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February 16, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO, we are firm believers in the health benefits of magnetic therapy bracelets. Magnetic jewellery has gained in popularity, but it has been used for centuries for its natural healing energies. Many celebrities are firm fans of magnetic therapy, these are said to include Leonardo DiCaprio and Sir Anthony Hopkins, among many others.

Magnetism is thought to work with the body, by the magnetic field surrounding the magnetic wristband stimulating the field where the pain occurs in the body. This is then thought to trigger a release of the body’s own natural painkillers, which then provides with a natural healing pain relief, without the need for further medication.

The human body naturally contains many metals, like iron, zinc and magnesium which are essential for the overall function of the body. Magnetism can affect these metals, in a way that brings helpful changes and benefits to the way they work in the body. For example, magnetic therapy can impact the particles in the blood by increasing oxygen in the bloodstream, which then improves circulation to help the body heal quicker.

Magnetic therapy is used today by many people to treat various ailments. Many people experience fantastic results from wearing arthritis bracelets and our customers often report back to us to let us know how their conditions have been affected, and how magnetic therapy has helped to relieve the pain they usually feel. Some of the ailments magnetic therapy is said to improve include joint pain, headaches and rheumatism.

We have put together this blog post to give you some further information on magnetic therapy and to outline the pros and cons, to help you decide whether copper bangles or magnetic bracelets are for you. Read on to find out more about this ancient form of natural pain relief and to see some of the testimonials from our happy customers that said magnetic therapy worked for them.

Beatrix Magnetic Bracelet

Our daring and bold Beatrix copper bangle features a half silver and a half gold design creating a very slick and stylish energy bracelet. This bracelet is 100 percent copper and is nickel, lead and cadmium compliant. Be incredibly on trend with this timelessly gorgeous magnetic wristband.
ladies magnetic bracelet

“I have bought 4 beautiful bracelets and earrings they are absolutely stunning and fabulous quality, and the price is very reasonable, I recommend Demi & Co excellent company”

The Pros of Magnetic Therapy

There are many positives of magnetic therapy and wearing magnetic bracelets for arthritis. Magnetic therapy has actually been around for many decades to treat various physical ailments, and it is now considered an alternative health treatment.

Unfortunately, very little research has been done into magnetic therapy and how magnets affect the human body, even though magnetism is considered a science. We love sharing the positives of magnetic therapy and sharing stories from our customers who have experienced great results from wearing our copper bracelets with magnets. It isn’t hard to see why the amount of people choosing to use magnetic bracelets for their health benefits is ever increasing – it is, after all, a simple, straightforward way to benefit from the natural healing powers of magnets.

Magnetic therapy is fairly low cost and has very little, if none at all, side effects. Wearing magnetic jewellery can help to manage ailments and reduce pain without the need for further assistance from anybody else. Many of our customers get in touch with us to tell us how well wearing our magnetic bracelets uk has relieved their pain and helped them to cope with their health ailments, such as arthritis.

Although there is not much research into magnetic therapy, some has been done, for example, researchers at the University of Virginia, in the US tested to see if magnetic therapy reduced the intensity of pain from fibromyalgia a rheumatoid disorder. They concluded that the intensity of pain did reduce for the patients, enough to be "clinically meaningful".

Researchers at Harvard University asked patients with osteoarthritis to take part in a research study to see if magnetic "sleeves" worn on their knees would help them with their ailment. The patients wore the sleeves for six hours a day for six weeks. The researchers found that the beneficial effects kicked in after four hours, with a seven-fold difference between those who had the magnetic sleeve and those who had a sham device.

With very little side effects, a low cost and the stylish designs available, there is nothing to lose in trying copper bangles for arthritis and if it helps alleviate any pain associated with health conditions, you have quite a bit to gain!

Adriana Magnetic Bracelet

Our Adriana statement magnetic braceletis a complete showstopper. This is a completely gorgeous piece of jewellery that helps you to benefit from all of the natural healing powers of magnetic therapy, while stealing the limelight with a truly beautiful piece of jewellery.

magnetic bracelet for arthritis
Eve Heart Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

Our romantic Eve Heart Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet is delightful with its cute gold cut out hearts and silver full hearts. This would make for a fabulous gift for someone you love and is a perfect energy bracelet to wear every day. The design is versatile and classic, meaning it will go perfectly with any outfit.
What our customers say about our Eve Heart Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet:

heart bracelet

“Surprised how quickly it arrived really cute bracelet and fits well useful tool thank you”
“Always package all my orders so well thats why I shop again and really nice things the bracelet is lovely”
“This looks better than the pictures really nice bracelet will be back for more”


The Cons of Magnetic Therapy

We like to be as transparent with our customers as we can at DEMI+CO, and as with everything, there are a few cons to magnetic bracelets. For example, there are restrictions as to who can wear them, it is not recommend that pregnant women wear womens magnetic bracelets and if you have a pacemaker, you also cannot wear a copper magnetic bracelet.

Something to mention, is that the results of magnetic therapy vary from person to person. We have many customers come to us to tell us of the wonderful effects wearing our magnetic jewellery has had on their conditions, such as arthritis. However, the results are varied and can differ from person to person, something that works for one may not work for you.

We think that it is a real shame that there is not enough research into magnetic therapy, its results nor research to prove the benefits of wearing magnetic bracelets for arthritis. We strongly believe in the positive effects that magnetic therapy can have on people and we have heard from our customers who share our experiences. Magnetic therapy is very personal, and the only way to really know if it works for you is to try it.

Molly BIO Magnetic Bracelet

Our unique Molly BIO magnetic bracelet is very original and elegant. This bracelet is made from copper with a silver and a gold coated finish, giving this bracelet all of the style. Be the envy of your friends with this gorgeous copper magnetic bracelet for women.

 magnetic bangle

Naomi Magnetic Bracelet

Our Naomi magnetic wristband is one of our most contemporary pieces. This exquisite therapeutic health bracelet consists of an elegant and narrow copper wristband, with a textured angular design scattered all the way around. This is a fantastic all occasion bracelet that makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.
copper wristband

Everly Magnetic Bracelet

Our Everly magnetic bracelet for women is not only slick and chic, but an incredibly feminine and detailed all rounder. This one of a kind, unique magnetic wristband is a stylish

 gold and silver magnetic bracelet

Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Our copper magnetic bracelets for women are a fantastic option that combine the natural healing effects of magnets and copper. Copper is an ancient metal that has been used as a natural pain relief for hundreds of years. Copper is an essential nutrient in our bodies, and when we wear copper jewellery it can help with many ailments such as joint pain and poor circulation. When combined, copper and magnets create a perfect match when looking for arthritis bracelets. We have a good range of copper magnet bracelets, including some of our favourites below.

Willow Copper Bracelet

Our simple Willow Copper Bracelet is a minimalistic answer to magnetic therapy jewellery. It is stunningly simple, but so elegant and goes with everything. The smooth, narrow and simple cuff style band is the perfect addition to an everyday look.
copper bangle

Liberty Copper Bracelet

Our Liberty Copper Bracelet is shiny and bold with a laser engraved swirly vine style pattern. This stunning copper bangle is worthy to show off while at the same time benefit from all of the health benefits of magnetic jewellery.
What our customers say about our Liberty Copper Bracelet:

copper bracelet with magnets

“Great gift looks even better than the pictures thanks for the gift box saved me a job”
“This is one of the nicest copper bangles I have seen and I love their care for cutomer service”
“Lots of people asking me where this bracelet is from thank you I really like it”


Rainbow Copper Bracelet

Our Rainbow bracelet is one of the most exquisite copper bracelets in our range. This gorgeously colourful bracelet is dainty and feminine, and combines the natural healing energies of copper and magnets to make a truly intriguing arthritis bracelet.
copper bracelet with magnets

Titanium Magnetic Bracelets

All of our titanium jewellery is made with Grade 2 titanium, which is the most popular grade used in jewellery making. Grade 2 titanium shares the same qualities as Grade 1 titanium, but it is more durable, malleable, corrosion resistant and overall the stronger of the two. Titanium has many benefits, it is known to have little reactions or irritations, so is perfect for those with sensitive skin. All of our titanium bracelets are anti-allergy and have their own natural healing therapy.

Our titanium bracelets are also lightweight, so they are comfortable to wear, and robust and strong, so that you can wear them every day and have high corrosive resistance, meaning they should stay looking as fantastic as the day you bought them for a long time.

Venus Magnetic Bracelet Titanium

Our Venus magnetic bracelet is elegant and graceful, just like the Roman goddess it is named after. This titanium bracelet consists of an intricate narrow rope pattern and is dotted with our high quality magnets to benefit the wearer’s overall health.
arthritis bracelet
We hope that you have found this blog post informative about our copper magnetic bracelets. If you do have any further questions about our ranges, please do not hesitate to contact us via social media or drop us an email and we will be happy to help. If you need any further convincing as to why you should choose DEMI+CO, here are some of our recent testimonials from our customers to help you decide.

“My son in law lives in dubai and he specifically requested this copper bracelet... I am delighted to support a family British business and look forward to receiving this gift and sending it out to him. I am sure he will wear it with pride!
Great website and very easy to navigate and simple, informative instructions.

“I absolutely love the jewellery from this company, it is of a high quality and the designs are stunning, and the prices are very reasonable, highly recommend”
“Lovely website, very well laid out and great prices for the copper bracelets. Just ordered a bracelet for my Mums birthday, can't wait to see it. They have such a good range to choose from.”
“Good quick delivery, very nice looking bracelet”
“I recently bought a thumb ring as I have Oesteopenia and my left thumb had shooting pains about 10 times a day.
I don't understand why but there is a 50% improvement which was immediate.
I am now buying a matching bracelet for my right hand which is having a shooting pain from my wrist down into my palm and I am sure this will be as successful.
Thank you.”







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