December 02, 2020

Here at DEMI+CO we are passionate about what we do. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, from sourcing top quality materials to choosing stunning designs that our customers love. One of our most popular range of products is our copper wristbands and magnetic bracelets. We have a gorgeous collection of bracelets to suit every taste and whilst our designs are perfect for a unisex gift, we know that our more masculine designs are loved by men far and wide.

Christmas is right around the corner, so what better gifts for him than one of our lovely copper bracelets for men? We’ve put together a guide on our copper bracelets, including the history of copper and the excellent properties of this special metal that makes in beneficial toward your health.


Xtreme Copper Bracelet

Our heaviest bracelet in our copper range is our Xtreme Copper Bracelet. This weighs 91 grams, is 20mm wide and boasts of 57 magnets, making this solid mens copper bracelet a fantastic choice for those wanting to reap the natural healing benefits of copper and magnetic therapy. This masculine design is robust and hardwearing, making it a great gift for him. This striking statement piece is engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo, is pure solid copper and consists of masculine magnetic links creating a very edgy statement piece to add to your look.

The bold design features wide copper magnetic links joined together with narrower links to create a sturdy look. This copper bracelet with magnets can be shortened to fit any size of wrist comfortably, using our handy link adjustment tool supplied with all of our link bracelets. The strong fold over clasp of this bracelet will ensure the fit is secure.

 copper bracelet for men

The History of Copper

Copper has been used for centuries for its healing powers and it is considered a great ancient metal. Copper has many bonuses, one of them being its purity. As it is malleable like silver and gold, copper has had many uses over the years and has become popular as jewellery. The micronutrients in the metal are said to have many health benefits, such as alleviating joint pain, improving poor circulation and easing inflammation amongst others.

Copper is a natural element that is said to have been first used by man over 10,000 years ago. Studies have shown that traces of copper can be absorbed into the body when wearing copper jewellery and the wearer can then benefit from its healing properties. Many sufferers from arthritis and other join conditions speak of the benefits of wearing copper jewellery and have had positive results from its powers.


Shield Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Our Shield Copper Magnetic Bracelet is a strong and durable design with a striking look. By wearing copper bracelets for arthritis such as this one, the wearer can gain many health benefits from the purity of copper. When combined with the natural healing powers of magnetic therapy, this bracelet can be a very appreciated part of a jewellery collection.

This copper bracelet with magnets makes the perfect gift for anyone suffering with joint pains or complaints of inflammation. The Alpha branded, detailed dual grooved bracelet is a masculine, fashion forward choice while also benefiting from being health conscious and practical. This bracelet is exclusive to our website and cannot be purchased anywhere else making it a unique and sought-after gift choice.

 copper wristband


Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet

This exclusively laser engraved Alpha copper bracelet features a super sleek design of pure copper and stunning carbon fibre details. This link bracelet is the ultimate statement piece and is a fantastic men’s designer bracelet to gift that special someone. The copper links are all fitted with magnets, to ensure the wearer benefits from therapeutic healing as much as possible, while still being a stylish accessory. Carbon fibre runs through the centre of this bracelet, adding a masculine detail that goes well with any outfit. This bracelet is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. All of our link bracelets are supplied with a link adjustment tool to allow you to create the perfect fit.

 arthritis bracelet

Why should I wear a Copper Bracelet?

Copper is an essential element in our bodies for the function of a number of antioxidant enzymes. Copper is also involved in the metabolism of Vitamin C and the synthesis of collagen which is a structural protein in our bones and joints – collagen also keeps us looking young! Traces from copper jewellery are absorbed into the body which benefits the process of all of these things previously mentioned, the sulphates in copper leaches onto the body where it is usually deposited as a blue-green discolouration on the skin. This is nothing to be worried by, it just shows the copper at work. You can get rid of any residue left behind by copper, by simply washing with warm, soapy water.


Magneto Copper Bracelet

Our Alpha exclusive Magneto Copper Bracelet it truly unique. The sleek, black plated solid copper is dark and mysterious – just like the villain that this design is named after! This copper bracelet for men is super masculine, incredibly striking and has a luxurious finish to it. The black coated solid copper is shiny and strong making it an eye-catching statement accessory to spoil him with. This gorgeous bracelet is easily adjusted to ensure the most comfort fit.

 copper bracelet with magnets

Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet

The Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet is one of our bestsellers and you can see why. This minimalist bracelet is engraved with our Alpha logo to show that it is exclusive to our customers only. This must-have piece is masculine and bold while remaining elegant and sophisticated – the best of both worlds. This design is definitely understated and adds a subtle touch of luxe to your outfit making it the ideal choice for a modest looking therapeutic magnetic bracelet. The design of this bracelet features distinctive shading of light and oxidised copper, whilst remaining slimline in style with a single chain of links dotted inside with magnets for fantastic magnetic therapy benefits.

 copper bracelet for arthritis

Does wearing a Copper Bracelet work?

As copper is an essential nutrient in our bodies and is required for many of our bodies functions, the use of copper bracelets for arthritis as a health aid has been popular for many decades. Studies have shown that copper can help with a number of ailments and health concerns, including achy joints and poor circulation. As copper is a natural health alternative, it can be quite a popular choice for people that suffer with arthritis and other joint problems who are looking to make their conditions more manageable. Studies have shown that for some people, wearing copper jewellery reduces pain and inflammation caused by these conditions. Copper by itself also possesses antioxidant properties which stop free ions and radicals from increasing toxicity in the body. All round, copper is essential for our bodies and can have many health benefits to the wearer by absorbing some of these properties through the skin. Any blue-green residue left on the skin by copper absorption can be easily wiped away with a warm, soapy cloth.


Tristan Copper Bracelet

Our Tristan Copper bracelet is a great choice for the minimalist in your life. The stunning design is built for comfort and style making it the perfect bracelet to wear everyday to reap the benefits of copper and this bracelet’s built in magnets. This bracelet was designed with simplicity in mind and boasts of a striking matt tones smooth and wide copper base that looks suave and sophisticated. The quality structure of this bracelet ensures a comfortable fit.

 mens copper bracelet

Sentient Magnetic Copper Bracelet

This Alpha exclusive solid copper bracelet is strong and resilient. The armour-like design is made up of wide copper links joined together with a row of small copper oxidised links along both sides of the bracelet. The strong fold over clasp keeps this bracelet secure when worn and the fitted magnets add extra health benefits to this copper bracelet for men. This stylish and rugged copper link bracelet comes with its own link adjustment tool to guarantee a secure and comfortable fit.

 gifts for dad

What hand do you wear a copper bracelet on?

You can wear your copper bracelet on either wrist to benefit from the health properties of copper. Wherever copper jewellery is worn, your body will benefit as long as it has contact with the skin. The easiest place to wear copper jewellery is in fact on your wrist, as copper is beneficial to stiff and painful joints throughout the entire body, wearing a copper bracelet is a simple and comfortable way to reap the benefits of this ancient metal.


Xerxes Copper Bracelet

The beautifully designed Xerxes copper bracelet doesn’t only make a great gift for him but is a suitable copper bracelet for women too. The magnificent design is made with the finest copper and high-grade magnets, to ensure the wearer reaps the natural health benefits of this bracelet. The curved design is simple and subtle enough to wear every day but the intricate twisted pattern adds a touch of intrigue and charm to this lovely, bold bracelet.

 copper wristband

Highlander Copper Magnetic Bracelet

The Highlander Copper Magnetic Bracelet is inspired by Scotland, shown in this stylish thistle design. The durable masculine copper bracelet is unique and exclusive to our Alpha brand. In Scottish culture the thistle represents bravery and courage and the vibrancy of the purple thistle represents royalty. We think that these are all words that perfectly describe this special copper bracelet with magnets.

copper wristband

Here at DEMI+CO, we work very closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to source the best quality materials are used in our jewellery, from stainless steel and copper to the magnets we use in our therapeutic energy bracelets. This is one of the key jobs of our sourcing manager, who selects and sources the finest copper for our collection. We spoke to him about what his role involves and how he makes his choices: 

What does your day usually look like? Do you have certain duties every day? What is your favourite part about your job?

“Every day is varied I always start the day checking emails and in particular communication with suppliers and manufacturers, I am constantly updating and adding products to inventory, stock taking and quality control. The best part of the job has to be when new products arrive, it still excites me every time we get a delivery of new products.”


How do choose which type of copper bracelets to source? How do you know what customers will love?

“I have been sourcing copper bracelets for a while and I am very familiar with customer trends and fashion trends. Classic pieces that contain oxidised copper are timeless and will be a firm favourite in our collections. Our newer copper bracelets are always changing from matt tones to shiny, coated and elaborate ornate styles tend to fluctuate but sell very well during busier times like Father’s Day and Christmas. Trends help us to see what we need to stock and we are always working in advance so we can ensure we are never out of stock in customer favourites.”


Rowan Copper Bracelet

Our stunning Rowan copper bracelet is embellished with intricate patterns and grooves to create a really bold, unique design. The copper bracelet with magnets combines shiny copper and oxidised copper for a real interesting look. The Celtic inspired design adds a hint of mystery and this copper bracelet benefits from added magnets to combine the natural health properties of copper and magnets to create a really beautiful magnetic therapy bracelet.

 copper bangle

Christmas is right around the corner! How do you manage busy times like the festive period?

“Plan, plan and plan, Christmas is our most busiest time and we plan nearly a year in advance for the season, from new launches to ensuring classics don’t go out of stock.”

What is your least favourite part of your role?

“I would struggle to come up with the least favourite, I enjoy my role from quality control to stock taking each day is never really the same!”

Which is your favourite men’s copper bracelet from our ALPHA range?

“That would be incredibly hard to choose, I would have to say either Prime Copper Bracelet, Nova Copper Bracelet and Odin copper magnetic bracelet.”





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