Rose gold hoop earrings; best sellers and FAQ

Here at DEMI+CO we are very proud of our vast and beautiful collection of rose gold jewellery. In particular our rose gold earrings which are our most popular rose gold items that we sell. Although over the past ten years rose gold jewellery has seen a surge of popularity it hasn’t been just a trend. We continue to see a steady stream of interest in rose gold earrings and in particular rose gold hoops. We believe that rose gold is now a classic metal choice along side silver, gold, titanium, white gold earrings and platinum. Rose gold earrings are definitely not just a short lived trend rose gold hoop earrings are a classic staple here to stay.

Over the past few years, we have added more and more items to our rose gold earring collection. Our rose gold hoop earring collection has also increased which now includes large rose gold hoops, rose gold hoops twisted, small rose gold hoops, chubby rose gold hoops, rose gold hoops with diamante and many more. We decided to put together a more detailed post about rose gold hoop earrings as we get asked so many questions about the quality of rose gold, the history, the types of earrings and so much more. Do have a good read of the rest of the post as we have included all the relevant karat information, the background and some of our best selling rose gold hoops as well.


Rose Gold 17.3mm Moondust Ribbed Edge Earrings

Take a look at these beautiful thick rose gold twist hoops with a beautiful silver strip running through the centre. These moondust ribbed edge earrings are a must-have for your rose gold jewellery collection! All eyes will be on you when you wear these and they just shine through with elegancy; no matter what you wear them with, they will be the main piece!

 rose gold earrings

How rose gold is made.

When it comes to most pure metals a mix of metals is what gives them the strength and the durability to be used in jewellery. Gold for example is a soft metal, far too soft to be used in jewellery alone as it would easily scratch and change form. This is why pure gold or 24k gold, is mixed with other metals before it is formed into jewellery. Even yellow gold jewellery is a mix of gold and other metals, and comes in 18k gold, 14k gold, and 10k gold varieties. 

Rose gold is also a mixed metal, part gold, part copper and part silver.  18k rose gold is made with 18 karat gold metal alloys and 6 karats of copper and silver metal alloys. 14k rose gold is made with 14 karat gold metal alloys and 10 karats of copper and silver metal alloys. The different mixes of the different metals is what changes the colour of rose gold, the more copper that is used the more the rose gold will look a deeper colour – ‘red gold’ the less the lighter the colour ‘pink gold’.


Rose Gold 15mm Round Tube Hoop Earrings

If you are after a small but bold rose gold hoop then these rose gold huggies are the ones for you. These tiny rose gold hoops are 14.9mm (1.49cm) by 2.5mm (0.23cm) which make comfortable, light and easy to wear. A great pair of rose gold hoops to gift or an ideal treat for yourself.

 rose gold hoop earrings

White Gold Twist Earring

These jaw-dropping white gold and solid rose gold hoop earrings give your look a special touch. The unique design of these modern twist hoops gives them a luxe feel. If you are buying for your significant other, these would make a stunning anniversary gift for the jewellery lover or someone who loves minimalist style and design.

 rose gold twist earrings

Rose gold history

Did you know that rose gold dates back to 19th century Russia? Carl Fabergé was one of the first people to put rose gold to use, when he used it when crafting his famous eggs, which earned the precious metal the original name of ‘Russian gold’. It was only later as popularity grew worldwide that it was changed to rose gold. As women enjoyed dressing in luxurious fabrics and elegant jewels in the 1920s, jewellers began to create jewellery that showcased this beautiful pink metal. However, rose gold stepped out of the spotlight until the 1940s as people started choosing silver jewellery. As WW2 began, platinum was restricted for use towards the war efforts, so gold became a popular choice for jewellery as women began wearing yellow and rose gold jewellery, which has remained very popular.


Rose Gold Oval Twist Hoop

Elegant and stylish, these oval hoop earrings will definitely make heads turn. Their twist design and shiny finish add an extra touch of glam. These medium rose gold hoop earrings are 19.3mm (1.93cm) by 23.7mm (2.3cm) making these rose gold hoops ideal for any occasion day or night.

 rose gold hoops

Rose Gold 15mm Twisted Hoop Earrings

These small rose gold hoop earrings are the perfect rose gold earrings to wear daily. These tiny rose gold hoops are 14.5mm (1.45cm) by 2.3mm (0.23cm) which make them delicate but light and easy to wear. With an added ribbed texture and a secure clasp these rose gold hoop earrings will add an elegant touch any outfit or any occasion.

 small rose gold hoops

Rose gold FAQ’s

Are rose gold earrings good?

Yes, rose gold earrings are good, they are beautiful, unique, and very versatile. Rose gold is one of the most durable gold alloys thanks to the high copper content. Unlike white gold and yellow gold, it does not tarnish. Rose gold also goes well with other metals and other jewellery like silver, gold and white gold plus it is a subtle colour which means it will suit most skin tones and most occasions – day or night, casual or glam.


Do hoop earrings look good on everyone?

Yes, there is a hoop earring that will suit anyone. Hoop earrings are available in a variety of styles from small, large, thin, thick, twisted, textured, chubby, to tiny huggie hoops. Therefore, depending on your face shape and style you will find a hoop earring to suit you. Hoop earrings are the perfect accessory for every occasion they can be worn on any occasion and the round nature of the hoop is flattering to all face shapes.


Rose Gold Moondust p/c Illusion 24.7mm Hoop Earrings

Add some generous amount of sparkle with these stunning rose gold and diamante hoop earrings. These medium rose gold hoops are 24.7mm (2.47cm) by 5.9mm (0.59cm) which make them comfortable, fairly light and easy to wear.

 rose gold and diamante hoops

Rose Gold Wide Ribbed Moondust Edge Earring

These striking rose gold earrings with diamante are exceptionally majestic, wide rose gold hoops are delicately scattered with diamante detail. The rose gold hoops also have a textured detail making these rose gold hoops beautifully unique.

 chubby rose gold hoops

What skin tone looks best with rose gold?

Rose gold is a warm colour and looks great with warm skin tones, however rose gold and silver hoop earrings or silver and rose gold earrings look great on cooler skin tones. Eitherway whatever your skin tone you can wear rose gold jewellery.


Do I look better in rose gold or silver?

Rose gold is a metal that looks good on all skin tones, silver also looks great on skin tones it just depends on the personal preference. Warm gold jewellery tends to flatter warm undertones more whereas white metals such as silver, platinum and white gold look better on skin with a cooler undertones. Rose gold is suitable for both and goes well alongside all other metals too.


What two metals go with rose gold?

Rose gold goes great with a number of other metals, it just depends on personal preference. Rose gold has a mix of warm and cool metal mixes to create rose gold hence why it goes well with a warm metal such as gold as well as cooler metal tones like silver, white gold and platinum. Rose gold is also great with diamante, cubic zirconia, diamonds and other gems and precious stones like emerald, amethyst and sapphire.


Rose Gold 20mm Round Tube Hoop Earrings

Simple and minimal these roe gold hoops are ideal if you are after hoop earrings that are subtle and delicate. These medium rose gold hoops are 20mm (2 cm) by 2.5mm (0.25cm) which make them comfortable, fairly light and easy to wear.

 rose gold hoops medium

Is rose gold warm or cool?

Rose gold is mostly warm however if you go with a less copper mix – you get a pinker hue of rose gold which is cooler in tone. Rose gold can go towards either side of the cool or warm metal spectrum, rose gold is a flexible metal it just depends on the hue.


Is rose gold trendy or timeless?

Rose gold was seen as trendy, but we see it as a timeless metal, it has lasted the test of time and over the years rose gold has become a staple in people’s jewellery collection. Whether it’s rose gold rings, rose gold earrings, rose gold hoops or rose gold necklaces, rose gold is here to stay.


Rose Gold 22.6mm Moondust & Ribbed Edge Twisted Hoop Earrings

Showstopping rose gold hoops are the perfect word to describe these impressive diamante rose gold hoops. These medium rose gold hoops are 22.6mm (2.2cm) in diameter making them comfortable and perfect for daily wear. Turn heads with these glamourous rose gold hoops ideal for all your special occasions.

 textured rose gold hoops

Can you mix rose gold and gold rings?

Yes, you can mix rose gold with gold, it is an ideal mix. Rose gold has warm hues which are found in gold, so they complement when worn together. Whether you pair rose gold next to a yellow gold ring or get a mixed rose gold and gold ring, both would look fabulous.


How do you look good in rose gold?

Rose gold is a beautiful colour and tone and you will look great in rose gold jewellery regardless of what you wear. However, if you want tones that look amazing with rose gold then any gem tones such as dark blue, dark green, ruby red and purple go very well together. Darker tones bring out the rose gold hue, lighter colours like white, peach, and pink also look great with rose gold.


Is it OK to mix rose gold and white gold?

Yes, you can mix rose gold and white gold, rose gold has a mix of warm and cool metal mixes to create rose gold hence why it goes well with cooler metal tones like silver, white gold and platinum, as well as warm metals such as gold. Rose gold and white gold mixed jewellery items such as rose gold and white gold hoops are a great combination, as well as rose gold and white gold rings too.


Yellow Gold & Rose Gold 19.8mm Twist Earrings

Yellow gold and rose gold hoop earrings are a match made in heaven, the mix of metals add a certain element of luxury with these earrings.  These wide rose gold hoops are 19.8mm (1.9cm) in diameter and 2.6mm (0.26cm) in width making them comfortable and perfect for daily wear. These gold hoop earrings are a must to add to your jewellery collection.

 gold and rose gold hoop earrings

Our range of rose gold earrings in particular rose gold hoops are one of our best selling hoop earrings. Our range of rose gold hoop earrings especially small rose gold hoops and rose gold twist hoop earrings are one the fastest selling range of hoops that we sell. Our rose gold and diamante hoops are also very popular too particularly during festive times like Christmas and Mother’s Day.

We hope you found this article useful; we went to great lengths to research rose gold and share with you our knowledge, experience and frequently asked questions to help you understand not only about rose gold hoop earrings but how to wear rose gold hoop earrings. Rose gold is one of the most flattering metals and we do try our hardest to ensure that we source the best materials and styles and that each piece is made with care. As ever if you find that you have any further questions then do please get in touch with us, we are always more than happy to help.







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