February 26, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO we live and breathe jewellery. To us, accessories, particularly mens designer bracelets are an important part of any outfit and can help you feel more confident with how you present yourself. We design and source high quality materials for our collections with our customers in mind. We understand there is no ‘one size fits all’, which is why we work hard to bring you a range of different styles to suit different tastes and lifestyles.

We have a handsome collection of men’s designer bracelets to suit your style and taste perfectly. From copper magnetic bracelets that will help to ease any of your ailments caused by arthritis and other joint problems to our simple mens leather bracelets, all made with high quality, genuine leather – we guarantee there will be something to suit you in our men’s designer bracelet collection.


Dwayne Wide Leather Bracelet

Our ALPHA exclusive Dwayne Wide Leather Bracelet is made with 100% genuine leather. This robust and masculine mens designer bracelet is a classic choice and is a perfect option for an every day bracelet that will go with anything.

mens leather bracelet

Our customers say:

“Ordered a bracelet from you guys, arrived quick and really nice quality, cheers”
“Lovely piece of jewellery received for a good price. Wanted a magnet bracelet for the reported health benefits but also received a stylish piece of jewellery. Thank you”


Jet Leather Woven Bracelet

Our Jet Leather Woven Bracelet is suave, sophisticated and exclusive to buy online. This is the perfect addition to your wrist stacking bracelets or looks minimal and timeless worn on its own.

mens leather bracelet

Our customers say:

“Lovely quality and good value for money couldnt be happier”


Oren Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This Oren Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet is a stylish answer to magnetic therapy. Reap the natural healing benefits of magnets while looking super stylish with this classically designed, stainless steel magnetic bracelet.

 magnetic bracelet for men

“My son in law lives in dubai and he specifically requested this copper bracelet... I am delighted to support a family British business and look forward to receiving this gift and sending it out to him. I am sure he will wear it with pride!

Great website and very easy to navigate and simple, informative instructions.”


Lockdown has been tough for all of us, in many different ways so we wanted to put together a light hearted, fun quiz to brighten your day and to help you decide which men’s leather bracelet, copper magnetic bracelet, copper bangle or mens designer bracelet suits your own personal lockdown style. Throughout this blog post we will also introduce you to some of our favourite men’s designer bracelets and arthritis bracelet so you can see for yourself the fantastic range we have. You never know, you might just find your next favourite accessory! Read on to find out which bracelet we think suits your style, by answering our questions below.



1. When working from home during lockdown what is your go to style?

a. Joggers and a classic plain tee. Nobody can see me, so I may as well be comfortable!

b. I still wear my usual shirt and trousers that I would wear to the office. By being in my work clothes, it helps me to set boundaries of when I am “at work” vs. when I am at home.

c. My favourite pair of jeans and a band t-shirt, my job has never really meant I need to dress up so it is nice to just relax in my usual wear.

2. What is your go to activity to break up your day during lockdown?

a. I have been finally completing some of my Xbox games in my collection.

b. Being at home has meant that my breaks can be spent with my partner. We enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat together mid-morning.

c. I like to go for a casual stroll through my local park and get some fresh air.


Vegas Skull Leather Bracelet

This exclusive ALPHA men’s leather bracelet is a great statement piece. The black leather bracelet for men consists of a single woven leather bracelet with a silver fastening and two silver skulls either side of the fastening. This edgy bracelet is a perfect touch of rock and roll to any outfit.

mens leather bracelet
Our customers say:

“Been looking for a skull bracelet for a while and finally came across this one that looks good quality and decent price”

3. What is your go to for evenings or weekend entertainment?

a. Catching up with my friends virtually and playing online games with them.

b. I like to arrange a date night with my partner every weekend, it has been a great chance to set aside some dedicated time for each other.

c. I binge watch Netflix with all the series and films that are on my current watch list.

4. What are your go to plans for food?

a. I enjoy ordering takeout and I have been supporting local businesses by ordering delivery from them while they have been unable to open to sit-ins.

b. I like to cook from scratch and I have been using lockdown to try out lots of recipes I have bookmarked online. It has also been a great chance to practice my baking skills.

c. Anything quick and easy, I am not much of a chef!


Ramon Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

Our wide and robust Ramon Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet has five rows of narrow components – three of these are stainless steel and the other two rows are gold coloured links. The stylish contrast makes this statement piece the best of both worlds, combining style with magnetic health benefits.
magnetic bracelets uk


5. What is your lockdown tip for staying sane?

a. Just to get on with it. The show must go on.

b. It is tough but talking through your feelings and being there for others really helps.

c. Just take every day as it comes and keep carrying on.


6. What are you most excited for once lockdown has ended?

a. I am looking forward to meeting up with my mates down the pub.

b. I can’t wait to host a big Sunday lunch with my family and see my loved ones that I have not been able to for months.

c. I will just be happy to get back to normality, there’s nothing specific I am looking forward to, just all of it.


Preppy Black Leather Bracelet

This durable and robust Preppy Black Leather Bracelet is attractive and the first choice for elegant wristwear. This minimalist and sleek bracelet makes the perfect option for a casual piece of jewellery to wear whenever.

leather wristband
Our customers say:

“Nice bracelet arrived quick and nice gift box”

7. What has been your go to on your watch list during lockdown?

a. I like a good comedy film, laughter is the best thing at the moment to keep yourself feeling positive.

b. Any of the James Bond films, they are so brilliant and classic.

c. I tend to see what is on TV in the evenings and watch the movies on Film4 at the weekends.


8. What do you like to listen to during your down time at the end of a stressful week?

a. There are a few gamers on YouTube that I like to watch and catch up on all the new release news.

b. I have my own playlist with all of my favourite songs. It is perfect to stick on while I am cooking dinner.

c. If I am in the mood to listen to something I just put the radio on, you can find some really great up and coming artists this way.


Frank Magnetic Bracelet

Our extremely easy to wear Frank Magnetic Bracelet is a contemporary answer to magnetic therapy. The subtle and elegant attention to detail gives this arthritis bracelet a really original and unique appearance.

stainless steel magnetic bracelet

9. What has lockdown taught you the most?

a. I am not sure what it’s taught me, I have just been desperate to get out of the other side.

b. Lockdown has helped me improve my time management skills and has taught me resilience, proving that I can overcome anything that is thrown at me.

c. It has taught me not to take my friends and family for granted. I have definitely missed the social side of things and I can’t wait to give everyone a big hug on the other side of this.


Drogo Magnetic Link Bracelet

Our unusual and unique Drogo Magnetic Bracelet is artistically designed with an original pattern. This robust arthritis bracelet is inspired by tribal designs and combines the healing powers of magnets and a stylish piece of jewellery all in one.

arthritis bracelet
Our customers say:

“Unusual bracelet, nice detailing arrived in a nice gift box and fast delivery”

10. What does your first night out after this is over look like?

a. As soon as we are allowed, I will be hitting up the nightclubs with the lads, I am looking forward to socialising and maybe one too many shots!

b. I can’t wait to take my other half out for a nice romantic meal to our favourite restaurant. It will be nice to dress up and go out for a big, fancy meal followed by a relaxing drink at a bar.

c. I will be hosting a big family BBQ, with lots of games, beer and burgers, all of my close friends and family will be invited and we will have a good laugh – I can’t wait!


Aspen Leather Bracelet

This minimalist ALPHA exclusive is a classic in the making. Our Aspen Leather Bracelet features grey leather and gorgeous gun metal grey details. This bracelet is perfect to wear on its own or stacked with other bracelets.

mens designer bracelet
Our customers say:

“Nice product exactly as described feels expensive thanks”

The results are in…

Mostly A’s – The Gamer Guy

You love your downtime and the chance the pandemic has given you to play all those games stacking up next to your console. You are a fun-loving guy who doesn’t taken life too seriously. You have spent lockdown just getting on with it and waiting for better days ahead. Your style is casual and comfortable, it serves you for exactly what you need.

We think you will love our:

Anakin Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

This incredibly unique, industrial style bracelet is a perfect option for guys who love their gadgets! This bold, stainless steel magnetic bracelet goes well with anything and would definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Be the envy of all your mates with this intriguing designed bracelet.

stainless steel magnetic bracelet

“Ive shopped other places and this is the best magnetic bracelet so far”

Mostly B’s – The Classic Gentleman

You are a classic gentleman and love simple, sophisticated style. You have spent time with the loved ones that you can during this time and you can’t wait to reconnect with your extended family and friends once lockdown is over. You are a loving man and sometimes you need to remember to put yourself first and treat yourself.

What better way to spoil yourself than with our Princeton Black Braided Leather Bracelet:

Princeton Black Braided Leather Bracelet

This minimalist, slimline black leather bracelet is perfect for a subtle and smart style. This adds a stylish touch to any outfit. This suave black leather bracelet is made with 100% genuine leather and designed with a distinctive argyle style, giving you a piece of jewellery that really stands out from the crowd.

leather bracelet for men

“Helpful customer service and very nice bracelet, no need for me to gift wrap!”

Mostly C’s – The Laidback Lad

You’re easy going and laidback and your style proves this.
You have been enjoying the informality and the comfortable side of lockdown. You are really making the most of the current situation and haven’t put too much pressure on yourself. Self-care is good and you deserve to treat yourself to a new men’s designer bracelet to show off at all the post-lockdown family BBQs you are already planning.

We think you will love easy to wear Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet.

Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet

This super suave and sleek link copper bracelet for men is the ultimate statement piece. This bracelet features a stunning strip of carbon fibre running through its centre, giving an added masculine finish.

This is the perfect bracelet to finish off your look, while allowing you to reap the joint benefits of copper and magnets’ natural healing powers. Wearing this versatile bracelet can help to relieve the pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems, which makes it a great piece of jewellery to wear if you suffer from any of these ailments.

copper magnetic bracelet

“Really nice mens copper bracelet will buy again and nice packaging too”






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