December 02, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO, we pride ourselves with our knowledge and wide range of magnetic bracelets. It is key to us that we are able to provide our customers with the best products possible and give vital information about them. We’ve covered our beautiful range of magnetic bracelets for women, but we know you will be wondering where to find the best fit for small wrists. A lot of ladies magnetic link bracelets can be adjusted to 13cm, ensuring that they will fit even the smallest wrists; you can even email us if you can’t see that size and we also offer free adjustment if you feel you would rather we adjust them for you.


The great thing about magnetic bracelets is that you get to experience magnetic therapy, along with the magnetic bracelet strength. At DEMI+CO, we like to think that we are the ultimate geeks when it comes to magnetic bracelets. So, if you have any questions about copper magnetic bracelets, magnets, magnetic therapy or anything related, you will find all of your answers in this blog post!


Spirit heart copper bracelet with magnets

This stunning and beautiful copper bracelet is adorned with copper links in the shape of hearts, it combines cut out copper hearts and full copper hearts to give this copper bracelet extra detail and definition. This slimline cut and the subtle deep shade of copper makes this bracelet unique and very graceful.

 copper bracelet for small wrists

When it comes to magnetic bracelets, whether it’s men’s copper bracelets, arthritis bracelets or ladies magnetic bracelets, there are many benefits. Not only do you get the health benefits along with the beautiful style choices, but you also have the freedom of adjustment. Here’s how to adjust our copper and magnetic bracelets:


Copper bangles: manual adjustment. You can manually adjust your copper bangle by slowly moving it closer together for a tight fit or wider apart for a looser fit. If you prefer a firmer fit, close the bangle so that the gap narrows, and pull it apart again to remove the bracelet. Copper is a malleable material, so no matter how many times you adjust the bracelet, the quality and durability will not be affected.


Magnetic bracelet with links: link adjustment. We recommend that you have a measurement for your wrist size before adjusting your link bracelet. Our link bracelets come with a link adjustment tool to help you add or remove links. To use this, twist the spare push pin into the pin removal tool. To remove a link, identify which side of the pin you should apply pressure to and gently align the tool’s push pin to your bracelet’s pin and start turning. It will be stiff at first so please be patient. Hold the bracelet whilst pushing the pin out ensuring the push pin is correctly located and not bending. Once some of the pin is out, pull the rest of the pin out with your fingers. Repeat this process to remove any further pins. To put links back together, join the two ends of the links together and push the pin in by hand so it holds the two links together. Ensure the thinner edge of the pin (non-split side) goes in first. Now use the adjustment tool to push the pins back in completely.


Fern magnetic bracelet in stainless steel

This magnetic bracelet is truly majestic and beautiful, a rare bracelet that is unique to us. Made with stainless steel this magnetic bracelet for women consists of a feminine braided design and a gold strand that intertwines with the other silver strands. This arthritis bracelet truly combines exquisite beauty and health benefits. This magnetic bracelet for women can be adjusted with its links and has a strong fold over clasp to keep this magnetic bracelet secure.

 stainless steel magnetic bracelet

Petal copper bracelet with magnets

Like delicate petals of a flower this floral copper bracelet is stunning and so chic. Each copper link is in the shape of a floral petal all intertwined to create a beautiful and feminine bracelet. There is a lot of attention to detail with this ladies magnetic bracelet making it the perfect choice for a sophisticated and stylish copper bracelet.

 copper bracelet for women

A magnet’s strength is measured on several factors such as the device, the actual physical size, the GAUSS rating (density of lines of magnetic force coming from a magnet) and the number of magnets in the device. The physical size of the magnet is important to the power and strength of magnetism it can produce, the bigger the magnet the more energy it can store. For example, a magnet with a very high Gauss rating which will in fact have less overall strength than a much bigger magnet with a lower Gauss rating.


Penny Stainless Steel magnetic bracelet

Elegant and slender this delicate but resilient stainless steel magnetic bracelet gives you subtle details, lightweight feel and comfortable wear all while providing the health benefits from magnets. Minute, curved, shiny rectangular links of stainless steel are strung together to create a classic and graceful ladies magnetic bracelet. This magnetic bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably.

 stainless steel magnetic bracelet

Copper contains micronutrients which are believed to help with health ailments such as inflammation, joint pain, poor circulation and more. It has been used for its healing powers for many centuries and is a natural element that can help with a number of health issues. Studies have shown that traces of copper can be absorbed into the body to help with health ailments by wearing copper jewellery.


Eve heart silver and gold magnetic bracelet

Romance is in the air with this cute and delightful silver and gold magnetic bracelet. Similar to our Spirit heart bracelet this one is designed in exactly the same manner but with gold and silver heart details. This magnetic bracelet is made from stainless steel and it combines cut out gold hearts and silver full hearts to give this health bracelet extra detail and definition.

 gold magnetic bracelet

A few studies have been done on the effectiveness of magnets and magnetic therapy. A study in the BMJ in 2004 tested how effective magnetic bracelets were in reducing pain of osteoarthritis in the hip and knee. The test was carried out with a placebo group and three parallel groups to see if the magnetic bracelets were effective in pain reduction. 194 men and women aged 45 to 80 years old took part across five general practices. It was concluded that the pain caused by osteoarthritis did decrease.


Celeste matt copper bracelet

Elegant, subtle and beautiful, this matt copper bracelet for women is a stunning and unique copper bracelet. The copper bracelet has a lighter shade of copper with a matt coating making this women’s bracelet look incredibly exclusive. The plaited pattern and the narrow fitting gives an extra touch of femininity and with the combination of small but strong magnets this copper bracelet for women combines health benefits and style all in one.

 copper bracelet with magnets

You may be wondering how long the magnets in your magnetic bracelet will last. Well, as long as you look after your magnetic bracelet and the magnets inside it, it should last over 10 years, up to 15. During this period a magnet will only lose a small bit of its magnetism, but it will retain the majority of its magnetism for several decades.


Rainbow copper bracelet

This is one of our most exquisite copper bracelets in our range, if you’re after a gorgeous and colourful bracelet that’s dainty then look no further. This copper magnetic bracelet features copper cut out square links filled with a mother of pearl style design dotted amongst copper and diamantes links, giving this magnetic bracelet sparkle and intrigue.

 copper bracelet for women

Magnets are either made of iron or another metal which has its component atoms ordered so that the material exhibits properties of magnetism, such as attracting other iron-containing objects or aligning itself through a magnetic field. There are four main types of magnets:


Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets are the most commonly used magnets. They are the type of magnets that can maintain their own magnetism and magnetic fields. They are extremely popular and used as hooks, audio speakers, jewelry making and compasses.


Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB or NIB)

The most industrial and expensive magnets around, these are super strong and even half-inch diameter of a magnet is able to lift ferromagnetic objects weighing several pounds.


Temporary Magnets

These types of magnets are similar to permanent ones they act like permanent magnets when they are within a range of a strong magnetic field. However, once the magnetic field is removed, they lose their magnetism. Temporary magnets can be items like paperclips, iron nails, etc.



These magnets are a tightly wound coil of wire which have a current of electricity passing through it. When the current flows through the coil of wire (usually with an iron core), it acts like a permanent magnet. It is easy to change the strength and polarity of the magnetic field of these magnets.



The superconductors are the strongest amongst all the magnets. These magnets are also made of wire coils of special metal alloys without a metal core. These metal alloys become superconductors when they are cooled at low temperatures.


Venus magnetic bracelet titanium

This elegant and graceful magnetic bracelet has a timeless style and quality just like the Roman god that it’s named after. This titanium bracelet consists of an intricate narrow rope pattern all along the bracelet and it is dotted with our full-strength magnets giving the wearing optimum health benefits and a stylish and feminine look.

 titanium magnetic bracelet

Sage copper magnetic bracelet

Delicately shaped leaf designs on this lustrous copper bracelet inspired the name for this piece. Leaf shaped copper links with intricate natural details give this copper bracelet intrigue and interest. If you are after an elegant and original copper bracelet then look no further this copper bracelet combines graceful beauty and health benefits all in one.

 copper magnetic bracelet

Many of our customers have also given us feedback about the effectiveness of our magnetic wristbands and copper bracelets. They stated that the bracelets have helped ease their pain and symptoms of arthritis, headaches, anxiety and more. However, it is also possible that each person will have a different outcome and result from arthritis bracelets as it varies from person to person. You can always try and see if it does work, but it’s not a guarantee.


“I bought my magnetic bracelet as I have arthritis in my hand and I thought I would try it, it has worked, the pain is no longer as strong it's not gone away but its bearable. The designs of these bracelets are lovely a lot of choice would recommend.”


Pearl silver magnetic bracelet

If you are after the most beautiful silver magnetic bracelet then look no further, this magnetic bracelet is truly magnificent. This magnetic bracelet made from stainless steel features silver cut out square links filled with a mother of pearl style design dotted amongst silver and diamantes links, giving this magnetic bracelet sparkle and intrigue.

 magnetic bracelet for arthritis

We hope this blog post helped you look deeper into our range of magnetic bracelets for small wrists and enlightened you with a bit of information about the qualities of magnets. One of the theories about how magnetism works is that the fields surrounding the magnetic bracelets stimulate the field where pain occurs, which triggers the release of the body’s own painkillers, providing natural relief. It is also thought that because metals such as iron, zinc and magnesium are essentially components already found in the body, magnetism is able to affect them in a way that bring about helpful change at the cellular level. Particularly by impacting particles in the blood and increasing oxygenation so that circulation is improves and the person heals quicker.


At DEMI+CO it is important to us that our customers feel they get the best customer service experience and are able to find what they want easily. That is why we make sure to answer your emails and social media DMs as quickly as possible to ensure that your every needs are met. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help!



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