copper, magnetic and carbon fibre bracelet is the ultimate statement copper bracelet.

 mens copper bracelet

  1. Copper in the Middle Ages:

    • During the Middle Ages, copper jewelry continued to be popular. Copper was often used to create religious artifacts, crosses, and reliquaries.
    • The use of copper alloys, particularly bronze, became more widespread, allowing for intricate detailing in jewelry pieces.
  2. Renaissance and Beyond:

    • The Renaissance period saw a revival of interest in classical antiquity, and copper jewelry designs were heavily influenced by Greco-Roman aesthetics.
    • During the 19th century, copper gained popularity in Victorian-era jewelry, often used alongside gemstones and other metals like silver and gold.
  3. Arts and Crafts Movement:

    • In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Arts and Crafts movement promoted handcrafted, artisanal goods, including copper jewelry.
    • Artisans created unique copper pieces that emphasized craftsmanship and creativity.


Kirsty Magnetic Bracelet

Choose to wear the rainbow with this stunning copper bangle for arthritis. This vivid and stylish magnetic bracelets UK has a vibrant quality to it. This bangle is an exclusive to DEMI+CO and is truly one of a kind with its envy inducing design.

copper bracelet with magnets

Magneto Copper Bracelet

this sleek black plated solid copper magnetic braceletis dark and mysterious like the villain that it is named after. This black coated solid copper magnetic bracelet is truly striking, and the shiny coat gives the bracelet a luxurious finish. This handsome bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably.

 copper magnetic bracelet for arthritis

  1. Contemporary Copper Jewelry:

    • Copper continues to be a popular choice for jewelry in the modern era.
    • Artists and jewelry designers use various techniques such as enameling, patination, and hammering to create unique copper jewelry pieces.
    • Copper jewelry is appreciated not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its purported health benefits, as some believe that wearing copper can alleviate joint pain and inflammation.

Copper jewelry has evolved significantly throughout history, reflecting the artistic, cultural, and technological developments of each era. Today, it remains a versatile and attractive choice for jewelry enthusiasts and artisans alike.


Flora Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This graceful copper bangle is truly feminine and beautiful, this stunning copper bangle consists of laser engraved floral and swirly vine designs. Light and dark oxidised copper adds extra attention to detail and brings out the intricate design on this pretty copper bracelet.

copper bracelet for women

Targaryen Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo and coated in a charcoal sheen this wide copper magnetic mens bracelet has an elite vintage feel. The contrast of the inner copper colour and the grey outer sheen make this mens copper bracelet feel truly exceptional.


arthritis bangle

Spiritual benefits associated with wearing copper:

  1. Energy Conduction: Copper is believed by some to be a conductor of energy. It is thought to help transmit spiritual energy between individuals, objects, and the spiritual realm.

  2. Amplifying Intentions: Copper jewelry is sometimes worn as a way to amplify one's intentions or thoughts. People may believe that wearing copper can enhance their spiritual focus and help manifest their desires.
  3. Balancing Energy: Some individuals wear copper jewelry as a way to balance their body's energy, particularly in relation to the chakras. Copper is thought to align and balance the body's energy centres, promoting overall well-being.


Autumn Copper Magnetic Bracelet

It’s in the name! This minimalist, stylish bracelet is a smooth and subtle addition to any outfit. Slim and petite copper links are strung together to create a stylish and practical copper bracelet for women with all the added health benefits of copper and magnetic therapy.

 copper link bracelet

Xtreme Copper Bracelet

This bracelet is robust and a bit of a statement piece. Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo this very masculine mens pure solid copper magnetic bracelet is sure to add some edgy swagger to your look. Wide copper magnetic links are joined together with narrow links to create a strapping and sturdy look.

 copper bracelet for arthritis

  1. Protection: In various cultures, copper is associated with protective properties. Wearing copper jewelry is believed to offer protection from negative energies, psychic attacks, and harmful influences.
  2. Enhancing Intuition: Copper is thought to enhance one's intuitive abilities and psychic perception. It is sometimes worn by individuals who practice divination or seek to develop their intuitive skills.
  3. Copper's Connection to Venus:In astrology, copper is associated with the planet Venus, which represents love, beauty, and harmony. Some people believe that wearing copper can help attract and enhance these qualities in their lives.
  4. Physical Health Benefits:Beyond its spiritual significance, copper has also been traditionally used for its purported health benefits. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help with joint pain and arthritis.


Hazel Magnetic Bracelet

This beautiful gold and silver women’s copper bracelet has a classic and retro feel. This would look elegant paired with your favourite going-out outfit and a pair of heels, it has that extra something special for occasions whilst also being gorgeous and simple enough to wear everyday if you prefer. This magnetic bracelet for arthritis is definitely an all-rounder!

 copper bangle for women

What does copper help with spiritually?

Many people believe that copper has a positive energy with the spiritual world, and it also works very well with other spiritual elements like crystals and stones. We also believe that with the benefits of magnets with copper you can gain double the healing power with physical ailments as well as mental and emotional benefits too.


Does copper have healing powers?

This depends on the individual, but we believe that copper does have healing properties, copper has been used for centuries. Many people have reported positive benefits from less aches, less inflammation and better circulation after wearing a copper bracelet or copper jewellery.


Does copper attract positive energy?

Copper has been used for centuries to represent luck and prosperity from religious uses to materials. Copper in ancient times was always considered a lucky metal that attracts money, prosperity, and wealth.


Does copper give you energy?

Yes, we believe that copper can help with energy levels, again we can’t guarantee this as studies are limited and it does depend on the user, but our customers believe that copper has helped with low energy and helping feel generally more positive and energetic.


Is it healthy to wear a copper ring?

Yes anyone can wear a copper ring as it has no side effects, copper rings can help with healing, help with sleep, anxiety and give more energy. We don’t recommend magnetic rings to those with pacemakers or those that are pregnant.


Prime Copper Bracelet

Our second bestselling copper bracelet in our mens range, this classic and traditional copper bracelet with links has all the charm and classic appeal. This mens copper bracelet has a combination of small and large links giving this health bracelet extra detail and artistry. This copper bracelet with links has a secure watch strap fastening and the links can be added and removed to fit each wrist its worn on comfortably.

 arthritis bracelet for men

We hope you found this article useful, we believe that spirituality is hard to scientifically measure but based on coppers historic uses and the benefits that we and our customers feel copper bracelets have many useful gains. Copper bracelets, copper rings and copper jewellery have many advantages and although it is hard to factually prove, the fact that there are no disadvantages and minimal side affects ensures that copper really has stood the test of time.

Here at DEMI+CO we work with reputable manufacturers that use quality materials like copper, steel and titanium we also work closely with the craftspeople to ensure that our jewellery is made with care. We regularly get requests for new products or new styles so if you find we don’t have a certain style do get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to help and source products based on requests. For example, recently we were receiving enquiries for copper bracelets with no magnets and we decided to source nonmagnetic copper bangles and now we stock them.

We hope that you found learning about the background and history of copper useful, as well as reading about some of the frequently asked questions too. As a family run business we believe in keeping contact with our customers and trying to provide them with as much information as they need to make choice. We also really do try hard to ensure that we go the extra mile for our customers. As ever if you do feel like you still have questions that we may not have covered above do feel free to get in touch with us with any queries or concerns and we will do our very best to try and help.





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