10 surprising facts about stainless steel bracelets

At DEMI+CO our stainless steel bracelets are one of most popular choices and one of our most robust products in our range. Stainless steel has so many qualities to it and although you may think of stainless steel as being a more industrial material our range of our stainless steel bracelets will change that view. Glamourous, elegant, suave and sophisticated are just some of the terms used to describe them whether that’s ladies stainless steel bracelets, mens stainless steel magnetic bracelets or unisex stainless steel bracelets.


Stainless steel has many, many qualities and benefits and there are many facts about stainless. For instance, did you know that stainless steel bracelets are actually made from an alloy of iron and chromium? Or that they are incredibly strong and durable, making them a great choice for everyday wear? We here at DEMI+CO like to get our geek on so we decided to create a post and put together all the facts about stainless steel magnetic bracelets so that you can be in the know!


Ramon Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This robust silver bracelet for men has a sturdy design, with 5 rows of narrow components, three of which are stainless steel and two rows of gold coloured links. This statement piece combines strength, style and health benefits. These men’s magnetic bracelets makes superb gifts and will be sought after by any style savvy gentleman.

 stainless steel bracelet

Fern Magnetic Bracelet in Stainless Steel

This beautiful ladies magnetic bracelet is a DEMI+CO exclusive. The gorgeous traditional design consists of a feminine braided design with a gold strand that intertwines with silver strands. This magnetic bracelet combines classic beauty and natural healing powers to create a stunning must-have piece of jewellery to add to your collection.

 ladies stainless steel bracelet

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The history of stainless steel

The history of stainless steel starts with Dmitri Mendeleev who devised the periodic classification of the chemical elements, he originally missed out nickel in his table and put chromium and cobalt as its neighbours. He did write about an alloy with a face-centred cubic crystal structure, which he called chromium bronze. The concept of this modern alloy was developed by the metallurgist Charles Hatchett in the early 19th century. The metal element which is called niobium is an ore sample he found in Connecticut. He named the ore Columbium after its country of origin Columbia. The German chemist Heinrich Rose later re discovered the metal and named it niobium after the Greek goddess Niobe. After many years it was decided that niobium and columbium were the same element, and niobium was chosen as its official name. Niobium is used today in stainless steel, increasing its resistance to corrosion at high temperatures.


In 1855, was the first written reference to stainless steel in a patent that was filed by Madame Henri Moissan. Moissan was working on a specific type of steel that was resistant to corrosion. This would be for the purpose of scientific instruments.


in the 1960s Stainless steel was first used for other applications, particularly cutlery and kitchenware, pocketknives, bottle openers, and in the automotive industry.


In the 1970s and 1980s water resistant stainless steel 316L was created and that was what was used for piercings and jewellery. By the 1990s it had become popular and used worldwide as a metal for jewellery.


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Penny Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

This slim, delicate stainless steel magnetic bracelet for arthritis has a sleek, minimalist look. This bracelet features subtle details, which gives it a graceful, understated look. The simplicity of this bracelet makes it a perfect option if you are looking for plain and slick gender neutral magnetic bracelets.


stainless steel magnetic bracelet


Morgan magnetic bracelet

For him and her, this striking and regal magnetic bracelet is sure to turn heads, a style statement with an array of health benefits what’s not to love? This stainless steel bracelet consists of large rounded square links with narrow gold rectangle detailing on the inner and outer sides of the bracelet. Original and retro, this magnetic bracelet for arthritis has been created as a unisex style combining style, health benefits and elegance.

 stainless steel bracelet with magnets

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Facts about stainless steel

  • Stainless steel bracelets are made from an alloy of iron and chromium this ensures they are strong and durable.
  • Stainless steel bracelets are also resistant to rust and tarnish, making them ideal for everyday wear.
  • Stainless steel bracelets can be polished to a high shine or left with a matte finish.
  • They are available in a variety of widths and styles to suit any taste.
  • Like all metal, stainless steel bracelets can be bent if forced, but will always return to their original shape.
  • The word "stainless steel" refers to the metal's ability to resist corrosion or rust.
  • The finish on most bracelets is oxidized, which is less expensive than plating, but also less durable.
  • Stainless steel bracelets are lightweight, strong and built to last.
  • They can be worn by men, women and children of all ages.
  • They are available with a variety of different finishing's.
  • You can request a specific width and finish.
  • They are easily maintained, simply use a soft cloth with soapy water and wipe, or rinse under warm water.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • Polished stainless steel bracelets are dishwasher safe.


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Molly silver magnetic bracelet

Made from stainless steel, this feminine bracelet consists of dainty links, small but strong magnets and circular diamante all strung together to make this sophisticated ladies magnetic bracelet combines health benefits and elegance all in one.

 magnetic bracelet for ladies

Phoenix gold magnetic bracelet

This striking gold magnetic bracelet is a rare gem, delicately carved with intricate details that reflect the light, making this magnetic bracelet a head turner. Made from stainless steel sparkle, shimmer and shine with this ultra glamorous and feminine magnetic bracelet for women.

 gold magnetic bracelet



Stainless steel bracelets are hypoallergenic meaning that the metal is a less likely to give an allergic reaction. In the fashion and jewellery industry the 316L stainless steel is known as hypoallergenic stainless steel as it does not contain any metal that causes allergic reactions.


Therefore, If you have sensitive skin, a stainless steel bracelet is a great option because it won't irritate your skin like some other materials can. This is also why stainless steel is used in new piercings to minimise the risk of infection and to ensure a speedy recovery of the piercing.


Frank magnetic bracelet

this subtle and elegant magnetic bracelet is made of robust stainless steel and has narrow rectangular links with a very thin band of gold detailing on the top and the bottom of the bracelet.

 mens stainless steel bracelet

Oren silver and gold magnetic bracelet

Made from robust solid stainless steel this hard wearing magnetic bracelet for arthritis is easy to wear and long lasting. This magnetic bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably. Sports a strong fold over clasp to keep it secure.

 magnetic bracelet for small pain


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Long-lasting and durable

  • Stainless steel bracelets are made of an alloy that contains chromium and other metals. This makes them more durable and resistant to corrosion than other types of jewelry.
  • Stainless steel bracelets can be found in a variety of styles, from simple bands to more elaborate designs with stones or patterns.
  • They are usually lighter in weight than comparable gold or silver bracelets, making them comfortable to wear. Stainless steel bracelets are often less expensive than other types of jewelry.
  • Stainless steel is an extremely strong metal, so your magnetic wristband will withstand any type of activity you put it through. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or just going for a walk, your stainless steel bracelet will look great and stay on your wrist no matter what.


Looking after stainless steel bracelets

  • Their durability makes them a good choice for people who are highly active, as stainless steel can withstand the sweat, rain and moisture.
  • Stainless steel is a strong metal that is very resistant to scratching and corrosion
  • Stainless steel bracelets can be worn in all types of weather conditions, from the hottest days to the coldest nights.
  • Stainless steel bracelets require very little maintenance a quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all they need to stay looking shiny and new.
  • If there are more stronger stains on the stainless steel bracelet use warm water, mild dish soap and a soft cloth to remove any stains.
  • Ensure the bracelet is thoroughly dried with a soft cloth preferable and microfibre one.
  • We advise not to use any strong cleaning fluids or stainless steel cleaners or abrasive scrubbing action or materials on the stainless steel bracelet.


Infinity Silver and Gold Magnetic Bracelet

This elegant magnetic therapy bracelet consists of cut out gold leaf shapes and silver rectangular links, to create a geometric look. This unique magnetic bracelet for women steals the limelight and is the perfect statement piece to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

magnetic bracelet for small pain

Kylie Magnetic Bracelet

This ladies’ magnetic bracelet is truly majestic, with its absolutely stunning deep purple mother of pearl effect on every link. This health bracelet is extra special so makes the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone as equally as special in your life. The strong clasp on this bracelet ensures that it is secure when wearing, so you don’t have to worry about it coming undone while you are living your life.

 ladies magnetic bracelet

There are so many facts about stainless steel and we managed to condense this down to the most useful and the most interesting. Stainless steel makes a perfect metal base for jewellery and in particularly stainless steel bracelets. Here at DEMI+CO we go to great lengths to ensure that not only do we use the best materials but the most skilled craftspeople to create our ranges. From elegant and stunning embellished diamante and engraved stainless steel bracelets to matt, black and minimal bands and magnetic link bracelets too.


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“Back again! Having previously bought a bracelet, and being truly stunned by it’s effectiveness, I am back to buy four more for family. Surely the best recommendation!” Jean


We hope you found the facts and the information useful as a family run company we want to ensure that not only are we knowledgeable about what we sell, its original history and how its made but we want to share this with our customers. Our transparency is to ensure our customers are also aware and knowledgeable about what they are buying, where it comes from and who they are buying from. As ever if there are any more questions that you have or feel we havent covered a particular topic or question please do get in touch with our team who would only be more than happy to help.




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