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April 30, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO we sometimes receive questions from our lovely customers about our copper bangles. These can range from anything about the properties of copper bracelets to simply “do copper bracelets work?” We have put together this handy blog post to contain all of our FAQs on copper bracelets and our answers to these queries.

This blog post will serve as a useful guide for whenever you have any questions about healing bracelets, magnetic therapy or the properties of copper and even as a resource to send to family or friends who are curious about magnetic bracelets for arthritis. So, grab yourself a cuppa and read on to find out everything you wanted to know about copper bangles.

“Easy to use website, quick and easy to order. Good quality copper bracelet as described. Arrived on time in nice packaging with a thank you note.”

Frequently Asked Questions about our Copper Bangles

1. Can anybody wear a copper bangle, or are there some limitations?        

This is a question that we are asked often when people are new to health bracelets. To put it simply, yes, most people can wear copper bracelets and can reap the natural healing powers of copper. However, it is not recommended that pregnant women wear copper jewellery or any other metal which may be absorbed into the skin. People with heart conditions or those who have a pacemaker also should not wear copper magnetic bracelets. Implants such as pacemakers can be affected by the magnetic fields of a copper bracelet with magnets.

Beatrix Magnetic Bracelet

Our gorgeous Beatrix magnetic wristband is made with robust copper and is fitted with magnets, to allow the wearer to reap the dual benefits of copper and magnetic therapy. Look stylish with this slick copper bracelet.

ladies copper bracelet

2. Can I still wear a copper bangle if I don’t have any health issues?

Of course! It is completely harmless to wear copper jewellery and with all the stylish designs available, we definitely encourage it! Nothing bad will happen if you wear a health bracelet but do not suffer with any health complaints.
Copper is an ancient metal, that has been used for centuries as not only a fashion statement, but for its natural healing benefits too. We are passionate about copper wristbands and magnetic bangles at DEMI+CO, and we really believe in the positive natural healing affects of these combined powers. Copper is said to contain micronutrients that help people manage and cope with their health conditions more effectively.

Liberty Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Our gorgeous Liberty copper bracelet for arthritis boasts of pretty intricate patterns and a feminine shiny shade of copper. This is the perfect copper bracelet for women, that is not only elegant but benefits from the natural healing properties of copper and magnetic therapy.

womens copper bracelet

3. Is a copper bangle safe to wear?

Absolutely. Copper is an essential nutrient in the human body and has been used in natural health practices for decades. Wearing a copper wristband is completely safe and can actually help with many ailments, such as arthritis or poor circulation.
People who wear copper jewellery sometimes report back that they experience a greenish tint left on the skin by the copper. This is nothing to worry about, and is actually just a sign that the copper is being partially absorbed into your body, allowing you to reap its natural benefits. The greenish tinge will come off with warm soapy water and is completely harmless.

Mabel Silver Magnetic Bracelet

This sleek and simple magnetic bracelet is an ideal everyday magnetic therapy bracelet consisting of smooth, slick copper in a silver finish. Our Mabel bracelet is elegant and understated, perfect for the sophisticated lady.
 copper bangle

4. What are the benefits of wearing a copper bangle?

There are lots of different benefits of wearing magnetic bracelets for arthritis. Copper is essential for the function of many antioxidant enzymes, the metabolism of vitamin C and the synthesis of collagen, which is a crucial protein in ours bones and joints. Wearing a copper bangle can help promote overall health, improve circulation and relieve joint pain, such as that caused by arthritis.

Kirsty Magnetic Bracelet

This beautiful rainbow therapeutic energy bracelet is made with quality copper and combines bands of copper, silver and gold finish. This graceful bangle is a lovely jewellery piece to wear while reaping the benefits of copper and magnets.
 ladies copper magnetic bracelet

5. Should I wear my copper bracelet all of the time?

Yes, you can wear your copper bracelet for men and women all the time if you wish. We advise that you take it off when you take a shower, have a bath or are going swimming in the sea or a swimming pool. Water tarnishes the copper and causes it to discolour, as can sea salt, chlorine and other chemicals.
Magnets may lose a little of their magnetism over time, but this takes years and their natural healing energies are still effective for many decades, meaning you can choose a timeless piece of jewellery, that you can love for many years. This is one of the reasons our magnetic and copper bracelets make such lovely, classic gifts.

Willow Copper Bracelet

This pretty copper bangle is simple yet so elegant. This accessory is perfect to wear with any outfit and is a classy answer to magnetic health therapy. This bangle features a slim, classic band, perfect for a beautiful, everyday look.
 copper bracelet for arthritis

6. Can wearing a copper bangle make you ill?

As long as a bangle is pure copper, it is completely safe. If you have any serious health conditions, we recommend you speak to your GP if you are unsure whether wearing copper or magnetic bracelets would cause any problems for you. As we have previously mentioned, pregnant women, those with heart conditions or a pacemaker should not wear copper magnetic bracelets.

Hazel Magnetic Bracelet

This classy, beautiful Hazel magnetic bracelet has a timeless appeal and benefits from the natural healing energies of copper and magnetic therapy. The stunning gold and silver design makes you almost forget this is a health bracelet and will make people appreciate it for its beauty. This stunning wristband makes a wonderful gift for someone special.
 copper bracelet for arthritis

7. Can copper help improve circulation?

Copper is known to help improve circulation and many people report positive experiences with wearing copper jewellery and the impact it has on their circulation. However, results vary from person to person and your experience with copper bracelets for men or women, may be completely different to that of someone else.

Lydia Magnetic Bracelet

This minimalistic designer bangle for women is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. This magnificent wristband can be dressed up or down, and will not look out of place with any outfits. This is great for a minimal, cool look.
 copper magnetic bracelet

8. Are copper bracelets trendy?

Yes! We have a gorgeous collection of women’s and men’s designer bracelets, that combine style with all the natural healing benefits of copper and magnets. Our range is vast, with many different styles to cater for everyone’s tastes. You are bound to find a design or style that you like and that feels like a trendy accessory as well as being a natural health bracelet.

Molly BIO Magnetic Bracelet

This unique women’s magnetic bracelet is extra special and elegant. This is made from copper but finished in silver and gold to create a truly majestic piece of therapeutic energy jewellery. Ooze style and class, while benefiting from the natural healing powers of magnets.
 ladies copper bangle

9. Can I wear a copper bangle in the shower or bath?

Ideally, we recommend that no, don’t wear your magnetic bracelet for menand women in the shower or bath and always try to remember to take it off before bathing. However, if you do accidentally get it wet, or forget to take it off before hopping in the shower, it will be fine, but please dry it with a dry towel as soon as possible. Our magnetic bracelets for women and men are not waterproof, but can withstand some degree of water. We do not recommend you get it wet on a regular basis, as this will cause the bracelet to become tarnished and damaged.
The best way to care for your copper bracelets, is to store them in a clean, dry place when you are not wearing it, away from any chemicals which may cause tarnishing or corrosion. Our copper bracelets are sealed, but by keeping them away from sharp objects, you can ensure that it does not become scratched and stays looking its best for longer. If you are looking to clean your copper jewellery, you can simply do this by cleaning with warm, soapy water and towel drying, with a clean, dry towel. The best way to keep your copper jewellery looking shiny, is by using a jewellery cloth to buff away any fingerprints or dust.

Tabitha Magnetic Bracelet

This showstopping ladies copper bangle is delightful and is bound to steal the limelight. The multiple arrow style of this wristband makes it intriguing and classic, it will definitely get all the envious looks of your close ones.  
 magnetic wristband 

10. Can you wear a copper bangle at night?

Yes, you can wear women and men’s magnetic bracelets at night. The more you wear your copper jewellery, the more you will reap the full benefits of copper and magnets. We advise that the magnetic bracelet is fitted firmly around the wrist, but not too tight that it is uncomfortable. This helps to ensure you reap the maximum benefits of magnetic therapy. Making sure the magnets align with the pulse points on your wrist help you to benefit fully from their healing energies.

Poppy Magnetic Bracelet

This striking Poppy magnetic bangle promises to make a statement and catch people’s attention. This is one of our most original designs, with a stunning diamond pattern of gold and silver – what’s not to love?

copper wristband
We really hope that you found value in this ‘Ask me Anything’ blog post and that we have answered your questions about copper bangles. If there are any questions or queries that come to mind, which we haven’t answered, please get in touch with us on social media or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to help! We are passionate about providing the highest quality customer service and building positive relationships with our customers and we always aim to go above and beyond to answer any questions you may have. If you are new to magnetic therapy bracelets and you are a little unsure about what to go for, we will happily advise you and support you, to make sure you choose something you will be happy with.
We are always so grateful to our customers, who take the time to leave us reviews on our products and our customer service. We love hearing all the positive stories about how our copper and magnetic bracelets have made our customers’ health conditions more manageable too, so please share your stories with us should you purchase some of our magnetic health jewellery. Here are some of our newest testimonials from our customers, to convince you further as to why you should choose DEMI+CO!

“Beautiful bracelet, excellent customer service and speedy delivery, what more could you want from a company. Definitely worth all five stars.”
“A very speedy and efficient purchase”
“The bracelet that I ordered was delayed for quite some time due to COVID. I was kept in touch all the way along with regular updates and a chance to change my order if I wanted to. It’s on its way now. Customer service has been really good, keeping me updated. Well done.”
“I have just received my bracelet and could not be happier. Love it and arrived when they said it would. Don't know if it works yet but would wear it anyway as so pretty.”
“Husband very happy with the copper bracelet and is helping with his arthritis pain very good quality and nice design.”
“Beautiful Bracelet and amazing customer service and quick delivery.
I would definitely buy from here again.
Thank you so much”




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