avril 15, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO we have been developing and expanding our range of fabulous wall art, including prints perfect for your home office. We have a great range of office wall décor and motivational poster UK to keep you inspired while working from home.

We develop our collections with you in mind, we design pieces in a range of style that would suit each taste and office style wonderfully. When choosing our home office wall art, we research styles and trends in home décor and office wall prints to influence what we come up with and to ensure that you can have a super on-trend home office without breaking the bank.

Continue reading this blog post to find out some of the top home office trends for 2021, how you can decorate your work from home space while staying on budget and take our little fun quiz at the end to discover what your home office style is and which print we think would suit you perfectly!


The Top 5 Office Trends of 2021 and How You Can Replicate Them on Budget

  1. Eco-style

Eco-style and sustainable decorating are becoming a bigger hit than ever. With the increase in awareness around environmental issues, it is not surprising that more people are trying to think of eco-friendly options when decorating their home office. The biggest eco-friendly trends for the home office are using natural colours such as beige and grey when decorating, incorporating natural materials, such as a lovely wooden desk and adding a few potted plants to really bring nature in.
You can get the eco-friendly look really simply and without breaking the budget. Second-hand online apps and charity shops are your friend, you can find great furniture with a quick search that will help you bring some wooden textures into your office space and will cost a lot less than buying new. You can also incorporate natural colours into your room by choosing neutral inspiring prints, these are a relatively cheap way to make your home office your own.
Top tip: Open your curtains or blinds to let plenty of daylight in to your office and open a window. There is nothing more natural than daylight and fresh air to help you embrace nature.

It’s your time to bloom

This pretty office wall art features neutral colours and a nature inspired quote – perfect for bringing an eco-friendly touch to your office. These home office prints would look stunning in a bright and airy office, complimented by wooden furniture or even a wooden frame.
 office wall art
  1. Scandinavian-style

Scandinavian-style home décor is a must-have trend at the moment. The simple lines, natural furnishings and black and white colour palette really make your home office look gorgeous. We have a range of black and white wall art, which can help you achieve the tranquil Scandi-style in your own home office.
Top tip: Use a variety of home décor to spruce up your space. Clay vases and straw baskets look great combined with a mix of inspirational wall quotes for a beautiful space.

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is

This motivational wall art for office is a great way to keep yourself inspired throughout the day. The bold look of these black white prints is perfect to compliment the subtle Scandinavian style while adding a pop to your walls.
 home office wall art
  1. Paint your office dusty rose

One of the hottest colours to paint your home office in 2021 is dusty rose. The subtle, femininity of the colour creates a relaxing and tranquil space to work on your assignments and projects. Painting your walls can really change the complete feel of a room and paint can be reasonably priced from some stores to help you stay in budget when decorating your home office.
Top tip: You can often find tins of paint on Facebook Marketplace, where people have either only used a tiny bit out of the tin or bought too much and want to sell some unopened tins on. This can drastically reduce the cost of the paint you are buying while saving something from otherwise going to waste.

Be a unicorn in a field of horses

This office artwork can add a beautiful focal point to your room. The touch of pink and grey would work perfectly with dusty pink walls while adding inspirational quote printsto your home office.
 office art prints
  1. Get your office walls ready for Zoom calls

Zoom meetings have become the new norm and sometimes it can be hard to find the right position on your home for a backdrop to your video chats. By having Zoom calls in mind, you can design your office walls to look lovely from all angles or choose a certain spot to position your laptop or computer for those online meetings.
Top tip: Choose somewhere with good natural light so that you can be seen clearly, near a window works great.

The bravest thing you can be is yourself

Display some quotation wall art in your office to add an interesting background to your Zoom calls. This inspirational wall art for office is a great way to keep you motivated but will also look great on your next meeting – your home office will be the envy of your colleagues!
 home office wall art
  1. Add bright and bold colours

2021 says goodbye to sterile looking, white office spaces. Adding a pop of colour creates personality in your home office. Cheerful and vibrant colour schemes can add a quirky place for you to do your work in and will keep you feeling happy and bright throughout the day.
Top tip: Home offices are a great place for you to really experiment with colour in. Adding a bold rug, a quirky lamp or a vibrant home office wall art will make your office intriguing and fabulous.  

Love the life you live

This bright and colourful wall art adds a pop of personality to your walls. Printable motivational quotes are a great way to keep you inspired throughout the day and always thinking ahead.  
 office wall prints

Quiz: What is your home office style?


1. What is your organisation style?

a. Very organised. I keep a daily planner; a to-do list and I have everything sorted into its own separate folders.

b. Semi organised. I have a drawer where I keep my paper work but it doesn’t really go beyond that. I don’t have time for colour coding or organising things a certain way.

c. Organised chaos. It may look like everything is everywhere but I know exactly where to find something if I am looking for it.

2. What is your tone when you are in work mode?

a. I would say it is very professional. I like to keep things plain and simple and straight to the point.

b. Probably a mix of informal and formal, it depends who I am talking to.

c. Casual and laidback always. That is really who I am, so I don’t change when I am at work.


The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any

Printable positive quotesare a great way to give your home office a refresh and this stunning inspirational wall art is no different. This motivational quote serves as a great reminder to believe in yourself and your own powers.

motivational wall art for office

3. What is your home office attire?

a. I like to be in full office attire and to feel my best at all times. It helps me to focus if I am not worrying about how I look.

b. When I am working from home, I like to wear half office wear and half comfy bottoms. Zoom meetings are great as you can’t see if I am still wearing my pyjama bottoms!

c. I have really embraced loungewear while working from home and I really don’t want to go back.

 4. What is your Zoom meeting style?

a. I like to stay formal and professional at all times. Just because my typical work day has changed, doesn’t mean that the job at hand should be treated any differently.

b. It is a mix for me, some relaxed catch ups with my work friends and some very formal meetings.

c. It is all very relaxed and casual meetings in my PJs.


We become what we think about

Office pictures for wall can give your space an overall boost. Why not try one of our inspirational prints to remind you to stay focused and motivated? This stunning word art would look gorgeous displayed in a home office.
 inspirational office art

5. What do you use your home office for other than work?

a. I only use it for work, I like to have a dedicated space to work on my projects with no distractions.

b. I use it for work but I also use it to create my own projects. I am quite craft so I love to use my home office to knit, paint and anything creative.

c. My home office doubles as a spare room with a bed so that when we can we have family or friends stay over.

6. Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team?

a. I am very independent, so I do prefer working alone when I can.

b. I love to work together on projects with my colleagues. I definitely think that two heads are better than one, and work can be made fun if you are working on something as a team.

c. I don’t mind. I am pretty easy going so I will work on my own if need be or together as part of a team.


Eighty percent of success is showing up

These office art prints are bold and striking. Create a focal point using one of these wall art inspirational quotes to create the type of home office you have always dreamed of.

office artwork

7. What do you usually do in the morning of a work day?

a. I go for my morning jog, have a shower and then prepare a healthy breakfast to set me up for the day.

b. I juggle work and family life, so it is all about getting my kids up and ready and getting breakfast for the whole family.

c. I wake up early for work, although I am definitely not a morning person. Each day is different for me and it really depends on how I feel to how productive I will be in the mornings.

 8. How do you plan your day?

a. I write a to-do list the evening before so that I am ready to go the next day. I find it so satisfying to tick each thing off as I complete it.

b. I schedule a meeting with some of my colleagues and we chat about what tasks need to be completed that day.

c. I just wake up and get on with it. I see what there is to do throughout the day and get what I can completed.


Work on you, for you

Add a pop of colour to your home office space with one of these bright office wall prints. A simple colourful art print can really lift the mood of a room.
 home office art

9. What hours do you usually choose to work when working from home?

a. I find it hard to switch off sometimes when working from home, so I think I tend to work extra hours some days.

b. I stick to my usual hours; it has helped me keep a routine and separate work and home life.

c. I struggle to stay focused when working from home sometimes. My hours are really sporadic and I find that sometimes in the evening I become more productive.

  10. How would you describe your job?

a. It can be very demanding but I think it is very rewarding. I enjoy working as a whole and I have worked hard to be where I am.

b. The people are really that make my job. I love everyone I work with, they all bring so much fun to the workplace and make it worth while to go in every day.

c. My job is just a means to an end. I don’t worry too much about work and I just get on with what needs to be done.


You miss 100% of shots you don’t take

Office prints art can inspire you to work to your full potential. Choosing printable positive quotesgives you the encouragement through the day as to why you love your job and why you do what you do at work.

wall print quotes

The results are in…

Mostly A’s – Home Office Boss

You have mastered working from home and are proud of the home office you have created. You throw everything into your job and you take pride in your work. You always aspire to be the best that you can be, which is why we think our print below is the one for you.

Dream Big

Dream big positive print is perfect for you. This will look fantastic displayed in your home office and is a great reminder to yourself to keep thinking big and chasing those dreams.

motivational wall art for office

Mostly B’s – Always a team player

You love the people you work with and you have really missed gossiping on your tea breaks and having a laugh with your colleagues. You are a great team player and prefer someone else to bounce your ideas around with. You are always happy at work because of the people you surround yourself with.

Worry less, smile more, don’t regret, just learn and grow

This positive quote print is great for your cheerful home office. Don’t worry, you will be reunited with your work besties soon!
printable positive quotes

Mostly C’s – Your work does not define you

You go to work just to pay the bills. You dream of bigger adventures and you see working as a means to an end and as a way to fund your travels. You think life is for living rather than working, which is why we think our

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value

is a great message that you will want displayed while you are working away. This can remind you of what you are working for and for all the great adventures waiting to bring value to your life.
printable motivational quotes
We hope that you found this blog post useful and that you feel inspired to create a home office that you can feel proud of. We love researching the top trends and sharing them with you, it is a great way for us and for you to get inspiration when it comes to office wall décor. We hope that you also enjoyed the quiz, we like to have fun with our blogs and we love a good online quiz!
If you ever have any further questions about our wall art or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or drop us a line on social media and we will be happy to help. In the meantime, here are five of our newest Trustpilot testimonials from our wonderful customers for you to read and see why you should choose DEMI+CO for your next home office purchase.

“Well designed web site and so easy to order.
Plain and simple”

"Great product & service"

"The items were as described and arrived quickly and in good conditions. Very pleased with everything."

"Happy with the overall service and would definitely use in the future. Would recommend!"



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