Magnetic therapy; FAQ's

Here at DEMI+CO we are constantly keeping up to date on the latest magnetic and magnetic therapy information, from studies, facts to customer reviews and more. We go to great lengths to remain objective and fair when it comes to the understanding and the factual nature of how magnetic therapy works. We understand that magnetic therapy is a subject that has very little science to back it up yet it has hundreds of people who claim that magnetic bracelets and magnetic therapy does work.

Magnetic therapy has been around for many decades it is an ancient form of healing and now considered an alternative health treatment. Magnetic therapy bracelets uses magnets and their magnetic field to help heal a number of physical ailments. Magnetism is considered a science however very little research has gone into magnetic therapy and how it affects humans positively.  Nevertheless, the amount of people that use magnetic bracelets is ever increasing.

We do like to be very transparent about our knowledge and what we claim to our customers on email and on our website. We always state that when it comes to aches and pains in particular, to always consult with a medical professional first, if they want to try a magnetic bracelet, they can do but we can not guarantee it working as it is dependent on the individual and if they have certain medical conditions then they may not be able to wear one either. We thought we hadn’t done a question and answer post on magnetic therapy recently so have a read below of some of the most frequently asked questions and answers, as well as recent research and studies, reviews and of course our best selling products.


What is a magnetic deficiency?

It is believed we are benefiting less and less from the earths natural magnetism which helps us stay positive and healthy this is due to electronics, high rise buildings and other gadgets that are blocking our natural exposure. A good example of the benefits of magnetic therapy is when we are in nature surrounded by greenery, ocean, beach, fields and waterfalls, at this point we would feel a sense of calm, a sense of peace and fulfilment this is magnetic therapy in action. This is one example of how magnetism can be both beneficial mentally and physically. If more research could be dedicated to this subject we could figure out why and when we are deficient and those facts could help prove the need for magnetic therapy.


Hayley magnetic bracelet

This high shine silver magnetic bracelet is minimal and elegant in style. Simple silver links with magnets make this ladies magnetic bracelet a great all-rounder. This arthritis bracelet is constructed with large and small rectangular stainless-steel links combining an aesthetically pleasing design with all the added health benefits. This stainless steel magnetic bracelet for women can be adjusted with its links and has a strong fold over clasp to keep this magnetic bracelet secure.

 stainless steel bracelet for women

Stroyer titanium magnetic bracelet

This matt silver mens magnetic titanium bangle is very subtle and very easy to wear. This arthritis bracelet has a minimalist finish and is ideal for those that like a more modest and understated look. The brushed effect on this magnetic bangle adds to the masculine feel and vibe, a great everyday magnetic bracelet.

 titanium bangle

What are the benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet?

Magnetic bracelet can help with a number of ailments such as aches and pains, poor circulation, sleep issues and more. The way in which magnetic bracelets work is that the magnetic field from the magnets stimulate the field where the pain occurs. This is thought to trigger the release of the body's own painkillers, thereby providing natural relief. This can also help improve circulation and help with relaxation and better sleep.


How many hours a day should you wear magnetic bracelets?

You should wear magnetic bracelets for as long as possible, you can wear magnetic bracelets as long as you like there is no rule against that. As long as it is comfortable and secure the bracelet is even fine to wear overnight.


Which magnetic bracelet is best?

Our Xtreme magnetic bracelet is our most powerful with two strong magnets per each link giving you the ultimate magnetic boost. One of our best selling pure copper and magnetic bracelet for excellent magnetic therapy.


What wrist do you wear a magnetic bracelet on?

There are meridian (body’s acupuncture points) points on each wrist therefore you can wear a magnetic bracelet on either wrist, the best way to decide is to swap the bracelet and see which side feels the most beneficial and most comfortable.


Penny Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

This slim, delicate stainless steel magnetic bracelet for arthritis has a sleek, minimalist look. This bracelet features subtle details, which gives it a graceful, understated look. The simplicity of this bracelet makes it a perfect option if you are looking for plain and slick gender neutral magnetic bracelets.

 ladies stainless steel bracelet

Hadrian Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Our Hadrian bio magnetic bracelet is a super original design with its artistic and textured, feathered detailed magnetic links, which are placed alongside simple, shiny plain titanium links. This visually striking health bracelet is a stylish answer to magnetic therapy while still being a luxe link bracelet. The strong fold over clasp keeps it secure and safe, giving you peace of mind when wearing your striking, men’s magnetic bracelet.

mens titanium bracelet 

Researchers at the University of Virginia, in the US tested to see if magnet therapy reduced the intensity of pain from fibromyalgia a rheumatoid disorder. They concluded that the intensity of pain did reduce for the patients, enough to be "clinically meaningful". Researchers at Harvard University asked patients with osteoarthritis to take part in a research study to see if magnetic "sleeves" worn on their knees would help them with their ailment. The patients wore the sleeves for six hours a day for six weeks. The researchers found that the beneficial effects kicked in after four hours, with a sevenfold difference between those who had the magnetic sleeve and those who had a sham device.



Max titanium magnetic bracelet

This magnetic bracelet combines all the features of the silver version but in a matt black titanium making all the detail stand out even more. This textured magnetic bracelet for arthritis is super suave, elegant and stylish. If you like an understated look with a bit of uniqueness, then this one’s for you. This striking detailed bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. It also sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

 titanium bracelet

Adriana magnetic bracelet

This statement womens magnetic bracelet looks beautiful on and really does steal the limelight, so much so that you wouldn’t even notice that this health bracelet has numerous benefits. A gorgeous piece of jewellery that is in the shape of a magnetic bracelet.

 magnetic bracelet with stones

Who should not wear magnetic bracelets?

You should not wear a magnetic bracelet if you have a pacemaker, an insulin pump, or a wearable medical device and/or are pregnant. However, it is safe for everyone else to wear a magnetic bracelet. You can also wear a magnetic bracelet if you don’t have any aches and pains as well. Many of our customers wear magnetic bracelets as a fashion accessory and that is fine to do so as well.


Should I wear my magnetic bracelet all the time?

Yes you should wear your magnetic bracelet all the time if it is possible to do so. Our reason is that the longer you wear it the more likely you are to reap benefits from it. If you can wear it all day and all night if possible then you will start seeing some of the benefits of magnetic therapy.


How long does it take for magnetic bracelets to start working?

Magnetic bracelets take usually take any time between two days to two weeks to work, however it depends on the person wearing it and it depends on how long you are wearing the bracelet for. Some people see benefits in a few days for some it takes longer, again it really depends on the individual and the strength of the magnets too.


Petal copper bracelet with magnets

Like delicate petals of a flower this floral copper bracelet for women is stunning and chic. Each copper link is in the shape of a floral petal, all intertwined to create a beautiful and feminine bracelet. There is a lot of attention to detail with this ladies magnetic bracelet, making it the perfect choice for a sophisticated and stylish copper bracelet.

magnetic bracelet for women

Xtreme Copper Bracelet

This bracelet is robust and a bit of a statement piece. Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo this very masculine mens pure solid copper magnetic bracelet is sure to add some edgy swagger to your look. Wide copper magnetic links are joined together with narrow links to create a strapping and sturdy look

 mens copper bracelet

Which is better copper or magnetic bracelets?

Both copper and magnetic bracelets have health benefits, wearing copper bracelets alone can help with circulation and pain. Magnets help with a number of health ailments. Our suggestion is that if you are unable to wear magnetic bracelets then copper bracelet is a good substitute, however for maximum health benefits go for a copper magnetic bracelet, this way you are reaping benefits of both copper and magnets.


Is it OK to shower with a magnetic bracelet?

This depends on the metal of the magnetic bracelet, if it is stainless steel, titanium or platinum then it is ok to shower with the magnetic bracelet. For copper or pewter bracelets, we do suggest that you take of your magnetic bracelet before showering. It is not ok to go into a swimming pool, jacuzzi or the sea with a magnetic bracelet, regardless of the metal do take off all jewellery and magnetic bracelets before entering pools, hot tub or the sea and ocean.


Can you wear two magnetic bracelets at the same time?

Yes, you can wear two magnetic bracelets at the same time, no harm will occur if you wear two bracelets at the same time. You can also wear two bracelets on the same wrist or if you prefer one on each wrist as well. Either way that you prefer you can most definitely wear two or even three if you prefer.


How do I choose a magnetic bracelet?

You should choose a magnetic bracelet by deciding what type of pain, ailment and ache you have. If you have a metal preference or colour preference then you should choose something in the similar colour/metal field. Also, you should decide if you prefer a link bracelet, or a bendable cuff bracelet, wrist size should also be a factor in decision making. Link bracelets are ideal for larger or smaller wrists as they can be easily sized up and down and bangles are good for those that need something easy.


Willow Copper Bracelet

This stunning women’s magnetic bracelet is stunningly simple, yet still elegant. The high shine copper and simple design make this magnetic bangle perfect for your everyday look. The cuff style of this magnetic bracelet is also so modern and timeless.

copper bangle

Tetric Copper Bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

Completely adjustable to any size, this unique and solid mens copper magnetic bracelet is an original and technical looking wrist piece. Brick shaped copper links in three rows create a visually stunning copper bracelet. This striking bold copper bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably.

 copper bracelet for arthritis

What do magnets on your wrist do?

Magnets on your wrist are usually those that are part of a magnetic bracelet which you wear near your wrist. The way in which magnetic bracelets work is that the magnetic field from the magnets stimulate the field where the pain occurs. This is thought to trigger the release of the body's own painkillers, thereby providing natural relief. This can also help improve circulation and help with relaxation and better sleep.


Which is better titanium or copper magnetic bracelet?

This depends on many factors, both copper and titanium have a number of health benefits. Copper has a reddish pink tone and is slightly weightier metal. Copper bangles are also quite malleable so they are easy to mould around the wrist and copper is also a cheaper metal. Titanium looks very similar to stainless steel it has a silver sleek finish but feels very light. Titanium is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin, it is also extremely robust, life proof and slightly more expensive. Both metals make excellent magnetic bracelets, it just depends on personal preferences.


Do magnetic bracelets affect cell phones?

Magnetic bracelets do not affect cell phones or mobile phones, technological advancements in gadgets mean that magnetic fields do not interfere with gadgets anymore. We do recommend that you don’t wear a magnetic bracelet next to a watch – ideally on a different wrist if possible.


Oren silver and gold magnetic bracelet

Made from robust solid stainless steel this hard wearing magnetic bracelet for arthritis is easy to wear and long lasting. This magnetic bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. Sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

stainless steel magnetic bracelet

Fern magnetic bracelet in stainless steel

This magnetic bracelet is truly majestic and beautiful, a rare bracelet that is unique to us. Made with stainless steel this magnetic bracelet for women consists of a feminine braided design and a gold strand that intertwines with the other silver strands. This arthritis bracelet truly combines exquisite beauty and health benefits.

 stainless steel bracelet with magnets

We hope you enjoyed reading about magnetic therapy and reading all about our most frequently asked questions. We really do pride ourselves on our communication with our customers and we like to be as transparent as possible about the information we gather and share.

We here at DEMI+CO continue to educate ourselves and stay on top of the latest information and feedback from customers. We also take pride in cultivating gorgeous jewellery and magnetic bracelet collections. From stainless steel, pewter, titanium to copper our magnetic bracelet range is vast and varied. We work with reputable manufacturers and skilled craftspeople and ensure our products are made with quality and care.

We hope you had a good browse of our products and were able to add some to cart as well. As ever if you find that you have more questions that we havent yet answered then please do get in touch with us with any questions or queries. As a family run company we like to go out of our way to ensure our customers are happy and that we can answer any questions promptly so please do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.







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