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At DEMI+CO, we like to think that we know all there is to know about jewellery, especially when it comes to sterling silver hoop earrings! Whether that’s big round earrings, chunky silver hoops, circle earrings, gold and silver hoops, or silver drop earrings, we like to think of ourselves as jewellery experts and we have all of those different types of sterling silver earrings all in the same place!


Within this blog post, we are sharing our wide variety of silver hoop earrings with you, whilst including 13 facts that you probably didn’t know about silver hoops. We hope you enjoy gaining knowledge on sterling silver hoop earrings and looking through our range of products. Hopefully you will find something in here worth buying!


Silver Small Round Twist Hoop Earrings

Want a pair of unusual, twisted hoops earrings? Well these thick silver hoops will suit you gorgeously. A thick style of hoop is a great way to expand your look and delve further into the world of fashionable silver hoops. Chunky earrings are entering more into the fashion world, and it’s a style we just love, even better when they have a unique pattern or texture like these.

 small silver hoop earrings

  1. One of the most popular and precious metals in the UK and across the world, silver is remarkably similar to gold. Associated with success and wealth, silver is also used for a number of houseware and jewellery items! Whilst also being malleable and pliable like gold, silver can be moulded, melted, engraved and set with gems and diamonds; essentially it is a very versatile metal.


  1. Mining of silver started in 3000 BC in ancient mine workings in Turkey and Greece. The metal was refined by a cupellation process which involved heating the metal in a shallow cup over which blew a strong draft of air which oxidised lead and copper and left silver unaffected. The exploitation of the silver mines made the rise of Athens possible, these mines operated from 600 BC right through to the Roman era. Silver was also mined by the ancient civilizations of Central and South America as there were rich deposits in Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.


Silver Barley Leaf Hoop Earrings

These elegant leaf-designed textured hoops would be a gorgeous addition to your jewellery box. Effortless and simplistic, they will go with any outfit, fitting your day-to-day look perfectly, and carrying you through a night out with your friends.

 large silver hoop earrings

  1. Sterling silver is made up of copper and 92.5% of pure silver, this is reflected in the 925 sterling silver hallmark stamp. Sometimes 925 may also be marked as 9.25 or .925; all three ways indicate that it is sterling silver. Reputable manufacturers always stamp their creations, the number that is stamped on silver shows the amount of silver per hundred parts (or thousands, in some cases). The higher the number the more silver there is in the product. Pure silver is stamped with a high number like 999 or 99.9.


  1. Sterling silver earrings make a great gift option. Especially with the Christmas season coming up, you’ll want to take a look at our 10mm and 9mm hoop earrings for your loved ones this year. Small silver hoops, circle drop earrings, and silver beaded hoop earrings are effortless and timeless. They can be worn by just about anyone, for just about any occasion! Versatile, classic and easy to wear, silver hoop earrings make for great gifts.


Silver Wavey Oval Tube Hoop Earrings

These unusual silver earrings create a perfect look for your night out. With an elegant twist in them, you’ll have all eyes on you. You can have more than one style of hoops and these twisted hoops are the ideal pair of earrings to introduce you into the whole world of textured silver hoops.

 sterling silver oval hoop earrings

  1. Sterling silver can be worn in water and are not required to be removed. We don’t recommend ocean or sea water but any other type of water, shower, bath is fine and will not damage or tarnish the earrings. Most precious metals like silver, gold, titanium and stainless steel won’t corrode. However, we don’t advise you to wear your sterling silver jewellery continuously in water or for long periods of time just to be on the safe side.


  1. Gold and silver hoops can be worn by anyone! They are beautifully unisex and suit men, women and gender neutral styles with their timeless, elegant versatility. Whether it’s silver ball hoop earrings, textured hoops, thick silver hoop earrings, tiny silver hoop earrings, or silver sleepers, you can be assured that silver earrings, no matter how unusual, can be worn by everyone.


Silver D-Shape Wedds Hoop Earrings

A simple, subtle hoop like these are great for the workplace, with a little bit of uniquity and character with the D-shape. Silver statement earrings like these bring your look together whilst keeping it sophisticated and workplace friendly. Or you can even wear them in your day-to-day life and on nights out!

 chunky sterling silver hoop earrings

  1. Our silver sterling earrings can come in all shapes and sizes! We have 10mm hoop earrings, 9mm hoop earrings, silver chunky hoops, small silver hoops, and even twisted hoop earrings. The possibilities are endless when it comes to our range of sterling silver hoop earrings. And don’t be afraid to go for unusual silver earrings; you’ll be sure to dazzle every room you walk into!


  1. Our range of small hoop earrings are designed for healed piercings, and come in a range of colours and styles and designs. Our hoops are safe for all kinds of ear piercings including lobes, tragus, rook, helix, forward helix and the auricle. For most conch and daith piercings, 12mm hoops are ideal. However, if you have a larger space inside the ear, you might want to consider a 14mm hoop for conch and daith piercings. For first and second lobe piercings, sizes 12mm to 14mm are simply perfect.


Silver Bead 25mm Hoop Earrings

Looking for an unusual, glamorous pair of hoops? These beaded silver hoops are a match made in heaven for you! With a unique style, you will have everyone’s attention on your night out and your friends will want to buy a matching pair. Why not go for something a little different? They will become your go-to pair of hoops in no time!

 silver beaded hoop earrings

  1. Like any statement earring, hoops have an ability to draw the eye towards your face, but by being circular in shape they frame your face quickly and easily and are extra complementary to your jaw and cheekbones, defining your features with both the shape and shade they create.


  1. Ear piercings are very popular and common and although they can be less risky than other body piercings, they can still cause complications if not handled safely. For anyone thinking about getting their ears pierced, dermatologists and piercing experts urge people to follow these steps to avoid infection:
  • Always wash your hands before touching newly pierced ears.
  • Leave the earrings in your ears for six weeks or more, even at night. Removing the starter earrings too early may cause the piercings to close.
  • Regularly wash your ears with soap and water. Carefully do this at least once a day to avoid infection.
  • Twist the earrings a few times daily. This will help keep the pierced holes open.
  • Put rubbing alcohol on your ears. Using a cotton ball or pad dipped in rubbing alcohol, gently clean the skin around the piercings twice a day to keep away germs and prevent scabbing. You may also apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the opening.

After piercing your ears, keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get sore, red or puffy and that the holes don’t ooze yellowish liquid. If any of this occurs and doesn’t go away quickly, see a certified dermatologist, or a medical professional as you may have an infection.


Silver Double Hoop Earrings

We love these unique double hoops! They are the perfect pair of sterling silver hoops for that special occasion coming up. They also work perfectly as a beautiful gift for that special someone. You can’t go wrong with a bit of bling and that’s exactly what you have with these. Why not just go for it and treat yourself to this exceptional, unusual silver earrings?

 large silver hoop earrings

  1. You can wear sterling silver to sleep as long as the piece you are wearing is not fragile, delicate or too tight in your ears, around your neck or wrist. As long as you keep the sterling silver dry and clean then you will be fine. We do recommend that you take off your jewellery at night and keep it stored safely to ensure the jewellery stays perfect.


  1. Sterling silver doesn’t rust, but can tarnish. Sterling silver doesn’t have any iron within the metal which is what causes rusting. Sterling silver is alloyed with copper too and can easily be cleaned to remove any tarnishing that happens over time as the silver underneath will still be in good condition.


Silver Oval Tube Hoop Earrings

These elegant, simple hoops are a great place to start with exploring the world of sophisticated hoop earrings. Sterling silver oval hoop earrings are great for wearing in your day-to-day life or on nights out. They are just an elegant touch to fit into your outfit!

 sterling silver oval hoop earrings

  1. The best and least nonabrasive way to clean silver jewellery is to use soap and water, using phosphate free dishwashing soap will make your jewellery look sparkling again. Once you have soaked your jewellery in the soapy water make sure you rinse in warm water and dry with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

There are other methods of cleaning your jewellery such as with baking soda and water, baking soda and vinegar and baking soda with boiling water. However please do exercise caution when using these methods, if you have vintage or precious silver jewellery, we advise you use simple methods like water and soap or go to a professional jewellery cleaner.

Prevention is always better than the cure and by sticking to these simple instructions your silver jewellery and silver earrings will maintain their sparkle and never tarnish.

  • Wear your silver jewellery
  • Keep your silver earrings and silver jewellery away from cleaning products and chemical solutions
  • Keep your silver earrings away from chlorinated water and rubber
  • Avoid substances getting close to your silver jewellery that contain sulphur
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Keep silver earrings and silver jewellery away from hairspray
  • Perfumes should be sprayed on before putting on silver jewellery or silver earrings
  • Lotions and creams should also be put on first and absorbed into the skin before putting on silver jewellery


Are sterling silver earrings okay?

To be safe, the best earrings for sensitive ears are sterling silver 925 to avoid the possibility of nickel being mixed in


Silver 16mm Plain Hinged Sleepers

silver sleeper hoops

Silver sleepers are a great option when looking into sterling silver hoops. It’s in the name: you can sleep comfortably in them! And with a simple, thin hoop like these, you can wear them in your day-to-day life whilst effortlessly wearing them with so much comfort!


How long can you leave sterling silver earrings in?

If properly taken care of, sterling silver jewelry should last for a minimum of 20 years, and can last for centuries if given enough love and care!


Are silver earrings hypoallergenic?

Silver is a precious metal that is hypoallergenic. In other words, it doesn't cause allergies or reactions


Silver 14mm Diamond Cut Hinged Sleepers

Want silver sleeper hoops but looking for something a bit more textured? These diamond cut hinged sleepers are perfect for you! Simple yet elegant, these lovely textured silver hoop sleepers are a great place to start for diving into the world of sterling silver hoops!

 silver sleepers

How do you keep sterling silver from tarnishing?

Keep in a cool, dark place: sunlight, heat and moisture accelerate tarnishing. Be sure to keep your silver in a cool, dark place. Store pieces individually.


Can sterling silver get wet?

Yes, you can (if you know it's sterling silver). Water generally does not damage sterling silver.


Silver Diamond Cut Wedd Hoop Earrings

Looking for something to stand out from your look and bring your whole look together strikingly? These textured hoop earrings are the perfect way to explore our range of thick silver earrings; there is no limit and you are certain to find your soulmate in a pair of our sterling silver hoops. With a beautiful and unusual pattern on these hoops, you will make every head turn as you enter a room.

 thick silver hoops

We hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that it gave you an insight into the world of silver hoop earrings. There are many interesting facts surrounding silver, which is why it is one of our favourite metals! We have a wide range of silver hoops which we hope you had the ability to explore throughout this blog post. We love to share details of our jewellery with you as our customers, and want to bring you lots of joy during this festive season!


As a family run business, your feedback is the most important thing to us as we consider you family. We take great care with our products and customers and want to aid your every need. So, if you have any queries at all about our products, your delivery or general questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or DM us on social media and we will get back to you as speedily as we can!




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