January 18, 2022

At DEMI+CO we are an established and family run jewellery brand providing quality made magnetic bracelets and jewellery for men and women. We have a very extensive range of magnetic bracelets, womens titanium bracelets, titanium bangles and titanium bracelets which are all made with quality materials and made by skilled craftspeople. We use the best quality titanium and have the most skilled craftsmen create the bracelets and jewellery. We also ensure that we have a wide variety of designs and finishes of stainless steel bracelets in our collections so that there is style to suit everyone.


We have created this blog post to help you gain a little bit of knowledge of titanium bracelets. In this blog post, you will also find a quiz that will lead you to the best titanium bangle suited for you. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of magnetic bracelets uk and want to pass it all on to you! Follow us through this blog post and see our wide range of magnetic titanium bracelets.


All our titanium bracelets are made with grade 2 titanium which is the most popular grade used in jewellery. It shares the same qualities as grade 1 but is durable, malleable, stronger and corrosion resistant. Titanium is also known to have little reactions or irritations and therefore ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Our titanium bracelets are also:

  • Anti-allergy
  • Lightweight
  • Robust and strong
  • High corrosive resistance
  • Have natural Healing therapy


We also use high strength Neodymium High Grade Magnets in all our bracelets which are custom made for strength and have 12500 Gauss. Ensuring all our customers have the very best strength and healing power every time they wear our magnetic bracelets and copper bangles. Magnets have a number of healing benefits, they can help with rheumatism, joint pains and more. Metals like iron, zinc and magnesium are essentially components already found in the human body.


Q1. How often do you wear bracelets?

  1. a) Once or twice a week, when I feel like it
  2. b) Only on special occasions
  3. c) Every day


Tyler titanium magnetic bracelet

This slimline and lightweight titanium mens magnetic bracelet is definitely a unique and chic arthritis bracelet. Matt light grey links with a shading of darker grey adds extra finesse and detailing which makes this mens arthritis bracelet truly one of a kind. This magnetic titanium bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. Sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

 titanium magnetic bracelet

Q2. What do you look for in a bracelet?

  1. a) Something elegant and classy with a bit of sparkle
  2. b) Something thick and bold
  3. c) Something simple like a bangle


Wearing a titanium bracelet can help promote a balanced electrical current throughout the body better than any other metal. This is due to titanium’s strong ironizing effects that allows it to help counteract any negative electromagnetic waves in the environment. Wearers of titanium bracelets have reported that they have noticed an increase in their energy while wearing, however, there have been no studies to prove this conclusive, but effects differ from each individual. Some wearers also report that they notice reduced stiffness and improved metabolism due to the strong ironizing effects of titanium.


Q3. If you were to get your nails done, how would you have them done?

  1. a) Two colours, one a dark matte and the other a light glitter
  2. b) One colour, something pale
  3. c) Something bright and colourful


Zane titanium magnetic bracelet

This simple and minimal titanium bangle contains all the benefits of a health bracelet under the guise of a cool titanium wristband. This suave and black titanium bangle has a matt finish and is super light, wearing this health bracelet would be like wearing nothing at all. Reap all the benefits of magnetic therapy with this discreet titanium bangle.

 titanium bangle

Q4. How would your friends and family describe you in one word?

  1. a) Caring
  2. b) Courageous
  3. c) Sophisticated


The pros of titanium bracelets:

  • Titanium is an incredibly long lasting metal; it is resistant to corrosion, and it is used for many structures in building and construction as well as aerospace. When titanium is exposed to air, a thin layer of oxide forms on the surface of titanium protecting it from scratches, damage and corrosion.
  • One of the biggest advantages of titanium metal is its strength, it is a super strong and super tough material that is why it is used in aerospace construction as well as structural buildings. Titanium strength is ideal for jewellery and magnetic bracelets and magnetic bangles, the strength makes the magnetic bracelets durable, sturdy and tough.
  • Titanium is also a non-toxic metal making it perfect for jewellery and titanium magnetic bracelets, titanium is also hypo allergenic ensuring that even the most sensitive skins will be fine wearing this metal. Titanium also doesn’t contain any nickel which is what makes it safer for sensitive skins.
  • Titanium as a metal is incredibly lightweight, it feels exceptionally light to wear and is much lighter than stainless steel and copper that is why titanium is used in aircraft components.


Q5. How do you usually dress in your day-to-day life?

  1. a) I like to wear a skirt and t-shirt
  2. b) I like to wear jeans and a hoodie
  3. c) I like to wear classy, casual dresses


Delia gold and silver magnetic bracelet

This elegant gold and silver titanium bracelet for women has a twist like pattern with one strand of gold twisted with one strand of textured silver. This unique design is very bold and the textured detailing adds to the wow factor, this chic magnetic bracelet for women combines the best of both health benefits and style. This magnetic titanium bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. Sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

 titanium bracelet

Q6. What wall décor would you choose?

  1. a) Something with pastel colours
  2. b) Something bold with a quote
  3. c) Something with animals


The cons of titanium bracelets:

  • Titanium is noticeably light which is a great benefit for some customers however it can sometimes be exceptionally light and for some customers they feel like they are not wearing anything - which can cause a slight issue if you are forgetful or if you prefer to feel like you are wearing something.
  • The other issue with titanium being incredibly light is that if you have a tendency to lose things it can be lost if not tightened properly.


Q7. How would you describe yourself in three words?

  1. a) Funny, empathetic and honest
  2. b) Work-driven, professional and productive
  3. c) Simple, calm and classy


Leo titanium magnetic bracelet

Simple and elegant silver magnetic titanium bracelet that is slimline, lightweight and easy to wear. A great everyday bracelet that is full of health benefits, reap all the magnetic therapy with this stylish and modern mens magnetic bracelet. This striking detailed bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. Sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

 titanium magnetic bracelet with magnets

Q8. How many pieces of jewellery do you wear?

  1. a) One or two, I don’t want to overdo it
  2. b) I only wear it on special occasions
  3. c) I like to wear a bit of everything: a necklace, a bracelet, earrings, etc.


Magnetic bracelets use the natural effects of magnetic therapy to help improve circulation and blood flow. Wearers of magnetic bracelets UK have also stated that magnetic therapy has helped to ease pain caused by arthritis and has provided them with more energy. The effects differ from person to person, with some wearer’s saying it helps them cope with ailments such as back pain, headaches and injury pain. Although there is not much research around the benefits of magnetic therapy, many people swear by it, so a magnetic therapy bracelet is always a great, natural option to try if you are looking for something to help you manage with joint pain or other ailments.


Q9. What is your ideal date night?

  1. a) Staying in and watching a movie, there’s nothing better than cuddling up on the couch with a takeaway
  2. b) Doing something adventurous like ice skating or bowling!
  3. c) I love a special meal out at a nice restaurant with a few drinks


Venus magnetic bracelet titanium

This elegant and graceful magnetic bracelet has a timeless style and quality just like the Roman god that it’s named after. This titanium bracelet consists of an intricate narrow rope pattern all along the bracelet and it is dotted with our full-strength magnets giving the wearing optimum health benefits and a stylish and feminine look. This magnetic bracelet for women can be adjusted with its links and has a strong fold over clasp to keep this magnetic bracelet secure

 titanium bracelet for women

Q10. How often do you buy new pieces of jewellery?

  1. a) Only for special occasions, like bridal jewellery, or a gift, or for a night out
  2. b) Every once in a while, but I do love to re-wear the pieces I already have
  3. c) A lot! I can’t get enough


The results are in…


Mostly A’s – Elegant and classy

If you got mostly a’s, you are looking for a magnetic titanium bracelet that it both elegant and classy, with a little sparkle and glamour. You want something that is timeless and will last you a lifetime. A striking detailed bracelet would fit you perfectly and also make a dazzling gift for your loved ones.


Tori titanium magnetic bracelet

Embrace this classic and timeless style of this stunning ladies magnetic titanium bracelet which combines a criss cross weave pattern with narrow links and a smooth finish. With the added adornment of sparkly rhinestones this magnetic bracelet for arthritis is an elegant choice. This striking detailed bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. Sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

 womens magnetic bracelet

Mostly B’s – Bold and thick

If you got mostly b’s, you are looking for something that is thick and bold. You want to stand out with a chic, stylish titanium bracelet with magnets. Something that is strong and daring would fit you perfectly, and make an even greater gift.

Kate magnetic bracelet

Be bold and daring with this black titanium bracelet with magnets, made with the rarest forms of titanium this bracelet is strong and sexy. Its black colour does not come from any coatings or any plating, it is organically blackened through a natural alloying and heating process. Stand out from the crowd in this chic, stylish magnetic bracelet with added health benefits.

 magnetic titanium bracelet

Mostly C’s – A simple bangle goes a long way

If you got mostly c’s, you are looking for something simplistic and subtle, such as a bangle. You need something that is easy to slip on and off in a hurry. Something that is modest and understated would fit you perfectly, and make an even greater gift.

Stroyer titanium magnetic bracelet

This matt silver mens magnetic titanium bangle is very subtle and very easy to wear. This arthritis bracelet has a minimalist finish and is ideal for those that like a more modest and understated look. The brushed affect on this magnetic bangle adds to the masculine feel and vibe, a great everyday magnetic bracelet.

 magnetic bangle

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and gained the knowledge you wanted to on titanium bracelets. We also hope you enjoyed the quiz and that this bit of fun enabled you to find the perfect titanium bracelet for you or a friend. We have a wide variety of magnetic bracelets and health bracelets that you hopefully got to have a look at throughout this blog post.


Here at DEMI+CO, we pride ourselves on good customer service and want to provide you with all the information you require. If you have any queries at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or social media. We will get back to you as soon as we can; we’re more than happy to help you!




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