7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Silver Hoop Earrings

Silver hoop earrings are the most versatile earrings you will come across and the easiest to wear too. Our best selling earrings here at DEMI+CO are silver hoop earrings and you can ensure that we stock a huge variety to cater to all styles, shapes, sizes and tastes. Whether you are a first timer looking for silver sleepers, a curated earring hunter looking for a cute silver huggie hoop or making a bold statement with large silver hoop earrings we have you covered. Plus, we have lots for in-betweens as well from medium silver hoop earrings, office friendly small silver hoop earrings and even traditional style silver creole hoop earrings.


We believe the reason why silver hoop earrings are so popular is because there are a lot of different ways that you can accessorize them and silver jewellery looks great alongside other silver pieces, gold, white gold and rose gold. Small silver hoop earrings look great with casual outfits or dressy ones, and large hoop earrings can also look great with office wear or evening wear, silver has a subtle shine that always add a touch of elegance.  Medium silver hoop earrings also make a great gift for a friend, relative or that special someone. If you want to add a luxe touch why not check out our sparkly diamante silver hoop earrings or if its ultra-luxury then our diamond hoop earringswon’t disappoint either. Why not read on to find out more and to see our finest silver hoop earrings.



Silver Baby Huggies Earrings

These stylish huggie hoops are lined with dazzling diamantes to give you a striking look. Look sophisticated and classy when you wear this pair of silver huggie earrings, perfect to go with your day-to-day outfit or to wear for special occasions. Ideal as a gift for someone special, or to treat yourself.

 silver hoop earrings

What are some different ways to style silver hoop earrings?

The great thing about hoops is that they can be worn with just about anything! Whether you're dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual for daytime, there's a pair of hoops that will suit your outfit.

  • Office- small to medium chunky and thin silver hoops are perfect for the office
  • Working from home – small or huggie hoops look great for those virtual video meetings
  • Daytime brunch and lunch – thin large silver hoop earrings and even medium hoop earrings
  • Date night – Go sparkly with diamante silver hoop earrings
  • Girls night– Go all out
  • Wedding or celebration


Silver Barley Leaf Hoop Earrings

These elegant leaf-designed textured hoops would be a gorgeous addition to your jewellery box. Effortless and simplistic, these thin silver hoop earrings will go with any outfit, fitting your day-to-day look perfectly, and carrying you through a night out with your friends. Unlike anything anybody else will be wearing, owning this pair of unique thin silver hoop earrings medium is bound to make you stand out from the crowd. A beautiful addition to your outfit, you will find yourself reaching for this elegant pair of silver feather earrings whenever you’re getting ready for a day out or a night on the town!

 large silver hoop earrings

Seasonal silver hoop earrings:

Summer - You’ll want to avoid chunky or heavy hoops if you'll be wearing them with delicate, flowy tops, or floppy clothing. The earrings should complement the outfit and not overpower it. However with summer it gives you more freedom in shapes and sizes and bolder options can be considered.

Autumn – Get that autumnal feeling with textured silver hoop earrings, ideal for adding a bit of detail to your everyday look

Winter – Wintertime and festivities means that glammed up silver hoops are the perfect option, diamante, crystals and even a bit of silver and diamond hoop action.

Spring – Look cute and fresh with tiny silver hoops, silver huggie hoops or just about any silver hoop earrings!


Silver Diamond Cut Wedd Hoop Earrings

Looking for something to stand out from your look and bring your whole look together strikingly? These textured hoop earrings are the perfect way to explore our range of thick silver earrings; there is no limit and you are certain to find your soulmate in a pair of our sterling silver hoops. With a beautiful and unusual pattern on these hoops, you will make every head turn as you enter a room.

 chunky silver hoop earrings

How can you clean silver hoop earrings?

Real silver hoop earrings and sterling silver hoop earrings can be cleaned in the same way, use a damp cloth and some mild soapy warm water and wipe the hoops clean. Then using a soft microfibre cloth dry them thoroughly. Do not leave to air dry, although silver hoop earrings can withstand water it is best to dry them with a soft cloth if possible.


Silver Bead 25mm Hoop Earrings

Looking for an unusual, glamorous pair of hoops? These beaded silver hoops are a match made in heaven for you! With a unique style, you will have everyone’s attention on your night out and your friends will want to buy a matching pair. Unusual silver earrings are a go-to for bringing a beautiful outfit together and, especially with a pair of sterling silver earrings that are so chic and unique, you are bound to turn heads when you enter a room. Why not go for something a little different? They will become your go-to pair of hoops in no time!


medium silver hoop earrings



Can gold and silver hoop earrings be worn together?

Yes! Gold and silver hoop earrings are the perfect complementary pair. They add a touch of luxury to any outfit and can be worn day or night. Silver adds a great contrast to gold and allows you to mix and match the rest of your jewellery be it gold or silver. Silver hoop earrings also work well with rose gold, we have a wide range of silver and rose gold hoop earrings too.


Silver Three Colour Round Hoop Earrings

We love silver and gold hoops, because there is so much versatility with the different colours which is why we think these three-colour round hoop earrings are a perfect pair of silver chunky hoops. Dazzle the room when you enter with a glamorous look in these elegant hoops.

 chunky silver hoops

Silver Oval Tube Hoop Earrings

These elegant, simple hoops are a great place to start with exploring the world of sophisticated hoop earrings. Sterling silver oval hoop earrings are great for wearing in your day-to-day life or on nights out. They are just an elegant touch to fit into your outfit, and we know that you will fall in love when you buy these! Round hoop earrings come in all shapes and sizes and we believe that these are perfect for you. Minimalism goes a long way with jewellery and pulls out all the best qualities of your look.

 silver oval hoop earrings

Is there a way to make silver hoops more comfortable?

Yes, buy quality silver hoop earrings, choose silver hoop earrings that have a thin fastenings and thin stick posts. Hollow hoops and generally thinner and lighter hoops will also be much more comfortable to wear. You can always change the back of the hoop if it has a butterfly clasp, a plastic covered butterfly clasp would be a comfortablechoice.


Silver Small Round Twist Hoop Earrings

Want a pair of unusual, twisted hoops earrings? Well these thick silver hoops will suit you gorgeously. A thick style of hoop is a great way to expand your look and delve further into the world of fashionable silver hoops. Chunky earrings are entering more into the fashion world, and it’s a style we just love, even better when they have a unique pattern or texture like these.

 silver twist hoop earrings

Silver Double Hoop Earrings

We love these unique double hoops! They are the perfect pair of sterling silver hoops for that special occasion coming up. They also work perfectly as a beautiful gift for that special someone. You can’t go wrong with a bit of bling and that’s exactly what you have with these. Why not just go for it and treat yourself to these exceptional, unusual silver earrings?

 sterling silver hoop earrings

What is the difference between small and large silver hoops?

Small hoops typically have an inside diameter of about 1 inch (2. 54 cm). However, this can vary slightly depending on the brand and style of earring. Large hoops usually have an inside diameter of 2 inches (5.1 cm). Again, this can vary slightly depending on the brand and style of earring. If your piercing is located in the lobe or upper cartilage, the size of the hole may vary. In general, however, the standard earring hole size falls between 16 and 20 gauge. A gauge is a measurement of thickness. The higher the gauge, the thinner the piercing. The lower the gauge, the thicker the piercing.1 cm or more. However, again, this can vary depending on the brand and style of earring.


Do sterling silver hoops tarnish?

Sterling silver hoops are a classic jewelry piece that can be worn with any outfit. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92. 5% pure silver and 7. 5% other metals, usually copper. The small amount of copper in sterling silver helps to prevent tarnishing and ensures that the silver earrings last you a long time. If proper care is not taken then there is a slight possibility of tarnishing. The best way to avoid this is to ensure the hoops are stored in a dry, safe and secure place when not worn.


Silver Wavey Oval Tube Hoop Earrings

These unusual silver earrings create a perfect look for your night out. With an elegant twist in them, you’ll have all eyes on you. You can have more than one style of hoops and these twisted hoops are the ideal pair of earrings to introduce you into the whole world of textured silver hoops.

 silver hoop earrings medium

Should I get closed or open ended sterling silver hoops?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether you want closed or open-ended sterling silver hoop earrings. Firstly, opened ended hoop earrings tend to be easier to take on and off but with close ended earrings there is more security of the earrings staying in place. Size, weight and thickness of the silver hoop earrings also need to be taken into consideration. Our advice is to try both and then go with the style that is the most comfortable and easiest to wear.


How do I know if my hoop earrings are good quality?

If you are buying silver hoop earrings online read the description clearly, ensure that it says pure silver or sterling silver. If you are buying in store speak to the sales assistants to find out the metal details. Check the detailing and thickness of the silver hoop earrings either in person or online using pictures. In both scenarios check online reviews/customer reviews before buying.


Silver Oval Shaped Double Hoop Earrings

Silver oval hoop earrings are a stunning addition to any jewellery box, especially when they are as unique as these! We love a double hoop and these sophisticated oval hoop earrings bring out the best in this style. Simple yet different, you can’t go wrong with these silver hoops; and they work perfectly as a gift for your loved ones!

 silver hoops

How should I store my silver hoops?

The best place to store your silver hoops is in small jewellery box that is secure, dry and safe. This way the hoops don’t get tarnished, scratched or loose their shine.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post and found the information useful; we pride ourselves on ensuring that we not only become experts but share our knowledge with our customers.  We do get asked a lot of questions and as a family run brand, we like to be open and transparent and share the questions we get so all our other customers can also be equipped with the knowledge.


We believe jewellery should preserved, take care and hopefully last you as long as possible. Preservation and care is key from the point it is made to the point the customer has it. Our range of silver hoop earrings is a popular one from customer sales to feedback too.





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