Silver sleeper earrings: FAQ's

Sleeper hoops are one of our best selling hoop items from our hoop collection here at DEMI+CO. Popular not just with first time piercings but popular with a wide range of our customers. Some of our customers have told us that they love wearing sleepers just to ensure they keep their piercings open or they prefer to keep a simple sleeper on their second, third or tragus piercings. Whether you have a new piercing or are just looking for a lightweight pair of small hoops then look no further.

Sleeper hoop earrings are traditionally a small and very thin hoop that people wear after having a new piercing because it is comfortable to wear, it is lightweight and doesn’t tear or pull. The smaller size of hoop earrings means its less likely to get caught on any external items and it is usually made with a hypoallergenic metal like sterling silver, titanium or stainless steel to prevent any infections and to help heal the piercing as quickly as possible.

Our sterling silver hoop collection includes a wide variety of simple and textured sleeper hoops ideal for first time piercings and those that want a smaller hoop. Our silver hoop collection features an even wider range of huggies, chunky silver hoops, hoops with diamante and larger hoops too. Why not have a browse and see what takes your fancy!

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Silver 14mm Diamond Cut Hinged Sleepers

Want silver sleeper hoops but looking for something a bit more textured? These diamond cut hinged sleepers are perfect for you! Simple yet elegant, these lovely textured silver hoop sleepers are a great place to start for diving into the world of sterling silver hoops!

 silver sleepers

Silver Oval Tube Hoop Earrings

These elegant, simple hoops are a great place to start with exploring the world of sophisticated hoop earrings. Sterling silver oval hoop earrings are great for wearing in your day-to-day life or on nights out. They are just an elegant touch to fit into your outfit, and we know that you will fall in love when you buy these!

 silver oval hoop earrings

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The history of silver

  • It was first discovered in the Earth’s crust and was used as a currency by the ancient Sumerians, it wa then discovered by the Greek philosopher Thales in the sixth century BCE
  • The silver metal was hailed as a wonder metal. It was strong and shiny but turned black when it came into contact with water.
  • Thales theorized that the moon was made of silver, and it was this discovery that first brought the metal to the attention of the Greek world.
  • The first silver mine was discovered in the Americas, in what is now Mexico, in 1610.
  • Over the years, silver has been mined in many other places, including in the United States, Bolivia, and Peru.

When you think of silver, you probably think of silverware, silver bullets, and perhaps even a certain sheriff in a small, silver town. But far beyond that, silver has been and continues to be used in a wide range of applications across many different industries. In today’s society, silver is one of the most commonly used metals. It can be found in everything from currency to electronics.


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Silver 15mm Hoop, Checkerboard Design

Check out these beautiful 15mm hoops with a checkerboard design that reflects the lights dazzlingly! Textured silver hoop earrings are the way to go this season, and these are sure to make you look elegant and dazzling! Investing in unusual silver earrings makes you stand out from the crowd which these sterling silver hoops are sure to do.

 textured silver hoop earrings

Silver 16mm Plain Hinged Sleepers

Silver sleepers are a great option when looking into sterling silver hoops. It’s in the name: you can sleep comfortably in them! And with a simple, thin hoop like these, you can wear them in your day-to-day life whilst effortlessly wearing them with so much comfort!

 silver sleeper hoop earrings

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What type of earrings are most comfortable to sleep in?

Sleeper hoop earrings and small studs are the most comfortable to sleep in, as they are smaller in size and width and usually sit flush against the skin it prevents snagging and tearing of the piercing. These types of earrings also won’t poke or irritate your neck or ears.


When can you wear sleeper earrings?

All the time, sleeper hoop earrings are very comfortable, lightweight, easy to wear and easy to look after. Usually made with hypoallergenic metals like sterling silver or titanium these hoop earrings wont tarnish. The sleeper hoop earring design means that it wont get in your way and you can wear them day and night.


What is a huggie earring?

A huggie earring is an earring that sits very close to the ear lobe, there is usually no or very little gap between the earring the lobe – it literally hugs the ear lobe hence the name huggie.


“second time using Demi+co after being so impressed with first bracelet, good quality items good price and delivery is quick and normally free.”


Silver 14mm Plain Hinged Sleepers

These are our medium sized plain sleepers ideal for those that want their sleepers to have a little movement but not too big either. These sleepers are made of sterling silver and are ideal for first time piercings and also ideal for those that want simple earrings to wear all the time. Made with care using high quality sterling silver.

 childrens sleepers

Silver 16mm Diamond Cut Hinged Sleepers

Our biggest sterling silver sleepers with a unique diamond cut pattern on the outer edge of the hoop. These sterling silver sleepers are comfortable to wear and give a great shine in the light or sun. These lightweight silver hoops are comfortable to wear all day and all night.

 sleeper earrings

“Quick delivery, well packed and the personal touches were really nice. Item looked really nice, great quality and very happy overall. Would recommend.”


Can you sleep in sterling silver earrings?

Yes, you can sleep in sterling silver earrings if they are tiny studs or silver sleeper hoops. If they are larger earrings then our advice would be to take them off purely for comfort and safety reasons. Sleeper earrings made of stainless steel, titanium and sterling silver are usually fine to wear overnight.


What are sleeper earrings used for?

Sleeper earrings are the first earrings you wear when you have had your ears pierced. They are also called starter earrings and worn for a continuous period of time until the piercing has healed and will not close up. This includes overnight, in the shower, 24 hours a day.


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Are sleeper earrings good for kids?

Children can wear sleeper earrings, or sometime called childrens sleepers. Sleeper earrings are comfortable, lightweight and hypoallergenic. The sleeper earrings are a simple design and there are no uncomfortable or sharp points.


How long can I leave my earrings out after 2 years?

You can take out your earrings after 6-8 weeks if they do feel ready, best to go with the advice of the professional who created the piercing. Ensure you are wearing hypoallergenic earrings regularly to ensure the holes don’t close up.


“A great choice and my order arrived earlier than expected. Good quality, well presented and good value. Hope it helps my wrist arthritis!”


Silver 12mm Diamond Cut Hinged Sleepers

These are our second most popular silver sleepers, these come in our smallest size that we have and are very delicate but robust. The diamond cut pattern adds an extra attention to detail giving these simple silver hoops a glimmer of shine.

 silver sleeper hoops

Silver 12mm Plain Hinged Sleepers

Our most popular pair of sterling silver sleeper earrings, these are our smallest, lightest and simplest design for sleeper hoops. Made with quality sterling silver and easy to wear and suitable to wear day and night these hoops make the ideal first earring for a new piercing.

 small silver hoop earrings

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What is a clicker earring?

A clicker earring is usually an earring or a hoop with a hinged clasp, when you open the earring, the hinge allows the earring to open wide so that you can slot your earlobe between the ends of the two hoops and then slot one side of the hoop through your piercing. When that is done you can close the hinge and the earring makes a ‘click’ sound when properly closed which is where it gets its name from.


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What gauge are sleepers?

The thickness of sleepers is usually measured in millimetres, the most popular gauges for regular ear piercings are 20 Gauge (0.8mm) and 18 Gauge (1.0mm). bit thicker than a standard earring.


Can you sleep in screw back earrings?

Yes you can especially in our sterling silver sleeper hoops, with our screw back earrings we do advise to take them off unless you find them comfortable then carry on doing so.  


Silver Small Round Twist Hoop Earrings

These popular silver twist hoop earrings are not classed as sleeper hoops but a great next step in your earring adventures. Made with sterling silver and slightly larger in size 21 mm in diameter and with an added twisted detail these popular hoops are a great everyday hoop earrings.

 silver hoops small

Silver Cz Huggies Earrings

These cute huggies are a gem of a find and ideal for newly healed piercings, they are small, delicate but bold and shimmery ideal for evenings and everyday wear. Only 14.5mm in width, made with sterling silver and encrusted in diamantes these are the perfect sparkly huggie hoop earrings.

 small hoop earrings

“Products are beautiful and well made. Shipping was lightning fast. They arrived from across the pond faster than most domestic shippers.”


“Very happy with my purchase, arrived quickly and was well packed, happy customer.”


We hope you found this post useful; we like to keep our new and existing customers up to date on our latest products and collections and keep them informed on all areas of our expertise. As a family run jeweller, we specialise in a variety of metals, styles and designs. We are especially proud of our sterling silver and silver hoops range which are available in a wide variety and styles from sleeper hoops, huggie hoops, to diamante and cz hoops, thin hoops, bold statement large silver hoops, chunky silver hoops, silver creole hoops, silver diamond hoops, pearl hoops and so much more.


At DEMI+CO we make quality semi-precious jewellery and we source the finest metals, craftspeople and gems to ensure we have the most unique and stunning jewellery collections. Whether you are after magnetic bracelets, pearl earrings, 9ct gold studs, rose gold hoops, silver necklaces and silver earrings to diamond studs and diamond rings we have it all. We also ensure that we put our customers first and we are there for them throughout their journey whether its questions before they buy, after sales care and anything in between. As a family run business we pride ourselves in putting our customers first and creating beautiful jewellery collections.




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