White gold earrings; bestsellers and FAQ's

 White gold earrings are the most elegant and the most stunning of earrings, white gold as a metal has a very majestic look and it is an exquisite metal which pairs beautifully with cubic zirconia, yellow gold, rose gold and diamonds.

Here at DEMI+CO we are proud of our white gold earring collection which features white gold studs, white gold hoops, white gold and diamante earrings and white gold and diamond earrings. Whether you want a small and dainty pair of earrings or a statement pair of white gold drop earrings we have an array of choice just for you.

Why not have a look through some of our most impressive and gorgeous earrings below, find out about the history and background of white gold and have a read through some of our most frequent questions that get asked about white gold earrings.


White Gold Hollow Marquise Shape Drop Earrings

These simple white gold drop earrings are subtle and elegant, they have a unique style and shape and look great paired with a daytime or an evening look. These earrings would also make a great gift for someone special or just a treat for you.

 white gold earrings

History and background

In Eastern Europe during the late Middle Ages, white gold was used to create religious icons. The most famous of these is the icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa, which is said to have miraculous healing powers. White gold was also used in other works of art, such as painting and sculpture.

The first documented use of white gold as jewelry was in Russia in 1804. The metal was becoming increasingly popular at this time because of its ability to mimic silver. White gold earrings were seen as a more affordable alternative to silver earrings, and they quickly became a staple in Russian jewelry.

It wasn't until 1918 that white gold became popular in Western culture when Cartier released a line of Art Deco style Jewelry. In the early 1930s, the White Gold Council was formed in the United States. The group discussed the benefits of white gold and agreed upon standardization of grades and a uniform price list. Since then, the council has developed and refined standards for the metal. In the early 1950s, they began creating standards for jewelry made out of white gold. Since then, the standards have continued to be revised to help promote and protect the quality of white gold.


White Gold Cz Heart Stud

These white gold heart earrings are a must-have. Perfect to go with your daily outfit, or to wear for a special occasion. With a butterfly clasp and a thin post these studs combine style and comfort all in one.

 white gold stud earrings

In 1991, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) designated the term “white gold” to refer to any alloy containing nickel and no palladium. 18K white gold is the standard term in the United States, and the term "white gold" may be used to describe the alloy in other English-speaking countries. In a 2002 study, the price of gold was cited as a primary impetus for the rise in popularity of white gold. Unlike platinum and palladium, both white and yellow versions of gold can be purchased using spot pricing based solely on the current market value of gold.


White Gold Tyre Tread Design 19.8mm D Shape Earrings

Thick hoops like these are the in thing nowadays and owning a pair of white gold hoop earrings will definitely add to your brooding good looks. Adding a chunky hoop to your jewellery box will tell everyone that you have an eye for beauty. Wear them with your day-to-day outfit, or simply on a night out and you will feel confident and successful.

 white gold hoop earrings

Today, White gold is a precious metal that is often used in fine jewelry and watches, it is also one of the most popular metals for engagement and wedding rings especially when it is combined with diamonds or other precious stones. Its affordability, shine, and durability make it an exceptional type of jewelry. White gold jewelry is made in the same manner as yellow gold, but with a white gold alloy consisting of white gold, nickel, and other metals. White gold is a popular choice for jewelry because it does not tarnish easily, does not need to be rhodium plated, and it has a brighter white colour than yellow gold. The alloys used in white gold are very similar in their properties to the alloys used to make platinum jewelry, but less expensive.


White Gold Cz Round 8mm Stud Earrings

These unique white gold earrings are ideal for day to night glam or just everyday glam! These white gold stud earrings are a delicate and bold so why not treat yourself to these wonderful white gold earrings for women?

 white gold studs

What Are The Different Kinds of White Gold?

Today, yellow gold is most commonly used in fine jewelry, while white gold has taken over the fashion jewelry industry with almost no yellow gold being used. Both metals are used in all of the standard jewelry manufacturing processes, including casting, stamping, soldering, welding, fabrication and polishing. White gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. The most popular white gold alloy is gold, nickel, and palladium, though other alloys are used as well.


Is white gold durable?

White gold is one of the most durable of all the precious metals. It does not scratch easily and is highly resistant to corrosion. It is not an alloy of silver and gold, but an alloy of gold and palladium, platinum, nickel, zinc, and titanium. White gold is a combination of many different precious metals, but it primarily consists of copper, nickel and zinc.


White Gold 20mm Twist Hoop

These white gold twist hoop earrings are beautiful to look at and so stunning when worn. Delicate and bold these classic white gold hoops have a unique twist look to them. White gold twisted hoop earrings like these match perfectly with any outfit, they are timeless and classic. Twist hoop earrings are the in thing now and make a bold and interesting alternative to silver hoops.


 white gold twist hoops

What gold is good for earrings?

Gold in general is a good material to choose for earrings, the Karat number is the amount of gold in each jewellery and will also give you a different shade of gold. For example, 9ct gold will be a slightly weak gold colour compared to a 18k or 24k gold which will be much more yellow in colour. White gold is also the same but the silver colour is from Rhodium plating so the thicker the plating the more silver the finish will be.


White Gold Princess Cut Cz Hoop Earrings

These ultra-bling white gold diamond hoops will have jewellery lovers out there drooling. These are sure to turn heads and add a touch of sparkle and shine to your looks. These are also perfect if you are looking for the perfect gift for your best friend. Treat her – she deserves it!

 white gold huggie hoops


How many types of white gold are there?

While white gold is just one colour, there are several types of white gold. The most common is 14k white gold. It is 14 parts pure gold, and 10 parts white metal alloy. The 10% alloy consists of several metals, with the main being nickel, chromium, and zinc. This combination results in a white colour that looks very similar to platinum, but slightly more yellow.



White Gold Faceted Hoop Earrings

These chunky hoops are a modern, geometric take on the gold hoop earring. If you want a chic modern pair of white gold hoop earrings, these are perfect. These hoops look especially nice paired with a sleek, minimalist outfit of black jeans and a crisp white t-shirt.

 white gold hoops medium

What are the types of gold earrings?

There are so many different types of gold earrings, from yellow gold, rose gold to white gold. From 9 karats, 19 to 24k and so many various styles of gold earrings from hoops, studs, long drop earrings, cuff to climbers. At DEMI+CO we have a wide variety of gold earrings to choose from. 


Why does my white gold turn yellow?

When you start to see a yellow tinge on your white gold jewellery, it is actually the outer layer of rhodium that is used as a coating on white gold jewellery to make it appear more silver wearing away. The outer layer can wear away due to general wear and tear and reveal the un-plated white gold that actually has a yellow tinge to it.


Yellow Gold White Gold & Rose Gold Tear Drop Earrings

These tear drop earrings are incredibly unique and majestic, combining three gold shades of yellow, white and rose gold these long drop earrings are elegant and one of kind. These white gold drop earrings make the ideal choice for date night, girls night or any special occasion.

 long drop earrings

Is white gold more expensive?

There is actually not much of a price difference between the actual gold in white and yellow gold jewellery, the price is based on the hallmarked carat weight and any extra gems, embellishments or craftwork such as additional diamonds, ruby or cuts and textures.


Does white gold stick to a magnet?

Gold jewelry, such as 18k gold, 14k gold, 10k gold, and even white gold are not usually magnetic but they can be magnetic if there is a mix of magnetic alloys, or metals combined with the gold.


White Gold Disco Ball Screw Back Earrings

These unique and fun white gold stud earrings are a perfect pair for everyday, the texture on the earrings make these stud earrings glimmer in the light and add a fun touch to these easy to wear white gold earrings.

 white gold studs

Is white gold better than silver?

The combination of metals give white gold its colour and durability making white gold a bit stronger and more durable than silver or pure gold. Additionally, white gold may be rhodium plated, which gives it a shiny top layer.

Does hand sanitizer turn white gold yellow?

Rubbing alcohol found in hand sanitiser can wear the rhodium plating off white gold jewellery over time. Therefore, if you have a white gold ring then you should avoid hand sanitiser.


9ct White Gold 0.35ct Diamond Drop Earrings

Exquisite and magnificent are two words that come to mind when you come across a pair of earrings like this. Made with white gold and adorned with 0.35ct diamonds these head turners and just perfect. Delicate and light whilst shimmery and bold these are a pair that you will turn to for all the glamourous occasions.

 white gold diamond earrings

Can you wear white gold every day?

Yes, you can wear white gold every day, white gold is in particular best for everyday use since it keeps its shiny white appearance for a longer time and it is more robust due to the mix of metals and rhodium plating. The plating can get worn down over time so you may need to take your items to get them replated with rhodium.


Which is better platinum or white gold?

Both platinum and white gold have their pros and cons. Platinum looks similar to white gold but it isn’t superior to it. Platinum does scratch easily and white gold may need re-plating from time to time however both metals and strong and durable it really depends on your personal taste.



We hope you found this article useful; we do get a lot of questions from customers and we do our best to answer them all. We do also like to ensure that we are experts when it comes to jewellery metals and everything in between and we like to share our passion and knowledge with our customers. White gold earrings are just one collection of many different types of earrings and jewellery. We work closely with our crafts people during the manufacturing process to ensure the best quality metals, stones, gems and finishes when it comes to our jewellery.


As a family run brand quality products and happy customers are at the top of our priorities and the feedback and reviews are a testament to that. As ever if you have questions or noticed an area that we havent expanded on then we are always willing to hear and improve.





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