10 FAQ's About Silver Stud Earrings

Silver studs are one of our most popular type of earrings that we sell here at DEMI+CO we have a vast collection of sterling silver stud earrings from flower earrings, square studs, star studs, evil eye studs, starfish studs and so many more. Many of our silver studs have extra adornment and embellishment in terms of patterns, textures and diamante details too. Silver is one of the most popular metals used in jewellery making around the world due to its malleable and pliable state, making it great for moulding, melting and engraving. It can even be set with precious stones and gems, so it really is a versatile metal.

We go to great lengths to source the best quality silver jewellery and designs and we ensure that the best craftspeople create the jewellery with care. We have made sure our designs include bold statement studs, elegant chic styles, classic and timeless stud earrings as well as unusual silver earrings too.

In this blog post, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about silver stud earrings. We'll cover topics like how to tell if your earrings are real silver, how to care for your silver jewelry, and where to find Silver Stud Earring Suppliers. By the end of this post, you'll be an expert on all things silver stud earrings! Why not kick back and take a good look through this post to find out all about our silver stud earrings.


Silver Knot Stud

We think creative Aries will love experimenting with bold, daring looks so these classic silver stud earrings make the ideal base. The intricate and pretty knot detail adds some subtle artistic flair and the plain silver tones ensure that these silver earrings for women are extremely versatile when it comes to pairing them with your favourite looks.

 silver studs

Silver Cz Bow Stud Earrings

Cute as a button these sterling silver bow earrings are so delightful and charming a great everyday silver stud. Made with sterling silver and encrusted with diamante these sparkly stud earrings are a perfect little treat and would also make a charming gift as well.

 silver stud earrings

History of sterling silver

  • Silver was first discovered after gold and copper about 4000 BCE, it was at that time used in jewellery and as a medium of exchange.
  • The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks were probably the first ones to discover this metal.
  • Silver was the first metal to be used as currency, and in ancient Egypt, it was valued higher than gold! However, in modern day Turkey.
  • Archaeologists have found the remains of silver smelting operations dating earlier than 4000 BC.


Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptians

  • Other uses of silver included using in the creation of eating and drinking vessels as well as ancient sculptures.
  • In Ancient Egypt silver jewellery was popular with kings, queens and pharaohs. Similarly, silver was worn and used by the wealthiest men and women in Ancient Greek.
  • This was the case for many years throughout history from Tudor, Stuart and Georgian periods.
  • In fact, until 1400 A.D., there were only seven metals known to man. These metals are known collectively as the 'Seven Metals Of Antiquity': Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin, Lead and Mercury.
  • Our word for silver comes from the Germans similar to other older English words. The name silver is thought to be based upon the colour of the river Lycia.


Silver Snowflake Cz Stud

We think confident Gemini would love a pair of silver statement earrings to complement their bold and brilliant personality. These beautiful snowflake diamante stud earrings are the perfect option for a bit of bling but to be subtle enough to wear every day.

 small silver earrings

Silver CZ Butterfly Stud Earrings

These adorable and feminine butterfly stud earrings are super lightweight and very easy to wear. Made of sterling silver and lots of tiny attention to detail making these cute silver studs the ideal everyday earring. The cubic zirconia sparkles also add an extra element of bling and sparkle too.

 silver studs

Edwardian Period

  • By about 1600BC the value of silver had sunk to about half that of gold, indicating that the supply of the metal had grown considerably.
  • In 1300, King Edward I enacted a statute ordering that all silver articles must meet the Sterling silver standard (92.5% pure silver) and that there would be the 'guardians of the craft', who would then mark the item with a leopard's head stamp.
  • In 1327, King Edward II granted a charter to the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths (more commonly known as the Goldsmiths' Company), marking the beginning of the Company's formal existence.
  • This company was headquartered at London's Goldsmiths' Hall of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, from whence the English term "hallmark" is derived.


Victorian Period

  • During the Victorian period mass jewellery production meant that middle class population were able to afford sterling silver jewellery.
  • Although it wasn’t as pure as silver, sterling silver was stronger, sturdier and affordable.
  • During the Art Deco period jewellery became more bolder, wilder and more extravagant, Silver became less popular due to the fascination with gold and platinum.


 21st Century

  • Silver in the 21st century is now still very much a luxurious yet affordable jewellery metal.
  • It is still very much a popular choice for earrings, hoops and necklaces, particularly everyday jewellery. 
  • Silver and sterling silver are very much stunning metals which stunning pieces can be created from.
  • Here at DEMI+CO we carry a wide variety of sterling silver pieces ranging from exclusive to affordable.


Silver Knot with Pearl Stud

These graceful pearl stud earrings would make the perfect gift for caring Cancer. A thoughtful gift is the way to the sensitive soul of a Cancer sign and they would love these dreamy silver pearl earrings.

 pearl stud earrings

Silver Cz Boxing Gloves Stud Earrings

Quirky and unusual these boxing glove stud earrings would make a fun little addition to your earlobe! Combine them with a stack of other ear studs, hoops and cuffs to create a curated ear or just on their own! Know someone who’s boxing mad? These would also make an ideal gift too.

 unusual silver earrings

Here are 12 facts about silver earrings:

  1. Silver is a popular and precious metal that is found in nature and also used in jewellery making.
  2. You can tell if your earrings are real silver if they are stamped with .925, which means that they are 92.5% pure silver.
  3. Stud earrings are a classic choice for any outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  4. People have been wearing silver jewelry for centuries and it is still a popular choice today.
  5. Silver stud earrings are a classic choice whether you prefer delicate studs to bold sparkly studs
  6. Silver is malleable and ductile. It is one of the few metals which can be beaten into delicate thin sheets of leaf or pulled to make a strong wire. Which is why silver works well in the jewellery industry.
  7. It is the whitest and most reflective of metals. Without silver, mirrors would not have existed as we know them until quite recently.
  8. Silver has long been used in medicine for its natural bactericidal properties.
  9. The % of silver which isn't silver is normally copper. Some new alloys of silver contain trace amounts of Germanium which stop the silver from tarnishing.
  10. Silver became more popular during the Victorian era
  11. Silver is a popular choice for jewellery because it is durable and maintenance-free. You can wear silver in the shower without worrying about it rusting or tarnishing.
  12. Some people may have an allergic reaction to silver, so it's important to test a small area of skin before wearing them.


Silver Lucky Horseshoe Stud Earrings

Graceful silver horseshoe earrings are a beautiful added touch to a Libra’s classy style. These earrings are sure to bring the wearer good luck and will create a classic and elegant finishing touch to any look.

 small silver earrings

Silver Starfish CZ Studs

Simple and stunning these starfish shaped studs are incredibly delicate and delightful. Super lightweight, easy to wear and scattered with diamantes to give a bling finish. These sterling silver stud earrings look amazing when worn elegant and chic.

 cubic zirconia earrings

How do I know if my silver earrings are real?

Look for a hallmark or a stamp on the silver, silver and sterling silver is often stamped with 925, 900 or 800. Our sterling silver is all stamped with 925 which means 92.5% is pure silver.


How long does it take for silver earrings to tarnish?

Sterling silver sometimes tarnish anywhere from 2 months to 3 years, but this can be prevented and there is a way to get rid of the tarnish - there are simple ways to clean and prevent it.


How do you clean sterling silver stud earrings?

Submerge your earrings in soapy water (mix warm water with a mild detergent). Gently move the earrings around in this water and leave them for about 10 minutes. For stubborn gunk or stains, you can use an earbud or toothbrush for scrubbing. Rinse the earrings in clean water to get rid of the soapy residue.


Silver Cz Starburst Stud Earrings

These pretty star earrings are a unique addition to any jewellery collection and are fantastic for an original Aquarius. The glamorous sparkle will shine just like Aquarius’ personality and the unusual star stud earrings shape will add a touch of intrigue to any look.

 star earrings

Silver Evil Eye Cz Studs

These delicate evil eye studs will help keep negative vibes away and keep you protected whilst looking elegant and extra with diamante bling and a blue cubic zirconia studs. These unusual silver earrings will definitely make a great pair of everyday silver studs.

 cz stud earrings

Can you mix silver and gold?

Mixing silver and gold jewellery has always been a timeless accessories option. Accessories are made to be paired together, and that includes precious metals like gold and silver. You can make the most of your collection by choosing gold jewellery pieces and combining them with your beloved sterling silver items.


What is the best way to store silver stud earrings?

When not wearing your silver stud earrings, store them in a dry, cool place away from sunlight. It’s also a good idea to keep them in a lined jewelry box or pouch to prevent them from tarnishing faster


Oval Clear CZ Stud Silver Earrings

These diamante silver earrings are a wonderful statement piece for any bling lover. The shiny cubic zirconia's will draw all eyes to the wearer and these earrings are sure to put them in the limelight. Sparkly earrings and confidence are a match made in heaven.

 cubic zirconia earrings

Is it okay to wear silver stud earrings in the shower, bath or swimming pool?

While it is okay to wear your silver stud earrings in the shower, it is not recommended if you intend to swim. The chlorine in pools and swimming pools can tarnish silver easily. If you do wear your silver stud earrings in the swimming pool, make sure you dry them thoroughly before storing.


Silver Ball Stud 6mm Earrings

These simple silver circle earrings are the perfect necessity in any jewellery collection and any jewellery lover will see that these silver studs are practical and versatile earrings are a must have.

 ball stud earrings

Which earrings are best to sleep in?

Sleeper style or smaller silver studs are the most sleep-friendly picks that are the least likely to catch or snag and ensure you have a restful night without any discomfort and without damaging your piercings.


Can I wear silver studs while working out?

It is best to take out all jewellery while working out, sterling silver can react slightly to sweat. Our best advice is to remove all jewellery before working out.


Can you leave silver earrings in all the time?

The simple answer is yes. You can wear your sterling silver as much as possible but we do recommend you remove it before working out as sweat can cause a bit of tarnishing and damage.


Silver Cz Swirl Stud Earrings

Win the heart of emotional Pisces with a heartfelt gift of these stunning swirl stud earrings. The design of these is so dreamy and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. These earrings would make a really special gift for someone you care about or just a treat for yourself. If you are a Pisces, it is about time you treated yourself to something as rare and beautiful as you are.

 cubic zirconia stud earrings

We hope you found this article useful; we hope that you found the information helpful and that you enjoyed looking at just some of our beautiful and stunning sterling silver stud earrings. We do like to ensure that we are experts when it comes to jewellery and metals and as a family run brand, we like to keep you informed and make you experts in the process as well – we believe in honesty and transparency.


We do hope that you get a chance to look through more of our collections, we go through a thorough process when designing and choosing our pieces. We use the best craftspeople and the best quality materials to ensure our customers get the best. If you do feel like you have any more questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the rest of our team.








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