avril 20, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO we have been busy working on a new collection of luxurious white gold earrings for those wanting something a little more special. White gold is timeless and a great metal for jewellery, which makes is a very popular choice for people deciding on jewellery to purchase. All of our earrings have been carefully designed to make sure that they are top notch DEMI+CO quality, while reflecting styles that our customers love and will want to wear.

We have put together this blog post detailing 10 questions which we often get asked about white gold hoop earrings. We will also be sharing some of our pieces from our collection, but whether you are looking for white gold huggie earrings, white gold studs or large white gold hoops, we will have something that suits you and is exactly what you are looking for. If you have ever wondered about the properties of white gold or how to clean and care for your white gold hoops, we have popped all the answers down in this handy blog post for you to look back on whenever you need a reminder.

1. What is white gold?

Firstly, it is important to know what white gold actually is and why it may be different from yellow gold. White gold is actually an alloy of gold which is made up of a mixture of pure gold and various alloy metals such as palladium and silver. This then creates the classic silvery look of white gold, which some people prefer to wear than yellow gold.


Yellow and White Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings

These beautiful yellow and white gold twisted hoop earrings have a timeless twisted design and are a great size to wear everyday. These look classy paired with anything and are sophisticated enough to wear to the office.

white gold hoop earrings

 2. Why is it a mixed metal?

We often get asked why white gold is a mixed metal, but in jewellery, all gold is actually mixed with harder metals to make it fit for purpose. Pure gold is a very soft metal and when producing jewellery, it needs to be mixed with other harder metals for added strength and durability. If we did not mix pure gold with other metals, it would easily bend out of shape making it unsuitable for jewellery as it would not be hard-wearing enough to be worn every day. Alloys that are mixed to create white gold are also often chosen due to the desirability of silver-looking jewellery.


White Gold Fancy Twisted Hoop Earrings

These small white gold hoop earrings are extremely fancy and are sure to compliment any look you have planned for day or night. The pretty twisted design makes these really unusual white gold earrings stand out from the crowd. These would also make a perfect gift.

unusual white gold earrings

 3. Is white gold for me?

White gold suits everyone, but it really depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer the look of yellow gold, some prefer the look of white gold and others like to have a mixture of both so they can choose depending what look they want that day. If you would like to mix and match different colours of gold, we say go for it! You can get a really interesting and gorgeous look combining yellow and white gold, which is a huge trend at the moment too.  


Yellow and white Gold Oval Hoop Earrings

This pair of yellow and white gold creole earrings create a beautiful look, combing different colours of gold to really make your jewellery pop. The oval shape of these hoops are really on trend this year, with wider bottom earrings being the perfect pair to accompany all of your looks this summer.

white gold drop earrings

 4. Does white gold last?

White gold does last and as long as you care for it, you can keep and maintain a piece of white gold jewellery for many years. One thing people do notice about white gold jewellery, is that eventually it may begin to show the yellow gold colour. This is due to white gold being coated in rhodium to further add strength, durability and a lustrous white shine. The coating, over time, may begin to wear off, which can be influenced by the pH levels of your skin or what toiletries and other chemicals your jewellery comes into contact with, and yes, even environmental factors such as pollution can impact this.

This is not a cause to worry though, as if you do notice that the yellow gold is showing through, you can easily get it recoated with rhodium occasionally to extend its life. Maintenance and care are really crucial when it comes to jewellery and by having your white gold recoated every so often it really does help and can make your jewellery a timeless heirloom. The other bonus of this is that recoating is relatively inexpensive.


 White Gold Faceted Medium Hoop Earrings

These stunning small white gold hoops have an unusual and unique design. These are a modern take on the classic white gold earrings for women and would look fabulous dressed up or dressed down with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

small white gold hoop earrings

 5. How do I take care of white gold?

  • Along with maintaining your white gold hoop earrings large by having them occasionally recoated, there are other ways you can take care of your white gold jewellery.

  • You can keep your white gold jewellery pristine for longer, by removing it whenever you are going to do jobs that mean your jewellery will come into contact with chemicals – such as washing the pots.

  • You should always remove any jewellery when going swimming as chlorine can have a reaction to various metals which can damage your jewellery.

  • It is a good idea to remove jewellery before going to sleep or before showering or bathing.

  • Never directly spray your perfume, creams, sprays or cleaning products near or on your jewellery.

  • Only clean your jewellery with warm water and a soft microfibre cloth, so as not to use any cleaning products which may cause reactions with the metal.

  • Keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight, window sills, in cars or near radiators. Extreme heat can damage your jewellery.


Yellow  and White Gold Glitter Finish Twisted Small Hoop Earrings

These extra special white gold diamond earrings have a glittery finish, giving them a diamond effect. Look glitzy and glamourous by pairing these with your favourite little black dress and killer heels for a night out or a special dinner somewhere.

small white gold hoops

 6. What is the history of white gold?

Today’s white gold was actually invented back in the 19th century, but it didn’t really become popular until the 1920s. White platinum was a popular choice for so many military purposes which then meant that white gold was used for jewellery. The benefits of this initially was due to it being less expensive and an easy substitute for people to wear.

White gold has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people opting to have their engagement and weddings rings made in white gold. It is all down to personal preference these days, and whether you choose and yellow or white gold jewellery is completely up to you. We have a fabulous range in our collection of white gold drop earrings that also combine yellow gold, so that you can have the best of both worlds.


Yellow and White Gold Double Hoop Earrings

The beautiful design of these unusual white gold hoop earrings combines yellow gold to create a classy and understated look. These comfortable to wear double hoops are the perfect choice for those who cannot decide between yellow gold or white gold.

white gold earrings for women

 7. Is white gold real gold?

Of course! As we have mentioned earlier, white gold is a combination of gold and a silver-look metal alloy such as silver or palladium which is then coated in rhodium to produce the shiny, silver look that white gold has. The amount of pure gold that an item of jewellery contains can be identified by what karat it is. For example, a 24kt white gold ring contains more pure gold and isn’t as durable or hardwearing as a 14kt white gold ring due to the softness of gold.


White Gold Tyre Tread Design D Shape Earrings

These funky white gold tyre tread earrings are definitely a unique design! The beautiful detail of these white gold huggie hoop earrings means they are a showstopper and you are sure to have something your friends don’t. Be the envy of everyone or buy these as a gift, no matter what, you will love them!

small white gold hoops

 8. What type of white gold earrings are classic?

White gold is a beautiful metal for jewellery and makes a lovely base for all different gem stones. White gold is a classic and understated metal, so white gold earrings are also timeless. If you are looking for a classic look however, choose designs that are timeless, sophisticated and subtle. Small white gold hoops or white gold earrings that contain classy details such as white gold pearl earrings are definitely classic and timeless. Remember to never be nervous about experimenting with styles though, you may find you prefer the look of modern styles or you want to go retro. Mix, match and experiment!


White Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings

This pair of pretty white gold twisted earrings definitely have a classic feel. The beautiful, subtle twist is an elegant touch, complimented by the understated beauty of white gold. Pair these with a classic outfit or mix it up a little with a modern, minimalist look. These earrings would look fabulous however you style them.

white gold twisted hoop earrings

 9. Is white gold expensive?

White gold is usually priced about the same as yellow gold, however, sometimes you may find white gold jewellery costs a little more than yellow gold due to the rhodium plating of the metal. White gold is often a much more reasonable option though, due to the fact it is durable and has the sought-after silver look. If you were choosing a different option, such as platinum which has a similar look, you will find that white gold is much cheaper, meaning it is a great choice for people who may be on more of a budget. With white gold you get all of the look and quality without the price tag and that is a win, win in our eyes!


White Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings

These white gold drop earrings are a great addition to any jewellery box and look great with anything. If you are new to white gold jewellery, a pair like this is great because you can wear them with something dressy or something plain and the twisted detail will add the finishing touch to whatever you choose. You are bound to fall in love with white gold after wearing these.

small white gold hoops

 10. Are white gold earrings a good gift?

White gold earrings are perfect as a gift! The colour of white gold is quite neutral so it makes a great gift as it can be paired with anything. If you are certain that someone prefers yellow gold though, perhaps avoid buying them white gold jewellery. We have some really lovely yellow gold jewellery too and if you fancy buying something extra special, our white and yellow gold combination earrings make wonderful gifts and gives them the best of both worlds.


White Gold Round Tube Hoop Earrings

These large white gold hoops are perfect for making a statement. These earrings are quite minimalist in style, but don’t let that fool you! A pair of these statement hoops look fabulous and lust-worthy with a bodycon dress for a night out on the town. You will be the belle of the ball wearing these.

 white gold hoops large

We really hope that you found this blog post useful and that it has answered some of your pressing questions about white gold. If you do think of any other questions, please feel free to drop us an email or contact us via our social media channels and we will be happy to help. We love to share our knowledge about jewellery with you and are always prepared to help our customers get the best out of their white gold jewellery. We really hope you have loved seeing some of our new collection too. Feel free to save this blog post and come back to it at a later date should you need any additional advice about your white gold jewellery.

At DEMI+CO we are passionate about customer service and we always want to ensure our customers are happy with their purchases and stay in touch should they need any follow-up advice regarding caring for their jewellery. Here are some of our newest testimonials to show you why you should choose DEMI+CO jewellery, as told by our fabulous customers.


“Easy to use website, wide range of product. prompt delivery, Good quality item. Will use Demi Co again”


“Looks expensive but isn't. Can't wait to see if it works.”


“Prompt service. Good quality item. Would recommend highly. Thanks 😊”


“Love my bracelet well worth the money.”


“Beautiful bracelet, excellent customer service and speedy delivery, what more could you want from a company. Definitely worth all five stars.



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