Are Gold Hoop earrings in style? FAQ’s

gold hoop earrings

When buying jewellery online particularly gold hoops or gold hoop earrings we like to think that although its not in person – online can be even better. We like to think that as an honest company we agree that you can not hold our jewellery in your hands before you buy BUT we go one better! How you may ask? Well firstly we are honest – so there is no rose tinted, filtered images, on no – we like to keep it real and by that we ensure minimal editing on our images. For social media some of our gold hoop earrings images are not edited at all. Secondly, we like to be straight up with our descriptions of our products, so detailed and clear that you could imagine the products even if you couldn’t see them. Thirdly we like to have our customer reviews right where you can see them – on the product page before you buy, and we have links everywhere for our Trustpilot reviews if you need further convincing.

Fourthly going forward, we at DEMI+CO would like to indulge more in product videos and product reviews to truly give you a 3D view of our jewellery and homewares collections. Our fifth point and last point is our blogs and our FAQ’s pages, this is where we elaborate, go into more detail about materials, products, cleaning, protecting and any other issues related to our products. For example, how to care for you jewellery, ideas on how to wear your jewellery to get the most from them. Aftercare for us is vital, retaining customers is just as high on our list as gaining customers. So, we hope you enjoy this blog and if you notice a FAQ missing let us know, get in touch and we will happily answer it and edit this blog to add it on!


Are gold hoop earrings in style?

Gold hoop earrings are in style. Gold hoop earrings are a classic look and never really go out of style. However, size, texture and thickness of gold hoop earrings does go in and out of fashion. Nonetheless we believe that if you do own a pair of gold hoops or two then as long as you wear them with confidence, they will always look stylish!


Jade Thin Gold Hoops for a minimal chic look that won’t break the bank?

Our Jade gold hoops are large in diameter and have a ‘barely-there’ look to them. Although these thin gold hoop earrings do look big and are big in size, they are very light in weight which makes them very easy to wear. These thin gold hoop earrings suit any budgets at the price of £18 – treat yourself!

 thin gold hoop earrings

Are hoop earrings in style?

Hoop earrings are in style, especially smaller, wider and thicker hoops. However big hoops are still style too. Medium gold hoops are always in style as they are a classic colour, size and shape and look good with most outfits and for most occasions.


Are hoop earrings trashy?

Hoop earrings are not trashy, they help frame a face, give an edge to a look and complete an outfit. The perception that hoop earrings are trashy is changing.


 Kirsten Gold Curl Hoops 

Our Kirsten hoops are sure to amp up your look with their twisted gold chopstick design. These gold twist hoop earrings are a stunning pair of medium gold hoop earrings, our most popular gold hoops from our collection. Consisting of a medium thickness gold hoop band that is twisted in to a curly shape all the way around the earrings, these unique twist hoop earrings are a real statement piece and truly one of a kind.

 twisted gold hoop earrings

What do you wear with gold hoops?

Dark colour hues or neutral colours like white, navy, beige, black or ivory look the best with gold hoop earrings. Jewel toned colours such as burgundy, emerald green and ruby red also look great with gold hoop earrings. Simple lines and unfussy details are also ideal when wearing statement gold hoops, crisp white shirts, blazers and long line skirts and dresses also look great with small gold hoop earrings.


Is gold jewelry in style?

Gold jewellery is in style and it will most likely never go out of style. Gold is a precious metal that holds its value it is a timeless metal that will never lose its place and status in the world. It is more elegant and more durable than silver metal.


Aria XL Gold Hoops 

Go super king size with these strikingly large gold hoop earrings, although they might seem pretty big these large gold hoop earrings are light in weight, easy to wear and won’t pull on your ears. These oversized gold hoop earrings feature a bevelled texture to add some pretty detail to these already gorgeous hoops. These gold hoops are a perfect way to give your look a bold update.

large gold hoops


Can I sleep in hoops?

Ideally you should not sleep in hoop earrings. If you have recently had your ears pierced, then you can sleep in those studs but with any other earrings you should avoid wearing them overnight. The best thing to do to ensure your safety and the upkeep of your hoop earrings is to take them off before you go to sleep.


What are sleeper gold hoop earrings?

Sleeper gold hoop earrings are your first pair of earrings after a new piercing. Designed to be worn overnight as they give you a comfortable night's sleep while your ears heal. Sleep gold hoop earrings are usually very small and lightweight.


Maria Gold Hoops are the perfect earrings for a classic and timeless look, these gold hoop earrings are the perfect everyday jewellery. The hoops have a wider, flatter edge all the way around, which makes these earrings show-stopping. These hoops are very lightweight, so they are perfect to wear all day – or all night long!

 wide gold hoops

What culture do hoop earrings come from?

Hoop earrings were first to have been found in Africa in a civilisation that existed in the fourth century in what is now present-day Sudan. In Ancient Egypt gold hoop earrings were very popular and were worn by both men and women.


Carrie 10mm Gold Huggie Hoops

These cute and subtle hoop earrings are the ideal every day small gold hoop earrings.Comfortable and lightweight, these tiny gold hoop earrings are perfect for any occasion and add a touch of class to your office wear.

 small gold hoop earrings

Whitney Gold Brushed Hoops

Our Whitney large gold hoop earrings add a dramatic touch to your finished look. The combination of brushed gold and shiny gold give these textured gold hoop earrings a gorgeous touch of detail. Make your outfit pop with these versatile gold hoop earrings that are sure to turn heads

 thick gold hoops

How long can you wear earrings?

This depends on the earring and the metal it is made out of, ideally you shouldn’t wear an earring longer than 12 hours so ideally before bed you should take them off. Unless you are wearing sleeper earrings, or you have recently had your ears pierced then you should keep them in for as long you have been told to do so.


Can earring holes close up?

This depends on how long it has been since your ears were last pierced. If you it has been a week or two or earlier since your piercing it is best to keep earrings in regularly to keep the holes open. Earring holes usually stay open for at least a day or two once a few months have passed after the original piercing. The holes often stay open for a few weeks or longer if they have been there for several years of earring use.


Meghan Assorted Gold Hoops

Go all out with our trio gold hoop earrings set, this gold hoop set has 3 different sizes of hoops from large gold hoops, medium gold hoops and small gold hoops. This allows you to choose and wear which ever size you want to wherever you need to wear them too. Whether it’s a day of shopping, meal out with the family or date night – there are gold hoop earrings to suit either occasion.

 gold hoop earrings set

Demi Gold Rope Hoops

The Demi earrings share our name and our hearts. These gold-plated hoop earrings are one of our favourites. The hoops boast of a plaited and rope design that give these thick gold hoop earrings extra texture and uniqueness. These should be on the top of every girl’s Wishlist!

 textured gold hoop earrings

Do hoop earrings make you look prettier?

Gold hoop earrings do make you look prettier, they enhance symmetry of the face, they also highlight the facial structure which naturally draws the eyes towards your face. The great thing about gold hoop earrings is that they work for any face shape.


How do you wear hoop earrings casually?

Hoop earrings look great with t shirts, denim shirts, jeans, leggings and even loungewear. Gold hoop earrings look great with white, black and blue outfits which makes them versatile enough to wear with any casual outfit.


Lola Large Gold Hoops

These unique 3 in 1 large gold hoops are to die for! Three textured large gold hoops are strung together to create these super glam and show-stopping gold hoops that are sure to turn heads. These earrings provide the best of both worlds and can be worn from day to night. For a daytime look, pair these thick gold hoop earrings with ripped jeans and a funky blouse, which is sure to take you seamlessly into cocktails with the girls after work.


Why is Indian gold so yellow?

The gold in India is a super fine and high quality 24 carat gold which is a little more yellow in texture. India gold is also softer and malleable as it is more purer, but in other countries gold is stronger and lighter in colour as it has been diluted and mixed with other alloys to make it more durable.


Can you wear small hoops to bed?

This depends on the size of the hoops, if they are sleeper hoops and you have recently had your ears pierced then yes you can wear them overnight. However, it is not safe to wear hoop earrings any bigger overnight as it could damage your ears and also damage the gold hoop earrings.


Morgan Textured Gold Hoops

These intricate and detailed hoops are one of our best sellers,these classic gold hoops have a 55mm inner diameter and boast of a beautifully intricate gold textured detail. The texture and pattern on these thick gold hoops makes them extra special, adding glamour to any finished look.

 medium gold hoop earrings

Why are hoop earrings so attractive?

Gold hoop earrings can draw attention to the face, they help frame a face and the light from gold hoop earrings adds a warm glow to the skin too. Gold hoop earrings are very versatile they can be worn any time, anywhere and they look great all face shapes.


Can hoop earrings be classy?

Gold hoop earrings can be classy, gold hoop earrings never go out of style and are timeless. Gold hoop earrings look great with simple outfits. Monochrome colours or daker pallets look the best with gold hoop earrings.


What do hoop earrings symbolize?

Gold hoop earrings symbolise so much for so many cultures. Some believe wearing a hoop or a circle symbolises unity, infinity and wholeness. Gold hoop earrings for the Latin culture symbolise strength and identity. Gold hoop earrings for the South Asian culture represents purity, femininity and womanhood. As minorities and immigrants in America and Europe, hoop earrings symbolise resistance to discrimination


Do hoop earrings look good on round faces?

Gold hoop earrings do look good on round faces. If you want to add more length and structure to your face go for more angular and longer line oval shaped hoops. Small gold hoops like c shaped hoop earrings also suit a round face.


Can hoop earrings rip your ear?

Extremely heavy hoop earrings may pull at your ears but most fashion hoop earrings that you find are not heavy at all. Even if the hoop earrings catch on something it is unlikely to have the power to rip of hoop earrings it may break the earrings but not your ear.


Should you take out earrings every night?

Gold hoop earrings or any hoop earrings should be taken off every night without fail. This is not only best to keep your hoop earrings in good condition, but it is for the safety of your ears. Keeping hoop earrings in your ears may cause skin irritations and breakage to the hoop earrings.





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